Corporate news is fake news, whether left or right

I think most people who follow me will agree that Fox News is bogus, and has been caught with lies and even photo-shopping crowds to make them look larger. That’s one type of fake news.

But let’s look at another type of fake news. There may be no actual lies in this kind, but simply by selecting what they cover, whatever they cover as nauseum for year causes them to ignore very real issues that Americans face. I’m talking about insurance and college which are unaffordable, unemployment which is artificially low because they’ve stopped counting people who haven’t found work in a while, blacklivesmatter, currently challenged abortion rights, higher minimum wage, Flint, Michigan still without clean water, crumbling infrastructure, climate change–the list goes on and on.

Yet MSNBC is so desperate to ignore most of these issues that Lawrence went on for 25 minutes at the top of his show about how Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen may not be able to pay his mounting legal bills. BIG DEAL! Are you pitying Trump’s lawyer now? They are actually spending airtime imagining what Cohen’s legal fees may be. Why does this concern anyone but Cohen and Trump? This was the second segment on this exact same subject. Does running out of money make it more likely that Cohen will squeal on Trump? Could be, according to these experts. But why not wait until it happens before trotting out talking heads to guess and gossip?

But no one takes a day off from work to march on DC over Cohen’s ability or inability to pay his legal bills. People want to be able to retire with dignity again, and not have two heads of household working and still qualifying for food stamps. Our system is not working, folks. Wasting almost half your broadcast acting concerned over Cohen’s legal fees does not speak to anyone. No wonder Democrats are seen as out of touch. There may be Dem Congress folk speaking about bread & butter issues to their constituents, but MSNBC isn’t reporting on them. Campaigning on a platform of I’m Not Trump was how Hillary lost. If the left isn’t cooking up solutions to problems other than a sleazy lawyer’s high bills, they could easily lose again.

Then I watched the beginning of Brian Williams’ show, and he covered the same topic for 15 minutes until I had to turn it off. After he was fired from MSNBC for lying and became an meme machine for claiming he was somewhere he wasn’t, what do you expect from him? Balanced coverage? The truth? They re-hired him because he lies well.

Please watch this video of Lawrence and tell me you think these are valid points worthy of air-time.