Chatting with Tina Dupuy on SiriusXM’s Progress Channel 127 today from 2-3:30PM EST today!

Today at from 2 to 3:30PM, I’m a guest on Tina Dupuy’s SiriusXM show on the Progress channel (#127). And since this article came out yesterday, I’m in the middle of the small twitter storm. Tina tweeted a pic of me at her Trans-Jester! urging people to tune in today and listen after the article I linked below was published. Since my arm is around her in the photo, some tweets have asked why my touching her wasn’t cause for alarm. (Did they just call me a man?) Tina is Democratic Senator Alan Grayson’s former communication director and a liberal syndicated columnist and comedian who claims her groping incident took place at an Obama victory celebration.
But many aren’t applauding Tina for her bravery in coming forward. They’re belittling her claims that Al Franken only groped her waist. I’ve read the article, and Tina does not imply that her experience with Al was so depraved that it should be the nail in his coffin. But her experience with Al made her believe his accusers since the main one is being discredited due to her work with right-wing media. Look at the title of Tina’s article: “I Believe Franken’s Accusers Because He Groped Me, Too.” Tina, as a Democrat, does give credence to other accusers. I had my own doubts about the severity of Franken’s actions since the photo proof shows Franken reaching towards a woman’s breasts while making a silly face to the camera. Um, do sexual predators typically mug for the camera?
Here’s what I’m sick of: pretending to care about sexual harassment while using the victims as political footballs to score points for your political team. Rachel Maddow reported on Franken and asked at the end of her segment “Gee, I don’t remember a Congressman ever volunteering to go before the Ethics committee before.” (Quoting from memory.) The idea was to suggest that a Democratic predator is more honorable than those on the right. But a predator is a predator. Now, does grabbing someone’s waist or breasts horrify most people as much as a senatorial wannabe who allegedly fooled around with so many underage teen girls that he was banned from an Alabama shopping mall? No. But nor should the severity of one excuse lessen other legitimate offenses. Since the initial reports on Al, more and more Dems are coming forward to say Franken should step down.
A conservative columnist in the Daily News is claiming that “the #MeToo moment has turned into sexual McCarthyism” while the lefty Washpo has an article out today titled “Why are Senate Democrats just now calling on Al Franken to resign?” since he now has 7-8 accusers spanning a decade and and he hasn’t denied any of the allegations. Except to explain that he is a “sloppy hugger.” Lots to chat about today with Tina. And on top of all of this swirling controversy, I will have to try and mask my own bitterness that she has a waist to grab. SiriusXM from 2-3:30PM today!