Trump campaigned on selecting Supreme Court judges who were anti-abortion. A conservative judge like Trump’s pick Kanaugh could also do away gay rights, affirmative action, union rights, the ACA, ignore climate change and a host of other long-time conservative goals.

Progessives like Sanders and Warren have spoken out the most forcefully against supporting Kavanaugh. But other centrist Dems (like Clinton’s VP pick Tim Kaine who has waffled on abortion before, as did Dems governing over a red state like Alabama’s Doug More . If Dems in red states truly represent their mostly red constituents, they may well vote of Justice Kavanaugh. So as this article, in the fairly conservative Dem publication The Hill suggests, Dems are now courting female GOP Senators to stand up for reproductive rights in case Dems support Kavanaugh.

Meanwhile, both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and DCCC leader Ben Ray Lujan have publicly stated that abortion is not a litmus test in selecting Democratic candidates Who cates if they have a D by their name if they don’t support the core issues which drew voters to the Democratic party in the first place? The “great” Doug More who won a Democratic victory in Alabama has voted 80% or more along with Trump’s policies. Some Democrat! And #McResitance, are you shouting down Centrist Dems who make break the razor thin margin Kavanaugh has, or or you trusting your untrustworthy, spineless party?