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This leaves out that 6 corporations own 90% of our news media. Sound balanced to you?

The whole world is laughing at us.

Good morning!

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What’s interesting here is that these Dem Party elites cannot believe or even understand the idea that many progressive voters support candidates because of a policy agenda. These elites convince themselves such support is “cult of personality” rather than issue-driven support. https://t.co/kdC1GMAPbV — David Sirota (@davidsirota) December 3, 2018

The blinding beauty of Faye Dunaway

Today this would probably be denounced as cultural appropriation–even though it was made for an asian market! https://www.facebook.com/joval.valdivia/videos/2055487004511100/

No, he didn’t!

K-CI out here Drunk Riding the Security Back ….Hol up Did he ask that lady for a piece of Chicken?😂😂😂 Posted by Nathan Turner on Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Been there!

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Dems prove again that they aren’t progressive

My litmus test

I'll only vote for candidates supporting: – College for all– Medicare for all– Taxing Wall Street– Legalizing cannabis– Abolishing for-profit prisons– $15/hr (or greater) minimum wage– Reducing the military budget– Overturning Citizens United– Reinstating Glass Steagall — Rob (@philosophrob) December 1, 2018 So I guess I’ll be voting Green Party again.