I’ve been on a crazy tour of all over CA, London, Vienna, Houston, Milwaukee and Chicago for almost two months. And I have missed my favorite NYC gig: Disco Sundays at The Monster. So I’m dusting off my all-time favorite jams and the party is on tomorrow night. It is so unpretentious there–some dress up but many are very casual. And it’s…

Couldn’t make the Science March, but how sad is it that we are marching in support of science? A few thoughts…

As you may or may not know, today there is a march in support of science. Let that sink in. We pay scientists to do longterm studies to determine how human activities are affecting the planet, and the when the data suggests we’re careening off a cliff in terms of irreversible damage, the Trump administration and other Republicans refute the scientific data…

Lovely tribute by @Pharrell to the genius @NileRodgers

2 Guys, Several Cups And A Few Cans?

NSFW! 2017-04-18-VIDEO-00000495.mp4

I would love to see Don Rickles perform on a triggered college campus

United Airlines has a new spokesmodel who you just won’t believe!

Don't F with United Airlines United Airlines Hires Hollywood Actress to Keep Flyers In Line. Posted by Underdog Entertainment on Friday, April 14, 2017


Bunion will be guest bartender on Watch What Happens Live tonight with host Andy Cohen and guests Kristen Chenoweth and Tony Hale. Woo hoo!

Meet Martha Big–Tan Mom never knew!

Martina Big German glamour model Martina Big has shocked fans with a new ‘extreme tan’ 👀 Posted by Metro on Thursday, April 13, 2017

A brief history of drag in the art world

From artsy.com: “If one thinks about drag as the practice of performing gender, sexuality, or other fixed societal roles, then in a way, we’re all doing drag, all of the time. So long as it deconstructs identity categories, it’s still drag. And according to curators like Lew and Gordon, today, amid an oppressive political climate, it’s a more relevant means of expression…

Some of us had more fun on Easter than others!

Some of us had