15 years ago!

15 years ago this week, #Britney pulled off one of her most bad ass stunts: showing up at three NYC clubs – Avalon, Show & Splash – in the same night to preview songs from her upcoming album, then called GET IN THE ZONE. Chaos ensued. Forever my favorite era from my No. 1 Queen. pic.twitter.com/CWIiVMJv3y — Bradley Stern (@MuuMuse) October 18,…


This Saturday at 8:15 Eastern!

I was the DJ for this event, so I doubt I’ll be on camera much. I did get in a few good cackles, so maybe I’ll pop up and surprise ye! #HocusPocus25thAnniversary You’re invited to the Halloween event of the year! Watch the #HocusPocus25thAnniversary Halloween Bash this Saturday, October 20, at 8:15pm/7:15c on Freeform. ✨ Posted by 31 Nights of Halloween on…

Is impeachment the right strategy?

This is exactly why I don’t understand putting all your eggs in the Russia/impeachment basket. If you impeach Trump, you don’t get Hillary. You get Pence, who is far worse for on LGBTQ rights, abortion rights, and anything else backwards fundamentalists advocate. People say “But Bunny, they are going to bring down Pence with Russia, too.” If you say so, but I…


The 30: Human ashes baked into cookies The 30: Human ashes baked into cookies Posted by News 12 The Bronx on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Been there!

View this post on Instagram YALL w. Tht 3’s a party type shiii… LMK!!! A post shared by Amber Wagner (@jstlbby) on Oct 13, 2018 at 6:01pm PDT

A Cape Greenaway bow?

Barbra Streisand (Fanny) in the film FUNNY GIRL in 1968. A featurette focusing on the costuming in the film called “The Look Of Funny Girl”. Posted by AJ Hunsucker on Sunday, October 14, 2018


Craziest Workouts Craziest Workoutshttps://youtu.be/fg7EhhxAj-A Posted by Muscle Madness on Wednesday, October 10, 2018


He’s got a Jawline for Days 💦👅 😂 pic.twitter.com/I2QATaHZq4 — Marifer (@Marifer90481348) October 16, 2018

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