My people!

Hey, maybe she’ll grow up to be the next Annie Oakley. Or the next gunman at her school. Presley and her new Beretta She opens the Beretta box. Her reaction will make you cry…Making memories starts the moment you open your first 686. A touching video sent by Presley's parents, shows the emotional moment when she realizes she finally has her very…

From an old Out mag shoot with Bianca, Sherry Vine, Bebe and the cast of Priscilla

I’ve seen that wig before!

Subscribe my youtube channal… yg dijanjikan…Video Didi the Feather Duster English Budgerigar…….Syok didi kena angin kat luaq…Jgn lupa like n follow page BlackDidi is a Real bird..not FAKE….He have problem with genetic…That why didi look special from other bird..Didi parent normal..but only didi have long feather…..#Didi#Feather_Duster_Shyndrome#English_Budgerigar Posted by Black on Thursday, December 21, 2017


Look at what Russia did. — Political Judo (@PoliticalJudo) February 17, 2018

Dems claim “Healthcare chant a human right” while leading dems oppose single payer

Disco Sundays at The Monster tonight!

Spinning disco classics tonight at The Monster with special guest, my mom, Lady Becky! Last week, they all said she upstaged me on the dance floor, to which I said “If anyone is going to upstage me, let it my maw. Not just because I love her. Since she’s 81, that upstaging stunt of hers is a limited run. “Mom asked a…

Joined Panti Bliss, my mom Lady Becky, and the cast of Riot! at NYU’s Skirball Center

Hmmm. I think we are already hearing some wild spin on this update.

A star is born!

The Potty Song In an effort to potty train her daughter, this Alabama mom came up with a catchy song, which caught like wildfire on the web. The "Potty Song" is now forever recorded and captured for this little girl's posterity. | #video Posted by I Love My Family on Monday, February 5, 2018

But wait for the desperate spin on this