Trumpcare failed! Democrats rejoice…and then hopefully reflect.

Very nice to see Trumpcare fail, as it would negatively impact tens of millions who’d lose their insurance coverage. And there is other good news. This is a failure for Trump personally on one of his key campaign promises, a failure of the GOP-led Congress, and even a failure for Trump within his own party. I guess the GOP Congress members who…

Drag Queens Of Comedy tour hits LA, NY, SF and Chicago this spring!

This fab line-up is hitting LA, SF, Chicago and NYC this spring. Nice to see Bob The Drag Queen and Lady Red Couture on this year’s bill. If you don’t know the other Lady, she’s best known as Jonny McGovern’s sidekick on his hit web show Hey Qween. But she is also hysterical in her own right and this heifer can really…

Stevie Wonder on The Late, Late Show with James Cordon

These segments are cute, and you can feel the host’s love for undeniable musical greats like Stevie Wonder. I try not to think about Stevie’s mildly homophobic comments about Frank Ocean, or the fact that superstars are now forced to do short segments doing snippets of their songs for an audience with ADHD. Or they stick great singers on dancing competitions or…

Tonight at G-A-Y in London!

What a cast! April 5th at Stonewall Inn

Daily WTF?

Beyond hilarious!

Joan Crawford cutting hair for Supercuts? The lost advertisement!

Dancing to Ladies Of Soul’s fantastic “Feel Good”


Maria Torres O’Connor killing the dance moves!