Bun-Bun hits joins John Fugelsang on Sirius/XM Friday at 4PM!

Joining John Fugelsang on his Sirius/XM show Tell Me Everything Friday at 4PM for the hour. We’ll be taking calls, so if you subscribe to Sirius, then do call in to aggravate us. All calls welcome, from heavy breathing perverts to creditors to robocalls. If you don’t subscribe, you can register for a free trial on the Sirius/XM site.

Fun fact: The Duplex was where I did my first one-wo-man show and also where John got his start performing in NYC. I love John–he’s funny and insightful and what can I say–opposites attract!

Not-so-fun fact: My mom, Lady Becky, will be accompanying me to the studio. Like Lucille Ball, she’s always trying to get in on the action and has threatened to bring her tambourine to show everyone who the real talent in the family is. No mic for her!