Bravo, Oliver Stone!

 I know nothing about this man’s work and I care nothing for the award ceremonies. I also know and care nothing about when you think decorum dictates the proper time for political speeches is. (Please try and tell the hundreds of thousands who died needlessly in Iraq about decorum.) But I recognize the truth when I hear it. And we don’t often hear it much on the news these days, so maybe it has to be heard from awards shows and art galleries and protests.
We have only two parties in this country. Neither one of them is remotely interested in peace. So neither one has my vote. Wanna talk about how the two parties differing approach to health care? We could have free healthcare without paying higher taxes if 1/2 of our tax dollars didn’t pay for more war. Do you hear either party saying we should pay for our own health instead of bombing other countries to death? Bernie Sanders, who I sort of trust, is now on a tour talking about the thousands who will die if Trumpcare is passed. Does even he talk about the hundreds of thousands we pay to kill when he’s not campaigning? Thank you, Oliver Stone! Your honesty and compassion have just made you a new fan in me.