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But that didn’t stop home furnishings guru Jonathan Adler from designing a Lady Bunny pitcher a few years ago. My mug’s on a jug! And Jonathan and I got together to create inspiration and other sources of dementia. I’ve just re-launched my website so please browse around the new, improved for all kinds of Bunion videos you may have missed!





The higher the hairdresser! Tampa beauty Natasha Richards is making me very jealous with this massive coiffure!11909791_1171397566210076_869785232_n









And speaking of Florida, is this pic a youthful Henrietta, the Belle Of South Beach?




Gun violence is a shocking indictment of both of our political parties who would rather kowtow to the NRA and weapons manufacturers than concern ourselves with our safety.

HUFFPO: America’s Lack of Gun Regulation Is Shameful Political Cowardice

“Thousands and thousands of people, myself included, have been trying to get this discussion going for years. There have been more than 800 mass shootings since Sandy Hook, and politicians still don’t care beyond the minimum expected lip service immediately following an incident.

Have we seen any reforms to prevent weapons and ammunition from making their way into the hands of the mentally ill? No.

Have we seen any progress on creating national standards for background checks on gun buyers? No way.

Have we seen any efforts to restrict the most dangerous weapons, the highest capacity magazines, or the most damaging ammunition? Not a chance.

The failure to implement even the most general or common sense reforms in the light of 800 mass shootings is an absolute refusal to lead on the part of Congress. It’s a flat-out disregard for the safety of American citizens. It’s shameful political cowardice.

When Australia had a sickening mass shooting, they banded together as a nation and took action. When we have a mass shooting, the NRA pushes for more guns. What happened to America being an example for the world?

As I always must, let me clarify: I am not advocating for a total ban on firearms. I am a proud gun owner myself and believe strongly in Americans’ right to bear arms. Our constitution guarantees that right. It does not, however, guarantee the right to bear arms without regulation. In fact, the word “regulated” is clearly present in the second amendment.”



Great pic of the Brooklyn gurls causing a scene aboard Wigstock: The Cruise by Jason Russo. Some fantastic looks–and Matty Horrorchata, I gotta say that a fan with your name on it is a great way to advertise that your fake vagina is for sale. Sick bitch! Was great to hang with the new girls and delighted that they showed up. I recognize Merrie Cherry, Simon Leahy and Marti Balloveras but don’t know all of their names. However, I’ll be joining them to perform their drag festival in Brooklyn on Sept 12th. The Bushwig festival, now in it’s third year is from 9/11-13. For more info/tix visit: http://www.bushwig.com11954642_897483126990964_6911746285988492786_n


ON THE LOOSE: A giant red ball rolled through the streets of Toledo after high winds blew it away from the Toledo Museum of Art, rolling over everything in its path -->

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I’m no fan of his music, and many hate him because of his outlandish remarks about Taylor Swift vs Beyonce or whatever. But I respect Kanye for speaking truth to power about Katrina on live TV. And in so doing, putting another shovel of dirt on the coffin of George W. Bush’s presidency. Kanye also spoke out against homophobia in hip-hop when he really didn’t have to. Of course, that was before the Kardashian years….



Yesterday, Obama spoke in New Orleans at the 10 year anniversary of Katrina. I’m not quite sure why we celebrate disasters’ anniversaries, but it was a chance for Obama to take a victory lap and show how things had improved since the horrific tragedy. Katrina helped derail George W. Bush’s presidency as we realized en masse that here was a man content to fly over the disaster in a private jet and claim that his unqualified FEMA head was doing a “heckuva job.”

Soured on Bush, we sought the opposite in our next presidential election. Instead of a Texas oil man ready to start a war in any country with a redneck’s “Don’t fuck with us” attitude–even towards Iraq which never even fucked with us–we chose a totally different type of man as our next president. A mixed race guy from the Midwest who educated, charming and was one of the few who did not support the Iraq war. We thought he would take us in a totally different direction. And listening to Obama joke about getting grease stains on his suit after feasting on a New Orleans’ incredible cuisine, I was reminded of the man I voted for and even donated money to.

Then Obama started talking about the jobs and opportunities that had been added as New Orleans had bounced back. And I recognized the man who Obama has become in office. Still handsome, still charming and still able to deliver a joke like no president I can remember. But Obama has proved that he has no interest in creating jobs. He is actively seeking to destroy jobs with the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade deal written by corporate lobbyists governing 40% of the world’s trade. It would lead to a frenzy of outsourcing of American jobs, as we’d be forced to compete with workforces in countries like Vietnam where the minimum wage is well under $1 an hour. The deal has been called “NAFTA on steroids”, referring to the NAFTA trade deal which another Democrat Bill Clinton signed–killing 1 million good manufacturing jobs in this country. So you see, it isn’t only the Republicans’ failed policies like trickle down economics which fail the American people in their quest for prosperity. It’s corporate Democrats like Obama who would rather destroy tons of jobs in order to do whatever the multi-national corporations have paid him to do. And they’d much rather use someone making less than $1 an hour than any greedy American demanding 8 times that amount. In fact, the narrative that we’re fed by the media is that obstructionist Republicans in Congress have blocked all of Obama’s good ideas. Not the TPP–Republicans overwhelmingly joined Obama on this rotten deal as members of the president’s own party broke ranks with him and scratched their heads over how he could be so corrupt and the opposite of his public persona.

You probably won’t have heard much about the TPP. Not only because it’s secret, so Congressmen can’t even take notes on it or make a copy and take that copy out of the room it sits in so that they could openly discuss it. Which is why Obama desperately put his efforts into fast-tracking the vote, meaning they vote on it with very little debate. Which raises the question: If the TPP were as good for American as Obama claims, why the secrecy? And you won’t hear much about the TPP on the news, because our “liberal” news MSNBC is so busy being a cheering squad for even the awful stuff Obama is doing that they fired Ed Schultz, the one union-supporting anchor who dared to hold the president’s feet to the fire on this issue. And say nightly: THIS DOES NOT JIVE WITH THE MAN OF THE PEOPLE YOU CLAIM YOU ARE, MR. PRESIDENT. And more establishment news channels all back the TPP, so he’ll get no flack from them.

But Obama, like everyone who supports the TPP, is pulling a fast one. He knows we’d be horrified by what the TPP would mean for us in terms of job loss, in terms of giving big pharma drug monopolies and even diminishing the sovereignty of the country so that the US could be side by a corporation. Oh yes, your photo-op yesterday presented you as the first president of color who went down to New Orleans after a semblance of order had been restored after 10 years and ate some soul food. Yeah, that means you really care. Obama doesn’t care about anyone who hasn’t bribed him. Minorities hardest hit by the recession will be hardest hit by the jobs we’ll lose if the TPP is passed. And guess what? Hillary Clinton, who called the TPP the “gold standard” of trade agreements a few years ago, is more of the same if not worse. Corporate democrats work for corporations, not the people. There is one presidential candidate who isn’t even taking large donations and who is attracting larger crowds than even media magnet Donald Trump. But let’s not talk about him. No, let’s keep this cycle of politicians from both parties who represent greed and the 1% going unchallenged because it’s easier to form an opinion about Caitlyn Jenner and anchor babies.


Peanut butter baby

This video was taken in 2004. It is THE video that gave us our 30 Seconds of "fame." (And an all-expense paid trip to Chicago) Emily was 3 and Ethan was 18 months at the time.

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80s Modeling Compilation

Learn how to be a model from super cheesy how-to VHS tapes from the 80s, brilliantly compiled by Found Footage Festival. (

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Democrats should be thrilled that Trump is soaring above his GOP competitors. The latest Quinnipiac poll has the odious Trump losing to Hillary, Joe Biden (who isn’t even running) and Bernie Sanders should The Donald receive the Republican nomination. This info should make it a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Democrats to vote their conscience and support a true progressive like Bernie Sanders rather than the corporate hawk Hillary who’s simply stealing Bernie’s ideas on income inequality. So deride Trump all you want–he’s actually a magical gift to Democrats. Even to the timid Democrats who say that they like Bernie’s policies, but they just don’t see him winning. If Trump keeps up his shenanigans and this poll is correct with future polls reflecting the same statistics, we can actually go for a candidate whose vision isn’t borrowed and who’s been pushing the same agenda for decades without the constant policy waffling of Hillary. And unless we get a candidate like Bernie representing the welfare of the 99%, we’ll continue to see the same hard times and shift of wealth up to the 1% which happened under two Bush terms and two Obama terms. Or you can go with bank-funded Hillary to ensure that nothing changes. Want to go for 5 terms of Republican and Democratic presidents who do nothing for the little people even though we’re told that the recession is over and unemployment is down while few are feeling any improvements? Then vote Hillary.


Wipe that crack guys.

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I caught Jonny Woo’s act last time it was at the Laurie Beechman. Very amusing, sassy, fresh, poignant and very London. He’s back for more–don’t miss it if you like your drag queens interesting.


September 3 – 5: Laurie Beechman Theatre, 407 West 42nd Street.

After a sold out debut last March, London drag sensation Jonny Woo returns to NYC with his latest mix of tongue twisters, rap, spoken word and satirical songs. Wonderfully unpredictable and hilariously anarchic, Woo is the crème de la crème of British ‘alternative’ drag. Find out how a county lad got to rule London’s nightlife via a drag education on New York’s Lower East Side. Expect new songs as well as a reprise of showstoppers such as his one man ‘Les Miz’, his UK club hit and his anthem to a decade in drag, ‘Glitter In The Groove’. September 3 & 4 at 7pm and Sept 5 at 9:30pm. Tix are $22 (+ $20 food/drink minimum — full dinner menu & bar available). Buy tickets at 212-352-3101 or click HERE:


After Sandy Hook, everyone was horrified and glued to their televisions watching details of the carnage emerge. I’d say especially horrified because this particular mass shooting involved kids. Several news shows on MSNBC were pointing out that this was the perfect time to reform gun laws. Not just because the nation was gripped by the gruesome tragedy, but because the NRA had just financially backed many candidates in the last election and their candidates had mostly lost despite their hefty campaign donations. I believe it was Rachel Maddow who claimed that while once extremely influential, these election losses proved that the NRA had lost much of it’s power and was now a “paper tiger” not to be feared any longer. That moment in 2012 passed. Many other mass shootings, which other countries miraculously don’t seem to have, have happened since then.

Last night I heard a statistic on Chris Hayes’ MSNBC show that 90% of the country wants gun laws reformed. But somehow, what was a mere “paper tiger” years ago, still controls enough of our legislators to ensure that no reforms are made. This is a central theme in our government–our legislators refuse to enact policies which we the people want. We give them our votes and they give us nothing.Trust me, 90% of us rarely agree on anything. But a huge percentage of us want to leave Social Security alone, yet there are Republicans who want to privatize it and even Obama proposed–in a move which proved he is no champion of the 99%–chained CPI cuts to the very popular program. Americans have said that they’re weary of war, but that doesn’t stop us from jumping into every conflict we can. Everyone in both parties agree that we need to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and that mom & pop businesses are the backbone of the American economy which need help now. Yet nothing is done to help either.

But there’s always money for new weapons and new wars. Right now, the US-backed Saudi attacks on Yemen have been called war crimes by Amnesty International, but we don’t hear much about that. The US is selling and giving the Saudis weapons, just as we’ve distributed so many weapons that many have fallen into hands of ISIS who are now using our own weapons against us! If our foreign policy is murder, bullying and arming brutal countries so they can commit war crimes, why should we expect freedom from mass shootings here at home? Kids shot down at school? Nothing done. Gunmen spraying bullets on military bases in Chattanooga, DC’s Navy Yard and at Fort Hood? Well, we support the troops but not enough to keep guns from lunatics. Blacks gunned down in church by a white supremacist? Nothing done. Blacks routinely gunned down by the very agency which is supposed to protect us–the police. Nothing done. And now, live, on air murders of news anchors. Is that twisted enough to be a catalyst for clearly needed change?

We’re a sick, violent nation to permit this. But the US makes a fortune from manufacturing weapons. Both at home and abroad. It’s almost foolish to expect that anything will be done to reform gun laws because weapon sales make too much money and a lot of that goes to our legislators. It’s time for our legislators to do what we want, rather than do whatever lobbyists bribe them to do. I don’t think that the average US citizen wants a country or a world in which death reigns, but our “leaders” certainly do.


Despite having one of the most powerful positions in our government, Supreme Court justices serve for as long as they want and with little accountability.

Life tenure may have made sense when life expectancy was 45 years in the 18th century or when, in the 20th, the average court tenure was only 15 years. But fast-forward to today, and those numbers have nearly doubled.

To rein in the justices’ power, Fix the Court supports an 18-year limit to service.

Why 18? If we keep the number of justices at nine and have new appointments every two years, that yields an 18-year term – long enough for a justice to make his or her mark but not so long as to be undemocratic.

At a time when the American public is losing faith in the integrity of the court, single 18-year terms for the justices would bring much needed accountability to the institution.

Sign our term limits petition here:


Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday he too is no fan of the topless Times Square tarts — and that he likes the Daily News’ idea for ousting them by designating the area “parkland.”

Posted by New York Daily News on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Showing boobs are legal in NYC. And while they’re taking money, I welcome this and anything else trashy and colorful beck to Times Square. If the Naked Cowboys can do it for over a decade, why can’t the ladies join in the fun?


This piece is not only insightful, but also very fun to read. I’m definitely not a candidate for on-line sex–I have trouble getting younger guys to even want to speak on the phone before coming over. Without ever seeing them (except for what they want you to see), smelling them, etc., I at least need to hear what my newest paramour sounds like. A voice can reveal so much. But I understand that for those who enjoy it, it’s very kid in a candy shop experience with this dick up appearing up the block, this butthole next door, this orgy upstairs. Wait! Dad, is that you? And of course I work in clubs, which have been hardest hit by the soaring popularity of these apps in a time of recession when people don’t want snooty doormen, cover charges and absurdly priced bottle service. Since I was a so promiscuous, I can hardly fault younger folks for how they choose to get sex. But there is definitely something heartless in online hook-ups which this writer pinpoints beautifully.

The Grumpy Ghey: Smartphones, Dumb Hookups by Christopher John Treacy

“Now that marriage is a legal, universally defined option for same-sex couples in this country, we might want to take a look at how we find each other.

For the bulk of LGBTQ history, we met at bars. Sometimes mutual friends introduced us at dinner parties or holiday gatherings, but more often than not bars and nightclubs were where the action was. Reasonably loosened up over a few drinks, we felt comfortable leering at one another until a conversation was struck. Or maybe we just paired off in a dark corner. Sometimes dating ensued, sometimes it didn’t. But we’ve always been more of a “screw now, see if we can stand each other later” tribe. If this is honestly changing, that’d be great news. But I think the truth is that it’s getting worse, especially now that we can set the nightclub to vibrate and stick it in our pockets.”



By Miss Shana Nicole hailing from Hickory, NC!


THE Grace Jones. Afropunk Fest

Grace Jones !!!!! No one like her.!!!!! EVER. She defines art!!!!!!!!! #Afropunk Fest 2015 ----- AFROPUNK

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At 67, she still puts on a helluva show! From the Brooklyn’s recent Afro-Punk festival.


Stop and Go

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Roast is served! With Bianca Del Rio, Michael Musto, Shane Jenek, Shequida Hall, Logan Slaughter, Bob The Drag Christopher Caldwell, Darienne Lake, Shangela LaQuifa Wadley, and more! Proceeds help fund Hurricane Bianca starring everyone’s favorite erotic clown.With Bianca Del Rio, Michael Musto, Shane Jenek, Shequida Hall, Logan Slaughter, Bob The Drag Christopher Caldwell, Darienne Lake, Shangela LaQuifa Wadley, and more! Proceeds help fund Hurricane Bianca starring everyone’s favorite erotic clown. I love how Bianca is perched on a balcony with Amanda Lepore–who seems to get NONE of the jokes.


Guy annoys girlfriend with puns at Ikea

If you're gonna annoy your girlfriend, you might as well be funny...Credit:

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things that make you say HELL NAW part 1

things that make you say HELL NAW part 1 lol

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Getting ready on a Friday night #ElectionsDragYouOut

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Why does she look fatter in drag? The high neckline?


2016: The Coming Train Wreck by Bob Kuttner

HUFFPO: “The Republican demolition derby has been getting most of the publicity lately, but one should worry more about the Democrats. Consider:

Hillary Clinton is sinking like a stone. She’s falling in the polls. Conversations with her longtime friends and admirers indicate grave worry. She is not generating the excitement that the first prospective woman president should; the email mess is not going away; even the money advantage is not what was anticipated.

And a self-declared socialist could defeat her in Iowa and New Hampshire. Even as she tacks left to excite the base, there is no way she can out-Sanders Sanders.

If she could just vault over the rest of the pack and claim the nomination, as she hoped when she declared her candidacy, Hillary Clinton might still be a strong nominee. But that’s not going to happen. As best, the fight for eventual nomination will be a long slog, with Clinton in the role of piñata.

As sharks are drawn to blood in the water, Hillary’s miseries are attracting other candidates. The latest is Joe Biden.

There is much that is admirable in Biden; but if anyone will be a weaker candidate than a wounded Clinton, it has to be Biden.” MORE:


Essas cabras...

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