All the Demcratic candidates want more debates–except Hillary, who has doesn’t want to discuss her non-positions. Yet our “left-leaning” news channel MSNBC would rather focus on the GOP train wreck debates. Maddow was all over CNN criticizing their GOP debate style. Have yo heard her critiquing the DNC’s debates?
From the TYT clip below: “The problem with this candidacy of Hillary Clinton is that it used to be the Republicans were the party of Wall Street and big business and the military-industrila complex. Now the Democrats go to Wall Street with their hand out, too, and now that’s why we have this crony capitalism and this economy that works for only the 1%.”
You folks don’t like it when I say that Hillary is GOP lite, but she is, except on social issues. She’s been bought by monied interests and now she can buy the election, including rigged debates which prevent less middle-of-the-road messages from getting out there thanks to the DNC. I honestly wish Bernie would run as an Independent so that he isn’t beholden to the taint of the Democrats. Obama took the Democrats away from their core principles, Hillary would cement the death of the Democrats as much different from the GOP.




Patti Labelle snapping on a dude stripping on her stage!!! Wow I guess the young kids forgetting about classic R&B smh

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Sexy striptease.

Sexy striptease. zeker blijven kijken, het wordt nog beter!

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I hope that thing jumps up and bites her face!


"You perform every day as a woman. When I'm in drag I am trying to exercise having an entitlement to the space that I'm in." A fascinating look at female drag queens from Broadly:

Posted by Bustle on Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Even loonier than the main event, was coverage of how the Republican candidates spent their day before their debate.

Rand Paul went to a shooting range earlier in the day. His target? Copies of our tax code. I’d also like to change the tax code too, but shooting at it is a sad “Hey NRA, throw some campaign cash my way” message. I think we can change the tax code without guns.

Jeb Bush spoke somewhere and displayed a little machismo as me made a punching motion to try and debunk Trump’s barbs that he’s a low energy wimp. He also went hiking and took a photo op with his half-hispanic son. I wonder what message that was meant to send–I’m less racist towards immigrants than the rest of these clowns I’ll share a stage with later tonight? I fucked a hispanic, so let that hopefully trick undocumented hispanics and those who support them into thinking that I’m more partial to their rights so that I can get their votes and THEN fuck them?

Ben Carson had perhaps the most bizarre day of all by simply being black. Yes, hardly any blacks vote Republican and not many Republicans would seem eager to vote for any person of color. Yet African-American candidate Carson is somehow polling second to Trump. Has the GOP completely lost they minds? I’d be thrilled if either of them won as their party’s nominee. Since neither have any political experience, any nominee the Democrats run would have more of a chance. Even a progressive one like Bernie Sanders who some claim cannot win. Against Trump or Carson he sure could.

That was only the opening act. Here are some insane snippets of the actual debate I’m catching now.

Rubio listed “a gangster in Moscow” and several other world leaders who he perceives as threats. How he thinks of this as a winning strategy when most Americans are supposed to be weary of war, I’ll never know. Do we want to invent threats from all over the world or focus on how poorly US citizens are doing financially and take care of business like crumbling infrastructure and overpriced higher education and healthcare here at home?

Rand Paul surprised me by taking a less hawkish stance and said that the US doesn’t need military bases all over the world to keep us safe. A surprisingly enlightened take on foreign policy than anyone else on that stage. However, Paul wants fewer military operations because he wants the government to be smaller in every way, including ending social services from Social Security to veteran’s benefits. Not exactly a tea partier, but he’s one of those who essentially ran for office to shrink the government’s scope.

Jeb Bush told a flat out lie in saying that his brother George kept us safe. Perhaps there were no major attacks after 9/11, but 9/11 happened during Bush’s presidency. He and Condo-loser Rice ignored multiple warnings that terrorists would use planes to attack us months before 9/11.

Carly Fiorino spoke passionately against abortion, referring to that recent video of an infant with it’s heart still beating while Planned Parenthood employees discussed how they had to keep this fully formed aborted child’s heart beating so they could use the remnants of it’s dying body to save others. I realize that abortion is a polarizing issue. But today I renewed my NY State ID and was asked to check a box saying I’d be an organ donor as I lay dying. Is this immoral? It’s widely accepted. What’s so wrong with wanting to use expiring bodies to help others live or for research so that perhaps many others can live? The mom didn’t want the kid and that’s her right. It isn’t like Planned Parenthood is ambushing pregnant women and stealing their babies.

Carly scored points by saying that she’d buried her child lost to drug addiction. And went on to denounce marijuana. Except for one thing: you don’t die from marijuana addictions any more than you do cigarette addictions. Aren’t cigarettes legal? And unless I’m mistaken, it was disproved years ago that marijuana is a “gateway drug” to harder substances which can kill you.

One of CNN’s questions was if Obama should cancel a state dinner with China. I don’t see the connection between canceling state dinners and what concerns most Americans–getting back on track economically. I realize that our president is in charge of foreign policy and there may be differences in GOP’s approach to China and Obama’s approach, just as there are differences between the most Republicans and Obama on his diplomatic approach to Iran. But if canceling dinners seems like a point worth discussing to CNN, thanks for the great question. John Kasich, at least, seemed to speak out on behalf of diplomacy. A signal that Kasich is perhaps less of a hawk. But less of a hawk towards Iran than the average GOP candidate isn’t anything to get excited over–it’s Hillary Clinton.

Mike Huckleberry was asked in the Spin Room is he planned to make Kentucky clerk Kim Davis a key part of his platform. He spouted something about the “separation of powers” in attempt to court dumb evangelicals who would rather go unemployed and broke from healthcare costs than permit gays to marry. Excuse me, dunce. I think separation of church and state is as much of a core principle of our founding fathers.

Republicans hate to discuss climate change. With California burning up during a years-long drought, that might be an important domestic issue to bring up. It wasn’t. So the GOP are deny science in order to keep from acknowledging man-made climate change. If they acknowledged it, they’d have to try and find solutions. And that would mean slapping restrictions on industries which emit greenhouse gases and make less campaign dollars.

Scott Walker actually had the nerve to suggest that he would be the candidate to fight special interests. He’s the candidate that the Koch brothers bankrolled, fer chrissakes! Here’s a phone call by a prankster posing as a Koch brothers where Walker’s ass-kissing to even a comedian posing as a Koch is proven. What a Koch-sucker!

And Trump is still resonating with his claims that he won’t take donations which will make him beholden to corporate donors who represent the 1%. Um, that’s because he is the 1% and his own corporate donor. So is he going to represent the 99% of working Americans? No way, never!




DO NOT MISS the hilarious and twisted Nadya Ginsburg in her MADONNALOGUES. Tonight’s the ast night of this side-splitting LA comic extraordinaire and her demented impersonations of a totally clueless Madonna and an insane Cher. Check out her reviews from Joan Rivers and Roseanne below.


September 17 & 18: Laurie Beechman Theatre, 407 West 42nd Street.

Joan Rivers raved that she was “absolute perfection” and Roseanne Bar has called her “brilliant.” Now, acclaimed comedian and YouTube sensation Nadya Ginsburg returns to NYC with the latest edition of her riotous, long-running celebrity-driven comedy. Don’t miss her skewed takes on Madonna, Cher and Lady Gaga, as well as her hysterical original characters. 7PM. Tix are $22 (+ $20 food/drink minimum — full dinner menu & bar available) at 212-352-3101 or click HERE:


I often say that Hillary is Republican lite and people get angry. Here’s proof. She’s better on social issues than any GOP candidate, but not a progressive. She’s stealing progressive ideas from Sanders and Warren when they resonate with voters, as if she’s ever going to reform Wall Street when banks are her top donors.

Here she is on video admitting that she’s in the middle. We need a drastically different direction which is progressive. Especially after the radical Tea Party “forced” Obama towards the middle in order to get anything through Congress. No centrist will provide much change, much less the fundamental changes we desperately need. Just as Obama didn’t deliver on hope and change. All the money still flowed to the 1% under two terms of Bush and two terms of Obama. A vote for Clinton will assure more of the same. And here she is admitting it! She’s only borrowing liberal ideas to trick us into electing her so that she can then revert to doing the bidding of who has paid for her campaign. Obama’s doing it right now granting Shell drilling rights in the Arctic while pretending to be Mr. Climate Change Fixer and pushing the TPP trade deal which was written by corporate lobbyists to outsource jobs as Clinton’s husband’s NAFTA trade deal destroyed 1 million manufacturing jobs. Clinton has called the TPP “the gold standard” of trade deals.

Clinton is no candidate of working people. Centrist means closer to a Republican than a proud Democrat should be and Biden is just Hillary with a penis and without an email scandal. If you dislike Republicans, beware of centrist Democrats like Clinton and Biden.



As I was getting ready to go out tonight, I remembered a funny read by Boybar impresario Matthew Kasten. I’m a notorious slob and never had the grooming of most Boybar queens. I showed up somewhere and Matthew  said that I could have at least cleaned my shoes. “But they’re lucite so they’re see-through,” I explained. He told me that the lucite may be see-through but that dirt isn’t. Giggles.


Orange Is The New Black! (via @Bonn1eGreer)




Donald Trump's Phone Call with Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton to interview her before her "Tonight Show" appearance.

Posted by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Some funny lines in here. And I like that Jimmy included Trump’s weird under eye highlights for his impersonation. But I’m sorry, the real joke is that Hillary is saying that she’s going to get her message across by going on a listening tour. Hogwash! She’s been pushing that crap because it worked when she won as NY Senator and because she wants to claim that she’s still formulating her platform with input from voters. She’s been running for decades and she should have a fully fleshed out platform. She’s admitting that she’s wetting her finger and seeing which way the wind blows. Not a leader.


Dildo Races !! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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While MSNBC discusses Trump and even the GOP candidates who aren’t polling above 5%, here’s what your current Democratic president is up to. MSNBC doesn’t like to talk about this too much, even though addressing climate change is one of Obama’s own stated goals for his second terms. Achieve his goals? He can’t even pretend that his goals make sense with this one.

Bianca Jagger: “President Obama must know that it is impossible to protect the Arctic while allowing Shell to drill for oil 70 miles off the coast of Alaska. He cannot have it both ways. His policies and proclamations are irreconcilable.”




Cher - Ain't Nobody's Business

Cher - Ain't Nobody's Business

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Los recuerdan???......

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Toyota Corona as Kim Davis at Berlin Nightclub 9/14.

Posted by Alex Corona on Monday, September 14, 2015

I love the snippet of Spotlight. This is Alex Corona performing at Berlin in Chicago.


Josephine Baker - Je Pars - 1962 (Rare Italian TV Show)

Josephine Baker - Je Pars - 1962 (Rare Italian TV Show)

Posted by Joséphine Baker on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I wonder why this post wouldn’t let me tag her? She sure looks like she’s having fun. And how much do you love immaculately dressed back-up dancers who never bother to even stand up???


Someone recently told me that the aluminum in antiperspirants can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. I mentioned it to a few other people I knew and they acted as if it was common knowledge. They all said they use deodorants, not antiperspirants which contain aluminum for this reason.

I googled a bit but it’s hard to know who to trust. Several articles ask if this connection is a problem, but then went on to dismiss this as a nontroversy from the patchouli set. The article I linked here has lost me with it’s talk of neurons, cortex and hippocampus, but it concludes that the studies dismissing the link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s were conducted by the aluminum industry itself. After concluding that the jury is still out on this but that using deodorant is safer than antiperspirant because of aluminum content, The People’s Pharmacy article then links a safe deodorant which it conveniently sells. So it’s hard to know who to trust. But it’s clearly established that our government will allow OK unsafe products if they are paid enough. Look at all the drug recalls, the many commercials for drugs which have “suicidal thoughts” as one of side effects and the fight (which Monsanto won) to prevent food labels from including whether or not GMOs are contained. I don’t necessarily think all GMOs are unhealthy. But if they were beneficial to us or simply not harmful, why would their manufacturers desperately seek to keep ingredients off of labels?

Any thoughts? I don’t have any answers on this but am sure you will have an opinion, l so please chime in. I do use antiperspirants and they probably contain aluminum. I certainly don’t want to get Alzheimer’s and would rather smell a little worse, if that’s even possible, than not know where I am. By the way, who are you, how did you get into my home, why are you wearing that Susan Boyle costume and why have you even contacted me about this audition? I’ve told you many times that I’m way too young to play Jon Benet Ramsey.



For more like: Manter

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As only he can!


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I had a blast performing at Bushwig yesterday! They had originally booked me on Sunday but I screwed up my schedule and forgot that I am performing in Roanoke today. So they were kind enough to switch me and I literally flew off the stage and ran to a waiting car service to get to VA on the last flight yesterday. Since I left my apartment in drag and don’t normally pack for a 2 day trip to do a show in NYC, I almost forgot to pack my sneakers. Can you imagine the hilarity and tragedy if I’d raced out to Bushwig, performed, scrubbed off the drag and then realized that I only had pumps to wear with “mens’ clothes” to the airport! Looking like the oldest and fattest member of Kazaky! I know how to command respect in international airports.

The vibe of Bushwig was electrifying with a wild spirit which even a little rain couldn’t dampen. These gals had their festival, now in it’s 4th year, better organized than Wigstock in it’s 10th year. Great sound and stage, revelers in and out of drag and one with wig and heels and nothing else. Lady Simon, a Brooklyn favorite, was doing a performance art piece consisting of tying herself to a tree near the entrance. Vegan snack bars, a Sober Sissies space, singers performing interesting original music and unlike most gay events–no Britney or Rihanna. Amen to that!

I’ve heard some bitching about the cover charge. And I get it–no one is rich these days, especially the artsy types who would appreciate Bushwig the most. I can’t justify paying over $300 to see the Book Of Mormon myself, even though I hear it’s sick, twisted and has revolutionized Broadway. So if you can’t, you can’t. But remember that expression you’ve got to PAY THE PIPER? Here’s the definition of it: “bear the consequences of an action or activity that one has enjoyed. As in “we will have to pay the piper, and the price is apt to be a high one”. The Bushwig queens are trying to bring something funky and unique to a stale and corporate NYC. It’s blossomed into a 3 day event because it is a scream. Sound systems, stages, graphics, websites and wigs don’t create themselves. I can tell you for a fact that Matty Horrorchata’s dress must have cost literally thousands…of pennies. KIDDING! (Actually, it was a mini-muumuu which she claimed was inspired by me. Oink!) So if you like refreshingly kooky drag and don’t support the events which feature it, yet you complain about how NYC has lost it, maybe it’s you who’s lost it. There’s nothing like actually connecting with a bunch of freaks at an outdoor festival. That’s all Wigstock was. I know it’s hard to pry yourselves away from your devices and you can wait and see the pics and videos online. But today’s the last day–go pack the place, cheer them on and Occupy All Freaks!


Rosie Perez doin' it! And I love hearing Natalie Cole's forgotten Jump Start My Heart. "You pick me up when I'm feeling down." That was a big Sister Dimension record at The Pyramid.

Rosie Perez doin’ it! And I love hearing Natalie Cole’s forgotten Jump Start My Heart. “You pick me up when I’m feeling down.” That was a big Sister Dimension record at The Pyramid.


From the incredible Norman Whitfield produced album The Bitch Is Black.


Hillary and Biden sided with Republicans to support George W. Bush’s atrocious war in Iraq. Bernie Sanders did not. Nor has Bernie wavered in his support for gay marriage, unlike the constantly waffling–I mean “evolving” Hillary Clinton. Yet gays support Hillary despite her only supporting them when it’s convenient. There is nothing progressive about her. So vote for Hillary if you DON’T want progress leadership.

HUFFPO: “Max Cleland, John Martha, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters and others within Congress had the same intelligence reports as Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush.

However, they voted against Iraq. They never blamed faulty intelligence for their decision. Then never had to make excuses for their vote.

In fact, 20 Democrats in the Senate and one Republican (Lincoln Chafee) voted against the Use of Military Force against Iraq. In the House, 118 Democrats voted against the invasion of Iraq, including an Independent from Vermont named Bernie Sanders.

Yes, before the Democratic candidate for President in 2016 voted against invading Iraq, the Independent from Vermont voted against the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996 under the tenure of a Democratic president. While Democratic icon Hillary Clinton opposed gay marriage until 2013, the Independent from Vermont chose to uphold progressive ideals pertaining to gay rights. The Independent Senator also voted against the Patriot Act, while Democratic Senator Clinton voted for legislation the ACLU calls “unconstitutional.”

While some naysayers gleeful claim that Bernie Sanders isn’t a Democrat, they conveniently forget that he stood up for liberal principles when they weren’t popular, and when Democrats like Hillary Clinton aligned themselves with the GOP. Nothing exemplifies the difference between Clinton and Sanders more than the speech given by Representative Bernie Sanders in 2002. Opposing the Iraq War, Sanders foreshadowed the dire consequences of removing Saddam and engaging in a counterinsurgency war without an exit strategy:

Bernie Sanders recently won the Congressional Award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, in part because he has always worked to protect American soldiers and veterans. In his opposition speech to Congress, Sanders states clearly in his first reason to oppose the invasion that, “I have not heard any estimates of how many young American men and women might die in such a war.” Ultimately, 4,492 American deaths (up from the 4,486 American deaths I cited in November of 2014) and 32,223 Americans wounded in action would result from Congress and the Bush administration ignoring Bernie Sanders and other voices of dissent. As for the nature of Iraq and Afghanistan wars, between half and two-thirds of all the Americans killed or wounded in both conflicts were the victim of IED blasts according to the Department of Defense.

However, not all liberal politicians shared the views of Bernie Sanders, Max Cleland and others. Armed with the letter “D” next to her name, Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton voiced support for Bush and Cheney’s military objectives, and her speech to Congress (Library of Congress transcript) echoes the exact buzz words and talking points of the Bush administration:



“Todd” is quite the kook! I didn’t exactly laugh or get offended at the idea that he thinks white guys are too nerdy to get laid. Especially since I don’t have sex with white guys myself! But it’s something to see. If you are very bored. And you are, or you wouldn’t be on this blog.


Like many of you, I  remember exactly what I was doing when I heard about 9/11. I was grabbing breakfast at Murray’s Bagel’s on 6th Avenue that morning as everyone ran out into the streets shouting. I joined them and actually watched the second tower fall. I will never forget it. Like most, I ran home and turned on the news, which I stayed glued to for several days trying to comprehend the horror as the grisly details rolled in. I took this photo today of workmen observing a moment of silence near St. Vincent’s Hospital where many 9/11 victims were rushed to. I’m sure these workmen felt a special kinship to the tragedy since in times of trouble, we often look to their bravery and brawn to rescue us. Were the rescue workers risking their health with exposure to fiber glass, smoke, flames and wreckage? Yes, but they placed others’ needs above their own. Heroes.


It’s hard to imagine anything as sinister as hi-jacking planes to flying them into buildings. Yet, equally sinister forces were already at work within the Bush administration. George W. Bush had cluelessly ignored warnings only weeks before that Osama Bin Laden would use planes to launch an attack on American soil.  Cluelessly, unless Bush wanted the attacks to happen. I’ve never really delved much into the conspiracy theories surrounding the World Trade Center fiasco because what we know happened after 9/11 is  disturbing enough. Bush used the 9/11 attacks to scare us into thinking there was a need for war. A war with Iraq–which had nothing to do with Al Qaeda and which possessed no weapons of mass destruction. The USA lost thousands of soldiers in this pointless war and many more returned injured physically and psychologically. Up to one million Iraqis were killed by us–for absolutely no reason. Torture and other war crimes were committed under our name and with our tax dollars. This was our nation’s biggest foreign policy blunder in decades and it has created generations of terrorists who may seek to attack us for the rest of our lives. And our news media failed to keep us informed–both CNN and the New York Times both apologized after the war was in full swing for not asking harder questions of the Bush administration in the lead-up to invading Iraq.

Many of the career politicians running for president today were active in our national government in 2001. And many of them are now clamoring for a war with Iran, a country in the Middle East with only one letter different from it’s neighbor Iraq. Almost all GOP candidates want war over diplomacy in Iran. As most Republican politicians normally rally for war over diplomacy. Hillary claims she backs Obama’s Iran deal, with a few caveats. And she’s stated hawkish positions towards Iran in the past.

Senators Clinton and Joe Biden voted to go to war in Iraq. Senators Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders did not. Hillary was representing the state of New York, so it would have been hard for her to not green light an attack on the group behind 9/11. Except that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. I’m a drag queen with no access to government intelligence–how could I possibly know that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq yet somehow that fact escaped her? It would have been unpopular for her to vote no on the Iraq war as a senator from New York. But sometimes leaders must make unpopular decisions in order to do the right thing. In hindsight, we all know the Iraq war was wrong and that some senators were brave enough to vote against almost a decade of senseless carnage. Never forget that either, or the US is doomed to repeat it’s same mistakes.



Hillary Clinton had the nerve to state Tuesday that she supports getting money out of elections. I guess that means she’s retiring from politics! Clinton isn’t stupid, but I guess she thinks voters are too dumb to put two and two together and scratch their heads over a candidate who’s the anointed Democratic frontrunner only because she can afford to buy the election. Now that she has her coins from the same big banks Bernie Sanders wants to break up, she suddenly wants campaign finance reform. Ideas she jacked from actual liberals Sanders and Lincoln when he started to appear honest (which was never Hillary’s strong suit) with his contributions from only small donors. She will say and do anything to get elected. It doesn’t even need to make sense. Hillary’s statement is like Miley Cyrus saying she wants to ban nudity and desperate publicity stunts. She now wants to ban what she’s doing for years? Then please give back all that money you’ve gotten from corporations and start fresh with small donations from individuals only.

The article below is from a right-wing investment-themed site which clearly has no issues with big money. But that doesn’t mean they can’t dish the dirt effectively on her blatant hypocrisy, which our kiss-@ss “liberal” media refuses to do. She represents nothing.

“Politics: Trying to revive her flailing campaign, Hillary Clinton has proposed a new campaign finance reform to limit the influence of big donors. That’s easy for her — she’s already raised millions from them.

Fast losing ground to Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton sounded a populist note Tuesday, issuing a sweeping campaign finance reform plan that would require greater political spending disclosure and give matching funds for small donations to federal elections.

“We have to end the flood of secret, unaccountable money that is distorting our elections, corrupting our political system and drowning out the voices of too many everyday Americans,” Clinton said. “Our democracy should be about expanding the franchise, not charging an entrance fee.”

Fine rhetoric, we suppose, but it should be noted that Hillary Clinton is one of the largest recipients of “big donor” money in the American political universe.
Federal Election Commission filings in late June showed Clinton raised $48 million from more than 250,000 contributors. According to the nonpartisan campaign finance watchdog Open Secrets, 82% of Clinton’s contributions come from “large individual donors.” And that doesn’t include money from super PACs, which have raised $20.3 million on her behalf.

Her top donors read like a Who’s Who of Wall Street, law, high tech, liberal academia and Hollywood. Morgan Stanley. Creative Artists. Latham & Watkins. Time Warner. Yale University. University of California. J.P. Morgan. Google. All make the list.

A lot of the cash has been raised by “bundlers,” powerful friends of Bill and Hillary who use their influence to bring in boatloads of money. They include Hollywood media mogul Haim Saban, billionaire J.B. Pritzker of Chicago, Las Vegas publisher Brian Greenspan and Susie Tompkins Buell, the founder of Esprit.

You know, the little people.

Moreover, as the Wall Street Journal reported in July, “Twenty of the campaign’s so-called Hillblazers, or supporters who promise to raise $100,000 each for her campaign, have also given a total of at least $54 million to her family’s charitable foundation.”

But sure, she’s going to clean up campaign finance.

Oh, and Clinton also wants to overturn the 2010 Citizens United ruling — the only thing that stands between Americans and their right to free political speech.

From desperate candidates come desperate ideas. Hillary’s hypocritical reforms are just the latest example.”