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Posted by Jenifer Lewis on Sunday, November 6, 2016


So, is it the most gravest moment in my life? Yes. But also in all of human history. And things like the election will have an impact on this.

What are the domestic policies of the Trump administration?They’re very straightforward: lavish gifts on the rich, powerful corporate sector and try to undermine and destroy anything that might be of benefit to the general population.

Are you busy this Tuesday?

I peeked at two articles on the cover of yesterday’s NY Times. When I say peeked, it means that I’m too cheap to buy it but I often check out headlines. Side by side, there were two front page articles which highlighted Trump’s lunacy. One headline read something like 250,000 Jobs Added As Economy Hums. Any sane politician would brag over such an economic boost. Next to this article, another one described how Trump was not focusing on the economy doing well while campaigning. He focused instead on hate and divisiness instead. I guess he knows his base. But merely stripping rights away from people is a hollow platform to run on.

Trump is not on the ballot on Tuesday, but if Democrats (especially progressive Dems or Independents who caucus with Dems) could win more seats in the House, it would add a much-needed constraint on Trump’s hateful agenda and the legislators in his party who push it along with him. As you all know, I have my issues with centrist Democrats voting too much like Republicans for my lefty, peacenik tastes. Focusing mainly on Russia for 2 1/2 years has left people wondering what Dems even stand for. But even Rachel “Russiagate” Maddow herself–to her credit–opened her broadcast a week or so ago with a lead story on how popular Obamacare is–even among GOP voters. It was also interesting to see CNN cover older Republicans from Florida upset over the effects of climate change they’ve seen in their lifetimes–like the more frequent and more damaging hurricanes and the red tides now marring the Sunshine State’s beaches. This is a big shift.

Of course, the pipe bombs immediately wiped out coverage of election issues the very next day. You see, they could have been debating issues like Medicare-For-All, which most Democrats support instead of non-stop Russia coverage for years. And now, the issues have been replaced by election specialist MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki and his snazzy touch screen scoreboards showing the latest polls, how many voted early, etc. Cable news anchors still can’t bring themselves to interview voters discussing how they can’t make ends meet regardless of whether the president is red or blue. Perhaps that hopelessness is exactly why so many Americans don’t vote at all.

Cable news has been blabbing about a blue wave for so long, that now even MSNBC and CNN have now tempered their own predictions of winning lots of seats in the House and Senate to hoping Dems pick up some seats in the House. Maybe the large number of early voters are evidence of such a blue wave coming. (Maybe the more rotten Trump behaves while campaigning, the more of his base turns out.) But MSNBC is one of the majority of news outlets which wrongly predicted a slam-dunk victory for Hillary. I think it would’ve been a better strategy to downplay Hillary’s chances with conservative polling estimates so that more people felt it was urgent to vote. But these news stations say what we want to hear for ratings. Many of us loathe Trump and want to rebuke his platform in the midterms. But running on a “Vote for me, I’m not Trump” platform didn’t work for Hillary. Dems can’t just be against something without proclaiming what they DO represent.

And there are important issues on which most Democrats running agree. Not Alabama “Democrat” Doug Jones, who has voted with Trump 80% of the time. Not West Virginia “Democrat” Joe Manchin, who voted to confirm Kavanaugh. But whether you hear it on the news or not, most Dem candidates support a popular platform of:

Abortion rights.

LGBT rights.

Voter rights.

Keeping Obamacare–some even push Medicare-For-All.

A higher minimum wage.

More affordable college–or even free community college.

Taxing the wealthy and corporations at a higher rate.

Putting more checks on gun sales and/or banning assault rifles.

Paying lip service to climate change. While this is an ineffective stance, at least Dems acknowledge that it exists while the GOP claim it’s a hoax or not man-made.

A few Dems, like Tulsi Gabbard and Barbara Lee, even dare to speak out against wars which we never should have started.

Some progressive Dems even want to regulate banks to avoid more crashes and bail-outs. Imagine that!

Are all Democrats running fighting for these the way I think they should? No. But Trump and his (dare I say?) klan are definitely fighting against them all. So I urge everyone to vote. There may be long lines, so be prepared. And if someone from the exit polls grabs you on the way out to ask you which issues matter to you, TELL THEM! Politicians are never going to make the hard choices to represent us unless we demand what we want. Make no demands at all? Then prepare to be satisfied with nothing. The corporate lobbyists dangling money in front of politicians year round speak many decibels louder than we do. But elections are the one time when politicians must hear listen to voters. So speak out with YOUR vote on Tuesday!

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Afghanistan is now the longest war in US history. Have you seen anyone campaigning on how they’d end it? Win it? Any news coverage of it? Is the mission there even known, or is it just out of sight, out of mind? Hint: We’ll be there until we have mined all off their lithium for our batteries.)

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i've never seen this change 😲

i've never seen this change 😲

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Ok, I love that these spam dating sites are barking up the wrong tree with me if all these ladies are trying to sex me up. But even if I were straight and looking for dates, check out these antiquated names. “Oooh, yeah! Take it Marilyn Ruth! You like that, don’t you Cynthia Frances?” These names are all so old-fashioned that I can’t imagine them turning anyone from this century on. Maybe they’re just running out of porn names like Tiffany. What’s next? A hot threesome with Edna Pearl and Penelope Maude?


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(They Long to Be) Close to You // The Carpenters [Vocals Only] 📀🎵🎶

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Sneak Peak at a Drag Race Season 11 Challenge–their most sophisticated yet!


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Shari Lewis (January 17, 1933 – August 2, 1998)

Shari Lewis (January 17, 1933 – August 2, 1998) and Lamb Chop

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A winning issue for Dems if they truly embrace it.

According to this poll, the majority of Republicans now support Medicare-For-All. So an even larger amount of Democratic voters must surely support it. How about Democratic politicians? Are they still calling it pie-in-the-sky or free ponies? You can’t mindlessly bleat that “Healthcare is a human right” unless you intend insure everyone. Establishment Dems like to crow that 20 million were insured by Obamacare. Sadly, they seldom mention that 44 million still have no insurance and 38 million have inadequate healthcare. (Source: PBS: Healthcare Crisis: The Uninsured.)

Thanks to progressives for shining a light on this popular position in recent years. And thanks for trying to just catch the US up to so many countries in the world which enjoy state-run healthcare.

Here’s the catch: Universal healthcare IS pie-in-the-sky unless you pay for it. It’s hard to get elected saying “Vote for me and I’ll raise your taxes.” But don’t believe anyone selling Medicare-For-All who doesn’t claim that taxes will go up. Is it worth it if our taxes increase a bit and our expensive monthly premiums cease to exist?

Majority of Republicans supports ‘Medicare for all,’ poll finds

A youtube comedian is the only pundit interviewing an anti-war politician

Trump’s latest trans issues

Most in-depth coverage I’ve seen on this, featuring the ACLU’s Chase Strangio. He mentions that there are other state and local protections which counter Trump’s federal efforts. Chase also stresses that coverage in the NY Times, UK Guardian and other liberal news giants are getting the whole debate wrong–while covering trans issues for clickbait. Or in his own words:

NERMEEN SHAIKH: Well, can we also talk about how the media has been covering this? You have been very critical of this New York Times piece that just came out, “’Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration.” So what is it about the language that’s being deployed, about the people who are being asked to speak and to write on this issue, that you’re critical of?

CHASE STRANGIO: I have long been very critical of The New York Times’ trans coverage. And that’s true of yesterday’s article, as well. I think it was an incendiary headline designed to get clicks. It absolutely is true that trans people are under attack, but the idea that trans people’s existence is up for debate is precisely the paradigm that The New York Times has fueled over the years of its coverage, suggesting that there are two sides to an argument about whether trans people exist.

Trans people exist, full stop. It is not up for debate. And The New York Times, The Guardian—right now in the U.K., there’s a conversation about the Gender Recognition Act there. The Guardian has been publishing editorials about whether or not—which side of the argument people support. It is not an argument about whether people exist. We exist. And the more we have a ideological debate about whether or not it’s moral or ethical to recognize the existence of trans people, the more we’re going to embolden the Trump administration and other state-level government actors to act to take away our rights. This isn’t a debate. It doesn’t violate anyone else’s rights for trans people to have rights.

Vic Berger says:

Blatant hypocrisy in the media.

When a reporter named Khashoggi is killed, mainstream media covers it for one week and counting. When Obama started backing the Saudis’ war against Yemen in 2014 and Trump continued it, you seldom heard a word about what is now (and has been for years) the world’s worst humanitarian crisis with many millions facing starvation, and the worst cholera outbreak in 50 years. And members of both parties have been praising MBS’s brutal regime though they have just recently allowed women to drive, boast public executions but no elections, and reporters/dissidents are jailed or killed. Sound barbaric to you? Khasshoggi wasn’t even that much of a dissident, boosting MBS with claims of hope that he might modernize the country more. But nope! They sawed him right up with his girlfriend outsude waiting on their marriage license! Maybe these awful Saudis need to be ditched by us? Except that we’re still hooked on oil.

The left is outraged over Trump’s affinity for dictators in Russia, North Korea, Turkey and now Saudi Arabia–as if palling around with Saudis is anything new for red or blue. Where’s the outrage over the dictators or strong men which both US parties smile on? Both parties love Israel, too. As our government delivers whatever Saudi Arabia and Israel need, Yemeni and Palestinian cries go unheard by US media. I’m wondering if most knew it, would our churches prioritize some national action on what the Guardian is calling “the world’s worst famine in 100 years”? We’re supposed to be a Christian country, right? Well, a master of insults called a stripper “horseface” and a presidential hopeful took a DNA test, so we didn’t have enough time to cover a lasting, huge humanitarian crises which America helped create.

GUARDIAN: Yemen on brink of ‘world’s worst famine in 100 years’ if war continues
UN warns that famine could overwhelm country in next three months, with 13 million people at risk of starvation

Go, Shangela!

Amir gets it.