Scariest reporting on Mike Pence yet from

Unlike some GOP who court the evangelical vote, Pence actually seems to be one of them.  This is one segment with The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill. I recommend all three segments.



Posted by Susan Sarandon: Dems are playing the blame game instead of admitting they picked a loser

“I didn’t know I was so powerful.” Thank you for your bravery and honesty, Susan.



Clowning with Bianca Del Rio is one of my fave things to do…




This is a snippet from my show Trans-Jester! It plays every Wednesday at 7PM at Stonewall Inn through 12/28. (Except 11/30) The show is also coming to Cafe Istanbul in New Orleans Saturday 11/18 and to London’s Soho Theatre, SF’s Oasis and LA’s Casita Del Campo in Feb/March!


For more info/tix:

Wonderful Review Of Trans-Jester! Now every Wednesday at 7PM @The StonewallNYC

Trans-Jester – The Stonewall Inn, New York

Trans-Jester – The Stonewall Inn, New York

Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers

Lady Bunny brings her delightfully crass humor to the upstairs theatre of the historic Stonewall Inn, in the now twice-extended Trans-Jester. A drag icon, Bunny melds show tunes, audience-interactive monologue, video media, pop music, and brilliant one-liners together in a one-person show that balances social commentary with toilet humor to achieve a brilliant aesthetic and emotional balance.

Bunny expertly works with the audience energy, driving the piece while tweaking nuances on the fly to hold the audience in the palm of her brooch-bejeweled hand. Sondheim pings off of Bruno Mars, which collides with video footage before coming back to Bunny’s incisively irreverent monologues. The joy that Bunny brings to the stage is nothing short of infectious, and audiences cannot help but feel a connection, not only to Bunny, but to each other. Between jokes about genitalia and parody songs, there is a truth and a cohesiveness to the piece that creates a community in the cabaret space.
Though Bunny’s show was written and has been in performance since before the election, the message of unity therein rings perhaps even more true that it did before November 8. Bunny encourages the audience to keep their sense of humor and spread joy into the world, and leads by stunning example. Even though Bunny does the talking, the effect is cathartic and therapeutic in the house as well as onstage. There is safety and laughter and joy and hope. And scatological humor. And amazingly huge blonde wigs. Trans-Jester is Lady Bunny at her finest.

Runs until 28 December 2016




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My Dead Boyfriend out today!

Bun-Bun has a little cameo in this new film starring Haether Graham and directed by Perter Gatien’s daughter Jen. I have a few lines, but since it’s set in the 90s East Village, the plot calls for Heather to stroll through Tompkins Square Park while Wigstock is happening. Louie Garay cast a gaggle of gals and I’m glad it’s finally coming out. See you at the Oscars. Or on Rotten Tomatoes. Opens today!


A review from one of my favorite performers is a blessing! Thanks so much, Penny Arcade!

“The show that delivers the unexpected is Lady Bunny’s

solo show Trans-Jester! at Stonewall Inn 30 years of nonstop showmanship have honed the great Bunny into an eclectic force of pure entertainment. Although she and her tribe brought lypsyncing to the masses at Pyramid in the 1980’s, it is Bunny’s real vocal chords belting out those tunes and she is REALLY GREAT! Bunny’s hair is bigger than ever, her heels are higher than ever, the gowns shorter or more even more elaborate then ever and the jokes raunchier than ever but sit back with a cocktail and while you are holding onto your guts laughing you will notice the high wire act of political and social concience that Bunny walks, few people dare to tell the truth like Bunny and fewer are funnier doing it. I, for one would NEVER miss a Lady Bunny show, Get your ass there, bring your friends and bask in their approval! because under that free for all raunchiness is a power packed punch of truth that shows how some people turn being a queer outsider into a blow against the Empire!”





An odd endorsement from Louis C.K.

Ask the mothers in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Russia and Haiti how nurturing they think Hillary Clinton is. I’d love to see a female president, but not a mass murderer who kills for profit, not even for the safety of the US. A cute bit from the very talented Louis C.K., but like most Hilary supporters, he is willing to look away from her rotten record on foreign policy. Trump the jackass may have a demonic foreign policy, too, if elected. But he won’t be. So putting your head in the sand regarding Hillary’s hawkishness is folly. If we are forced to vote for her because of her insane opponent, that’s one thing. But she likes to talk about her work at the Children’s Defense Fund. She rarely mentions her role in using our tax dollars to spread bloodshed, often for no reason or the wrong reasons.

Do these costumes actually offend asians, as this video suggests?

I caught this video on Buzzfeed recently. Ironically it’s featured on a section of the site called Buzzfeed Yellow. Is that offensive too? And listen, there are all kinds of costumes which offend people. Some of this is justified, even though Hallowe’en is meant to have an element of evil to it. Thats’ why some christians see it as the devil’s work. I don’t think scary ghosts and goblins and slashers and zombies are exactly meant to comfort us, are they?

In this video, these girls don’t make the case of why these sexy geisha costumes are offensive. The merely rant on about how inauthentic these cheap geisha costumes are, and how they don’t make them feel sexy. They mention that these dime store combine chinese and japanese elements and therefore inaccurate, since geishas are japanese. They suggest going to learn more about japanese culture if you want to dress as a geisha, since actual geishas elevated prostitution to an art form and showed very little skin. So the sexy geisha costume makes no sense to these asian girls. The only means by which one suggests that sexy, inauthentic geisha costumes are offensive is the one of them who says this:

“If you want to be sexy on Hallowe’en, you can be sexy without disparaging someone else’s culture.”

Yet they aren’t disparaging anyone’s culture. They are gravitating to it because they like the look. They just happen to be getting it wrong. And can we be honest for just a second? Very few people are going to go to any japanese events, as this video suggests, to research their costumes. They go to a costume shop and pick something they like. (I go to a costume shop and pick whatever fits. Oink!) We’re still slowly emerging from a recession, and while I’d love to see someone in a meticulously researched geisha costume doing an intricate dance while serving tea with one of those immaculate wigs, most people can’t afford to go that far for a costume which is worn once. And again, let’s face it. Many people who don’t regularly dress up just go and grab something easy–it isn’t meant to be a statement other than “I want to participate and have some fun.” I mean, the typical Hallowe’en for people who don’t go all out with a unified look is just to apply some whiskers, witch hat, or ghoul make-up and wear it with their street clothes. Maybe they’ll wear all black street clothes. And yes, Hallowe’en is a holiday of the night, filled with intrigue and madness. It is most popular with younger people. So many do use it as an excuse to bare some skin in a way in which they normally wouldn’t. Just like many do at gay pride day. Can we get off their case and let them enjoy themselves as they see fit? It’s better to have them show some skin while they are still sexy. Don’t ask me how I know.

For example, say you wanted to go dressed as Darienne Lake, but you couldn’t find a fat suit that large. Or you wanted to impersonate Alaska Thunderfuck but they ran out of horse masks. Should someone make a video in protest? My Hallowe’en gig was on Tybee Island this year and the venue literally blew away during Hurricane Matthew. Then I picked up a last minute dj shift in New York but since I thought I was off,  I didn’t have a costume this year. So I threw on something vaguely asian. I had purchased these oversized frogs at the Tokyo airport and brought them home as a gift for Chris March. He ended up making this slightly asian costume for me years ago. It was not meant to be authentic, but it has a somewhat mandarin collar and frogs and I had a fan–which I actually left at home. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to express myself in the way that I choose? I’m not going to walk on eggshells just in case some snarky internet personalities might not approve. We’re not talking about seriously offensive looks like black face, swastikas or KKK hoods. Or entering the too soon category of impersonating someone who had just died, like Pete Burns.

Speaking of Pete Burns, he finally answered his own question: Dead Or Alive.

Despite rumors of  a heart attack, he actually died of shock when he got the bill from his plastic surgeon.

He was having a double lip replacement surgery.

People, have fun on a holiday which celebrates horror and lunacy and don’t let people tell you what to do just because they have a chopstick up their ass.


This Is What Happens When We Let Gay Inc. Think For Us

These advocacy taint their message when they get bribes. As does anyone else who takes money from drug companies to ensure that our drugs remain more expensive here than they cost anywhere else in the world. From Hillary to most lawmakers in both major parties. They are almost all regularly bribed to make sure big pharma can keep ripping us off.

But please, whatever you do, don’t stop discussing Trump as a sexual predator and Hillary’s emails. That might cause us to realize that both parties routinely rip off the unaware who elect them in so many different ways. So keep your focus on the p#ssy grabbing of someone who will never win or the few emails that were intertwined with Anthony Weiner the sexter’s. Those BLAZING OUTRAGES will cease to impact your lives in roughly two weeks. Meanwhile, seniors with Obamacare will still be splitting their pills into pieces because they can’t afford to take the full dosage prescribed. Great job, America! You really hammered the sex scandals and ignored policy completely.

You can thank out TMZ “news” for a lot of that. If gay groups in SF seek to keep drug prices high because they were each bribed–I mean contributed to–just imagine how stories like this never appear in the corporate media. Our TV news runs on ad dollars from big pharma so they seldom question the stranglehold they have on our entire government.


INTERCEPT.COM: Big Pharma Paid LGBT Groups and Others That Opposed California Drug-Price Ballot Measure

SAN FRANCISCO’S TWO competing LGBT Democratic groups — the leftist Harvey Milk Democratic Club and the centrist Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club — rarely agree on contentious economic issues. But both groups announced in September that they would be opposing Proposition 61, the high-profile initiative to lower drug prices.

A letter from the two groups claimed that Proposition 61 “will not lower prescription drug costs” and that the decision to jointly campaign against the initiative was reached after “careful consideration.”

Unknown to many activists in the city, this act of political camaraderie appears to have been rewarded by the pharmaceutical industry, which cut each club a $5,000 check from a fund set up to defeat the drug price initiative.



I have no f#cking costume for tonight and it’s Hallowe’en. What kind of self-respecting drag queen has no costume? Maybe I should go out of drag and be Mama June? Clown, witch and hag costumes are so abysmally tired and Bianca Del Rio already combines all three of these look all year long. Everyone is so PC that you can’t wear geisha, American indian, or pimp looks any more.

So I thought I’d try and throw together a costume to confuse and offend everyone.

First, I’ll use prosthetics to make my eyes look asian.

Then cover the whole thing with black face and top that off with a KKK hood.

Over that I’ll wear a rainbow burqa and belt it with one of those hasidic string belts.

But I don’t think this is inclusive enough.

So I’ll bring a big bag of props to add drama. Like a cross made from dildos, a cartoon of Mohammed as a boy getting banged by a Catholic priest, a VOTE CLINTON/PENCE sign, the box of Wheaties with Bruce Jenner on it and a tomahawk covered in crude oil that I use to threaten anyone LGBT. I just don’t want to offend latinos by omitting them. Got it! I’ll wear smegma-scented perfume! And I won’t tip my Indian cab driver. Wait–screw the cab driver. (I have.) I’ll ride around town in a wheelchair. And shoot anyone in a lion costume. Now, did I leave anyone out?

Doing Tonight At Madame Tussaud’s!


They say this annual event is a screeeeeam!


Giddy strings are what made disco music so infectious, so I love to see youth introduced to glorious string lines. But I wish the producers would have credited the vocalist…



A Facebook friend recently asked me about voting third party. Is it irresponsible? In help with this question, I asked my dad. He’s not only extremely politically aware, he’s a history professor, author and a lifelong progressive democrat. He has also been on my case about being more responsible since I was able to speak, so I thought he’d be the perfect person to ask about voting responsibly. Both of my parents voted for Bernie Sanders, yet neither bring themselves to vote for Hillary. My dad said he is probably not voting for the first time in his life. In essence, here’s what he said:

If you live in a solidly blue or red state, your vote for a third party candidate will NOT result in a president Trump. So vote for whoever you like. Hillary will still win in all blue states and Trump will win in most red states. Because Trump is so exceptionally vile, some traditionally red states like North Carolina are now “purple” where it’s more of a toss-up. But as dad said, if you live in a purple state, battleground state or swing state and you vote third party, your vote could result in…shudder…President Trump. So if you’re in one of these battleground states, hold your nose and vote for Hillary. She’s not as rotten as Trump, and at least she’s had experience. Experience in ruining people’s lives, but that’s another blog post. Please think very carefully about voting third party in a swing state.

The guys in this Young Turks segment claim that Hillary is on her way to such a landslide that it’s even more important to vote third party. Because a landslide would give Clinton a mandate to keep on moving to the center. She’s currently running ads to get mormon votes. Gays, remember who funded Prop 8 to deny gay marriage in California? Mormons! Hillary dropped climate change from her speeches as soon as she got Bernie’s endorsement. Then she reads a poll about how she still isn’t getting the millennial votes so she gets Al Gore to campaign for her since he’s associated with climate change. First of all, most millennials don’t know who Al Gore or what he’s associated with. Secondly, Hillary: did you ever dream that the way to convince millennials that you care about climate change…I know this is radical….is to actually  care about climate change and not sell fracking around the world and waffle on the Keystone pipeline? No, honesty doesn’t occur to her campaign very often.

The fact is, there’s been a tremendous ideological split in the democratic party or we wouldn’t be discussing third parties. A virtually unknown Independent billing himself as a democratic socialist with little cash named Bernie Sanders won 21 states and sent Hillary limping to the convention. So much so that she adopted 1/2–2/3rds of his platform in order to make her own republican lite platform seem more palatable to voters and siphon off some of Bernie’s enthusiasm. (After dismissing Bernie’s platform as pie-in-the-sky, she then turns around and adopts most of that pie.) Now Hillary supporters are naively crowing that this is the most progressive democratic platform ever, but a party’s platform can be shredded as soon as Hillary is elected. There’s nothing binding about a party’s platform and Clinton is a notorious flip-flopper. She likes to milk Elizabeth Warren’s and Sanders’ endorsements for progressive cred, but she’s already chosen a VP and a transition chief who are pro-TPP. That’s the dirty, job-killing trade deal Obama is pushing. If you don’t know about the TPP, maybe you’re too uninformed to vote, since it’s concrete proof that democrats and republicans both serve corporate masters and not the people. They all may claim they want to bring jobs back, but then why are so many leaders in both parties actively seeking to destroy an estimated 450,000 jobs with the TPP? Bill Clinton’s NAFTA trade deal sent 1 million manufacturing jobs overseas. Hillary claims to oppose the TPP, but she’s lying and everyone knows it since she publicly advocated the TPP many times and even called it a “gold standard” of trade deals while Secretary Of State. Trump’s schtick of a rich guy who will run the country like a business has appealed to blue collar types who aren’t doing well financially. But if he’s going to run the country like a business, he’s going to send labor to countries like Vietnam, where the minimum wage is a little over a dollar per hour.  That’s capitalism for you–caring more about profits even if it shafts workers. So I don’t believe that Trump opposes the TPP any more than Hillary does.

Hillary had to conspire with the DNC to cheat Sanders, and the DNC fired the disgraced Debbie Wassermann Schultz and then apologized to the Sanders campaign. They had the nerve to state in this bullshit apology:

“On behalf of everyone at the DNC, we want to offer a deep and sincere apology to Senator Sanders, his supporters, and the entire Democratic party for inexcusable remarks made over email. These comments do not reflect the values of the DNC or our steadfast commitment to neutrality during the nominating process. The DNC does not — and will not — tolerate disrespectful language exhibited toward our candidates.”

But these comments DO represent the values of the DNC, because they DID screw Sanders. He accepted their apology and now supports Hillary Clinton. Bernie always said he’d do this, but many of us wished he would have broken away and run as an Independent. For some of us, we’re done with democrats in their current neoliberal incarnation. Obama campaigned as a progressive and failed us miserably. Hillary is the candidate of war and Wall Street–nothing progressive there. There is no party representing working Americans among the two major parties. Trump wants tax cuts for the wealthy, which helps no one but the so rich they need no help. And Hillary is backed by the financial giants which crashed our economy and created the housing bubble burst.  Unless you’re a member of the 1%, neither party works for you. You can’t afford their services.


As far as Gary Johnson, libertarians and the far left agree on some issues. Progressives don’t want war on principle, libertarians don’t want the government to foot the bill for war. Progressives want LGBT rights on principle, libertarians want the government to butt out of people’s affairs. But if you were a Sanders supporter who now supports Johnson, you need to realize that democratic socialism calls for higher taxes and a bigger government with more services for the needy and bolstering Social Security, moving towards state-run health care and affordable college. Libertarians, almost a wing of fiscally conservative republicans, want tiny government which spends nothing. So the two may overlap on some issues, but they’re at opposite ends of the spectrum. So if you’re a Bernie voter who now backs Johnson, you aren’t voting on the issues.

I’m supporting Jill Stein, because her polices most closely represent the policies of Bernie Sanders. I hear the term protest vote thrown around a lot. In my mind, a protest vote would be voting for Trump because you hate Hillary. I do not recommend this, though this Young Turks video suggests it briefly as a strategy. Voting third party is not a protest vote–it’s voting for the candidate who reflects your values when the two major parties fail you. If you value peace, then you can’t vote for Hillary or Trump.  Make no mistake: Jill Stein will never win. There was one interesting meme which suggested that if all former Bernie supporters and students saddled with insane debts banded together and voted for Jill, she would win. That’s a pipe dream. But if she gets 5% of the votes, the Green Party will get matching funds from the government in the next election and that will help get whoever their nominee’s message out there.  Some people are so blind that they see this as a horse race and just want to be on the winning team, or think they need to vote for one of the two major parties. Maybe they don’t know about third party candidates, since the news seldom covers anything but Trump’s shocking comments. It is not always about winning. It’s about building a third party which represents the values Clinton and Trump left behind. If you can’t look at these two horrible frontrunners in the major parties and see that we need more choices right now, get your eyes checked. I didn’t leave the democratic party, they left me. So this lifelong democrat has been forced to look elsewhere.

From Jill Stein’s FB page:

Voting Green is a smart strategic vote.

Our ultimate goal is to win the election. But even if we don’t, earning at least 5 percent of the popular vote has huge benefits in THIS election.

The political establishment isn’t worried about protest votes—otherwise they’d have attacked roughly half of Americans who are protesting the system by not voting at all or those who are voting for either Donald or Hillary out of fear of the other.

The elites attack Greens instead, because they’re worried millions of people will invest their votes in building a party that puts people, planet and peace over profits.


I tweeted something about Jill Stein recently and someone tweeted back angrily that they’d never support her because of her stance on vaccines. This person was autistic and felt insulted by Jill. Hey, it’s your vote. I find it hard to believe that her position on vaccines alone would outweigh everything else from the economy to foreign policy to unaffordable healthcare and college, but it’s their vote and we’re all free to use ours as we see fit. I’m sure that a veteran who was injured in service and has had difficulty getting in to see the doctor will vote based on what politicians are saying about that. A female friend told me that abortion rights were here #1 issue in any election. We all have different issues which matter to us most. Mine is peace, so a vote for Hillary is impossible for me. Don’t allow people who can accept the lesser of two evils stop you from building a party which isn’t evil. A party which is beneficial to people and to the planet.

When you think of the Green Party’s essence, a healthy and harmonious planet, the environment alone trumps every other issue. Bernie was mocked after one debate in which he answered that the biggest threat national security faced was climate change. Not ISIS. Not Russia. For this, he was widely mocked in the media, even though the Pentagon agrees with Bernie and has been working on this oncoming catastrophe for years. Imagine the battles we’ll face when it’s boiling hot outside and there’s no clean water to drink which we can afford. To me, going Green is completely responsible in a solid blue state like NY. We have to do something about climate change now. Experts estimate that it will be too hot, by 2085, to even hold the Summer Olympics outside. You don’t defile the only planet you have to live on because you’re too greedy to force companies responsible for the emissions to lose some profit or invest in clean energy. People always like to use that old analogy of german youth asking their parents what they were doing while the monstrous Hitler was on the rise. In a few generations, kids will ask their parents “Why didn’t you get actively involved with halting global warming?” If your answer was “Because I was so horrified by an 11 year old Access Hollywood audio in which a sexual predator brags about grabbing women’s pussies that I voted for a proven liar who will never address climate change meaningfully and is already angling for war,” you’re going to feel like a fool. Jill Stein and Mother Earth are two women I can support without hesitation.

There is another option. Surprisingly, that’s the option my dad is taking and far from being irresponsible, it’s a time-honored tactic. Around 50% of Americans don’t vote anyway, but I assumed that’s out of apathy. I spoke with three friends and none intend to vote at all because they don’t feel they have a horse in this race, dislike both Hillary and Trump too much to cast a vote for them, or have just been so turned off to politics because of our news’ slanted, sensational coverage. But not voting is also a way of proclaiming that since no candidate represents my views, I refuse to legitimize the rotten system propping two losers up with my vote.

WHY I’M NOT VOTING by Lara M. Gardner


How can you possibly give him the chance at the presidency?” someone will say to me, wringing their hands in desperation and fear. I shrug and tell them what I believe to be true: Mr. Trump has no chance of winning. He never did. He is a foil to drive the likes of you to the polls to ensure that you vote in order to maintain the legitimacy of this government so that it can continue what it has been doing and will do as long as you allow it by voting. Bernie Sanders wasn’t enough to get enough of you there. It took the likes of Trump to ensure those who would not have touched Hillary Clinton with a 100 foot pole will vote for her in November. He ensures your participation and consent.

So many have said to me that not voting is not going to change anything and that it is simply giving up. I disagree with this. Not voting is a legitimate non-violent means to proving a government is not sanctioned by its people. South Africa endured many years of violence under the Apartheid regime. Many people and countries worldwide boycotted Apartheid, yet in spite of this, the US government insisted on supporting Apartheid, saying that while the US abhorred Apartheid, the regime was the legitimate government of South Africa. After an Apartheid election where no more than seven percent of South Africans voted, suddenly things changed. The world could no longer accept that the regime was legitimate because so few of the governed participated in the election process.

It is a common argument by those who believe I should vote that not voting is doing nothing, yet I do not believe that this is true. It is withdrawing my sanction of people who can’t be held accountable after devastating the economy. It is refusal to consent to wars that have resulted in the murder of millions of innocents so that a few may profit. Voting in this country means that I am allowing the government on my behalf to operate for major corporations and the super wealthy, not individual citizens. I am not doing nothing in not voting, I am making an active choice to stop legitimizing our government. If I am doing something that is self-destructive or hurts others, I am going to stop doing it. Voting in this system is self-destructive and hurts others so I stopped doing it.

The argument that holds the least weight with me is that if I don’t vote, then only bad guys like Trump will win. When do the good guys ever win? I voted and Obama won. I could write ten pages describing all of the things that Obama has done that I find reprehensible, from murdering citizens without due process, to expanding the rights of Presidents to make it even easier to use lethal force abroad without congressional approval, to appointing officials who were part of the prior administration and helped to tank the economy.

Choosing not to vote is not actively fighting, but withholding consent. This has the result of delegitimizing a government that does not represent your interests. It demonstrates that this government does not have the consent of the governed. It is a legal, non-violent, effective means of non-compliance. Non-compliance can take other forms such as not paying taxes (illegal) or creating alternative systems, but these do not delegitimize the government. Since governments derive their powers from consent of the governed, withholding consent is the only non-violent, legal means to delegitimize a government that fails to represent us.”


Some friend was forwarding a meme which stated something like “I’m voting third party because I want to be the most popular person on Facebook.” Actually, that strategy is a clear failure. Most democrats including almost all of my friends, are forced to hold their noses and vote for Hillary because of Trump, aren’t too thrilled with the situation. And they are well aware of Hillary’s many shortcomings, since a majority of democrats don’t even see her as trustworthy. So democrats, aware of her many flaws, lash out at people who can think outside the box and have actually done research on alternative candidates. “Remember Ralph Nader!”, they’ll scold. Or “The time to start a third party is not now” or “You need to start a third party from a local level” is what they’ll shame you with.  They assume that they ARE being practical and avoiding the chaos of Trump. I understand that way of thinking since most of my fiends share it, and plenty of Bernie supporters are going that way. But in my mind, we are already in crisis. You can’t be practical without acknowledging how fucked we are. And Hillary is promising only to carry on Obama’s weak legacy and take things further to the middle. Blacks are being shot by police who get off with no charges. Banks rip us off but never go to jail. The middle class is dying as we all become the working poor. People can’t afford to retire. Both head of households work full-time and still qualify for food stamps. Corporations control our government. The infrastructure is crumbling. Obamacare merely made a crappy healthcare system more affordable. We never left the wars Obama promised to leave and Hillary will start fresh ones. We’re doing irreversible damage to the climate. That crisis to avert is not merely Trump, but to change the path which is currently failing us. And Hillary’s more-of-the-same approach signals worse crisis to come. So it is not irresponsible to look for third party candidates. Especially in a solidly red or blue state.

When all is said and done, we have the right to vote for the candidate of our choice without being bullied. And for democrats outraged by this, try not sitting quietly by while your party nominates a lying, flip-flopping hawk to head up the party some of us have campaigned for and donated to for decades–then we won’t be forced to look elsewhere. Try not expressing outrage against Trump’s calls of a rigged election when the DNC conspired to rig it’s own primary against Bernie. This makes your outrage sound hollow. According to the NY Times, only 9% of Americans make up the registered democrats and republicans who nominated Clinton and Trump. For the rest of us looking at this shit show wondering “How the hell did this happen to us?”, third parties are a legitimate way to seek a way out of this mess. Jill Stein  and building an alternative party is my way out. Maybe Gary Johnson or writing Bernie Sanders in is yours. Or not voting at all. But we have every right to vote for whoever represents us or this isn’t a free country.



This Stud Is Spending His Birthday Seeing My Show Trans-Jester! Tonight! NSFW @EstebanXXXL

I don’t know how I will concentrate with all this action in the audience. I’ll bring the funny bone and he’ll be bringing this boner!


VIDEO GIGGLE: Protesting the 2004 RNC in NYC with Linda Simpson and Miss Understood

We were outraged that the RNC would dream they were welcome in the The Big Apple, so we went to protest. And got sidetracked by some Black Israelites who were calling us demons and the like. Clearly, we were in high gear. My fave lines were telling them “You’re wearing a dress!” and “The audition for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is that way. Good times!


I adore Paul Lynde, who was snarky long before the internet, but this special was regarded as a flop. It’s still a demented treat for me. It even has it’s own Wikipedia page devoted to it! Much of it was written by funny man Bruce Valance, who still writes for Bette Midler and The Oscars.



An Interview With Gay UK

GAY UK: So what’s the answer – not building walls I take it?

Income equality. This is why I say, personally as a slut, I am more concerned with income equality than I am marriage equality for gays because honey, why do I need another broke husband. I mean, they bashed Bernie Sanders because they say he was boring because they said, “Oh, he’s a single issue candidate because his main issue is income inequality.” Well that’s kind of central to everything. Isn’t it?

While it may not be, you may not be able to make a quick decision, are you for abortion? Against it? For gay rights? Against it? Do you want immigrants to be deported or not? Those are easier to understand, but understanding how someone like Clinton chopped welfare that made the poor people even poorer, or her husband had these trade deals that decimated a whole way of life. Listen, if I want to work more in a city, I can drive an Uber. I can work part time wrapping gifts at Christmas. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere, honey, there is no opportunity. This is what I’m saying. There is despair. That’s not getting onto the news. You can talk about equality, and all this, and all that, but if the wolf is at people’s door, the knives come out. And they come for each other. You blame the immigrants. You blame the gays. You blame anybody. You’re bitter because your bills aren’t paid and your future is dashed.

GAY UK: Dark times. I didn’t see this interview going here.
Listen, honey, I’m going to tell you the truth. I don’t have much in common with millennials. I don’t like their music. I’m not on Snapchat, and don’t even know how to log into my Instagram account. I did have a camera installed in my toilet, so now you can follow me on Shitter. I love that the millennials are disregarding our traditional news sources, and digging around online. The independent reporting has lifted a veil just as cell phone footage of black people being killed by the police is now enabling white people to see what black people have been claiming has gone on since forever.

I personally have a problem with the intrusion of cell phones everywhere, but I’m glad that things like cell phones, video, and Wiki Leaks are exposing what our people in positions of power are doing. We don’t pay the police to kill us. We pay them to protect us.lady-bunny-gayuk-cover



This appears to be from Michael Alig’s Project X. I do not recall Mona Foot’s turban and cigarette look, but I love it. Maybe an Eartha Kitt effect? My look answers the question “Why don’t you ever wear dark lipstick? Cuz my lips are so thin that I look like a snapping turtle!



This was from The Box about 8 years ago. As you can see, Andre Leon Talley was in the crowd along with other luminaries on a packed and very jolly evening in NYC. Dirty Martini and Lypsinka performed, and Flotilla Debarge (as Sylvester), me as Martha Wash and Sweetie as Izora Armstead tore it up with the live version of You Are My Friend. Our number begins at 3:02 and as you can see, no one moves me like the voice of the superstar Martha fucking Wash to a fast or slow jam! Singing a song written by Patti Labelle for her sister? Forget it!


Interesting article from The Guardian on Sylvester and the producer which sky-rocketed the androgyne to superstardom with the wailing You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real). I was living in London from  1978-80 and  Sylvester just sent me. Still does. I remember a music fanzine in which he claimed something like “I wear whatever appeals to me, whether it’s male or female attire.” Around the same time, Bowie was claiming he never did drag, despite doing three different versions of him in drag in the Boys Keep Swinging video. Sylvester wasn’t out of the closet, and even used female love interests in an 80s video, but unlike the Village People, you just knew she was a sister.

Loved this snippet:

Nightlife was gaining steam, too. The Trocadero gained a reputation well outside of San Francisco. “People would come from LA, from Miami, people from the music industry,” remembers Bobby Viteritti, the main DJ at the Trocadero during its peak in the late 1970s and early 1980s. “I had the chance to play whatever I wanted – sometimes I would play until 7am.”

Viteritti – who garnered Billboard’s national DJ of the Year award in 1979 and 1980 – had faith that the Trocadero would achieve wider renown. It had good acoustics – it was a space where TV shows were produced – and the lighting, orchestrated by Billy Langenheim, was taken as seriously as the DJing, specifically designed to augment the experience. Soon, the club was attracting celebrities.

“I would put Diana Ross’s name down on the guest list every week and people would make fun of me, ‘Diana Ross +1’,” Viteritti recalls, laughing. “And then one day my phone rang in the booth – ‘Diana Ross is here!’ She comes walking into the room, and the room parted like the parting of the Red Sea … She walked up the steps of the booth and gave me a big kiss, and said ‘Hi people!’ Then she hit the turntable which went ‘brrrng’ … people didn’t know the sound system went off. They were cheering so hard. Then I picked up the needle and put it back on the record. That was 1978.”

GUARDIAN: A new release celebrating the work of Patrick Cowley sheds light on San Francisco’s disco scene which was cut down in its prime during the Aids crisis




The lighting was rotten, but we all had quite a few cackles!


Jill Stein won’t win, but she is very effective at pointing out the flaws of our two extremely unpopular major party candidates. In this clip, a guy asks her how a vote for her isn’t a vote for Trump. In swing states, it may be. But if you are in a solidly red state or a blue state, wither Trump or Hillary are going to win, regardless of the small 1-4% which Jill is polling at from state to state. But look at the expression on the uninformed Hillary voter’s face. I won’t say he’s brainwashed, but it kinda looks like he is melting down on national TV, blinking uncontrollably every time Jill brings up items from Hillary’s rotten record. But Hillary voters aren’t concerned with or even aware of her record. Unlike the monstrous Trump, Hillary has held positions in government and has made grave errors in each of them.

One interesting point after the CNN portion. Jill mentions that we need to starve terrorists of weapons. We are currently selling them weapons out the wazoo. And Obama has carried on this disgraceful tradition by aiding Saudi Arabia while it blows Yemen to smithereens. Even though Yemen never attacked Saudi Arabia. We sell the Saudis weapons and provide free intelligence. One poor Yemeni kid complained that he only plays outdoors on overcast days because US drones are more likely to strike on sunny days. And we wonder why terrorists despise us and are now attacking us on our soil. Hillary has promised to continue Obama’s legacy.  Sadly, this is one of the few true statements Hillary has made.