A refreshingly earnest message! I love that he starts off wtih everything he disagrees with Bernie on. Hillary could never claim she isn’t bought and sold by corporations. She’s so eager to downplay her corporate backers that she lied about them in the last debate. Bernie has just broken Obama’s record of small donations from individuals. Unlike Hillary, he’s perceived as trustworthy and has even attracted some Republican voters. And Bernie’s done it with a virtual media blackout on his campaign and with with few debates –or debates held on Saturday which are not much viewed. At one point, he was attracting larger crowds than Trump–but getting none of Trump’s headlines. That’s how strong his message is and how much it resonates with the average American who isn’t doing well. Not doing well after 2 terms of Bush, not doing well after two terms of a corporate Democrat like Obama. So what would a corporate Democrat like Hillary fix? What new direction would she take us in? She’s been stealing Bernie’s ideas left and right. He says $15 minimum wage, she says $12. He says he’s against the TPP trade deal, she’s suddenly against it right before the debates begin so she can appear different from Obama, after praising the TPP as Secretary Of State.

For those of you who say Sanders can’t win against a Republican, a new Quinnipiac poll just showed him beating Trump by double digits. (Other polls discounted Bernie and only matched up Hillary with the GOP frontrunners.) Unless you’re in the 1%, a vote for Sanders is a vote for yourself. For your healthcare, for your college fund, for your wages, for your planet, for chrissakes. Hillary may be a forceful and effective person with experience, but who exactly is she working for? Not for me, not for the vast majority of you.



I caught Lypsinka and Jackie Hoffman last night in Once Upon A Mattress at The Abrons Arts Center way downtown on Grand Street. I was instantly impressed by the full live orchestra. There’s nothing quite like a orchestra–and of course Lypsinka milks all the horn hits to assume her nutty, trademark poses. I’ve never been drawn to this musical because you know the fairy tale in advance, there aren’t too many hit songs from it and I think even it’s fans would admit that it’s a little dated. Until you add the non-stop camp factor amply provided by Lypsinka, typecast as evil queen Aggravain and side-splitting character actress Jackie Hoffman cast against type as the ingenue. Both of their performances are thrilling. And while the sets are minimal, this is a full production with a cast of about 12 who sing and dance unbelievably well. All perfectly cast. I’m not the biggest musical fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. If you are a musical fan or fan of this musical, I don’t think you’ll find a fresher, funnier, well done take on this slightly creaky classic. The costumes deserve special mention. In this insanely mild weather, seeing the lords and ladies of the court decked out in gowns of exquisite gem tones was like a burst of summer. It runs through January 3rd. See it!




MORE INFO/TICKETS:   http://transportgroup.org/once-upon-mattress



It’s been 2,153 days since Citizens United.

But despite holding the power to fight back, President Obama has still done nothing against secret money in our elections.

Tell President Obama: Take action NOW to get secret money out of politics.

We know Obama understands the problem. He’s said we “basically have millionaires and billionaires bankrolling whoever they want, however they want, in some cases undisclosed, and what it means is ordinary Americans are shut out of the process.”

But so far, President Obama and his appointees have done nothing to stem this tide of secret money in elections.

That’s why O98 and a coalition of our friends have been working on an innovative petition at PresidentObamasLegacy.org. The petition is integrated with the White House’s “We The People” platform, so when we hit 100,000 signatures, he’ll be required to publicly respond.

Let’s make sure President Obama knows the American public is demanding he take action right away to fight secret money in politics – and let’s make sure he responds.

You may be asking, “But what about our do-nothing Congress? Won’t they get in the way?” President Obama has the tools to fight against secret billionaires drowning our elections – and he can use them without Congress.

The President can – and should – immediately:

Issue the #NoSecretMoney executive order, requiring big federal contractors to reveal their political spending,
Publicly call on the leaders he appointed to the SEC, IRS, and FCC to use their authority to reduce dark money, and
Replace the 5 commissioners on expired terms at the dysfunctional FEC – which should be the “cop on the beat” for elections – with nominees who will enforce the law.
We’ve seen Obama take bold executive action to live up to other principles he campaigned on, from blocking the Keystone XL Pipeline to supporting true Net Neutrality. Let’s demand President Obama redeems his legacy on money in politics, by helping us take back our democracy from secret millionaires and billionaires using dark money to drown out the rest of us.

Tell President Obama that inaction is inexcusable on the problem of secret money in politics. He must act immediately.

Thanks for joining us, and thanks for everything you do.

SIGN:  http://presidentobamaslegacy.org/?source=other98-fbshare


Have you heard any discussion on the news of how Hillary’s economic plan will shake down versus Bernie Sanders’ plan. I’ve heard more discussion of Republican positions–even on “liberal” MSNBC. Even though Trump is widely considered to be a temporary phenomenon who will drop out of the lead, he’s all we hear about. And every time we hear about what he tweets or his latest racist fear mongering, we hear less of what the politicians who’ll remain in the race are actually offering. It’s a failure of our news media at large. In their grab for ratings and campaign ad $, they have ceased to do their job informing us. The country’s a mess. Hell, the climate is a mess. We aren’t going to be able to make educated choices hearing about a clown from a TMX version of the news. Yet check out CBS head Les Moonves’ comments:


Les Moonves, the chief executive of CBS Corporation, cheered on Donald Trump during an investor presentation Monday.

Speaking about the expected flood of campaign advertising dollars, which he described as “phenomenal,” Moonves said that he is glad to have so many Republicans competing for the nomination.

“The more they spend, the better it is for us and: Go Donald! Keep getting out there!” Moonves said. “And, you know, this is fun, watching this, let them spend money on us, and we love having them in there. We’re looking forward to a very exciting political year in ’16.”

MORE:   https://theintercept.com/2015/12/10/cbs-chief-cheers-trump-go-donald-keep-getting-out-there/


A HIGH-spirited Liza Minnelli sings a Christmas song with Cyril Ritchard (Mary Martin’s Captain Hook) in drag as the Big Bad Wolf in Drag.

Posted by Sam Kalidi on Saturday, December 12, 2015


12/2/2015: 14 people slaughtered by terrorists at a San Bernadino center for the disabled. In retaliation, we’re bombing ISIS.

10/3/2015: 19 people slaughtered by one of Obama’s drones missing it’s target and hitting a hospital in Afghanistan run by the volunteer group Doctors Without Borders. Patients literally fried in their hospital beds. In retaliation, should the US bomb itself? 19 people is more than 14 and all were killed senselessly.

After the Pentagon changed it’s story 4 times in 4 days regarding the lethal strike on the hospital–a “mistake” which went on for an hour despite all of the top notch, precision weapons and communications our taxes pay for–Obama is now being investigated for war crimes. Why are we still in Afghanistan, the longest war in US history? Obama campaigned on ending it, then extended it and it’s now extended indefinitely. When are we going to start seeing the US as the terrorists we are? And our belligerent foreign policy is directly coming back to bite us, on our own shores in San Bernadino, 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing. And abroad, as our misguided wars like the one in Iraq created the chaotic breeding ground for ISIS’s formation.

All the GOP candidates believe more war is the answer, as does Hillary. They fail to see that you can’t bomb your enemies into obliteration–which is why we lost the wars (even with our gigantic military budget) against Iraq and Afghanistan. As an allegedly “Christian” nation prepares to celebrate the birthday of their savior, does anyone else remember how Christians used to call Jesus the “Prince Of Peace”? Is there one presidential candidate who represents peace? Peace is such a joke to the US that comedians like Jon Stewart are the loudest national voices for it. It’s a real shame when no one is even suggesting peace. And now they can’t, because we’re so whipped up against muslims that we’re arguing about how much war we need. Not whether we need to stop all of it because it’s causing our problems. US foreign policy is never seen as trustworthy outside of the US. Unless, of course, we’ve bought allies in one of our famous coalitions of the paid off smaller countries.

MORE:   http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/oct/06/doctors-without-borders-airstrike-afghanistan-us-account-changes-again


A lovely remembrance of the late Holly Woodlawn by Penny Arcade. I especially loved this section below, and loved that Holly identified as a low life to such an extent that A Low Life In High Heels was the title of her autobiography! Here’s to Holly’s amazing life and low life!

OUT.COM: “There wasn’t — there was no title for us.” Holly said. “There was no ‘What are you—gay? Straight?’ I lived with Crystal Loringer for six months, with this girl, y’know? You fucked what you liked. We never thought — I mean, it never dawned on me — ‘gay-straight, this-that, bi-, tri-,’ yeah…You just went, if you liked the person, yeah—you got along, yeah…everybody fucked…People think they are freer now but they are not “Now it’s more: ‘Oh, you sleep with men and you also sleep with women, so you’re bisexual. Oh no, it’s like my friend, Adriano. All his life, y’know—he was turned on by women, He was married, then one day, he met a guy and he’s been going with guys ever since. But he still loves women. But, when they ask me about him—because he’s very handsome— ‘Is he gay?’ I don’t know. Does he like men? Does he like women?’ I say, ‘Yeah.’ Yeah what? Yeah, he likes men, and he likes women. It doesn’t, it doesn’t cross his mind, but now you have to be something, Beside I think it’s stupid, y’know. I mean, if you’re fabulous and you go for the person: Hey, hey, yeah—go for it! That’s always been my credo.”

In the era of Caitlyn Jenner, where a reality television star comes out in a multi million-dollar production for five minutes and is considered the voice of the transgender movement, the lives of people like Holly Woodlawn are not only marginalized and made invisible but trivialized. In this period where many transgender women and their advocates are delicate, touchy and prissy, it would behoove them to understand a Holly Woodlawn, rough and ready, not bothered by pronouns, not bothered if her beard was showing. The new world that stretches from middle-class consensus to wealth and million-dollar homes is an entire galaxy away where the battle for visability was fought and won, on the street by originators like Holly who fought for freedom not acceptance and not contracts. A Caitlyn Jenner erases the visibility of Holly Woodlawn and of the transgender and transsexual women like Holly who will never be Republicans and will never play golf.

Penny Arcade Remembers Holly Woodlawn

MORE:    http://www.out.com/entertainment/2015/12/10/penny-arcade-remembers-holly-woodlawn


This Sunday at The Monster, Disco Sundays has a very special guest. Lavinia Coop aka Vin Fox is in NYC for a taste, and will pop by in drag Sunday night for a tipple. Many New Yorkers know Lavinia from her decade here in NYC working the club scene. But before that, she traveled the world with the english theatrical drag troupe Bloo Lips. She’s moved back to London and only visiting for a bit, so pop by from 6-10 and say hi if you’re able!


Obama”s still pushing this disastrous TPP trade deal. Everyone wants to talk about the monster Trump, but what Obama’s trade deal will do is monstrous and will hurt most of us. Besides the shenanigans from the campaign trail, work is getting done behind the scenes in DC: Obama’s dirty work.

The job-killing agenda of a corporate Democrat actively trying to ram through “NAFTA on steroids” as his true legacy. And this was corporate Democrat Hillary Clinton’s agenda until she flip-flopped on her support of the TPP right before the first debate so she could seem different from Obama. Same corporate Democrats, same corporate-serving ideology. Check this assessment of the trade deal out before you try to tell me all the great things Obama’s tried to do but was stopped by obstructionist Republicans. Because almost all Republicans in Congress supprt the TPP–so Obama is bucking his own party to ram through a far-reaching trade deal which according to this report, will “harm our economy overall.” Does that sound good to you in any way?

The congressionally created Labor Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations and Trade Policy (LAC) has just released a scathing report that urges President Obama “in the strongest possible terms” to send the TPP “back to the negotiating table” instead of to Congress, saying the treaty “will harm our economy overall.”

This report was commissioned by Congress to advise Congress and others on whether U.S. trade negotiators met the objectives they were supposed to when negotiating this trade deal. On three basic questions – whether the TPP serves the economic interest of the country, achieves its principal objectives and equitably addresses worker interests – the answers to all three were “no.”

“The TPP is likely to harm U.S. manufacturing interests, cost good jobs, suppress wages, and threaten our democracy and economic security interests,” the report said.

Important Report Says TPP “Skews Benefits To Economic Elites”

MORE:  http://www.nationofchange.org/2015/12/08/important-report-says-tpp-skews-benefits-to-economic-elites/


Had to get you gals’ and gays’ attention somehow!

As we lament our “news” media turning into Trump Central, Democracynow.org’s Amy Goodman has been in France covering the COP21 climate change summit. Maybe when all the drama about “What nonsense has Trump spewed now” is done with and he is no longer even in the running, the rest of us will turn to the crises that we can’t escape, like the damage that our leaders’ greed is doing to the planet we can live on. I’m glad that a responsible journalist like Amy is looking at the big picture.

As the summit winds down, Amy visits Calais in this segment. There’s a huge refugee camp there, with the refugees huddle in tents divided in areas divided by their countries of origin. Most are countries the US has bombed. After Obama extended the war in Afghanistan indefinitely, we continue drone strikes in countries we haven’t even declared on war on. Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan and we’re now bombing in Syria. And then we wonder how muslims in the US can become “radicalized.” Well, if I were a kid in Yemen who preferred cloudy days to sunny ones because US drones are less likely to kill me when it’s overcast, that situation might radicalize me just a little bit. To grow up with fear and hatred of the US–yeah, that might make some want to lash out at the US and even ally themselves with hateful ideologies like that of ISIS.

But some just want to escape. Cut to Amy, in Calais, interviewing a gorgeous young Syrian named Majd. He’s a refugee in “The Jungle” camp. He smiles so often during this interview, that it’s a little offputting. It almost makes him look as if he just wants camera time or to become a youtube sensation. That was my cynical take before this 21 year old man, whose family sent him away from them in Syria just to survive, told me his tales in this moving clip. I hope you’ll check it out. Here’s a little of the exchange.

AMY GOODMAN: Do you think the Russian, Syrian, French, British bombing of Syria will save it?

MAJD: No, no, no, it’s not a solution. You can’t protect someone by killing someone else. You know? They can’t stop the bombs here when they bomb in Syria. Yes, it’s not a solution.

AMY GOODMAN: What is the solution?

MAJD: The solution is not giving the weapons to everyone. They’re giving the weapons to the Free Army, to the Assad regime, to ISIS. They just give weapons and money, and just they let them fight in my country. Just stop the weapons.

AMY GOODMAN: Now, Britain just voted. The U.K. just voted to bomb Syria, as well. You want to try to get into Britain.

MAJD: Britain or the U.S.A. The governments or the people? Who votes? Who voted? I’m asking. The government, who—I mean, it’s not the people.



Comigo é assim derrubo até o titanic kkkkkkkk !!!!

Posted by Thália França on Thursday, September 17, 2015


Donald Trump Will Not Succeed in Dividing Uss

Throughout history we have had demagogues who try to divert attention away from the real issues. Now we have Donald Trump who is trying to divide us up. That kind of stuff is not going to work in the United States of America.

Posted by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Grace Jones - Little Drummer Boy

From Pee Wee's 1988 Christmas Special, the amazing Grace Jones shows the children how it's done!

Posted by John Dean on Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Attempt #2For some people, they have to see it for themselves before they will believe it! WAKE UP!!!

Posted by Daniel J. Dorey on Wednesday, March 4, 2015

If our “news” is being provided with scripts on BS general interest/shopping trends “stories” this pathetic, just imagine the scripts for war propaganda that they’re being given.


This latte art is incredible!

Posted by HowToBasic on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


The Devil drives PradaCarBuzz

Posted by CarBuzz on Monday, November 30, 2015


We’re always insisting that ordinary muslims condemn extremist attacks whenever they occur. And quite rightly. But why aren’t so-called average Christians condemning Christian hate speech below? Because they’re too interested in grabbing donations to stand up and say anything which might offend their backward congregations? What kind of Christians urge carrying guns and killing muslims as Falwell has done? And what sort of alleged Christians say nothing to distance themselves from them? Their silence is deafening. Did you hear any Christians denouncing radical fundamentalists who’ve killed abortion doctors and just shot up a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs killing three? I didn’t.

“Last week Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University, gave a speech encouraging students to carry guns and kill Muslims.
“I’ve always thought that if more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walked in and killed them,” he said. The school is also offering students free classes to get their permits.
Liberty University is the largest Southern Baptist school in the nation, yet so far Southern Baptist leaders have been shamefully silent in response to Falwell’s call to arms. Even Russell Moore, who heads the denomination’s “religious liberty” efforts and has criticized Donald Trump, has said nothing about Falwell.

It’s appalling that a so-called “Christian” university would promote violence and Islamophobia. Let’s show church leaders it’s time to speak out.

Tell Southern Baptist leaders: Condemn Falwell’s “end those Muslims” remarks.”

SIGN: http://act.faithfulamerica.org/sign/sbc_falwell?referring_akid=751.155545.8-1olw&source=facebook


That moment when your at church.... an u hear something like this.....

Posted by The Real T w/ Prince Ex on Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I’ve been away for about two weeks and I’ve returned to see a much uglier world following the San Bernadino attacks. In Obama’s recent speech, he said we need to keep assault weapons away from people on the No-Fly list. Sounds like common sense to me–they’re suspicious enough to be on a list, so let’s keep assault weapons out of their hands. Not exactly rocket science. But I suppose the powerful gun industry needs to get paid even if we’re selling weapons to terrorists who then gun us down. Please don’t ever let any kind of reason or our safety curb gun sales.

Obama: “Right now, people on the No-Fly list can walk into a store and buy a gun. That is insane. If you’re too dangerous to board a plane, you’re too dangerous, by definition, to buy a gun.” Agreed.

But why didn’t anyone think of this before? Why did french and belgian authorities miss many warning signs in advance of their recent attacks? Kind of like when George W. Bush ignored a warning that terrorists would use planes to strike the World Trade Center shortly before it happened. And the 9/11 hjiackers were all on the No-Fly list. I’m not suggesting that governments don’t make mistakes occasionally, and attacks can come from anywhere at any time. But all of these missed warnings seem suspicious.

We may miss advance warnings, but after these attacks we never miss an opportunity to jump into war. Wouldn’t it be far cheaper and safer if we prevented the attacks in the West which now “force” us to engage in combat? Or does our government actually want attacks to happen on our soil to happen so that we always have an excuse for more war? A year or so ago, John Kerry and Obama were trying to get us to go to war with Syria. Voters told their representatives in Congress absolutely not–we didn’t want another war in the Middle East no matter how many times we were shown footage of Syrian babies being gassed. So Congress had to go back to DC and tell the White House that they couldn’t muster enough support for war. After San Bernadino, war is a much easier sell and every major candidate is now angling to attack. Obama’s being painted as the wimp president who doesn’t want boots on the ground. All the republicans (except possibly Rand Paul) and Hillary support a more forceful stance against Syria. So now both parties’ frontrunners are hawks. Neither party sees peace in the cards for the US, despite voters saying we need to ditch nation-building abroad and rebuild this country’s crumbling infrastructure. Bernie says we need to let arab nations surrounding Syria put their boots on the ground. But why should they step up, when western nations will jump at the chance for more conflict? Not to protect us–they blew those chances when missing warnings for 9/11, the Paris attacks and San Bernadino. But to get weapons manufacturers and defense contractors paid.


Want to know why France, the UK, the US and maybe Russia are suddenly bombing Syria? And why the US has been trying to get into a war in Syria for over a year? War makes some people a lot of money. It rarely makes the people who make money from selling war machines injured, killed, homeless, or stricken with PTSD as it does soldiers.

ALTERNET.ORG: Palm Beach, CA – At a Credit Suisse conference in West Palm Beach this week, representatives from major defense contractors spoke to their investors about how well business was going in these times of global war. Representatives from top firms like Raytheon, Oshkosh, and Lockheed Martin were in attendance, in somewhat of a celebration of the escalating conflict in the middle east and Africa.

Lockheed Martin Executive Vice President Bruce Tanner gave a speech openly praising the “indirect” benefits that defense contractors would see as a result of the war in Syria. A portion of his speech was captured on audio by someone inside and shared widely on the internet hours after the conference.

In the audio that was captured, Tanner discussed the many recent troubles in the Middle East, with an escalation of conflict in Syria and Turkey. He pointed out how these conflicts would lead to increased sales for their company.
According to the Intercept, during another speech at the conference, Wilson Jones, the president of the defense manufacturer Oshkosh, said that “with the ISIS threat growing, there are more countries interested in buying Oshkosh-made M-ATV armored vehicles.”

Raytheon Chief Executive Tom Kennedy also joined in the informal celebration, saying that his company was seeing “a significant uptick for defense solutions across the board in multiple countries in the Middle East.”

“It’s all the turmoil they have going on, whether the turmoil’s occurring in Yemen, whether it’s with the Houthis, whether it’s occurring in Syria or Iraq, with ISIS,” Kennedy added.
In addition to the growing wars, the contractors also celebrated the fact that the defense sector was recently granted a $607 billion budget by the government.

“Our programs are well supported [in the budget]. We think we did fare very well,” Tanner concluded.
A recent report by journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out stock prices for weapons manufacturers sharply increased just after the terrorist attacks in Paris last month. Greenwald was following the tip of Brooklyn journalist Aaron Cantú, who posted screenshots for the recent stock performances of major weapons contractors on his Twitter page.

MORE:   http://www.alternet.org/world/weapons-makers-caught-tape-celebrating-financial-benefits-isis-and-syrian-warWeapons Makers Caught on Tape Celebrating the Financial Benefits of ISIS and Syrian War


<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/paolZzzyHY4″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


I signed this, but CNN and MSNBC have joined Fox News in the gutter with their over-coverage of Trump. I’m sure there is a wealth of brash statements in his psychotic mind he could make from now until election time. But even the GOP is acknowledging that while Trump’s currently in the lead, this clown will drop off after creating a stir with outrageous pronouncements as Republicans look for a more serious candidate who could possibly win in a general election.

Especially for MSNBC, making Trump the lead story in every news hour is so disappointing. And it proves how our one allegedly liberal news station is not liberal. No one watching MSNBC is gonna vote for Trump or likely any GOP candidate. So while it’s anchors regurgitate Trump’s latest crap, our “liberal” media is constantly placing the ball in Trump’s corner and framing the debate around his nonsense. If banning muslims from entering the country is both impossible and unconstitutional, then it’s just a fool making a ridiculous claim, as he did when stating that he’d get Mexico to pay for the wall he’d build.

And for every second devoted to Trump, that’s more time that MSNBC fails to analyze what the Democrats are proposing. I’d rather see analysts break down Hillary’s tax plan vs Bernie’s tax plan and see how that shakes down for the average American. Bernie’s offering free college and health care–wouldn’t you like to discuss how that is possible or if it is? How do we pay for it? Do you know Hillary’s vs Bernie’s position on immigration, abortion rights, black lives matter, addressing climate change, jobs, infrastructure or much else? No, but we are well versed in non-stop Trumpisms instead. And non-stop analysis of a Republican who is likely to drop off, making even his most idiotic pronouncements irrelevant in a few months.

Regardless of your party, this country is a mess. And if the programming of our “news” has become TMZ, good luck to us all who crave analysis of how to get out of this mess.

PETITION: MSNBC and CNN: Stop promoting Donald Trump.

CREDO ACTION: Within hours of Donald Trump proposing a ban on all Muslims entering the United States, both MSNBC and CNN interrupted their evening programming to broadcast live footage from a Trump campaign rally in South Carolina. MSNBC took it a step further, quickly announcing that Trump would appear live on its Morning Joe program the next morning, for the second time in just eight days.

The media’s obsession with Donald Trump has gone too far. By relentlessly chasing ratings and devoting massive airtime to Donald Trump interviews and live coverage of his speeches, MSNBC and CNN are providing Trump with free publicity that is fueling his campaign.

MSNBC and CNN should be covering Trump as a candidate, but should not be giving him a near 24/7 national platform to promote his racist and Islamophobic views.

Tell MSNBC and CNN: Stop promoting Donald Trump’s racist presidential campaign.

The media’s obsession with Donald Trump has real consequences for our Democracy. Desperate for ratings, the cable news networks have decided to broadcast nearly-continuous coverage of Donald Trump’s campaign at the expense of giving real issues the coverage they deserve.

As policy fights play out in the halls of power in Washington, DC, large swaths of the electorate remain uninformed, with cable news coverage largely limited to live coverage of Trump campaign rallies and shouting matches between pundits over whether Trump’s latest racist proposal will help or hurt him among Republican primary voters.

We aren’t suggesting that MSNBC and CNN should ignore Donald Trump entirely, but the near-continuous coverage of recent weeks has got to stop. And when they do cover Trump, they should contextualize their coverage by pointing out his long history of racism, Islamophobia and hate. As Arianna Huffington promised in a piece this week, the Huffington Post will continue covering Trump’s campaign, but at the same time will “constantly remind the public of what he stands for”:1

His enthusiasm for creating a database of all Muslims in the United States.

His ongoing lies about Muslims in New Jersey celebrating 9/11.

His status as birther-in-chief, cynically sowing doubt about President Obama’s legitimacy as the duly elected President of the United States.

His misogyny — here’s just one HuffPost piece on this, but there’s no shortage of these.

His xenophobia and scapegoating of immigrants, including his lies about Mexican immigrants and his ardent desire to deport millions of undocumented immigrants.

His unmistakable passion for bullying. Again, there’s no shortage of examples, but you could start with his defense of supporters who roughed up a protester at one of his rallies or his ridiculing of a disabled New York Times reporter.
Donald Trump absolutely has a First Amendment right to say whatever he wants, no matter how hateful. And the news media should cover him as a leading presidential candidate. But it’s irresponsible and dangerous for MSNBC and CNN to provide Trump with a free national platform to bolster his campaign fueled by bigotry and racism.

Join us in telling MSNBC and CNN that their viewers deserve better than wall-to-wall, uncritical coverage of Donald Trump’s racist campaign.

Tell MSNBC and CNN: Stop promoting Donald Trump’s racist presidential campaign.

Thanks for everything you do.

SIGN:   trump-unacceptable-180http://act.credoaction.com/sign/msnbc_cnn_trump?sp_ref=164975623.4.100894.f.332026.2&referring_akid=16299.3016191.XmAklh&source=fb_share_sp