A Thought for NYE and 2017

I’m gonna do what I do every NYE–dance, carry on, meet people, chase pinga and have fun. And I’m gonna do it again tomorrow night at The Monster from 6-10 at my fave weekly party. Oink!

To many of my friends, the world seems like it’s spinning out of control with regards to politics–or even with this years’ rash of celebrity deaths. (Newsflash: As you get older, the stars who you grew up watching all die.) You can’t control the world at large. But we can control our own worlds, and make a conscious effort to reconnect with anything which brings us joy. If you’re alive, then you’ve got something to celebrate right there. Enjoy it, and Happy NYEEEEEEE!

A song for 2016


When both parties represent war, it’s time for a new party.

After the Pulse shooting, gay groups aligned with advocates who wanted to curb access to guns. Why aren’t these same groups concerned when the US sells weapons of destruction all over the globe? Is it because democrats are the ones currently selling them? Imagine how much deadlier than assault weapons these weapons we sell are–and we often sell them to shifty countries. We’re seeking to to ban assault rifles at home because they aren’t used to hunt or protect oneself–only to massacre. Well, what the hell do you think the weapons we sell overseas are used for? Mass destruction. When both parties represent destruction and war, it’s time to forge a new party which values peace and harmony over the profits of doom

NY TIMES: U.S. Sold $40 Billion in Weapons in 2015, Topping Global Market.

Shirley Bassey: What a dame!

She turned 80 on Christmas Eve and delivered. They don’t make them like Shirl any more. In fact, I don’t think they ever made one quite like Shirley. I Am What I Am is not my fave of her hits–but she hits every mark and I love the new (?) growl which accompanies a few of the climaxes. I don’t enjoy the lukewarm host here , who excels in fantastic drag comedy, but we dumb everything down and put him in a suit.

Trans-Jester! Last show this Wed. at 7PM, Stonewall Inn

My last performance of Trans-Jester! at Stonewall Inn is this Wednesday at 7PM. Much to my delight, the show struck a nerve (and a funny bone) with audiences since April. I gagged! Stonewall’s upstairs cabaret room isn’t large, so the final week probably sell out. Trans-Jester! is widely considered the most entertaining show I’ve ever done, so I hope you’ll check it out before it heads to London’s Soho Theatre Feb 14-25 and LA’s Casita Del Campo’s Cavern Club March 16-18. Also, the Razz Room in New Hope, PA on 1/28 for one night only. Bunny’s always hopping’ so catch me while ya can.
Michael Musto called it “the most screamingly funny, gratifyingly, crap-your-pants-funny shows in town. And Michael knows a thing or two about crapping his pants. Hope to see ya! And if you’ve seen it, enjoyed it and have a friend who likes rotgut humor with a side of social commentary–please let them know so we can go out with a bang this Wednesday. If ma girdle still fits after Christmas pigging.

TIX:   http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2594512

Review: @DrewDroege in Bright Colors And Bold Patterns, directed by @MichaelUrie

Just saw this and “a triumph” doesn’t begin to describe Drew Droege in Bright Colors And Bold Patterns. There are only 6 shows left and I’m going to tell you to RUN to catch this nutty and hysterical show, written by Drew and directed by Michael Urie.

If you’d like to be whisked out of the winter into a gay wedding in Palm Springs. If you’d like top be whisked anywhere in fits of laughter or if you’d like to see a 2016 definition of gay repartee, then this show is for you. It’s in the vein of party-out-of-bounds films like Abigail’s Party and Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolf?, in which an overbearing host (or in this case guest) gets trashed and let’s everyone there have it. Except that no one else is there–it’s a one-man show in which Drew imagines all of his friends, his exes, his exes’ new flamess, etc. And you don’t miss them thanks to the star’s zany antics.

Drew, best known for his witheringly funny Chloe Sevigny impersonations on youtube, is a high energy whirlwind of faggotry which only continues to grow fueled by cocktails and bumps of coke. In an attempt to horrify the gay groom’s stuffy mom, Gary suggests that they take her to gay bar called Toucan’s, where some drag queen named Lady Woman is spinning scratched CDs. Hmmm. Was that a shout-out?

Bu Gerry is feeling a little out of place. He’s a qweeeeeeen, who was horrified by the wedding invite stipulating a dress code of no bright colors or bold patterns. One of my favorite quotes in thin this beautifully written show is “I don’t remember ever seeing khaki in the colors of the rainbow.” I probably screwed up the quote a little but don’t you screw up and miss this bitchy screamfest, full of the same LOL pop culture references as Drew’s berserk Chloe. I hope another of Gerry’s pals gets married so there can be a sequel, or a hell, a series. Drew is more manic and prone to mugging–which I’m told actually happens when people take cocaine–but his genius delivery is reminiscent of Mike Albo’s passive aggressive masterpiece The Underminer. I’d love to see those two meet up at a party one day!

Through 12/30 at the Barrow Street Theater. Tickets start at $39 and worth every penny. Here are a few review snippets:


TOP 10 OF 2016!

-Charles Isherwood, New York Times

-Adam Feldman, TimeOut New York

-Curtis Wong, Huffington Post

-Michael Musto, out.com

MORE INFO/TIX HERE: http://www.brightcolorsandboldpatterns.com

Freaky Santa!

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Too much!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/JceW_Ks7HlY” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Preachers for Trump?

I spoke to a friend last night who was down that he wouldn’t be seeing his family for the holidays. He’s very family-oriented, but just couldn’t face his virulently Trump-supporting relatives at this time. Luckily, I don’t have any of those in my immediate family, but I know that Thanksgiving was and Xmas will be tricky for many this year.

What really interested in the description of my friend’s summer visit to his parents was that they insisted Hillary was a known demon, who had undergone some ceremony in which she swore her allegiance to the devil. On election day, his folks called him to make sure that he wasn’t going to vote for the “demon.” He told them that he’d be voting for the candidate who didn’t want to grab his young daughter’s p#ssy. I asked him where he thought his family was getting this “information” about Hillary. I know that evangelical newsletters are widely forwarded, because my own kin have emailed some to me about Obama which were full of lies. I asked my pal if this demon theory was actually being spread in his parents’ church from the pulpit. He said he believed it was. Is anyone privy to similar info? Preaching for Trump in churches?

I am no fan of Hillary Clinton and have many choice words for her. Demon isn’t one of them. My friend’s family is very dangerous type of voter who is completely unable to separate gobbledygook from fact. We know that Trump somehow managed to strike a populist appeal to workers–mainly because democrats have failed workers to a degree and Trump capitalized on that weakness. Yet Trump voters will soon be disappointed because his main plan is to cut taxes on the wealthiest–which helps no one except those who need no help. Trickle down economics never actually trickles down. His attempt to drain the swamp is merely swapping out the gators, and he will actually hurt working Americans if he repeals Obamacare since it’s largely blue collar types who benefit from it. I caught an MSNBC segment last night about how one Trump voter was relying on Obamacare for an expensive operation for her hubby–she simply thought Trump was talking smack and never actually intended to repeal the ACA.

To most, supporting someone who will repeal the healthcare you desperately need seems foolish. And not all Americans are bright. However, if you’re able to totally gloss over the policies your candidate is spouting and support him because you actually believe his opponent is a fire-breathing demon, your religion is quite extreme. That’s not just ill-informed, it’s crazy. And no secular argument is going to sway your righteous @ss. I assumed Trump picked Mike Pence as VP because you pick a running mate who can appeal to a different voting block than you yourself can, and Pence is an actual evangelical. Trump seems totally secular. How could seriously religious people see a pussy-grabber who claims he could shoot someone and still elected as the less demonic of the candidates? I did see some laughable footage of Trump in prayer circle with evangelicals during the campaign. I guess they forgot that Bible passage about it being harder for a rich man to get to heaven than a camel to get through the head of a needle. Unless they are enriching themselves via their own clueless followers.

Voters who ignore all the issues and cling to nonsensical ideas like keeping a demon out of the White House are as dangerous as any muslim extremist. And just as when evangelicals helped craft Uganda’s Kill The Gays law or go and shoot up abortion clinics, they dream that they’re doing the Lord’s work. So you can’t argue with them. We can gripe about fake news  disseminating false information, or totally slanted news like Fox, MSNBC and CNN. But if your spiritual leader to whom you look for guidance in doing the Lord’s work is preaching that you should vote for a nightmare like Trump who seldom even made sense, we are really in trouble. These nuts need not even turn on any news. Do we need a sanity test for voters? We all know that evangelicals always vote on the candidate who’ll nix abortion rights and LGBT rights. While I don’t agree with them, I can understand those positions. But demons?

Sadly, this craziness isn’t only limited to the South. If your religion involves snake-handling, magic underwear, spaceships or the marksmanship classes which are offered by churches where my parents live, then practice it. In your church! But if you’re able to see Trump as a man of God, you are seriously confused. Or maybe your preacher, who you pay as your spiritual guide, is a nonsensical-yet-somehow-charismatic, extreme man like Trump, so you’re used to a madman spouting gibberish. It’s time for the fact-based community to call out the faith-based community on their utter nonsense.

Isn’t it time for christians with sense to denounce their extreme brethren? Just as we ask the majority of muslims to denounce jihadists who are acting out “religious” justice based on some extreme interpretation of their religion?

Thanks to Rep. @TulsiGabbard for calling for the US to stop funding terrorists.

CNN’s Jake Tappert: Are you suggesting that the US government is actually funding these terrorist groups? (al-Qaeda, Isis, al-Nusra)

Tulsi Gabbard: I’m not only suggesting it, this is the reality that we’re living in.

The representative from Hawaii has introduced a bill to request that we stop giving money to terrorist groups who we then are “forced” to go and overthrow, which in turn creates new generations of terrorists who will attack us here actually on our soil. A simple and (one would think) common sense request: quit paying to create our own enemies. Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran, calls the financial support of terrorists “madness.” Sadly, few democrats and fewer republicans will support her bill. They will deny, as Jake’s feigned “shocked” response here reflects, that your tax dollars are actually funding terrorists abroad.

Gabbard: “The CIA has also been funneling weapons and money through Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and others who provide direct and indirect support to groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. This madness must end. We must stop arming terrorists.”
I ask you: a huge chunk of your taxes fund our defense. Somehow, both parties see fit to take part of your paycheck to give to terrorists, and then take more of it to fight them overseas in these wrongheaded regime changes. A few like Gabbard, who have seen the horrors of a deployment to Iraq firsthand, are brave enough to call out this “madness.” If you can prove Tulsi wrong, I’d love to learn how. If you can’t, then our government is already crap even before Trump takes office. Do you support Tulsi’s efforts, or do you have some reason why a part of your paychecks funding terrorists appeals to you which you’d like to share?

Tulsi is a practicing hindu. I’m guessing the hindu religion might value peace more? I was raised as a christian, and I seem to recall Jesus, whose birthday we’ll soon celebrate, being praised as the Prince of Peace. What the hell happened to THAT kind of christian? The kind that objects to war on principle and which certainly would never pay terrorists to create instability. Oh, and there was some forgotten commandment about not killing in there, too, wasn’t there?

I’m not religious, but I’d like to pray that most of you don’t wish to fund terrorists. That you’d be shocked to even learn that our government is doing it. I’d love to dream that you’d even be vocal in your support of the legislation Tulsi introduced, called the Stop Funding Terrorists bill. Because the alternative to supporting it is accepting that we fund our own enemies.

WATCH TULSI ON CNN HERE:   https://www.facebook.com/VoteTulsi/videos/1243750762348007/?pnref=story

So silly and cute!

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Spinning at Saks 5th Avenue today from 2-5PM

Today, I enjoy a peculiar personal Christmas tradition: DJing at Saks 5th Avenue. I’ve done it once a year for many years and somehow it’s a great fit. The staff is a hoot. I clown around and since there’s no actual dance floor, I get to play songs that are a little out of the ordinary like Before I Let Go by Maze that I can bop to, along with seasonal faves.

But my favorite part of it is the surprised looks on many of the customers’ faces–many coming from all over the world. They’ve heard of Christmas elves, wreaths, trees, bells, sleighs–but the Christmas drag queen? So there are some quizzical looks, which I simply greet by exuding extra holiday sparkle. Bit by bit, they succumb to the madness, and are soon tapping their toes while they shop. Last year, a large muslim family complete with hijabs was eyeing me like I was the devil. But I slowly won them over by simply enjoying myself, and soon the young girls were wanting pics with the Christmas drag queen. Then the teenage girls came along. I could tell the teen boys were not featuring me yet, but I even got them and the whole gang over for a group pic. I take great joy in being an ambassador of nonsense, and whatever religion you might ascribe to (or like myself, none at all) there is never a bad time to enjoy yourself, shake your booty and spread some cheer. So if you’re out shopping today, I am usually on the 9th floor, which funnily enough is for young women like…ahem..me, from 2PM-5PM.


Just spreading some holiday merriment and mischief!

Great review of my show Trans-Jester! at Cafe Istanbul in New Orleans!

Trans-Jester! is performed every Wednesday in NYC at 7PM at Stonewall Inn.


Feb 14-25 at London’s Soho Theatre.

March 11th at The Copa in Palm Springs

March 16-18 at Cavern Club under Casita Del Campo in Silverlake.

April 6th at Martinis in San Diego.


AMBUSH MAG: Lady Bunny in Trans-Jester at Café Istanbul by Brian Sands

Lady Bunny returned triumphantly to New Orleans recently at Café Istanbul. Entering with her trademark humongous blonde wig, she launched into her version of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky which featured the line “I’m up all night with the runs.” As her male member peeked out from beneath her shimmery metallic minidress, she sang to Annie’ssignature song, “My cock comes off tomorrow.” And it did, only sooner than that.

She rhymed “vagina” with “China” and “Carolina,” and declared that “Diarrhea is a water-based lubricant.” With the help of lowbrow technology, Adele’s Hello emerged from her “rectum swarming with disease.” There was a mash-up of RuPaul and Chris Christie. Her tribute to Prince? “This is how it sounds like/When my ass cries.”

And all this, and more, was just in her opening number.

Lady Bunny has been entertaining with transgressive wit and a sunshiny naugh- tiness for over 30 years (or “30-f*cking- years” as she put it) yet her act still seems as fresh as today. Granted, she has to explain the genesis of her Laugh-In-in- spired swinging cocktail party zingers to the millennials but the X-rated, un-PC jokes came thick’n’fast (faster than I could write any down). Sure some are groaners and one (a Jersey Shore reference) seemed a bit past its expiration date, but Bunny does Goldie, Judy, Jo Anne and Ruth proud.

Bunny’s daffy stage persona allows her to get away with friendly ribbing of her partner-in-crimeBiancaDelRiowithoutit ever seeming mean-spirited. Ditto for her jabs at OZ’s Persana Shoulders. And extra points for the local references.

After some terrible puns (“Philip Seymour Hoffman, he’s my heroine.”) and old-fashioned raunchy stand-up, Bunny displayed her disdain for Caitlyn Jenner and her support of Ted Cruz with a hysteri- cal take on My Favorite Things sending up Cait’s privileged life.

Presented by Daniel Nardicio, Bunny employed sharp and knowing humor to explore what can and can’t be said or made fun of any more. For example, because of political correctness “Dick van Dyke was made to change his name to Penis van Lesbian.”

Bunny expanded on this by sending up those words (“retard,” “tranny”) that have become verboten. “I don’t like the word ‘dinosaur’,” she stated, “but you don’t see me picketing the Museum of Natural His- tory.”

Discoursing on slut-shaming and fat- shaming and micro/macro-aggressions and cultural appropriation (citing Beyoncé and Bollywood), Bunny was certainly interest- ing but, about an hour into her act, got a li’l didactic; even she admitted she was get- ting “preachy.” But her important recogni- tion of free speech needs to be stated and Brava to Bunny for being very erudite and very dirty and very, very funny.

(Poor Bunny. Taking a break from shim- mying around the stage, all she had to sit down on was an off-to-the-side piano bench which she dragged to stage center. Surely, this Queen deserves a suitable throne.)

As a clip played of Joan Rivers—oh, do we miss her—from Lady Bunny’s 50th Birth- day Roast, Bunny changed into a glittery

caftan and returned to do two numbers by Sondheim who she’s “slowly discovering.” Rose’s Turn from Gypsy was followed by Follies’ I’m Still Here with revised lyrics touting K&B and Ruthie the Duck Lady as well as Bunny’s own durability. Very savvy.

Playing to a packed house, Lady Bunny exuded wry commonsense and a joyful irreverence, vital antidotes to these trou- bling times.

Check out these crazy shoes!

OK, I’ve been coming to London for many years now. And I miss Shelley’s genius shoe stores! But this exhibit caught my eye–a carousel with some nutty designs including a shoe with a teapot heel, one with a unicorn toe and one lucite wedge (which you know I favor) with Cinderella inside. Sadly, none of them were available in petite size 13. These are actually ideal for Trixie Mattel.

Gift idea?

Lady Bunny t-shirts will arrive by Xmas if you order now!

Just head to my home page and click the SHOP tab!



Jackie Beat’s hilarious parody of You’re A Mean One, Mr Trump.

The Jackster is on her annual Xmas tour and heads to NYC 12/16-18. It always sells out.

More info:


I put the “man” back into the Mannequin Challenge last night at Art Basel

Daniel Lismore’s Theater Of Self exhibit was a triumph of art, fashion, lighting–and they even had the air conditioning which eludes so many Miami establishments.

DJ Lina (formerly known as Girlina) performing at Wigstock 1999

I love this bitch! The Geri Halliwell song wasn’t well-known and I can’t say I’m a fan–especially not of her version of It’s Raining Men–but this is a genuinely fun and quirky little tune.

An oral history of The Pyramid Club with David Yarritu

A fascinating (to me, anyway) behind-the-scenes remembrance of some of the Pyramid’s cast of characters. David seen here with Sister Dimension, Les Childs, Billy Beyond and Leigh Bowery. What David does not mention is that he had just come from a stint as a member of the group ABC, known for such hits as The Look Of Love and Poison Arrow. So we all thought he was a big deal and was as much celebrated as anyone mentioned here.

Onboard at The Pyramid: 1984–1988



If burping is an art, then my dad is Picasso! A sneak peak at Art Basel Miami!

Thrilled to be a part of this line-up at Miami’s Art Basel. Check the first artist, David Balula. I have got to see this fella! This is opening night’s private event for bigwigs, but my outer space will be free and open to the public from 8-10PM Wednesday night. Please stop by. Then I’ll dj at Pat Field’s pop-up shop Thursday evening. Christeene, DJ Lina, Charlie Le Mindu, Ladyfag and all kinds of kooks are down here. Including a italiansweetheart named Esmerelda who is invited me to stay with her so that I can visit Venice before I drop. Y’all know I can be bitter and crazy, but I am looking forward to this week and plan to get inspired. Hell, maybe my old ass will even inspire someone…to fuck me!

Performance hours | Tuesday, November 29, 4pm to 6pm, by invitation only; Wednesday, November 30, 8pm to 10pm, free public access

A special evening program with live performances, as part of the Public sector, curated by Nicholas Baume, Director and Chief Curator of Public Art Fund, New York.
– Info | Collins Park, between 21st and 22nd Streets, Miami Beach.


Davide Balula | Interrupting Words with Burp Sounds (2014–2016) Cocktails and other food and drink gatherings are known to produce an easy, uid exchange of ideas. Garlic-infused drinks are served to both the audience and a group of brass musicians. Dispersed throughout the park, the musicians use their brass pipes to randomly mimic the bodily sounds produced during digestion. Hiccups and other digestive ‘music’ reveals the triumph of the body over the most meaningful dialog.

Lady Bunny | Lady Bunny’s Intergalactic Disco (2016)
Legendary New York City drag performer, DJ and founder of Wigstock creates a disco inside the Rotunda. As we now enter into the home stretch of 2016, having made it through election season, Lady Bunny feels it’s time to work out our collective anxieties on the dance oor. Conceived in part as tribute to

David Bowie, this space age-themed disco uses theatrical design elements and effects to create an interior from another galaxy, with Bowie-in ected dance music, dancing aliens, drag queens and other strange forms of life.

Rob Pruitt | Stretch, Grill and Chill (2016)
With a vintage white limo, Pruitt continues his ongoing tradition of performative sculptural projects. Retro tted to replace the engine with a barbeque grill and the trunk with a beverage cooler, the interior is a lounging area for guests with an artist selected playlist rotating through the speakers. A grill master works the BBQ while the audience can enjoy food and drinks in and around the limo.

Naama Tsabar | Composition 18 (2016)
For Composition 18, three bands of musicians, each atop their ampli ers, perform a separate musical piece. Due to the similar structure of the three songs, a dense musical eld is composed when they are played simultaneously. For the audience, sound becomes physical as their movement through the eld disassembles and reassembles the songs in a musical mix that is guided by their motion and location.

The Public sector is produced in collaboration with The Bass Museum of Art and supported by MGM Resorts Arts and Culture

A few scenes from the sculpture garden.







I’m down here for Art Basel doing 4 events. I’m not the most knowledgable art critic, that’s for sure. I don’t always have the patience to try and figure out what works of art mean and I haven’t studied it so I can’t put works of art into any sort of historical context. That said, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander on this gorgeous night and ponder neon lights which spell out Eternity Now.

Eternity isn’t something we’ve thought much about lately, is it? We’ve been yanked around on an emotional roller coaster of an election season only to find ourselves with results which few people I know are happy with, and most of my fiends are repulsed by. Our news media has turned into TMZ, chattering over every one of Trump’s possible cabinet picks and even his idiotic tweets. Him, a reality star with zero experience of holding elected office. It’s a truly pathetic situation to be in, since he’s such a wild card that even his own party fears his lunacy. I don’t want to put my head in the sand and ignore the issues of the day. I’ll fight against injustice as I’ve tried to with every other president since I was politically engaged. Maybe the struggle is an eternity, because it’s so tough to wrench power away from our rotten leaders.

Maybe these neon letters remind us that we need to live now, in the moment, and take a break from the fighting to enjoy something of beauty–if only to recharge our batteries for the fights which lie ahead. If we do not reconnect with joy, then we lead lives of bitterness. Or maybe this lengthy Instagram caption is the eternity! But I’m glad to be here, with my friends Adora and Sean Wild Child. Along with a crew of very talented folks who will help me transform a landmark building in the middle of an exquisite sculpture garden into an outer space discotheque with a nod to David Bowie. Then I’ll spin on Thursday for Patricia Field, who has thrown together a crew of talents like Scooter Laforge, Kevin Mchugh, Connie Fleming and Coby Koehl. What can I say? I love my job!

Lady Bunny t-shirts drive men wild! Women, too!

This young man in the video stripped naked and tied to molest me immediately after purchasing one. Do you know how many seniors in caftans get molested? Not many! Fausto Fernos of Feast Of Fun has interviewed every drag queen on earth and claims that my t-shirt is their favorite of them all!



$25 + shipping and handling.

For more info/to order:   http://ladybunny.net/team/t-shirt-by-michael-economy/

While Democrats are regrouping, they need to admit Obama’s many failures.

He’s very handsome, charming and gives a great speech, but he totally failed as the progressive he campaigned as. And spare me the argument that he was obstructed by a GOP Congress. Not for the first two years, when Dems controlled both houses. Why do you think Democrats lost in the mid-terms. Because the neoliberal policies of Bill Clinton, Obama and Hillary Clinton have failed so many working Americans, who used to form the core of blue voters.

Can’t believe I recorded this 1 year ago…

When Trump was still the joke candidate. Now he’s the joke president and nobody’s laughing.

Holiday styling tips from @Desigual @DesigualUSA with Lady Bun-Bun!

Because when you think of me, you think of fashion! Well, plus-sized fashion.