Trans-Jester! re-opens every Tuesday in May @TheStonewallInnNYC!

Every Tuesday in May at 7PM at The Stonewall Inn​. Opening this Tuesday! 5 shows only. It’s an intimate cabaret venue which often sells out, but there are usually a few cash only sales at the door. We like to pack ’em in. Thrilled to return to this legendary venue!

Photo by Jeff Eason​. For more info/tix:

Free mammograms for NYC ladies!

NYC Ladies! Free mammograms! You never know what you’ll find so it’s better to be on the safe side. I got one last year and when I removed my bra, they found bed bugs on the socks I stuff it with. Now you may sneer at this as “free stuff”. But what is so refreshing about this is that it’s our government working for us, concerned about us, and possibly even thinking ahead to note that everyone’s insurance rates may go down a little if we detect certain ailments early. A huge thanks to them all.

Wouldn’t you love to see more of this? Wouldn’t you rather see more funds allocated to disease prevention than bombs? Last month, Brad set up a one day seminar for free legal advice. Support the politicians who support you! Cuz we know the other kind.

From State Senator Brad Hoylman: I am sponsoring a free mammogram event for women 40+ who have not had one in the past year. Annual mammograms help detect breast cancer in its earliest, most treatable stage and can save lives.

On May 3rd, from 9am to 4pm, Project Renewal’s Scan Van will be parked outside Manhattan Plaza, at the South Corner of 43rd Street and 10th Avenue, to provide free mammograms. Co-Sponsors for the event include the Cancer Services Program of Manhattan, Congressmember Jerrold Nadler, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Assemblymember Richard N. Gottfried, and City Council Member Corey Johnson.

Appointments are required. You can RSVP by calling 800-564-6868.

Trump’s poll #s are down, but even worse numbers for Hillary if election were held today.

Hillary supporters took heart that while she isn’t in the White House, she won the popular vote. Instead, Trump went to the White House, where he’s treated us to ineptness, failed campaign promises like repealing Obamacare and draining the swamp, deportations and an attempted muslim ban, nepotism and more crazy lies and tweets. And even a couple bombs!

Yet after all of his failings, sagging poll numbers and policies which certainly don’t align with my values, a new Washpo/ABC News poll shows that if a re-do election were held today, Trump would not only win again, but Hillary would LOSE her popular vote to him. It’s only one poll, but half that data is from Washpo, a major Clinton cheerleader.

Democrats, if you’re going to put all your eggs in one basket, please try a less creaky and more trustworthy basket. We have only two political parties and only two candidates ran as democrats. The DNC cheated one of them, and tried unsuccessfully to shove Hillary down our throats. She actually lost to Trump, a reality star who has never held elected office and insulted over 1/2 the country from women to muslims to immigrants. She was even criticized after the election by Obama for not bothering to campaign in states she lost in. Many others have noted in detail, after the fact, about how ineffective her campaign was. My question to her supporters is: If she is not capable of running a winning campaign against a jack@ss like Trump, what about her inspired you or made you think she was capable? Her constant flip-flopping? Her collusion with banks which crashed our economy? Her hawkishness? Her lies?

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the country. And while the news effectively kept Bernie off the air during the campaign, now that he can make the networks ratings dollars and has no chance of winning, he’s suddenly all over the news with hour-long specials. Hmmmm.

WASHPO: “While just 4 percent of Trump’s supporters say they would back someone else if there was a redo of the election, fully 15 percent of Clinton supporters say they would ditch her. Trump leads in a re-do of the 2016 election 43 percent to 40 percent after losing the popular vote 46-44.”


Trans-Jester! returns to @StonewallInn Tuesdays in May at PM. 5 shows only!

She’s baaaaaaack! Bunny returns to Stonewall every Tuesday at 7PM in May! 5 shows only!

Lady Bunny is back to take on PC culture and asks “What we are still allowed to laugh at?” Expect new versions of Bunny’s riotous song parodies of hits by Bruno Mars, Adele and Rent. Zinger-filled Laugh-In joke routines keep the energy high, and there are also original songs in which Bunny pokes fun at everything from Caitlyn Jenner to her own sex life. Because we all need a break from politics, Trans-Jester! focuses mainly on gender politics. Do we even know what LGBTIQA stands for any more? There are also swipes at our obsession with cultural appropriation and a tale or two of Bunny reminiscing about spending her 20s and 30s with RuPaul in Atlanta and NYC.

While Bunny shies away from politics in this performance–because one train wreck on stage per night is enough and we all need a break from the toxicity–she doesn’t shy away from gender politics and the new pronoun we’re forced to learn every time Will Smith’s son puts on a dress. After Caitlyn Jenner reached out to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz to become his “trans ambassador”, Bunny feels that it’s time for the gloves to come off while addressing that car crash. You don’t want to miss Bunny doing Cait’s twisted version of My Favorite Things.

Bunny may also shock you with revelations about her own gender identity. “She” asks pertinent questions about cultural appropriation prior to declaring her undying love for black cock in a vulgar version of Uptown Funk which has left recent audiences in San Francisco, Los Angeles and London reeling with mirth.

Theater queens rejoice! In her loooooong career in nightclubs, Bunny has never delved much into show tunes, but in Trans-Jester, Bunny brings it on home with a show-stopping finale featuring two classics from Gypsy and Follies. The eclectic evening also resurrects songs by country star Lynn Anderson, Millie Jackson and even an original tune which pokes fun at the dating life of whatever sex it is you want to call this “Lady”.

Trans-Jester’s NYC run brought out a wild mix of celebs like Susan Sarandon, Rupert Everett, Andy Cohen, Patricia Field, Anohni, Bianca Del Rio, Michael Musto and John Cameron Mitchell.

Here’s what the press had to say:

Michael Musto for “Long running drag star Lady Bunny is currently doing the most screamingly, gratifyingly, crap-your-pants funny show in town. Upstairs at the Stonewall–which was always a riot–Bunny is appearing in Trans-Jester, poking merciless fun at pc normatives. She spins and shimmers in amazing voice. The show is all like that–raunchy and eye opening, fetidly appealing yet thought provoking.”

John Cameron Mitchell: “A scream for sanity from the nastiest, most big-hearted comic performer around.”

Huffington Post Gay Voices: “A gag-worthy show you can’t miss.”

Tickets are as cheap as her humor: $24.99 online and $25.00 cash only at the door. A two-drink minus is required.

Please note: This show is raunchy. Not politically correct by definition–that’s the whole point. So if that’s not your cup of tea, you should honestly skip it. Or prepare to grab a drink and laugh, cheer and possibly even be challenged by a salty old kook who isn’t afraid to express herself from a viewpoint which is often unique.

Trans-Jester is written by Lady Bunny and Facebook sensation Beryl Mendelbaum.

5 shows only, so please reserve for guaranteed seats in this intimate venue.






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I’ve been on a crazy tour of all over CA, London, Vienna, Houston, Milwaukee and Chicago for almost two months. And I have missed my favorite NYC gig: Disco Sundays at The Monster. So I’m dusting off my all-time favorite jams and the party is on tomorrow night. It is so unpretentious there–some dress up but many are very casual. And it’s the most diverse crowd I’ve seen in NYC in terms of age, race and gender. Also it’s FREE, with reasonable drink prices. So if you fancy a boogie tomorrow night, bring it on from 6-10PM. I am in a rare mood and would love to reconnect with friends in person on the dance floor.
Get ready for some Hot Shot, This Time, Baby, Deputy Of Love, Give Me A Break, Spring Affair, No One Gets The Prize, Kano, Love Thang, Souveniers, Get Off, Shame, Taste Of Bitter Love, Everybody Dance, Can’t Nobody Love Me Like You Do, Clouds, Dance (Disco Heat), If You Could Read My Mind, Runaway Love, Young Hearts Run Free, Never Knew Love Like This Before, Sexy Dancer, Shake It Up Tonight, I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love and TSOP! The monster jams at The Monster! And I do take requests as long as it isn’t “Please retire, hag.”

Couldn’t make the Science March, but how sad is it that we are marching in support of science? A few thoughts…

As you may or may not know, today there is a march in support of science. Let that sink in. We pay scientists to do longterm studies to determine how human activities are affecting the planet, and the when the data suggests we’re careening off a cliff in terms of irreversible damage, the Trump administration and other Republicans refute the scientific data which proves that global warming is man-made. I know that Trump and co. seem eager to roll back civil rights, voting rights, women’s right to choose and LGBT rights to where they were in the 1950s. But anti-science? To have to march in support of science sounds like we’ve rolled back much further to the time of disputing Charles Darwin and Salem witch hunts. What’s next, for chrissakes? Benefits to find a cure for scurvy?

Republicans don’t want to admit that there is climate change because if they admit it’s man-made, they’d need to provide a solution. And that solution (curbing greenhouse emissions) won’t sit well with their donors because reducing emissions is costly for industries who are deadliest for the planet.

Sadly, most Democrats agree with the scientists but they’re so in bed with their dirty fuel donors that they do little to address the problem. Obama showed up to climate summits in Paris and Copenhagen as photo ops, and these summits kicked the can down the road with non-binding agreements with no penalties for breaking them. Obama also green lighted new drilling in the Arctic and along the Southeast coast from Florida to Virginia. Drilling for more dirty fuel isn’t going to rectify the situation or facilitate a shift towards cleaner fuels– which several forward-thinking and responsible countries like Germany and Brazil are effectively doing. Why can’t the US do what is working in other countries to benefit the planet?

Democrats are clearly better onto this issue, but what’s worse? Not admitting to climate change like the GOP, or admitting to it and doing little about it like Obama and other corporate Dems?

Do you recall the democratic debate in which Clinton and Sanders were asked what the major threat to national security was? Clinton mentioned ISIS and a few other military targets. Sanders claimed the major threat to national security was global warming. The mainstream media widely mocked him as a befuddled nutty professor type from a granola-ish state giving a clueless answer. But guess what? The Pentagon agrees with Sanders and has been preparing behind the scenes for the next big flood or hurricane to put Miami, Manhattan and New Orleans under water. Or when California’s next years-long drought hits.

Anyone who doesn’t see the enormity of climate change’s irreversible effects on the only planet we can live on is a fool. And any news media which mocks Sanders for telling the truth IS fake news whose advertisering wheels are greased by ads by fossil fuels, so these “news” outlets have a vested interest in misleading the public about the biggest danger we face as a planet. I could be wrong, but I doubt that many will be worried about abortion rights, voter suppression, p#ssy-grabbing, Supreme Court justices, email scandals, 4AM tweets, possible ties to Russia, nepotism, which health insurance system we have or how effectively we’ve drained the swamp  when whole cities will need emergency draining a la Katrina.

As usual, what shocks me the most are the Christians who don’t even understand their religion. I’m not a christian, but was raised as one and am familiar with their teachings. If you believe that the earth is God’s gift to mankind, how could you possibly turn a blind eye to the fact that we’re destroying his gift to us which is our only home? Is it because you’d rather focus on taking away women’s abortion rights and forcing trans people to use the bathroom you think your God wants them to use? I wonder if you’ll realize the error of your ways before you’re submerged in water. Or will you spend your last breath braying about the imaginary war on Christmas?

With a news media which mocks those seeking to meaningfully address climate change right now and politicians in both parties who are bribed to do little about climate change, it’s up to you to care. Do you?

United Airlines has a new spokesmodel who you just won’t believe!

Don't F with United Airlines

United Airlines Hires Hollywood Actress to Keep Flyers In Line.

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Bunion will be guest bartender on Watch What Happens Live tonight with host Andy Cohen and guests Kristen Chenoweth and Tony Hale. Woo hoo!

Meet Martha Big–Tan Mom never knew!

Martina Big

German glamour model Martina Big has shocked fans with a new ‘extreme tan’ 👀

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A brief history of drag in the art world


“If one thinks about drag as the practice of performing gender, sexuality, or other fixed societal roles, then in a way, we’re all doing drag, all of the time. So long as it deconstructs identity categories, it’s still drag. And according to curators like Lew and Gordon, today, amid an oppressive political climate, it’s a more relevant means of expression and creativity than ever.”


Some of us had more fun on Easter than others!

Some of us had

An Easter bunny I’m glad I missed!


Happy Easter from ur magick bunny pals at EIT!

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Help! It’s christian rap!

I guess she told him!

A Trump spokesperson tries to compare Trump with MLK and doesn’t get very far.

Finally a summer fitness regime even I can get into!

An excerpt from NY Mag:

1. Select a caftan of your chosen gauge and length. Stroke its gauzy fabric and whisper into its folds.

2. Let your flesh settle into the crevices of your comfortable, comfortable caftan.

3. Crumbs? Let them fall where they may, swaddled in your caftan.

4. Throw out your razor.

5. Throw out your bra.

These middle eastern barbershop videos are killing me!

شبيك متوازي 😕مالكيت غير هذا الحلاق تسوي يمه مساج 😂

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Be careful who you “resist” with

Other than being anti-Trump, you may have very little in common with them.


<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>A key <a href=””>#Resistance</a> leader is one of the world&#39;s most vindictive drug warriors, wanting to imprison people for smoking pot. <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) <a href=”″>April 13, 2017</a></blockquote> <script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

Survivor’s trans outing “drama”

Breaking news: A guy was outed as trans on Survivor.

Old news: Reality TV thrives on drama of any kind because the producers are too cheap to hire scriptwriters and actors, so this “outing” is ratings gold for viewers to weigh in on what should have done what on a show we weren’t talking about yesterday. If the on air outing were that offensive or crossed too many boundaries, the producers could have easily edited it out and no one would have ever seen it–except the cast and crew who are sworn to secrecy. They are using trendy trans issues for ratings.

Do I think it’s wrong to out someone as trans? Yes, but when you sign a reality TV contract, you indemnify the producers from physical harm and sometimes even your own death. So anything is fair game in that tawdry world and the trans guy knew it when he signed the contract. And if competition shows didn’t get ugly, you wouldn’t watch them. So stop balking at the monster you created.

Daily United giggles–too soon?



Funny words from the very funny Elayne Boosler regarding Sean Spicer’s Holocaust center comment

“My grandparents went to a “Holocaust Center” & all I got was this lousy t-shirt. Oh wait, nope. They didn’t come back. They were “re-accommodated” to Dachau Summer Camp.

“At least Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons”, just Zyklon B, Hitler’s signature perfume, which he generously sprayed on shoppers as they browsed the gift shop at Auschwitz.

If you think Sean Spicer is stupid, wait until Betsy deVos remakes our public school system. “The Nazis were famous for creating private gated communities that welcomed minorities.” – Some Future White House Spokesdork.

Anyway, you’ve already lost if you have to invoke Hitler, but if you invoke Hitler wrong, well, time to take a United flight.”

The funniest bunny!

OUR PLANS FOR THE EVENING: Heading to the club where Geraldine Jones (played by 12/8 bday boy Flip Wilson) is serving drinks!

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Something In The Way He Moves: Shirley Bassey

Never one of my favorite songs, until Old Shirl knocks it out the park as only she can. Her voice is so powerful here that this is almost a caricature of a show stopping diva. Except that she’s real! And how does she works that smoldering, flickering eye in the close-ups? I love how she holds back and tries to look “casual” at the very beginning. There has never been anything casual about this one!




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So silly, but it gave me a giggle!

One Of The Best Prank I Ever Watched

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Somebody can the corn!


Let’s appreciate them while they are here! This nut is one of a kind.