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The late Dick Gregory remembered.

Rev. William Barber: In fact, I want to channel my inner Dick Gregory. If Dick was commenting today, he might just say, “You know, president kissed black babies in Texas the other day. And some say he’s not a racist or a white supremacist. Well,” Dick might say, “we don’t need to remember the Alamo. We need to remember the okey-doke.” Because when you kiss a black baby in Texas while you’re trying to take babies’ healthcare in D.C.; when you kiss a black baby in Texas, but you’re stealing their voting rights in D.C.; when you kiss a baby or a brown baby in Texas, but you’re stealing their immigrant rights in D.C.—that is the okey-doke.

Or—or if I was to channel my inner Dick Gregory, I can hear him saying to some parts of white America, “We poor black folk and white folks has better come together and stop voting for these people lying to you about tax cuts and this extremism, when all they’re going to do is give more tax cuts to the greedy. You better learn how to work with black folks and brown folks, because when they get all your money and give it to the corporation, and you lose your jobs and can’t pay your light bill, just remember, we all black in the dark.” I’m just saying.

Linda Simpson’s photos and book “Pages” on display at NY Art Book Fair

DAILY BEAST: PAGES by Linda Simpson

Linda Simpson is an iconic drag queen and photographer, whom The New York Times calls an “accidental historian.” With an archive of over 5,000 photos, taken during the 80s and 90s, of drag performers and prominent influencers in the LGBTQ community, Simpson’s photos capture the zeitgeist of that era. She photographed everyone from RuPaul to Lady Bunny, but perhaps the most important person she’s ever captured on film is her transgender friend Page. Simpson explains that she photographed her “mysterious beauty, outlandish sense of style, and provocative performances that that made her a cult figure of downtown’s gender-bending nightlife.” She curated these profound and provocative portraits of Page, to pay homage to her dear friend, in her book PAGES.

PAGES was released in late 2013 by Peradam, and will be available at the fair.  

MORE:   http://www.thedailybeast.com/gorgeous-lgbtq-photography-at-the-ny-art-book-fair

R.I.P. Karen Covergirl

Karen passed away a few weeks ago and these were some pics from her memorial, which I was unable to attend. I always enjoyed working with her at La Escuelita. I’m glad they used her nickname Smiley, which a mutual friend who attended high school with her had told me she was known as pre-transition. It certainly suited her. I was also always fascinated that she had kids and attended school functions as Karen, which must have been a scene! Many fond memories of this Latina diva!

Now do you understand why kids of the 70s are so nuts?

This show wasn’t as insane as New Zoo Revue, but it’s pretty wacky. I actually don’t remember it at all, so maybe it was considered too trippy to be syndicated in Chattanooga.

Not always on board with HRC, but this campaign got my signature.

Sexual Assault Survivor Jordan Dashow on Title IX

"Since the election of Donald Trump, campus sexual assault survivors have not really felt like the Department of Education has their back." Sexual assault survivor Jordan Dashow explains why the latest move to rescind Title IX guidance endangers students. http://hrc.im/StandUp

Posted by Human Rights Campaign on Friday, September 22, 2017

I’m concerned with rampant sexual assault on campus, regardless of whether it happens to gay or straight people. But it is nuts that Betsy DeVos is attempting to make campus rape less of an issue. Please sign if you agree.


The Trump-Pence Administration just shamefully announced that they are rescinding critical sexual assault protections — making it more difficult for survivors to receive justice.

The Department of Education needs to hear from all of us before the end of the day! Stand with survivors of sexual assault by contacting Betsy DeVos immediately >>

We know LGBTQ Americans face disproportionately high levels of sexual assault and violence. A 2015 study found that 60% of gay and lesbian students and nearly 70% of bisexual students reported being sexually harassed on campus. Studies also suggest that half of transgender people will experience sexual violence at some point in their lifetime. And on top of this, LGBTQ individuals face a stigma that makes it more difficult to report what happened to the authorities.

We’ve made it quick and easy for you to contact Betsy DeVos. By clicking here, you can tweet, post on her Facebook page and send an email to her office. Please take action ASAP and show survivors everywhere that we have their backs.

The weekly WTF?

She serious?

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This gagged me! Talent!

Can’t stop watching this!

A brilliant performer and wigs for days! Gotta love Jennifer Holliday!


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Insightful & scary interview on Trump’s foreign policy speech

Note that he notes that US foreign policy is already overly oriented to constant war, regime change and secret wars of the CIA. His point is that crazy Trump is likely to make something already crazy under Bush and Obama much worse, as his recent threats suggest.

Have you seen the horrifying trailer for IT?

And thenyou run them on the first wearing!

Dazzling Stockings

✨Bedazzled stockings ✨ That martini number at the end 👏From the British Pathe Archives circa 1955

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The latest from London: CLOWN DRAG!

Look out Trixie–they’re coming for yer look!

WATCH:   http://edition.cnn.com/style/article/the-adorned-tuttii-fruittii-and-toni-tits/index.html

Love this guy!

But feel sorry for his neighbors@

There is no resistance when it comes to unnecessary military spending.

Only 5 Dems (including Bernie Sanders) voted against a whopping defense budget which could fund free college. Both parties exist to pay into and get campaign contributions from the military/industrial complex. Wanna talk about how we can’t afford the ACA or single payer? We could if we chopped our bloated defense budget, but our “leaders” would rather bomb people overseas who never attacked us than ensure the health of out own citizens.



ONE OF THE most controversial proposals put forward by Sen. Bernie Sanders during the 2016 presidential campaign was a pledge to make tuition free at public colleges and universities. Critics from both parties howled that the pie-in-the-sky idea would bankrupt the country. Where, after all, would the money come from?

Those concerns were brushed aside Monday night, as the Senate overwhelmingly approved an $80 billion annual increase in military spending, enough to have fully satisfied Sanders’s campaign promise. Instead, the Senate handed President Donald Trump far more than the $54 billion he asked for. The lavish spending package gives Trump a major legislative victory, allowing him to boast about fulfilling his promise of a “great rebuilding of the armed services.”

MORE: https://theintercept.com/2017/09/18/the-senates-military-spending-increase-alone-is-enough-to-make-public-college-free/

Not the Water Wig!

Water Wig

Swimming caps & a water wig 😂😂from the British Pathe Archives circa 1963

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Seasonal and oddly soothing.

Just two cats in pumpkin hats asking for food with a bell.

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So nuts!

Another giggle from Sam Kalidi!

Outer Banks Pride in NC this Friday!

The event is sold out, but I look forward to tithing with not only my sis Jennifer Warner, but also with my people. I was born in Wilmington, North Carolina and don’t get back there much! (Photo by Billy Erb)


Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols playing an outrageous madame in a blaxploitation film!

Nichelle Nichols not in Star Trek.

Hey #StarTrek fans, this is your Lt. Uhura! For those that have not seen Nichelle Nichols' darker side. From "Truck Turner" (1974). 🙂

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Tee hee!

Street Theater is back Sept 20-Oct 4th at The Eagle: DO NOT MISS!

My review from a few years ago:

Last night I caught a completely hysterical play about Stonewall called Street Theater. There are only three shows left and I highly recommend that you RUN to The Eagle to catch this gem. But before I can recommend it to anyone in today’s hyper PC climate, I have a stern warning for you.


You see, many have just orchestrated a boycott of the Roland Emmerich’s Stonewall movie because they didn’t like the way the director took liberties with the story by using a white cisgender male as the lead. I agreed–it looked silly. The NY Times review said: “Its invention of a generic white knight who prompted the riots by hurling the first brick into a window is tantamount to stealing history from the people who made it.” And Hollywood really needs to get the memo that we aren’t as dumb as they think we are. We don’t need every lead role to be good-looking and young. Hello? Misery? I’m surprised that they didn’t give the white male lead a female love interest–that’s the typical Hollywood formula. The Oscar-nominated The Imitation Game was about a nerdy, gay genius and they even gave him a female love interest because straight America can’t sit for two hours without a boy-meets-girl theme. Even a gay boy? How dumb!

But even as I scoffed at Stonewall the movie, I do remember a time when a major feature about the birth of gay lib in the US would be praised simply because someone was telling our story on a grand scale. Now we take issue with how it’s told and urge others to boycott anything we dislike. Many boycotted a Paris Is Burning screening in Brooklyn this summer because they claimed that the director exploited the subjects and a white dj and bands geared to attract white hipsters were booked on the same day as the screening. I had to laugh at trans activists of color who were screaming about shutting this screening down–when the film is a rare and brilliant glimpse at the trans women of color from NYC which has inspired so many for decades. They’ll gripe if they aren’t in your movie and they’ll gripe if you show a movie they’re starring in paired with the wrong musical acts. Or if a white real girl makes the film. Bizarre.

The reason I mention all this is that this very well-done play takes it’s own liberties with the Stonewall story. In fact, Street Theater’s program quotes the artistic director as saying about the writer Doric Wilson “His vision is unique among Stonewall chroniclers in that Street Theater is not so much a play about what happened as it is about what made it happen.” And in fact, the entire show builds up to the actual riot and ends at it’s beginning. So Doric takes fictional characters which give you an idea of the types of people and situations which led up to the altercations.

WHAT? Writer Doric Wilson is guilty of the same thing Roland Emmerich is? Taking liberties with our histories? BOYCOTT STREET THEATER AT ONCE!

Does it make any difference to you that the playwright was present at all three nights of the Stonewall Rebellion? Does that give him the right to do what we judged Emmerich so harshly on?

There were no trans people in cast–should we boycott? There is a trans person in the crew and she is a trans person of color. Does that count? And no, it isn’t “trans erasure” to not mention her name. Maybe she doesn’t want to be outed as trans.

Out of a cast of fourteen, there was one black and one latino actor. Do we denounce this play as whitewashing history?

The non-stop hilarious jokes could be problematic–does making any joke about Stonewall make light of the plight of trans people, the homeless and drug addicts who hung out at the bar and in the Village? Oooh, ya can’t be too careful nowadays.

The choice is yours–do you want to be told what to think and simply obey? Or do you want to be able to enjoy a totally enjoyable look at a pivotal moment in gay rights–written, acted and directed with aplomb?

I was floored by this production. For chrissakes, it was at The Eagle! Not my scene but cherished gay safe place complete with safe words for sure. And this chestnut, written in 1982 was first presented at The Mineshaft (!) in 1983. No wonder the humor is so raucously funny. I think plays in leather bars are an insane idea, and as gay hook-ups leave the bars for the internet, we may see more creative ways to pack our former cruise spots with (gasp!) culture. I giggled when Johnathan Cedano, who plays a crazed revolutionary, told me that some of the genetic females in the cast were a little off put by the smell of urine in this new theatrical venue. Just tell them that The Eagle is piss-elegant now that they have shows and such! And honey, anything from the Mineshaft which is still alive needs to be celebrated as not only part of gay history, but as having a miraculously resilient immune system. Let’s be real!

She may not be trans and he may not even like being called a she, but actor Michael Lynch is a Class A scene-stealer as drag/trans hooker Boom Boom. I don’t know where Michael Lynch is on the gender scale. But it’s delivery was on par with Good Times’ Florida and Willona and The Jeffersons’ Weezy Jefferson and Helen. When you can get belly laughs from just a double take, just imagine the scenery this queen chewed with great material to deliver. The program says the actor “is a mite possessive of this role” which he originated in 1983. As he should be. Michael’s one of those actors like Billy Porter who don’t always do drag, but when they choose to they can outshine many full-time drag queens with all of their magic. Boundless stage presence. And a great chemistry with the daffy white drag queen/trans hooker played by Chris Andersson.

The whole cast was terrific, but stand-outs included Eilis Cahill as a drugged out hippie chick, Rebecca Nyahay as a belligerent bulldagger and Jeremy Lawrence playing a closet case cruising for rough trade to perfection. Though the Eagle may be spartan and I don’t love folding chairs, these are legitimate actors all knocking it out of the park with dynamite material. DO NOT MISS! Only three more performances left tonight, Friday and Saturday at 7PM. Tix are $18 and well worth every penny.

MORE INFO/TIX:   http://www.tososnyc.org

Bun-Bun’s blog just won an award!

To see the other winners, visit http://blog.feedspot.com/drag_queen_blogs/

My tragic english accent!

"THEY ALL WANT ME!" @official_lady_bunny is a ROTTED FOOL! 😂😂😂😂😂😂#backstage #foolishness #london #memories

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Shit Lady Bunny says Part 1

Groovy new tune from Randy Jones, the former cowboy from the Village people

This laid back, funky groove suits his voice, which has a trace of Johnny Cash. This music is reminiscent of the groove of Chic’s Good Times.

Nope, it ain’t Borat!

Армия Пакистана

Армия Пакистана

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Great analysis on Dems’ changing support of single payer