Shirley Bassey and this song drive me wild!

Some of those late 60s/early 70s song on which the diva “rocked out” can’t be believed. It’s like rock music with Las Vegas orchestration. Quite thrilling and Shirl even gives it a mini dance break and a touch of theater!

An oldie but a goodie!

Cute new song!

She is truly captivating!

I know the Duchess Of Alba is primarily known now as someone who went overboard with plastic surgery. But this fascinating slideshow with pics from her childhood prove that she was quite attractive for a very long time. She eventually went overboard with the lip injections and fillers, but I think it’s the curly, short perm was when it started to go downhill–and I hatedBarbra Streisand’s 20 year foray into that same coiff. All in all, she had a lovely style.And I’m pretty sure she ain’t worried about what I thin of her!

Sometimes I hate art!

English humour!

8 out of 10 cats does countdown: Parking fine

The best way to get out of a parking ticket? Take it away Joe Lycett…

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Suddenly, I’m a sports buff!

But I would be running after him!

A well-deserved award for Labelle!

I stumbled across Philly’s walk of fame by accident last year and the amount of brilliant music from there blew my mind. I already loved Philly soul, but what a list: seeing the likes of Jean Carne, Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, McFadden and Whitehead, TSOP, First Choice, Loleatta Holloway, The O’Jays, The Trammps, The Salsoul Orchestra, The Jones Girls, Dee Dee Sharp andThe Three Degrees. In fact, in all of their honor this Sunday at The Monster’s Disco Sundays, Ill spotlight all this great music. And you will definitely hear some Labelle! And Bad Luck. And Was That All It Was. And Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now!


The Golden Girls were soooo shady

The Golden Girls were soooo shady

Posted by BuzzFeed on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Puerto Ricans: Do you agree with this assessment of what set the stage for PR’s disaster?

I don’t know the full history of why Puerto Rico is in such bad shape prior to Hurricane Maria, but does Lee Camp’s assessment ring true for those who know more than I do?

Intercept: Yet Another Major Russia Falls Apart: Is Skepticism Permissable Yet?

This is not Donald Trump crying “fake news.” This is Pullitzer prize-winning investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald from the left who frequently calls out Trump. We are being regularly misled by our media about the ties between Trump and Russia. I don’t doubt that Trump has unsavory business ties in many countries, but in their desperation to link Trump to Russian the mainstream media has churned out many damning accusations, presented as major stories, which have then fallen apart.
I agree with’s Amy Goodman, who recently asked (paraphrasing) Why doesn’t the mainstream media simply wait until there are concrete developments in the Trump/Russia ties? Because our media is
a) telling their audiences what they want to hear without even vetting their scoops, and
b) if Trump didn’t manipulate the election with Russian help, Democrats are forced to deal with the fact that their party cluelessly ran a candidate who could lose to a jack@ss like Trump, after cheating Bernie Sanders who could likely have beaten The Donald. If the media can go out on a limb with stories about Russian collusion which routinely fall apart, Hillary supporters get to take solace over their losing choice. It wasn’t Hillary, it was Russian interference! If Trump did collude with Russia to influence the election, then prosecute him to the fullest. But as these claims fall apart, Democrats have put all their eggs in a Russian basket while failing to autopsy their own party which caused a loss to the idiotic Trump. And a loss of both houses of Congress and 2/3rds of state governorships and star senates, which are now controlled by the GOP. Did Russia influence those elections, too? No, Democrats are a failed party which is in shambles so they’re trying to shift the blame away from themselves.
An excerpt from THE INTERCEPT: “Sometimes stories end up debunked. There’s nothing particularly shocking about that. If this were an isolated incident, one could chalk it up to basic human error that has no broader meaning.
But this is no isolated incident. Quite the contrary: this has happened over and over and over again. Inflammatory claims about Russia get mindlessly hyped by media outlets, almost always based on nothing more than evidence-free claims from government officials, only to collapse under the slightest scrutiny, because they are entirely lacking in evidence.
The examples of such debacles when it comes to claims about Russia are too numerous to comprehensively chronicle. I wrote about this phenomenon many times and listed many of the examples, the last time in June when 3 CNN journalists “resigned” over a completely false story linking Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci to investigations into a Russian investment fund which the network was forced to retract:
Remember that time the Washington Post claimed that Russia had hacked the U.S. electricity grid, causing politicians to denounce Putin for trying to deny heat to Americans in winter, only to have to issue multiple retractions because none of that ever happened? Or the time that the Post had to publish a massive editor’s note after its reporters made claims about Russian infiltration of the internet and spreading of “Fake News” based on an anonymous group’s McCarthyite blacklist that counted sites like the Drudge Report and various left-wing outlets as Kremlin agents?
Or that time when Slate claimed that Trump had created a secret server with a Russian bank, all based on evidence that every other media outlet which looked at it were too embarrassed to get near? Or the time the Guardian was forced to retract its report by Ben Jacobs – which went viral – that casually asserted that WikiLeaks has a long relationship with the Kremlin? Or the time that Fortune retracted suggestions that RT had hacked into and taken over C-SPAN’s network? And then there’s the huge market that was created – led by leading Democrats – that blindly ingested every conspiratorial, unhinged claim about Russia churned out by an army of crazed conspiracists such as Louise Mensch and Claude “TrueFactsStated” Taylor?
And now we have the Russia-hacked-the-voting-systems-of-21-states to add to this trash heap. Each time the stories go viral; each time they further shape the narrative; each time those who spread them say little to nothing when it is debunked.
NONE OF THIS means that every Russia claim is false, nor does it disprove the accusation that Putin ordered the hacking of the DNC and John Podesta’s email inboxes (a claim for which, just by the way, still no evidence has been presented by the U.S. government). Perhaps there were some states that were targeted, even though the key claims of this story, that attracted the most attention, have now been repudiated.
But what it does demonstrate is that an incredibly reckless, anything-goes climate prevails when it comes to claims about Russia. Media outlets will publish literally any official assertion as Truth without the slightest regard for evidentiary standards.

Trump’s worst photo op ever?

Here is the fool’s idea of helping Puerto Rico.

and then there’s the remix:


New podcast with Wendy Ho!

I love this nut but I’m afraid I didn’t let her get a word in edgewise.


Free screening of drag doc Dick tonight in NYC–wit a performance by original Cockette Rumi!

Recessionisitas! Free documentary screening by video wiz and drag connoisseur Joe E. Jeffreys tonight! The title is a word I was just banned from FB for using, so if you like these queens, check it out!
Tonight–the world premiere of _________, half of my video binary supercutting drag performers talking, singing and lip-synching about, well…
Dick features footage of Needles Jones, Jackie Beat, Pandora Boxx, Courtney Act, Honey Davenport, Hedda
Lettuce, Eve Jackson, Jinkx Monsoon, Bob The Drag Queen, Lady Bunny and Miz Cracker.
Screening part of The Blue Hour, Judson Memorial Church, after Rumi Missabu’s Trangerella, @ 8:30 PM, FREE.
Rumi is one of the original Cockettes of SF fame, so check it out if you like an eclectic mix of queens!

Brooklyn Manwhores alert!

Roving Gangs of Hardcore Homosexual “Manwhores” Are Tearing Our Cities Apart

The men, clad in tight jeans and black leather, descend on this quiet corner of Brooklyn just as the clock strikes midnight. They shout obscenities and smoke angrily. Most are visibly intoxicated.

One of the young ones opens his shirt and moistens a nipple with a finger of spit. An older “daddy” nods approvingly. A fellow denizen of the darkness passes around a vial of “poppers,” a sex drug rumored to be so powerful that it can lure straight men to sodomy.


Check out this little bundle of dynamite!

Yaaaasss, work that bass! @clifton_melody_music

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Tweet of the day

Here, here!


About that Las Vegas shooting…

Hi! A question from the fact-based community to the faith-based community.
After the Las Vegas shooting, we’ve seen prayer vigils a-plenty. Well, we saw similar vigils after Sandy Hook, Pulse, Fort Bragg and the shooting that hit a Charleston, South Carolina church. Apparently, none of these prayers worked–unless your religions is so grim that you feel these shootings represent your God working in mysterious ways. But whether we believe in the power of prayer or not, clearly, prayer on it’s own isn’t enough and it must be augmented with legislation. And that legislation must keep assault weapons out of people’s hands whether they seem crazy or not. Cuz guess what? Assault weapons are used for…you got it…assaults only.
Even most gun owners and NRA members want assault weapons banned. After one the the last big all-American shoot-outs, I seem to recall that something like 80% of NRA members wanted to ban assault rifles. If a whopping majority of NRA members don’t want them on the streets, and folks who don’t own or even like guns definitely don’t want them, how are assault weapons still on the streets permitting horrific incidents like the one in Vegas to take place? Gee, it must mean that those who we elect to represent us don’t actually represent us at all. But if we had as much in bribes–I mean campaign contributions–to throw at our lawmakers then perhaps they might hear us as well as they hear the NRA.

Bless it’s heart!

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How adorable!

He is a screamer and a scream!

6 Moves For Better Sex

Jake DuPree has the moves to get you in the mood.

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Please make this into a series!

This bullying thing is getting out of hand! 😆Credit: Newsflare

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If ya like porn…..

A giggle from twitter….


A good point!

Glenn Greenwald is seldom wrong…

(But I think he’s referring to Brazil’s election in this tweet.


Fascinating article about Gloria Steinem going undercover as a Playboy Bunny

As forwarded by Bette Midler! An excerpt:

DAZED: “Steinem only spent around two weeks actually working as a Bunny as the penned the piece for Showmagazine, but by the end, her feet had permanently grown half a size. Which was better than several sizes, as one doctor cheerfully told her to expect with this kind of work. “They ache like teeth and are so swollen I can’t get sneakers on,” she said after her first night in the required heels. Immobile, the costumes were merely painful, but after five-hour shifts of serving customers, they revealed themselves as torture devices. Bunnies had to wear heels at least three inches high and corsets at least two inches too small everywhere except the bust, which came only with D-cups.”