Trans-Jester! returns to London’s Soho Theatre June 12-July 1st

Mondays-Saturdays. More info:

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Manhattan’s urban blight keeps spreading

I posted an article about this a week or so ago. It’s sad to see once bustling 8th Avenue stricken with urban blight. Now Bleecker St. Are landlords jacking rents up too high? Sure. But there is another huge factor. People shop for everything online. I’m not blaming anyone–I shop online, too. But I see all of the delivery boxes in my hallway and realize that stores will never stay open if we no longer shop in them. Online shopping will thrive and stores will keep on closing.

Bleecker Street’s Swerve From Luxe Shops to Vacant Stores



THE BUNNY HOP–coming to a city near you!

Off on a bit of a somewhat bizarre travel spree of 6 cities in 6 nights, so catch me if you can! She’s trying to act young & kicky!

Thursday: Spinning at Oil Can Harry’s in Austin with strippers!
Friday: Performing at G-A-Y Lounge in Baltimore.
Saturday: Performing and spinning tunes at Niagara Pride.
Monday: Performing at the Blue Moon in Rehoboth, Delaware.
Tuesday: Back in NYC for my last performance of Trans-Jester! at Stonewall Inn, 7PM.

And Sunday night I’ll be in Miami. I’d been scheduled to dj at the World Out Games but it was all cancelled. My intricate ticket was already purchased so I’ll just have Sunday night off in a hotel. As a service to the many disappointed young athletes who were also looking forward to the festivities, I am prepared to sex them up so their trip isn’t a total waste. Mind you, I’ll take no joy in co-mingling with throngs of frustrated young men from all over the world full of pent-up sexual energy milling about the streets. I do it only as a public service. I do, however, have a few requirements:

1. Please do not force yourselves on me In groups larger than 5 at a time. I’m running low on my Depends.

2. Please do not come on too strong in your skin-tight sportswear while seductively manipulating your bulges as sweat sizzles down your taut bodies in that Miami sun. This is not a turn on for me in any way.

3. Please do not try to tempt me with a smorgasbord of designer drugs to make this burden any easier or enjoyable for me. I’ve given my word and resigned myself to my herculean task of satisfying anyone with an erection.

4. Please do not dangle sacks of fattening foods in my face in an attempt to lure me. How could I possibly eat any fattening foods and retain a figure like mine?

5. Approaching me with a phone to show me photos of your private parts is sheer folly.

6. Finally, please ignore requirements 1-5 and I hope to see you somewhere soon!

So cute, but definitely not for everyone!

[Lash Goal] This Person Has The Coolest Eyelashes

Literally, bling bling✨

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This is something I would do

Convidados, por favor né??.Autor desconhecido

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My thoughts on the Kathy Griffin scandal

Kathy Griffin definitely went too far with the bloodcurdling, distasteful image she put out there yesterday. My stomach is still churning from it and this is not representative of who we are as Americans. No, not the pic of Trump’s severed head. She had the nerve to wear no make-up in her apology video! I’m permanently scarred by that weasel with a bad dye job image. There oughta be a law against this anything this frightening.


Interesting tribute to Josephine Baker

I’ve never been a fan of her music, but she was something else!

Joséphine Baker Olympia 1968

Joséphine Baker – Olympia 1968

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Finally, some honesty from a Democrat!

<blockquote class=”twitter-video” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>The Democratic Party&#39;s core message: &quot;if we hadn&#39;t been caught lying, we&#39;d be running the country right now.&quot; <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Jeanette🌹Corbynista (@JeanetteJing) <a href=”″>May 30, 2017</a></blockquote> <script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

On Valentina’s elimination from Drag Race Season 9

I seldom weigh in on Drag Race stuff, because I’m too old to appreciate reality TV and don’t really follow it. I’m not of the generation which understands or appreciates reality TV. But through my work and video snippets online, I kinda keep abreast. I was working in Orlando last Friday when fan favorite Valentina was voted off. The cast I worked with was buzzing after the episode about how she wanted to wear a mask during the lip-synch for your life segment. Ru made her remove it and she sort of refused to lip-synch. That makes a couple queens this season who didn’t know the words to their songs or just did rather poor lip-synchs.

But after Valentina’s elimination, people flipped out and started posting pics of themselves crying. People, you liked Valentina a lot and wanted her to win. I get it. But she knew she would have to learn her song and refused to. All queens are given all the songs in advance–so there’s no excuse. What the hell is she doing on a show on which you have to lip-synch for your life? If you refuse to sing on American Idol, ya don’t win. Are her fans really watching the show rooting for contestants who refuse to even do the challenges except in a half-hearted way?

But what really got my goat was this tweet from a drag queen fan of the show who is Latina: “All of the #Latinx queens have now been sent home off @RuPaul’s #dragrace season 9: Donald Trump’s new America.”

First of all, she’d be griping if there were no “latinx” queens even cast. There were three this season. And for those who aren’t familiar with latinx, it’s a gender neutral replacement for Latina and latino–which both convey gender.

Second, in no way was Valentina chopped because she was Latina. She didn’t deliver in a challenge which might have redeemed her. Most working queens I know would bust out and give a lip-synch their all in a heartbeat. Are the producers having that hard a time finding queens who will/can lip-synch? I know zillions of professional drag queens who would jump at the chance to show what they’ve got on the telly. And I would venture that most of them think what Valentina did was bizarre and self-sabotaging.

Third, the politically correct person making this extreme reach is actually a professor of latinx queer studies at a university–is she filling kids’ heads with nonsense like this? I hope that her powers of analysis are better than the two tweets she sent expressing the same thing linking of Valentina’s exit and Trump.

Fourth, the professor of latinx studies couldn’t even tell that Jaymes Mansfield was Mexican. Protect queer latinx? She can’t even recognize them.

Fifth, even if Valentina was eliminated because RuPaul or the producers of the show have some grudge against latinos, to imply that Drag Race is mimicking Trump’s America is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. A total reach by someone looking for enemies where the fault lays squarely with the contestant. Season 9 was finished shooting by the time Trump was even elected. And does anyone really think RuPaul and co. are consulting with Trump on casting and judging? Absurd. As insane as Trump is, I imagine he has more pressing issues than consulting on Drag Race. Then again, maybe Trump is also infiltrating our good ol’ American drag shows with Russian spies. That’s it! Katya just acts silly to disguise her true position in the KGB. People, get real!

Nina Simone sums ups the music biz:

Nina Simone is not here for your shenanigans 😂She will cut you!

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Trans-Jester!, as reviewed by Bistro Award

A recent review of Trans-Jester, which I really loved!

By Gerry Geddes from Bistro Awards:

The immense, swirling, platinum wig atop her head is but one of the many things about Lady Bunny that are larger than life. She revels in them all in her show Trans-Jester!, currently enjoying a run at the historic Stonewall Inn. She is raunchy, tasteless, hilarious, fearless, political, angry, and knowing, while at the same time managing somehow to be sweet and endearing. Whenever she lashes out (which is often), a balancing bit of self-deprecation is never far behind. She is a proverbial spoonful of sugar getting her audience to swallow a remarkable amount of bitter, stinging medicine. If ever we needed the “cure” she is offering, it’s now.

Rather than concentrate on the immediate political mess and its cast of reprehensible characters (apart from a few barbed asides), for the most part she sets her aim deeper and broader. What bothers her, and what she lets loose on, is political correctness. Her main mode of attack is to pummel any notion of what is acceptable and expected. She pushes so many envelopes she could open her own stationery store.

Words and their use, misuse, acceptance and rejection are her main focus, and she’s brilliant at dissecting the absurdity of the “word police” so prevalent and powerful in today’s society. At one point she produces a physical list of bothersome words and phrases in a throwback to George Carlin’s legendary “Seven Words” monologue. Nothing is sacred or off the table—the acronym LGBTQIA, the term “cis,” “little people” vs “dwarf.” Her scope is broad yet at the same time thrillingly specific. Her thesis of mistakenly focusing on micro-aggressions while macro-aggressions are booming all around us is hard to refute.

The show begins in a somewhat traditional (if a bit more aggressively tasteless than most) “drag show” style to set us up for the trap she will spring on us later. She dives into areas that are usually avoided in polite (and even impolite) society. There are more scatological sex jokes and lyrics in this hour than in any dozen shows by other drag queens. She’s not only after shock, she’s after liberation. As the show progresses, some pretty serious ideas are introduced, but she has won over the audience by that time and we remain riveted to her performance and to her message—even in those few moments when there is no punchline. This is either the most political, socially relevant drag show or the dirtiest, most obscene and sidesplitting political lecture one could imagine.

All the trappings of drag are there as well. Some lip sync, some disco, some strong and affecting live singing, some in-your-face physical shtick, and that wig, which almost plays a role of its own in the proceedings. Her opening medley includes the Diana Ross hit “I’m Coming Out,” during which a rather large dildo begins to slide out from under her mini-skirted dress. Out of the blue she will do a musical tribute to country music icon Lynn Anderson after taking the millennials in the crowd to task for not knowing who she is. This number is done fairly straight, but elsewhere her satiric rewrites of well-known songs are on the money.

She closes with her version of Sondheim’s “I’m Still Here.” While I normally frown on reworking the master’s lyrics, this version is spectacular and her vocals are mightily impressive. I’m sure there are some who, at the end of Trans-Jester, would like to wash Lady Bunny’s mouth out with soap; I, on the other hand, wanted to vote for her for public office.

And I haven’t even mentioned her legs, on full display in that shiny mini-dress. They are, as Bette Midler used to say about other body parts, among “the best in the business.”

The Stonewall Inn – May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, June 6

When you don’t have the $ to fix your car…

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Now THIS hair is laid, hunty!





As we debate healthcare, neither party advocates the change we really need.

You know how politicians often use the phrase “to change hearts and minds”? It usually refers to something that they’ve basically given up on or that which they don’t want to expend their political capital on. And this phrase is often used as a cop-out to suggest that “it takes years to change hearts and minds.” In other words, there isn’t much they can do with legislation since people’s deeply held convictions (or prejudices) must first transform.

Well, a miracle has happened. People’s hearts and minds have changed toward health care. And it didn’t even take very long. Years ago, the tea party republicans took to the streets to protest Obamacare. Even though health care costs were (and still are after the ACA) the #1 cause of bankruptcy in this country, these nuts did not see any need for reform. The tea partiers had actually been deceived by grass roots looking websites with home-y, burlap backgrounds which spoke out against reform. These websites were actually bankrolled by the conservative billionaire Koch brothers. Now why would oil billionaires care about insurance? That’s easy! What did Trump’s last plan propose? That we cut services and subsidies so that we’d have more money to cut taxes for the wealthiest.

Trump’s plan not only failed, it got angry voters across the country up in the faces of their reps in Congress, shouting them down any time they proposed repealing Obamacare. South Carolina voters yelled at Lindsey Graham, “It’s your last term!” when he claimed he’d repeal the ACA. Similar boisterous scenes played out in red state town halls nationwide, and taking your lawmakers to task is a healthy sign of democracy in action. This is where hearts and minds have completely changed, and it proves that Republican leaders are out of step with Republican voters. These voters are now railing at their representatives that they need the healthcare reforms which the black, muslim, socialist president provided. (PS: I know that Obama was neither muslim or a socailist–but that’s what they called him.) That same healthcare which GOP leaders claimed they’d turn into Obama’s Waterloo! Ironically, the ACA and it’s modest reforms may now become the Waterloo of Republican lawmakers seeking to repeal it. Hearts and minds have been completely changed. If nothing else, let the nonsense Trump suggests to define what it is we like and dislike about the government’s role in our lives. Let’s also take note the GOP voters are not always governed by common sense–they voted for a guy whose big ticket item was repealing Obamacare. When he tried to repeal it, they went nuts nationwide because they can’t afford to have it repealed.

Democrats are busy slamming Trump’s health care proposals sending out lists of all conditions which would not be covered by it. It’s very easy to slam your opponent–especially an opponent like Trump who is mired in controversy and possibly mentally unbalanced. But does constantly slamming Trump and letting him and his crazy ideas self-destruct remind you of anything? That was Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy. And it failed miserably. Yet democrats stupidly refuse to define themselves by anything other than attacks on Trump. (See: Russia.) Where are the Democrats claiming we need single payer or a public option, to catch up to the rest of the world which pays a little more in taxes and no monthly premiums at all? Dem stalwarts Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi has just gone on record claiming that the single payer has no place in the democratic platform. (Feinstein will be primaries as a result, but the crooked DNC will surely pour a fortune into her campaign coffers to ensure that no progressive beats her.) And they’re both of these Congress women are from liberal California!

It is only the few Berniecrats, who the Democratic Party at large is trying to squash, who support single payer. Meanwhile, rising stars like Corey Booker vote down Sanders’ proposals for cheaper drugs, proving that democrats work harder for those who grease their palms rather than those who elect them. Are there voters in either party who don’t desire cheaper drugs? Democrats have had an excellent opportunity, in the face of the monstrous Trump, to prove that they are progressive. With Hillary’s VP pick, with the new DNC head, with party leaders refuting single payer as a direction they’re prepared to go in and half a dozen democrats voting against cheaper meds, the party leadership is doing exactly what Republican Party leaders are doing: the opposite of what their voters want.

Obama was no different. While the ACA was a step in the right direction, Obama ignored single payer, despite the fact that democrats controlled both houses of Congress at the beginning of his presidency and 80% of democrats supported single payer. But Obama was too busy counting bribes from the big Pharma and the insurance industry to do what those who voted him wanted. Now I’m sure Obama apologists will cry “But he could never have gotten single payer through Congress.” No, not if he never tried. And do you ever go to the bargaining table with the very least you’ll settle for? (The ACA is essentially Romneycare, crafted by a GOP governor of the blue state Massachusetts.) No, you go with a public option or Medicaid For All–which 80% of those who voted for you wanted. Then you negotiate from that very strong position. Sadly, both democrats and republicans seem hell-bent on ignoring their supporters. The GOP wants Trumpcare because it leaves more money to cut taxes on the wealthiest. Perhaps the democrats only want to preserve Obama’s modest reforms so they can also keep taxes on the wealthiest low.

Doesn’t anyone remember that tape of Mitt Romney caught on tape when he ran against Obama in which he called everyone from vets to seniors to students receiving aid “takers”? Obama acted outraged and claimed that if elected, he’d prove that he was a candidate of the “takers” and workers and raise taxes on everyone who made $250,000 and up. He got elected and immediately switched that to those making $400,000 and up. If you have no money, your voice is ignored–regardless of what you are told during election season. (See: Flint and union rights under Obama’s presidency.)

While we are possessed by denouncing the influence of Russian oligarchs in our election, do we have no concern about the oligarchs in our own country which poison so many policies against voters? Our oligarchs are the pharmaceutical and insurance industry, big oil, guns, and the war machine. The Obamas, Clintons, Feinsteins, Pelosis and Corey Bookers don’t want single payer or even cheaper drugs for one reason: they’ve been bribed by the very industries whose profits a public option would threaten. Democrats have left progress behind, so a new party must emerge which is truly progressive and less corrupt. Nice try, Bernie. But with the Feinsteins, Pelosis and Schumers at the helm, you’ll never reform the Democratic Party from within. Corporate democrats care more about bribes which benefit them than they do policies which would benefit most of us–including an insurance system which works in almost every other industrial country which neither party in this country supports. So I’ll let members of our two corrupt parties quarrel while I focus on progress. Trump’s healthcare reforms proved that even GOP voters are more progressive than anyone imagined. If democrats don’t seize on this moment for state-run healthcare which even conservative Hillary Clinton claimed was the way to go in the 90s, they are a dying party which stands for little. Which might explain why democrats have been losing since Obama was elected: the White House, both houses of Congress and 2/3rds each of state senates and governships. But please don’t ever mention what democrats are consistently getting wrong. It’s a big part of why they have been losing like for almost a decade, and why they may well continue to do so.

A snippet of Andy Cohen’s Then & Now, which premiered on Bravo last night.

It re-airs this Saturday morning and Wednesday evening. I know I’m not the only “girl” out there who thinks Andy is a cutie!

This gave me a giggle. Snow White reminds me of Manila Luzon!

<iframe src=”″ width=”500″ height=”555″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowTransparency=”true”></iframe>

African club kids!


I performed in Chicago recently and was told by a resident that either the city or state is thinking of legalizing weed–because it has made Colorado and California such a fortune in tax revenue. I’d like to see it legal nationwide, but I find it very interesting that all the moral objections to it and claims that it’s a gateway drug go out the window when there’s money to be made from it.

Trans-Jester! hits Portland’s Aladdin Theater May 25th!

“Forget Hamilton Get Tickets To Lady Bunny’s Naughty New Show” – NaughtyGossip, NYC

“A scream for sanity from the nastiest, most big-hearted comic performer around.” – John Cameron Mitchell

“A gag-worthy show you can’t miss.” – Huffington Post Gay Voices

DON’T MISS THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED TRANS-JESTER! In addition to new parodies which re-work selections from Adele, Rent and Bruno Mars to hilarious, effect punctuated by zany Laugh-In style zingers, Bunny has widened her repertoire to include some insightful social commentary. Trashing the current overemphasis on political correctness, Bunny breaks down some of the latest buzzwords that we’re all supposed to remember for every for every occasion as we “evolve.” Sometimes, Bunny feels, that we’re evolving away from common sense!

While Bunny shies away from politics in this performance–because one train wreck on stage per night is enough and we all need a break from this toxic election–she doesn’t shy away from gender politics and the new pronoun we’re forced to learn every time Will Smith’s son puts on a dress. After Caitlyn Jenner reached out to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz to become his “trans ambassador”, Bunny feels that it’s time for the gloves to come off. You don’t want to miss Bunny doing Cait’s twisted version of “My Favorite Things”.

Theater queens rejoice! In her loooooong career in nightclubs, Bunny has never delved much into show tunes, but in Trans-Jester, Bunny brings it on home with a show-stopping finale featuring two classics from Gypsy and Follies. The eclectic evening also resurrects songs by country star Lynn Anderson, Millie Jackson and even an original tune which pokes fun at the dating life of whatever sex it is you want to call this “Lady.”

Please note: This show is raunchy. Not politically correct by definition–that’s the whole point. So if that’s not your cup of tea, you should honestly skip it. Or prepare to grab a drink and laugh, cheer and possibly even be challenged by a salty old kook who isn’t afraid to express herself from a viewpoint which is often unique.



Political correctness gone wild…again.

These PC types are too much. I would love to know, especially from my trans friends, if they feel this joke demeans them as this tweet suggests that it does. To me, it falls more in the realm of the absurd than any malice against trans people or the process of transitioning. Because Trump isn’t transitioning–so it’s just a whimsical joke.

I wonder why they didn’t jump in to defend Beyonce, who is the butt of the joke referring to a “visual album.”. I imagine that KFC is fine to lampoon since Colonel Sanders is a cisgendered, privileged white man. Sheesh!

Bun-Bun appearing in the Venice Bienniale in Charles Atlas’s The Waning Of Justice: a review


Congrats to video artist Charles Atlas for getting his work The Waning Of Justice featuring me in the Venice Bienniale. One reviewer had this to say:

“I don’t understand where the greed that is causing the war, I don’t understand where the greed that is killing the planet (the only planet that we have to live on) is coming from (…) I don’t understand where the desire to oppress comes from, but it happens in every layer of our society,” Lady Bunny states.

“There really is an agenda to prevent us from being peaceful and prosperous. Because peace does not make as much money for the people in power (…) Unless we mobilize (…) unless we stand up and say ‘No, you are not going to oppress us — No, you are not going to take our money to go and fight a war with it — No, you are not going to racially profile us — No, you are not going to rape us — No, you are not going to dictate what goes on in our vagina. Until we actually stand up to them, they’re just going to keep away with murder. (…) It has really become insane and no one is talking about peace. I don’t want to live in a world without peace.”

A final work, “Chai” features a huge digital clock counting down from 18 minutes to zero (the number of minutes it takes the suns to set). Ominous music accompanies this section of the video, but then Lady Bunny appears on the screen, her massive blonde hairdo filling it.

In her fake eyelashes and glamorously kitsch outfits, Lady Bunny uncannily becomes more credible and reliable than today’s politicians, as she erupts in an infectious disco anthem, almost apocalyptically announcing the joyful end of our sad world.



“The Donald Trump Prayer” is a hoot!

Let us bow our heads for Pres***** Donald Trump! I'm praying for a mighty wave of impeachment over him and some of his foul cabinet members!#sharethispost #tagafriend #ritabrentcomedy #ritabrentprayers #donaldtrump #thewhitehouse

Posted by Rita Brent on Friday, May 12, 2017

New interview with

HUFFPO: Lady Bunny Sounds Off On Donald Trump And Political Correctness

“If this presidential election was any indication, we need more brutally honest dialogues, not fewer.”

“Reality TV rewards train wreck behavior, and we’ve foolishly accepted reality stars and their world as real,” Bunny told HuffPost. “Real housewives don’t sit at martini lunches and snatch each others’ wigs off in catfights. Real drag queens don’t cry all the time or face challenges like ‘make a dress out of newspaper in 10 minutes.’ Now we’ve got a reality TV star president with no experience. Is this a result of our society constantly rewarding train wrecks?”

April Showers Bring May Winters? A vote on climate change.

I haven’t been home in NYC that much, but when I’m here I’ve woken up with a chill all spring Clutching at covers, wearing long sleeved t-shirts to bed, etc. Very unusual for me, since I’m typically always the one putting on the fan or the a/c first who can’t stand to be hot for one second. In NYC, there is a certain date by which landlords can legally cut off your heat, and I suppose it’s always warmed up by May. Not this year.

Of course, my hypochondriac’s interpretation of it was: “You’re getting so old that your circulation is so poor–now you’ll be grabbing that granny shawl from now on. Get used to it.” Then I spoke to a friend who’d experienced the same chills all spring, so I know it isn’t only me. Maybe you own your homes and control your own heat, but have other NYC renters noticed this?

While I may not be old enough to have the circulation blues yet, I am old enough to notice changes in weather patterns. Of course there are exceptions to trends, but never in decades of living here have I noticed a chilly May. I don’t think I’ll need to convince friends in California, a state which has recently bounced back from years of drought. North Carolina and Tennessee have experience drought conditions as well, but not so seriously that they can’t even put out fires like the ones in CA. Intense flooding in southern states, freaky storms in Asia and every year we set a new record for the highest temperatures. Climate change isn’t 100 years down the road for someone else to worry about. It’s happening to us now.

It’s sad that we have a president who refutes the vast majority of scientists whose assessment is that climate change is man made. Republicans were known for that position long before Trump. If they admit that climate change is caused by us, they’d would have to address it. I’d love to ask them: Who else could it be caused by? Who else is living here? What would the motive be for scientists to lie at their job? What other planet can we move to after we wreck this one?

In truth, Corporate democrats pass the buck on climate change as well, and our “news” reinforces it by keeping the focus solely on scandals of the moment which won’t amount to much when it’s too hot for kids to go outside and play. Scientists suggest that by 2075, it will be too hot to hold the Summer Olympics. As seismic as email scandals and p#ssy grabbing and Trump’s ties to Russia may seem to you now, I urge you to look at the bigger picture. And to take any “news” with a pinch of salt if it focuses only on the immediate–regardless of how good/riveted/alarmed that news makes you feel. Saying what makes the audience feel good is what entertainers do. It has never been the province of news.


Happy Mother’s Day to the love of my life, my momma Lady Becky! A mom so sweet and so fun that she actually let’s her drag queen “daughter” put wigs and false eyelashes on her when I drag her up (literally) from Chattanooga, Tennessee. This photo was taken at Lypsinka’s birthday party a few years ago. One reporter mentioned something like “Lady Bunny was upstaged by her own 78 year old mother.” But I’ll gladly share the spotlight with mom anytime. Look at that kooky look in her eyes here! She’s a gem.

But in addition to all the fun stuff, she’s my rock. She doesn’t care if I look good, if my act’s any good or if I even have an act. She’s always been super supportive and understanding—despite the many curveballs I’ve thrown at her over the years. (You can only imagine, since I’m still a handful to this day and probably have a few more curveballs up my sleeve.) I’m very, very lucky to call this lovely lady my mom and I cherish her. Now if she would unblock my phone # I could give her a call.  Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Lady Bunny rips on Caitlyn Jenner’s I Am Cait!

Tuesdays in May at 7PM at Stonewall Inn and headed to a city near you this spring/summer.

Tuesdays in May at Stonewall Inn, 7PM. Had to turn people away last week so please reserve now!

May 11th Seattle’s Egyptian Theater

May 18th Orlando’s Parliament House

May 25th Portland’s Aladdin Theater

June 5th Rehoboth’s Blue Moon

June 12th-July 1st London’s Soho Theatre

July 5th Austin’s North Door with Christeene Vale

July 14th Fire Island’s Ice Palace with Daniel Nardicio

July 20th Montreal’s Cabaret Mado with Luc Provost

NYC–still packing a wallop!

Been on the road for quite a while. Always glad to be back home, even though I leave Wednesday morning. You don’t need to tell me that NYC has changed. But…..what other city would have all this going on in 1 week?

Was so happy to be home Sunday that I just laid in bed and had a three-way with a mouse and a bed bug.

I reopened my show at Stonewall Tuesday. Nice to see that crazy crew again. Every Tuesday in May at 7PM.

Howled at Nora Burns, David Ilku and Mike Albo at Joe’s Pub in Unitard: Tard Core and laughed my @ss off. Three more performances of this lunacy, so check out their all new show! I joined Jay Inkpen and a bunch of friends and asked the waiter if I could pay my check. The waitress thought I meant the whole check and a la Kim Syms, I’m too blind to see it. When everyone realized the error for me, they ended up treating ME after I had almost treated them. (I’ll have to make this “mistake” again!)

Before Joe’s, I popped in at Indochine cuz Jay said he would be eating there. The staff didn’t look like they quite wanted me to waltz through and look for him. Didn’t they all gag when their boss and my former boss at Bar D’O, hopped up and told them to get me his card. Said hi to Mickey Boardman seated with some swanky italian pals.

Saw my own italian pal Marco–leave it to me to be addicted to wigs and have a hairdresser who lives on a different continent. Thankfully, he was on a pilgrimage to NYC to rig up plenty of queens for DragCon.

That rain storm took all my smiles away on Friday, so I missed Johnny Dynell, Chi Chi Valenti and Brian Butterick’s Night of 1000 Stevies, but have seen and heard nothing but raves about the annual bash. Amber Martin sounded–dare I say better–than Stevie?

Caught Jennifer Warner visiting from Virginia way and we saw the fab Barbra Herr the opening weekend of her poignant and moving journey, TRANS-MISSION at Teatro Circulo–right next to La Mama. Really enjoyed meeting a salty lesbian friend of Jennifer’s and we laughed heartily and ate heartily after Barbra’s matinee at the still yummers Veselka. They all gagged over the borscht, as I do to this day.

GLAAD’s gala brought out Lina, Dina in some dynamite lewks and a moving speech by Billy Porter.

Skipped a Harlem screening of the new Andy Dick movie on Saturday night. They had asked me to be on a panel to discuss the film with Sherri Shepard, among others. But despite our scene together in a Michael Lucas porno in which I played Andy’s wife (!!!), I don’t really know enough about him to speak intelligently. Then again, Sherri Sheperd didn’t even know the earth was round, so perhaps I could have held my own after all.

Spun the tunes for a John Bartlett/Alan Cumming/Christina Visca’s animal rescue charity event at the Standard Hotel last night. Such a pretty space, and that view! John John, who I know from Miami via Disco 2000 via Beige, was running sound. A wonderful team of flaggers whirled their against the skyline. Let’s just say it was a moment for the cellphones. Jay Inkpen, Matthew Bank, Mark Carl Ciolli and even Buzz Kelly were seen. I’ve been carrying on with Buzz since about 1981 in Chattanooga, Tennessee! My wig glue came loose after only 3 or 4 dances, and when that happens you have 1 choice: you don’t look your best anyway, so just have a ball dancing. Someone commented on footage of me dancing that “I must be on something.” No, you must be on something. GERITOL! Your old @ss forgot how to party. I had a ball! Aggravating PETA’s Dan Mathews and his hubby Jack to the B-52s Planet Claire was a highlight.

My back punished from twirling on that marble, I hit the horribly named Yours Spa on 18th St. for that cheap, incredible massage. It’s less than $1 per minute! You know how a cat’s eyes roll back into it’s head in ecstasy when you scratch it’s sweet spot on it’s ear? After a massage thee, you practically need someone to come and pick you up like you do after surgery. I’m sure there are fancier places which use the latest oil fragrances if that floats your boat, but just ask for William at Yours Spa and you’ll thank me forever!

Grabbed a coffee this morning and bumped into John Cameron Mitchell and hairdresser to the stars Jimmy Paul in what they are calling the “AIDS Park” outside St. Vincent’s. Also ran into Ricardo Tavares and Michael Anthony Alagoon 8th Ave and chewed his ear off.

Had a salad tonight that was so healthy that I had to have fried shrimp from Tea & Sympathy’s A Salt & Battery chip shop for dessert. I know what you’re thinking: “With her figure, how could Bunny POSSIBLY enjoy fried foods?” Having a neighbor like Nicky Perry on me block always cheers me up! You’re a right ol’ scrubbah!

Do I miss the giant clubs of my youth? Sure, but for a city which has “lost it”, there sure has been a lot going on this last week. And as the weather warms up, the more time I spend strolling around, the happier I am. Please don’t spend too much time bemoaning NYC’s demise–or you might miss everything which is still here!

Oh, and Drag Queens Of Comedy hits the Play Station Theater this Saturday–starring Jackie Beat, Coco Peru, Sasha Soprano, Alaska, Willam, Peaches Christ aka Joshua Grannell, Heklina and Lady Red Couture from Hey Qween!

So you think you want kids?

I love how the little girl goes straight for his eyes!