VIDEO GIGGLE: Protesting the 2004 RNC in NYC with Linda Simpson and Miss Understood

We were outraged that the RNC would dream they were welcome in the The Big Apple, so we went to protest. And got sidetracked by some Black Israelites who were calling us demons and the like. Clearly, we were in high gear. My fave lines were telling them “You’re wearing a dress!” and “The audition for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is that way. Good times!


I adore Paul Lynde, who was snarky long before the internet, but this special was regarded as a flop. It’s still a demented treat for me. It even has it’s own Wikipedia page devoted to it! Much of it was written by funny man Bruce Valance, who still writes for Bette Midler and The Oscars.



An Interview With Gay UK

GAY UK: So what’s the answer – not building walls I take it?

Income equality. This is why I say, personally as a slut, I am more concerned with income equality than I am marriage equality for gays because honey, why do I need another broke husband. I mean, they bashed Bernie Sanders because they say he was boring because they said, “Oh, he’s a single issue candidate because his main issue is income inequality.” Well that’s kind of central to everything. Isn’t it?

While it may not be, you may not be able to make a quick decision, are you for abortion? Against it? For gay rights? Against it? Do you want immigrants to be deported or not? Those are easier to understand, but understanding how someone like Clinton chopped welfare that made the poor people even poorer, or her husband had these trade deals that decimated a whole way of life. Listen, if I want to work more in a city, I can drive an Uber. I can work part time wrapping gifts at Christmas. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere, honey, there is no opportunity. This is what I’m saying. There is despair. That’s not getting onto the news. You can talk about equality, and all this, and all that, but if the wolf is at people’s door, the knives come out. And they come for each other. You blame the immigrants. You blame the gays. You blame anybody. You’re bitter because your bills aren’t paid and your future is dashed.

GAY UK: Dark times. I didn’t see this interview going here.
Listen, honey, I’m going to tell you the truth. I don’t have much in common with millennials. I don’t like their music. I’m not on Snapchat, and don’t even know how to log into my Instagram account. I did have a camera installed in my toilet, so now you can follow me on Shitter. I love that the millennials are disregarding our traditional news sources, and digging around online. The independent reporting has lifted a veil just as cell phone footage of black people being killed by the police is now enabling white people to see what black people have been claiming has gone on since forever.

I personally have a problem with the intrusion of cell phones everywhere, but I’m glad that things like cell phones, video, and Wiki Leaks are exposing what our people in positions of power are doing. We don’t pay the police to kill us. We pay them to protect us.lady-bunny-gayuk-cover



This appears to be from Michael Alig’s Project X. I do not recall Mona Foot’s turban and cigarette look, but I love it. Maybe an Eartha Kitt effect? My look answers the question “Why don’t you ever wear dark lipstick? Cuz my lips are so thin that I look like a snapping turtle!



This was from The Box about 8 years ago. As you can see, Andre Leon Talley was in the crowd along with other luminaries on a packed and very jolly evening in NYC. Dirty Martini and Lypsinka performed, and Flotilla Debarge (as Sylvester), me as Martha Wash and Sweetie as Izora Armstead tore it up with the live version of You Are My Friend. Our number begins at 3:02 and as you can see, no one moves me like the voice of the superstar Martha fucking Wash to a fast or slow jam! Singing a song written by Patti Labelle for her sister? Forget it!


Interesting article from The Guardian on Sylvester and the producer which sky-rocketed the androgyne to superstardom with the wailing You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real). I was living in London from  1978-80 and  Sylvester just sent me. Still does. I remember a music fanzine in which he claimed something like “I wear whatever appeals to me, whether it’s male or female attire.” Around the same time, Bowie was claiming he never did drag, despite doing three different versions of him in drag in the Boys Keep Swinging video. Sylvester wasn’t out of the closet, and even used female love interests in an 80s video, but unlike the Village People, you just knew she was a sister.

Loved this snippet:

Nightlife was gaining steam, too. The Trocadero gained a reputation well outside of San Francisco. “People would come from LA, from Miami, people from the music industry,” remembers Bobby Viteritti, the main DJ at the Trocadero during its peak in the late 1970s and early 1980s. “I had the chance to play whatever I wanted – sometimes I would play until 7am.”

Viteritti – who garnered Billboard’s national DJ of the Year award in 1979 and 1980 – had faith that the Trocadero would achieve wider renown. It had good acoustics – it was a space where TV shows were produced – and the lighting, orchestrated by Billy Langenheim, was taken as seriously as the DJing, specifically designed to augment the experience. Soon, the club was attracting celebrities.

“I would put Diana Ross’s name down on the guest list every week and people would make fun of me, ‘Diana Ross +1’,” Viteritti recalls, laughing. “And then one day my phone rang in the booth – ‘Diana Ross is here!’ She comes walking into the room, and the room parted like the parting of the Red Sea … She walked up the steps of the booth and gave me a big kiss, and said ‘Hi people!’ Then she hit the turntable which went ‘brrrng’ … people didn’t know the sound system went off. They were cheering so hard. Then I picked up the needle and put it back on the record. That was 1978.”

GUARDIAN: A new release celebrating the work of Patrick Cowley sheds light on San Francisco’s disco scene which was cut down in its prime during the Aids crisis




The lighting was rotten, but we all had quite a few cackles!


Jill Stein won’t win, but she is very effective at pointing out the flaws of our two extremely unpopular major party candidates. In this clip, a guy asks her how a vote for her isn’t a vote for Trump. In swing states, it may be. But if you are in a solidly red state or a blue state, wither Trump or Hillary are going to win, regardless of the small 1-4% which Jill is polling at from state to state. But look at the expression on the uninformed Hillary voter’s face. I won’t say he’s brainwashed, but it kinda looks like he is melting down on national TV, blinking uncontrollably every time Jill brings up items from Hillary’s rotten record. But Hillary voters aren’t concerned with or even aware of her record. Unlike the monstrous Trump, Hillary has held positions in government and has made grave errors in each of them.

One interesting point after the CNN portion. Jill mentions that we need to starve terrorists of weapons. We are currently selling them weapons out the wazoo. And Obama has carried on this disgraceful tradition by aiding Saudi Arabia while it blows Yemen to smithereens. Even though Yemen never attacked Saudi Arabia. We sell the Saudis weapons and provide free intelligence. One poor Yemeni kid complained that he only plays outdoors on overcast days because US drones are more likely to strike on sunny days. And we wonder why terrorists despise us and are now attacking us on our soil. Hillary has promised to continue Obama’s legacy.  Sadly, this is one of the few true statements Hillary has made.


This was written by Peter Wallenberg from the House of Wallenberg to commemorate the shooting victims at Pulse in Orlando. It’s a duet with Jwl B, a rapper and as you can tell here, phenomenal singer, who actually lost friends in the shooting. All proceeds from the sales benefit the One Orlando Fund.




Michael Musto chats with Chita Rivera about her upcoming show with Daniel Nardicio. We throw around the words legends and diva a lot to performers in their twenties who often don’t deserve it. Chita deserves both. I will be at this show with bells on! Read it here:

I doubt she will be singing Pretty For Me, with one of the most insane costume reveals ever, but I can’t wait!


Five Thirty Eight: AT&T’s Merger Could Be A Bad Sign For The Economy

“Almost as soon as word leaked out Friday about AT&T’s plan to buy Time Warner (the companies formally announced the deal late Saturday), politicians from both major parties lined up to oppose it. Donald Trump and Sens. Tim Kaine, Bernie Sanders and Al Franken all either raised questions about the merger or outright called for the government to block it. Sens. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., who lead the Senate’s antitrust subcommittee, promised to hold hearings on the deal. In the coming months, we’ll hear lots more about vertical versus horizontal integration, market concentration and the implications of consolidation in the media industry.

But beyond the specific questions raised by the deal itself, the proposed merger points to a broader issue: The U.S. economy is increasingly dominated by big companies. That trend worries a growing number of economists, who fear it suggests an economy that is becoming less dynamic and competitive over time.”

DID YOU SEE HILLARY CLINTON’S NAME ON THE LIST OF POLITICIANS SLAMMING THE MERGER WHICH THIS ARTICLE CLAIMS WILL BE BAD FOR THE ECONOMY? Funny how all politicians in all parties pay lip service to small businesses being the backbone of our economy, and then permit these mergers which make it tough for small businesses to compete. Cuz it’s kind of tough to compete with near monopolies.


Just when you feel guilty about laughing at someone who I assume is  bit slow, he starts with the ant-gay shit. So I have no problem SCREAMING with laughter over this. “Rosie O’Donnel at at bisexual bridal shower”???? So wrong it’s right.


More details to come! Check the video for a taste of the madness which is latest my one-ow-man show. So excited! London is one of my favorite cities and I haven’t done a run there since Marc Almond’s boyfriend produced a show for me there at Freedom Cafe in the 90s!



Honey, this nut is hilarious. Do not miss. The bonus is that between the raunch and the lunacy, the bitch sings gorgeous songs, some reminiscent of Burt Bacharach.


Times Square hasn’t seen this many hookers since the late 80s!

Next Magazine and VOSS Events invite you to
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At 8pm, NYC’s own Lady Bunny and Shequida host an exclusive RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Reunion viewing party on the big screen, so stay to witness all the behind-the-scenes drama and antics of the season.


I’m going to start posting my rants or giggles on my blog at There are a variety of reasons for this.

I don’t want Fecesbook to own my photos or words.

I’ve been banned for a month for posting a pic of a well-hung athlete from the Olympics who was in lycra running shorts. FB censors must have tiny penises because this pic was run in newspapers all over the world without issue.

A lot of my posts have to do with politics. And here’s what’s going on.

Half of Americans don’t vote, so political posts won’t interest them.

Many of my friends are from the drag/club world, so politics aren’t on the top of their lists, either.

With it’s limited characters, Twitter is a useless forum for my long-winded ass.

Many others who are politically engaged are sick of this toxic election between two of the most unpopular candidates in history. And a couple of third party candidates, one of whom I support,  are largely shunned by the media. I want to highlight her agenda on my blog, since it most closely resembles that of Bernie Sanders.

I’ve really come up against some savage criticism suggesting that I have no right to voice my opinion unless it falls in line with the mainstream way of thinking. (I was under the bizarre assumption that Americans were free.) My allegiance is to the truth alone, and I’ve never been one to fall into cliques. I’m running into criticisms from people whose political engagement is so low, that their idea of election commentary is to remark on Michelle Obama’s dress or discuss the body language of the candidates in the debates. One fool even defended Obama’s TPP by saying that “Obama said the word trans.” I guess I expect more from “leaders” than lip service and optics on issues which matter to me. Imagine how stupid you’ll feel when Hillary fails to address climate change as Obama has and Manhattan and Miami is underwater. And what were you discussing? The predatory behavior of Donald Trump, who will never be elected.

There have been several assertions lately that I am out of line as a drag queen to post anything which question Hillary, Obama or the democrats in general. And it’s true, I don’t post as much about Trump because I’d never support any republican, much less Trump. In fact, my concern about Hillary is that she is a moderate republican. I’m a lefty, and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m proud to care about issues like climate change and income inequality.

You may not know my history, but I’ve always been an outsider. I grew up with rednecks in Chattanooga, Tennessee who shunned me because I socialized primarily with blacks. When my dad got a scholarship to teach in Ghana for a year, our neighbors laughed that the Ingle family loved n*ggers so much that they had to move to Africa.” My father was the town liberal in a red state who was an anti-draft counselor during the Vietnam War and an advocate of public transportation. He also spoke out against mandatory religious classes in public schools. He became so hated at one point, that after he gave a speech with my minister, the next Sunday someone had painted a red swastika on the front door of our church. Did it change his mind one bit? Nope!

My dad and I don’t always get along, but from him I inherited a priceless gift. The strength of my convictions which has allowed both of us to use our brains and say “Hey–if you believe something in your heart, even though it may be an unpopular position, stand by it.” Because it might just turn out that you’re right and everyone else is wrong. This was the case with the Iraq war, which was the biggest foreign policy blunder of our times. Somehow an uneducated drag queen could see through the phony lies cooked up by the Bush administration to discern that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, and that there was no connection between 9/11 and Iraq. Since I was right and the “capable” Hillary Clinton got this completely wrong and voted for that war, I’ll continue to call things as I see it in the interest of world peace and not having almost half of my tax dollars go to kill people in wars for profit which create more enemies. Though Trump is a jackass, he was correct to claim that if the US hadn’t spent $6 trillion bombing the Middle East during the Bush and Obama administrations, we could have rebuilt this country two times over. Of course I care about LGBT rights, but as a member of an oppressed people, I will never see it as the right thing to do to oppress others and seek equality for all. Whether it’s women not getting equal pay, blacks being killed nationwide by police who never get charged or inhabitants of the Middle East who don’t deserve to die but who my taxes go to to kill en masse. Bernie Sanders did light the fire of revolution which was a continuation of the spark lit by the Occupy Wall Street movement. I will continue to stoke those flames of revolution against a system which clearly isn’t working for most working Americans.

And before you criticize me for daring to think outside the box, remember that it was drag queens, trans people and a motley crew of outsiders who started the Stonewall Riots and gave birth to this country’s gay lib movement. If the great Marsha P. Johson and others like her hadn’t thought outside the box, we might not enjoy the freedoms we now take for granted. Sometimes, the freaks get it right!

Without my long-winded rants cluttering your feed, I’ll still forward silly videos, harass my friends on their posts and promote my gigs. But if you want the full diatribes, just visit my blog at Smooches!


Trans-Jester Named One Of NYC’s Most Fascinating Solo Shows by Broadwaybox

I’m very honored to be included in this list of the 10 most fascinating solo shows. Since most of my work is out of town, I’m not often able to do a run in NYC, and am so happy to have found a home at Stonewall Inn for my latest offering. It’s pop parodies, a little original music, stand-up, a few show tunes and there’s even a message in there asking if we’ve gone to far with PC everything.



It’s been running since April but will close November 11. Wed-Fri at 7PM. (Ticket link is on my Facebook header.) I hope you can catch it. The New Yorker called it my “latest masterpiece.” I wasn’t aware that my previous shows had been masterpieces, but let’s just say that with a writing partner in Beryl Mendelbaum, Trans-Jester! is f#cking hilarious and even insightful. If you’re unhinged by the toxic elections and need a belly laugh, I’ve got the belly and you get the laugh. Closes 11/11. But I head to New Orleans with it for 2 shows on 11/19.




It was curious to see people posting montages of Trump sniffing repeatedly. I hate Trump, but weren’t the people mocking Donald’s case of sniffles the same ones screaming “SEXIST!” at anyone who pointed out that Hillary’s walking pneumonia was so bad that she couldn’t walk? I also got quite a giggle at some folks posting that Trump’s nose was running from cocaine–especially the posts by people who I’d done coke with.

Since then, we’ve seen the two candidates decline to shake hands before the debate. And some have rejoiced over Hillary’s shimmy in the first debate. The debates over the debates has also devolved to discussing the guest list at the debates. Hillary building a stool inside her podium so that she could seem more imposing. Some reports say Trump was lurching menacingly behind Clinton at the town hall. Another claim was that Hillary started this tango by stepping into Trump’s personal space. Lucky us—we get a combo of an election and Dancing With The Stars.

Newsflash: Will any of this matter in four weeks, much less for years? The more they talk about body language during debates, the less they talk about issues which affect most of our lives. Hillary released a plan advocating LGBT equality on last week–did our news focus on that? I saw no mention of it on TV new and few people sharing it or discussing it. Black lives are under attack by police nationwide–isn’t that a crisis our leaders should take clear positions on during the one time they need our votes? We aren’t out of the recession, college and healthcare are still unaffordable, banks are still ripping us off a la Wells Fargo, nothing yet done on guns and on and on. There are many life and death (or simply bread and butter) issues which we shimmy away from because we refuse to focus on policy. Be very careful when you’re focusing primarily on appearances. Why do you think Fox News has the prettiest female anchors? Because it’s easier to believe attractive liars. It was fascinating to see female reporters explaining how offensive Trump’s Miss Piggy comments were to women when the reporters were all stick-thin, if not gaunt, themselves. I guess their sexist bosses share Trump’s disdain for overweight women. Or maybe they’re aware that audiences tune out plus-sized anchors because we’re so shallow. There is CNN’s Candy Crowley and then there’s which other plump female broadcaster?

Unfortunately, we can’t even blame Trump or the advent of reality TV for this elevation of the trivial. When Al Gore ran decades ago, his ratings got a large boost after he French-kissed his wife passionately after a debate. Gore was seen as a cold fish, so this tongue kiss made him instantly more likable…to idiots. That kiss, that shimmy, those sniffles, the debate’s guest list, entertaining zingers or that handshake which didn’t happen will have zero effect on our lives.

For that, we must dissect their policies. What are they proposing, besides polarizing personal attacks? What is their vision? Does it mesh with their records? (Trump doesn’t even have a record of holding office other than iffy business deals.) If we only judged our presidents on their debate performances, techniques and body language, then we’d be rooting for evangelical republican Mike Pence. Despite very poor expectations, Pence appeared handsome, looked presidential and even maintained his composure with ease when asked to defend the indefensible utterances of his running mate. By contrast, Tim Kaine seemed like a not-ready-for-prime-time rabid weasel: huffy, frequently interrupting, sighing and phony. Not at all likable. I don’t think many people on my page support the anti-LGBT Pence, despite his looks and charm. So I hope that more of us will look past the often deceiving optics. We’re not electing a debater or an entertainer here. It’s what candidates say that matters—not how they say it.


There was a Clinton bombshell yesterday, too. Remember those speeches to financial institutions which Bernie Sanders kept asking Hillary to release? Well, hackers just released some. Sadly, they show Clinton completely at odds with the positions she is now spouting on the campaign trail. She has to pretend to be a progressive and borrow Bernie Sanders’ appealing policies in order to mask her own rotten agenda. After colluding with the DNC to cheat Sanders. A crooked politician like Hillary heading up an entire crooked party is why I, a lifelong democrat, am leaving that party.  And please save your mess about how a vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Trump. Not in a blue state like NY where Clinton will win no matter what.

On the campaign trail: She says she won’t cut Social Security.
Now revealed: She will, just as fellow corporate democrat Obama tried to cut Social Security via chained CPI cuts.

On the campaign trail: She opposes the TPP.
Now revealed: She likes trade deals.

On the campaign trail: We have to curb big banks.
Now revealed: She thinks Wall Street didn’t crash the economy alone.

This is from the NY Times, which endorsed her.

“In lucrative paid speeches that Hillary Clinton delivered to elite financial firms but refused to disclose to the public, she displayed an easy comfort with titans of business, embraced unfettered international trade and praised a budget-balancing plan that would have required cuts to Social Security, according to documents posted online Friday by WikiLeaks.

The tone and language of the excerpts clash with the fiery liberal approach she used later in her bitter primary battle with Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and could have undermined her candidacy had it become public.”

Hillary’s a liar who has no vision for the country except to continue the failed neoliberal policies of Obama. The only thing she has going for her is that she isn’t Trump. Yet these failed policies are the reason that people would consider voting for a jackass like Trump despite the fact that he’s never held elected office. Average Americans aren’t doing well and the middle class is dying. While the Republican Party considers a replacement for Trump after his latest scandal, the democrats should also boot the corrupt hawk Hillary Clinton in favor of the honest candidate who the DNC cheated. Sanders was usually beating Trump by double digits with only a tiny fraction of the media coverage. Does Hillary even have a double digit lead now?

Now go blame the hackers, not what they’ve revealed about Hillary. What better time for responsible Americans who care about income inequality, affordable higher education and healthcare, jobs, ending police brutality and the environment. Oh, and not crashing the economy again, which is the direct result of corporate democrats like the Clintons colluding with the big banks which have bought them.


Hillary Went To Work Sick–Should All Americans Get Paid Sick Leave?

Some Americans who only want what the rest of the world has are called radical. This is a fascinating look at one area we’re behind in.

BBC.COM: “Hillary Clinton will not be the only American who has gone to work this week with an illness that should have kept her at home.
By showing up for a 9/11 commemoration ceremony on Sunday, despite being diagnosed with pneumonia, the Democratic presidential hopeful was doing what millions of Americans do every day – ignoring her symptoms and attempting to “power through” a day’s work.
“No one’s allowed to be sick. Sickness is weakness,” says LeaAnne DeRigne, associate professor of social work at Florida Atlantic University.

“The attitude is ‘I’m irreplaceable – if I don’t show up, my job won’t get done.’ Some of it is also concern about how you are going to be viewed as an employee – whether you can be counted on or not. Whether by having too many sick days, too many absences, you are not seen as reliable.”

She adds: “At the very core of being American is the idea of being a hard worker.”

Not that most Americans have a choice in the matter.
America is the only developed industrial nation that does not guarantee paid sick leave by law.

Eligible workers are allowed to take up to 12 weeks off for illnesses or a new baby without fear of losing their job – under the Family and Medical Leave Act, signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1993 – and many companies will allow their staff a few days’ sick leave as part of their employee benefits package.

But for millions of low-paid workers, the rule is simple – if you don’t show up for work you lose a day’s pay.”


Hillary opposes it. Trump opposes it. Sanders opposes it. Obama supports it. WHY?

Hillary opposes it.
Trump opposes it.
Sanders opposes it.
Obama supports it. WHY?


Yep, forget everything you heard about the GOP Congress blocking all of Obama’s great legislation because that is not happening right now. Obama is joiniing republicans in Congress to trying to shaft the American people in such a dastardly way that no presidential candidate could even put their name to without losing the working class’s vote. It’s so shamefully pro-corporation that even many democrats in Congress can’t support the president of their own party in this. It will kill jobs, compromise US sovereignty, enable drug monopolies so that EpiPen episodes can happen worldwide, harm the environment and much more. If you know about how bad the TPP is for 99% of us, please call your Senator today. If you don’t, maybe you’ll read what’s below. If this deal were good for Americans, Obama wouldn’t have rammed it through in secret. If 1/5th of my friends called in today, it could be a big help in stopping the TPP. Or if all my friends are not affected because they are part of the 1%, could you please lend me a million bucks for 50 years?

FOOD AND SAFETY WATCH: “The fate of the corporate-rigged Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being decided right now.

That’s why dozens of organizations are working together to make TODAY a nationwide TPP Call-In Day — to get all of our representatives to publicly announce opposition to the TPP before the election.

Call your member of Congress right now to get him or her to issue a public statement opposing the TPP

The TPP’s backers are twisting arms and calling in favors, trying to scrounge up enough congressional support to schedule a vote on the dangerous deal in the lame-duck session of Congress.

They know their only chance to get the TPP approved is to hold a vote after the election when representatives’ political accountability to constituents is at its absolute lowest. But we can foil that plan if we force members of Congress to take a public position before Election Day.

That is because they know they cannot be for the TPP and then face the voters. Americans are furious about the influence corporations have over governments and the decisions that shape our daily lives – and the TPP is a horrifying example of corporate influence gone wrong.

The TPP will offshore millions of American jobs, expose the U.S. to imports of unsafe food, and empower corporations to attack hard-fought U.S. environmental and health safeguards.

The TPP language could also dissuade rigorous oversight of imported foods, including inspection of fish imported from TPP member countries that raise farmed fish with chemicals and antibiotics not allowed in the U.S. Already federal inspection of seafood imports is already inadequate with just over 1 percent of imported fish and seafood shipments being inspected or tested.

Call your member of Congress right now and urge him/her to publicly oppose the TPP

The TPP language could also allow private corporations to set food standards. One of the most concerning aspects of the TPP is the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism, which allows private corporations to sue national governments over rules that companies believe inhibit their profit-making ability. As ISDS tribunals in other trade agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) attest, trade courts have consistently ruled against nation-state bans on toxins, laws protecting forests or water services, restrictions on mining, and many other public and environmental safeguards.

To make matters worse, any U.S. food safety rules on GMOs, labeling, pesticides, animal drugs, or additives that are higher than international standards could be subject to challenge as “illegal trade barriers.”

Under “fast-track” trade authority passed earlier this year, legislators must vote a straight yes/no and are not allowed to amend any text of the TPP. Congress must take it or leave it – and they should leave it. Instead of elevating economic, health, and environmental standards across borders, the TPP creates a race to the bottom.

Fight the TPP corporate power-grab by calling your representative now >>

Calling your representative is quick and easy. And it REALLY makes a difference. The offices keep a log of calls and track the overall numbers. For your call, we’ll provide a toll-free phone number right to your representative and sample script for you to use.

Some of the world’s biggest corporations are pushing for the TPP and are relentless about having a lame-duck vote on the deal. The other side has more resources, to be sure, but we can still kill the TPP.

That’s because our side represents the biggest most diverse coalition ever assembled to fight corporate-rigged “trade” deals. This diverse group — labor, environmental, consumer, faith, health, family farm, civil rights, senior citizen, youth, LGBT and other organizations and activists — has united because the TPP is a corporate Trojan horse packed with devastation for all of our goals and the policies we all care about.

The whole coalition is taking part in the TPP Call-In Day to have congressional office phones ringing off the hook. Please join us!

If we all take action together, today, we will make a serious impact on Capitol Hill.”

My thoughts on Hillary’s mysterious illness.

Are people really still up in arms about Hillary having trouble breathing, getting overheated and nearly falling to her knees during a 9/11 event? Lemme tell you, when I’m at an event and I see either a 9 or 11, I drop right own to my knees, get extremely overheated and it ain’t long until I’m having trouble breathing!

Israel Spits In Obama’s Face…So He Gives Them $38 Billion. Sound Legit?

Over the weekend, headlines noted that the White House was “livid” with Israel’s Netanyahu over his remarks on video claiming that UN member countries who support a Palestinian settlement are engaging in “ethnic cleansing” of jews. I think anyone who is honest with themselves knows that it’s actually Israelis who’re engaged in ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, but for whatever reason, the US and the UN were livid over Netanyahu’s remarks.

And what would you do if you were livid with someone? Reward them with the most money you’ve ever given them? Hardly, yet that’s what the Obama is doing. $38 billion over the next 10 years–the largest amount we’ve ever paid to any country. Oh, but in exchange for the money, Israel is making concessions. One of them is that Israel agrees not to ask for more money. Well, why would they need to ask? We’ve just given them more than ever.

Can you imagine what $38 billion could do for the US? Create jobs, install solar panels, go towards cheaper education and health care, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, get vets the care they need when they need it, expand social security benefits a little, improve our system of education, etc. But no, we’re more concerned with Israel’s well-being than our own. When you hear pundits on the news discussing US foreign policy, you’ll often hear them discussing “US interests.” For example, Leon Panetta recently used this expression to say that Hillary was more prone to use military force to advance “US interests” than Obama has been. Typically, “US interests” refers to conflicts we start or fund which do not actually protect the US from any attacker. Israel is key among them, since the $3.1 billion we currently give them every year (which even Bernie Sanders votes to approve) means that US taxpayers actually pay more for Israel’s defense than Israeli taxpayers themselves do. It doesn’t stop at Israel. The US regularly buys it’s allies. We’re so hated and distrusted that we’re forced to buy our friends. A clear indication of a foreign policy gone wrong, yet one espoused by democrats and republicans.

Bizarrely, it’s often claimed the Israel needs our financial aid because they are the lone democracy in the Middle East. We like to cultivate democracy overseas–remember how our media proudly displayed the ink-stained fingers of Afghan women who could finally vote? The problem is, that the US is now an oligarchy in which corporations, not voters, control the government. We don’t have democracy here, yet we pay to support democracies overseas. Doesn’t pass the smell test.

Has f#cking around all over the world helped the US? No, it’s created terrorists groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. Do you give record sums to countries you are “livid” with? Does that even make sense? And would you, voters, prefer to see your tax dollars support the country you live in rather than a bully like Israel which is engaged in ethnic cleansing? If your answer is no, then you aren’t voting for anyone candidate in either major party. I’d hate to see how much we’d give Israel if we weren’t “livid.” And I love this headline which makes it seem like Obama bucks the GOP. There is no difference between the parties on their support for Israel. Even at a time when Israel spits in Obama’s face…again.

HAARETZ: “For the umpteenth time, senior Obama administration officials were caught by surprise by the fact that Netanyahu has no qualms about attacking them, even during a highly sensitive period when he needs U.S. diplomatic and military assistance.

Officials at the White House and State Department have sensed that, since the report, Netanyahu has been ridiculing them and, in the worst case scenario, actually spit in their faces.”

Don’t you love to repay spit in your face with a payment of billions? Those billions come directly from your tax dollars–do you pretend to have no say in this? By saying nothing, you condone this lunacy.

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Our Rotten Congress Finally Passes a 9/11 Bill….And Obama Prepares To Veto It?

Yesterday, we remembered 9/11. Friday, our typically do-nothing Congress actually passed a bill which would enable families to sue Saudi Arabia, where almost all of the 9/11 hijackers came from. Yet Obama says he plans to veto it.

Why would Obama not want to enable 9/11 families to sue? Because it sets a legal precedent which could enable countries the US has killed many in to sue us. That, and the fact that we wouldn’t want to endanger our relationship with Saudi Arabia since we sell them so many weapons.

I saw one article about this which claimed that this was a rare occasion in which Obama broke with his party’s leadership, who supported the bill. Actually, that’s not exactly true. Few democrats in Congress support the TPP, ether. Neither Sanders, Clinton, Warren nor even Trump support that awful trade deal. So what exactly is Obama doing? He’s taking advantage of a head-line grabbing tabloid election to distract us and undermine the country in favor of countries which send terrorists here and corporations which want to send what’s left of our jobs overseas.

Congress feels so strongly about this bill that they intend to override his veto–which they’ve never attempted during either of his two terms. So our lawmakers represent us, and who does Obama represent in vetoing this bill? Saudi Arabia? Or just anyone who will pay him? Certainly not the families of 9/11.

Obama Expected To Veto 9/11 Bill Because It Sets A Dangerous Precedent

New Interview With Call Me Adam

New interview and here’s a taste:

Lady Bunny is a living legend! She has been on my radar since the days of Wigstock and I’m thrilled to have been given the opportunity to speak with her. In what is probably one of my raciest interviews to date, Lady Bunny and I definitely take things to a new level!

We dish about her new one-woman show Trans-Jester!, the creation of Lady Bunny herself as well as her drag festival Wigstock, working with RuPaul, being a judge on Drag U, and a revelation that will make a lot of jaws drop!

In Trans-Jester!, Lady Bunny presents new parodies of selections from Adele, Rent and Bruno Mars punctuated by zany Laugh-In style zingers, as well as insightful social commentary, targeting the current overemphasis on political correctness. Lady Bunny breaks down some of the latest buzzwords that we’re all supposed to remember for every for every occasion as we “evolve.” Lady Bunny may also shock you with revelations about her own gender identity. “She” asks pertinent questions about cultural appropriation prior to declaring her undying love for black cock in a vulgar version of “Uptown Funk.” Lady Bunny brings it on home with a show-stopping finale featuring two classics from Gypsy and Follies. The eclectic evening also resurrects songs by country star Lynn Anderson, Millie Jackson and even an original tune which pokes fun at the dating life of whatever sex it is you want to call this “Lady.”

1. You just stared a month long residency at the Stonewall Inn with the return of your show Trans-Jester! What made now the right time to do this show again after just completing a three-month run of it?

Well, Miss Graceful broke her little toe and was banished to wear flats for over a month. It’s hard to read your audience when you’re wearing Payless size 12 ballet flats! But we still had full houses when we were doing Monday-Wednesday shows, so it seemed unwise to end the show completely. Also, I had a lot of traveling to do this summer which was booked before the show kept getting extended. It was an extraordinary experience to perform at Stonewall while people grieved the shooting at Pulse. The community just sort of organically gravitated back to where it all started–Stonewall. Not the most chic venue, not the latest, but that’s where gay rights began in this country. It was landmarked this summer by President Obama, so I think it’s a great place to be on a stage asking: Have we got so many letters in the LGBTIQA that no one knows what that even stands for any more? How does a community which can’t even name itself defend itself? I’m sick of the infighting over labels that goes on within our community when I’d much rather be fighting our oppressors–not each other. But this is all very high-minded talk for a show which is basically a raunchfest, with an overall theme of poking fun at political correctness gone wild. With the infernal Trump, political correctness is still in the news. But Trump and his followers use a shield of politically incorrectness to hide their racism and xenophobia. I’m coming from a liberal viewpoint opposite from Trump to bemoan the fact that we aren’t allowed to laugh anymore. Or mock things which strike us as amusing.


A Sneak Peak At Trans-Jester!, My New Show At Stonewall Tonight Through 10/1

Trans-Jester! is back at The Stonewall Inn through October 1st. The show pokes fun at PC word police between snippets of humor which is alternately raunchy and plain silly. It’s Wednesday through Fridays at 7PM–except this week we only have shows on Wednesday and Saturday. Hope you can make it!

Pussies Gone Wild!