A great gag!

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Now THIS put me in the holiday spirit!

Jabberwocky, Jan Švankmajer, 1971.

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Tell it, honey!

The only reason we don’t have the same healthcare system enjoyed by much of the rest of the world is: we are too busy arguing over which corrupt politicians in which corrupt party who will rip us off by spending our taxes on crazy wars–rather than on our own healthcare and kids’ education. I’m glad that Alexandria is articulate on this. Our problems will never be solved by swapping the heads between a female president, a jewish president, a black president, young or old president or anyone else who represents a system which fails most. It’s about changing the status quo so that it benefits working Americans–which most of us are.

Cortez: 'Every other developed nation in the world does this. Why can’t America?'

“Every other developed nation in the world does this. Why can’t America?”Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions why the US pays for “unlimited war” but not Medicare-for-all

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Bless his heart! A dynamic speaker and on target at such a young age.

Teenager and Grandson of Holocaust Survivors Demands Climate Action

Don't let anyone tell you that young people don't care about the world

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Hillary 2020? LOL!

Hillary Clinton may actually run in 2020… which is a terrible, terrible idea.

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Has my doctor seen my act?


Alors lui il m'a tué, j'en peux vraiment plus hahaha

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I thought for the holidays, I’d share a treasured family recipe

Cold Hot Dog Pie

We know how much you all loved that hot dog slushie last April, so we're back with another beefy anytime-treat. 🌭😆

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Creative, but really?

Grater Nails

Except you might end up grating something you didn't mean to.By Nail Sunny

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So this nails are disque baby bottles 🍼 milk inside. What yall think 🤔 💭

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Cindy Hyde-Smith can be heard, clear as day, saying, “If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row.”

She’s running against a black guy.

Bayou Brief: I had been warned in advance about Hyde-Smith’s outrageous comment, which, some in the media subsequently characterized as a “joke.” To me, the only thing even remotely amusing was that it was somewhat reminiscent of Forrest Gump’s microphone kicking back on at the tail end of his speech at a war protest: “And that’s all I have to say about the war in Vietnam.”

But the fictional character Forrest Gump, the audience understood, had been speaking about the brutalities of war; the real-life Cindy Hyde-Smith, however, was trivializing the horrific terror of racist murders that haunt the present and stain the history of Mississippi and the entire Deep South.

Her comments are even more egregious considering they were delivered in the context of a campaign for the United States Senate. Hyde-Smith faces Democratic candidate Mike Espy in a runoff election on Nov. 27th.


Seattle Man Arrested After Going on Racist Rant to Black Stranger

‘We built these streets! White men built these streets.’ — A man was arrested after going on a racist rant against a Black stranger in Seattle

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Paint porn!

A Minute of Motion Therapy

SO mesmerizing…

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Sorry, but I’m an old hippie!

I’m in a book!



Not only is Nancy not progressive who doesn’t even want abortion rights to be a litmus test to be a Democrat. Not only did she lose 1200 seats in her time as Speaker. But she’s also pushing a tax rule which would kneecap a progressive agenda.

“This is a very bad idea, House Democrats. It makes no sense whatsoever to give Republicans veto power over progressive legislation.”

Thanks, Nancy! Give Republicans more power to nix legislation?

The left’s new hero isn’t that left.

He’s just handsome.


Hot mami!

Yo llegando a todas partes: Casual, discreta y sutil 💅💕

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MINA – The beat goes on

MINA – THE BEAT GOES ON! Beatnick / Sonny and Cher / Sweet Charity / Fellini / Bob Fosse inspired 60's Italian TV. I would do anything for a clean copy of this masterpiece. Italian tv was so highly stylized and made American sets look like nothing.

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Her outfit!

1972: Blue Peter: World-Class Whistling

This is what top-quality entertainment looked like #OnThisDay in 1972.

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Love her!

Boo’d Up

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I do not support Barbara Lee for speaker of the Speaker Of The House because she is black, or because she’s a woman. That’s identity politics and by that logic, I should support Omarosa for office, too.

It’s about what Barbara Lee stands for that matters. And what her voting record backs up. I vigorously applaud her bravery to stand up against the Iraq war in no uncertain terms. If you recall, opposing the Iraq war was how a dynamic Obama burst onto the national spotlight.

Here are some other platforms Barbara Lee advocates contrasted with where Nancy Pelosi stands on these issues. Pelosi is suggesting that we work with the GOP–ie constantly compromise and drag “the left” further to the center. When it is already squarely there. Barbara stands for progress.

If you agree, please sign this petition:


"WOW, you have a beard?!"

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(I would be right behind them with a pin!)

The Hi-Fructose: New Contemporary Fashion book is finally coming. Reserve a copy today. Featured artist: inflatable artist/ designer Sasha Frovola . @sashafrolova・・・#sashafrolova #inflatable #latex #marieantoinette #lesjardinsdetretat #hifructose

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So the GOP are fascists, white supremacists and crazy evangelicals who hate abortion and LGBT anything, right? That’s what we’re told every day. Yet this leading Democrat wants to find common ground with THEM. Agreement on what? Climate change denial? Cutting taxes on the wealthiest? Killing Obamacare? Puh-lease. Nancy is a good fundraiser. She has no ideas. She also claimed that supporting abortion rights should not be a litmus test to be a Democrat. A wonderful leader for “The Year Of The Woman.” You are not resisting Trump if you are assisting Trump. Democrats would rather screw over their progressive base and court Trump voters. As Jimmy Dore says, establishment Dems like Nancy and Hillary would rather lose to a Republican than to a progressive who advocates getting money out of politics and regulating the banks so that they can’t crash the economy and housing market again.

INTERCEPT.COM: Pelosi and her party have an obligation, above all else, to defeat fascism — and you can’t defeat fascism by meeting it in the middle. MORE:

Schmuck Schumer

It was interesting to see a Republican senator (Jeff Flake) join and speak in support of a bi-partisan deal to protect the Mueller investigation from Trump and the his new AG who might scuttle it. Amidst the Trump supporters in Congress, I know that some moderate GOP lawmakers like Flake are appalled by Trump. Or at least they are thinking of their future careers after we leave the Trump zone.

Speaking of bi-partisan actions by senators….You remember the big Kavanaugh hearing? When the left was rightfully tearing their hair out because Kav is so conservative that abortion rights and much else the left holds dear are now in peril? Well, right after Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Democratic Senator from NY Chuck Schumer made a bi-partisan agreement. He brokered a deal to fast-track 15 of Trump’s district and circuit court judges. Please note that most of these appointees are in their 40s and 50s and like Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, these Judes are lifetime appointments, spread all over the country.

And what did Dems get in return for giving into Trump with these judges? Leaving trans people alone? Allotting some money for green jobs? Moving towards cheaper drugs–which Trump even campaigned on? No, Democrats got this: they got to go home. Some #resistance. More like the #assistance to Trump. The president isn’t the only one we need to look out for. It’s spineless Dems like good ol’ Chuck. Progressives howled over this fast-tracking, but they don’t make it onto the news that often.

The Hill: A week before hearings begin, dozens of Senate Democrats have yet to publicly oppose Kavanaugh. Not only has Schumer lagged in unifying his caucus in opposition, he’s cutting deals with Mitch McConnell to fast-track Trump’s judicial appointees, helping Trump shape a right-wing judiciary for a generation,” said executive director Anna Galland.

“We don’t need Democrats cutting deals to help Trump and the Republican agenda. We need them—and Schumer—fighting with the rest of us to protect our rights, our democracy and our lives,” she added.

Brian Fallon, the executive director of Demand Justice, a group leading opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination, said an extra few days on the campaign trail isn’t worth the impact on the federal judiciary.

“Trading this many lifetime positions away for a couple days back home in the dead of August is a metaphor for how myopic the Democrats’ approach has been at this dark moment in history,” he said in a statement.

“An entire branch of government is being lost for generations and Senate Democrats are willfully blind to it. In the coming months and years, these same Democrats will issue outraged statements about the rulings issued by the very judges that they could not be bothered to try to slow down. It is pathetic,” he added.