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Always cheesy but often dynamite!

A great thing that happened on 9/11… In 1942 the FABULOUS Lola Falana waz born!!! Can not WRAP my brain around the fact that this dynamo iz 76!!! 😱

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I wonder if media of the left is giving this progressive idea any airtime….

Don’t know why I love this!

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I’ve been saved!


People on the left think that guns are too easy to get ahold of–even for mentally unstable types with assault rifles. People on the right think that their guns will be likely taken away so they’d better get more now before new laws prevent gun sales.

We all know that FB sells our info to any company which we have liked and shows us ads for similar products. I’ve bought stuff online (not through FB ads) and the next day, I see ads for the same product on my FB page. And I’m like, “Um, I already bought that and don’t need another one the very next day.”

But here is something very strange. If you sign up for anything–free wifi in airports, hotels, sign a political petition, etc., you can expect to get lots more mail from them or whoever they’ve sold your info to. Lately, I’ve been getting marketing emails regarding tinnitus/hearing loss (I am a dj), keto diets (I am porky) and….GUN SALES!?! All of the ads feature photos of attractive young women in skin tight clothes. Man, are they ever barking up the wrong tree. But if I, who never intends to own a gun, is getting these daily–imagine what people who are into gun culture are being led to think. If they’re foolishly sending gun ads to a lefty/peacenik like me, imagine what scared rednecks are getting. Is this frightening to anyone else?

There are now more guns than people in the USA.

Scenes from Wigstock 2.HO

Wigstock 1/2 off discount tix announced!

WIGSTOCK UPDATE: You spoke and we listened. If click on the link below and use the code WIGS and hit enter, tickets have been slashed to a way more affordable $50. We have over 50 performers, so that’s 1 buck per queen!
Answers to other frequently asked questions.

The event is rain or shine. There’s a chance of showers and hate to see matted wigs–that’s Linda Simpson’s look. Don’t steal it. Rain bonnets are in.
Bring a blanket or folding chair because there are hardly any seats except in pricier VIP areas. There is a handicapped section up front. There is a mentally handicapped section on stage–have you seen the cast?

Can you stand up for a 6 hours show? If not, wear sensible shoes!

Bring photo ID–even if you’re as old as Joey Arias Nyc and bought a ticket. Even if you are a performer or a go-go dancer. This is a policy of the venue and there are no exceptions.
There are no comps and we don’t need volunteers, but I thank those of you who offered. Any requests for comps will be ignored but I, like Neil Patrick Harris and every other performer gets 2 of them. If you can’t figure out the ticket link, you need to find someone else to help you other than me cuz mama has to work on it’s wigs and rehearsing.
Just because we’ve halved the price doesn’t mean that the drinks are cheap in this glitzy venue, so just letting potential whiners know whats up. So if you need to bring a flask, get high before you come or whatever floats your boat, just don’t show security! And don’t blow them either–blowing all of them is in my rider!

Please share with anyone who might wanna come at the new discounted (code WIGS) price. www.Wigstock.NYC.

With Linda Simpson, Lypsinka Von Rasputina, Mike Albo, David Ilku, Pepper Mint, Alex Bartlett, Nora Burns, Xavier Smith, Jeff Campagna, Bianca Del Rio, Charlie Brody, Sherry Vine, Jackie Beat, Bob The Drag Queen, Kevin Joseph, Alex Āoncè Newell, Ryan Landry, Michael Musto, Scott Martino, Guy Furrow, Joshua Grannell, Candis Cayne, Lina Bradford, Raven Oh, Kevin Aviance, Amanda Lepore, Bryant Dorean Shequida, Shequida Hall, Murray Hill, Dirty Martini, Javier Madrid, Joey Arias Nyc, Justin Vivian Bond, Princess Diandra, Dirty Martini, William Angel Bailey, Dina Martina, Drew Droege, David Burgess, Raven Oh, Steven Willis, Adam Cardone.

Hope you can make it to see our incredible line-up!
Also, we lost Juanita More, Juanita More and Wendy Ho. But we gained Flloyd and Sharon Needles!

And please remember, I’m in my zone and will not respond to texts, FB messages, emails or carrier pigeons. And that means even you, MOM! HOPE TO SEE YA SATURDAY AT PIER 17!

Typical NYC night

Typical NYC night: Walk into my building and there is the putrid stench of a rotten mouse corpse. I quickly enter my apartment and a blast of cool, fresh air hits my nose. So happy the mouse didn’t die in here. Then I hear that familiar scurry and think “Oh well, at least the mice in my dump are still alive!

Not Marilyn’s biggest fan, but she is incredible in the footage!

No script needed! She’s so flirty and wild. How does one come up with the blowing of the bangs mannerism?

Marilyn’s screen test for Something’s Gotta Give (1962)

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A message from DJ Lina Bradford!

@wigstocknyc Bringing communities and generations together @official_lady_bunny @nph @shutupchanel @candiscayne get your tickets https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/1D00550F89971C57?f_PPL=true&ab=efeat5786v1. Visit @wigstocknyc see jew September 1st sugar 💋. Lady Bunny

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A note about Wigstock 2.HO tickets!

Hey! I was thrilled by the positive response to Wigstock returning. I wasn’t thrilled by the disappointment from some when they learned that the cheapest tickets were $95—apart from a few blocks of $18.95 tickets. If you think that’s too high, then you know I think it is. When I post about DJing Sundays at The Monster, my favorite thing to type is “Free!” at the end. When I performed Trans-Jester! for two years at Stonewall Inn, I loved making tickets affordable to most at $19.99. I shun VIP anything, so you know that way higher than $95 VIP tickets was not my idea. Some forget that when we moved the event from Tompkins Square Park to the much larger piers, the production costs grew and we had two choices: to charge admission or not put on the show. We felt so guilty about charging at all that we donated 1/2 of our net profits to GMHC. This year’s tickets sales also contribute a portion to GMHC. So if you think I’m gouging, please know that gouging just isn’t in my nature.


I hope you’ll understand that the last outdoor, full-fledged Wigstock was around 17 years ago. And I’m sure you’ve noticed that the city has changed a lot since then, and is far more upscale. Tompkins Square Park’s bandshell is razed and that rusty pier is shut. I used to pay a permit fee of $50 to the Parks Dpt. for the use of Tompkins Square. The new space costs $35,000 to roll in equipment and use for rehearsals the day before, and $75,000 to use the day of the show and then roll the equipment back out. A whopping $66,000 go to union wages. I was never in charge of Wigstock’s finances, but lordy did I gag at the over $15,000 “filing fee” on this year’s budget. I was too defeated to even ask what that filing fee was for. But we lost our first location and then found this brand new, rooftop concert venue Pier 17 where Diana Ross will perform later in September. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me, I thought. It is gorgeous, and the view of water in the back and a wall of skyscrapers beside the stage is splendid and unique. But not at all cheap.

We’re also paying performers this time around, which only ever happened the two years we did that Wigstock-themed cruise. I’m happy about that, but paying 50+ performers adds up. Around 13 of them are from out of town and they must be flown in and housed in hotels for two nights because the show starts at 3PM. They can’t arrive the day of the show from LA or SF, and the show needs Lina and Candis and Glamamore and Alaska and Juanita More and Latrice to rule. And if the oldest performing drag queen in the US—Darcelle XV from Portland–needs an assistant along her trip, then I want to provide two tickets for her. Bianca Del Rio will literally wipe off her make-up backstage and hop a flight directly from the festival to Sweden for a gig which pays her more than I ever could. So if her assistant carrying her extra bags of merch needs to accompany her, I want to pay for that. (I never said her plane would actually land, however.) A bus for the 8 acts coming from Provincetown costs thousands to hire for 24 hours. But these gals have been doing back to back shows all summer and have taken the day off on their last weekend to lose money at Wigstock, departing at 4AM from P’town and back that same night. To me, they are all drag stars who are doing me a huge favor by appearing at all. I can’t repay them with a crappy bus which signals to them that I’m not concerned with their comfort. And have you seen Dina Martina and Ryan Landry? They definitely need to catch up on some beauty rest en route! Desmond Is Amazing needs edits on his track—that comes out of my own pocketbook and I’m happy to pay it. The festival didn’t last for 20+ years because I have a reputation of mistreating talent–or Flotilla. But the costs incurred by talent and the splashy new venue naturally get transferred to ticket buyers.

Most agree that our line-up is a sensational. And while $95 IS pricey, the show is 6 hours long. I totally understand that it may not be affordable for everyone, but that’s what it costs to bring Wigstock back—which is what people all over the world have begged me to do for decades. So we are back on Saturday, September 1st, and I sure hope you can make it!



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The festival of wigs, love and hair-piece is all set to return on Sept 1st on a gorgeous new rooftop venue called Pier 17 from 3-10PM (Doors at 2PM). I am so thrilled to be joined by an absolute dream cast of my favorite classic NYC performers, some newer NYC girls to superstars from RuPaul’s Drag Race. And several gals from out of town who will knock your socks right out of your bra. Costumes encouraged!

Scheduled to appear:

Alex Āoncè Newell
Barbara Tucker
Harmonica Sunbeam aka Bryant Dorean
Unitard–with Mike Albo, Nora Burns and David Ilku.
Linda Simpson
Connie Fleming
Bianca Del Rio
Justin Vivian Bond
Flotilla Debarge
Princess Diandra
Sherry Vine
Jackie Beat
Amanda Lepore
Drew Droege
Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black
Pixie Aventura
Sugga Pie Koko
Jada Valenciaga
Jinkx Monsoon
Candis Cayne
Lina Bradford
Dirty Martini
Juanita More
Connie Fleming
Joey Arias
Raven Oh
Desmond The Amazing
Darcelle XV–the oldest drag queen performing in the US!
Neil Patrick Harris
Peaches Christ
Toilet Boys with Miss Guy Furrow
Javier Ninja aka Javier Madrid
Bob The Drag Queen
Charlene Incarnate
Latrice Royale
Liza Lott
Penny Champagne
Pepper Mint
Qya Marie
Dina Martina
Scarlet Envy
Shequida Hall
Taylor Mac
Fogo Azul
Varla Jean Merman
Ladies of Lips
Kevin Aviance
Wendy Ho
And more to come!

And there is also a somewhat promising ingenue named Lady Bunny who is just starting out.

MORE INFO/TIX: https://www.out.com/wigstock

I’ll bet I was this type of child!

When she said "Listen Linda" I fell through the floor. Where is this kid!

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Mood for the rest of the Day 🖤🐄 https://youtu.be/mXnJqYwebF8Doja Cat

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Still the best!

1939 beachwear featured in the Technicolor fashion sequence from “The Women.” Costume design by Adrian. ♥️

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My birthday’s coming up…just sayin’….

S2 EP 08: Stress Sausage

We all know someone who needs this stress sausage 😂Get yours here ➡️ http://bluecrate.com/stresssausage

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Chile peppers!

LEAKED: World of Dance: Karen y Ricardo vs Luka & Jenalyn

This duel will have you SCREAMING.

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Godd morning!

The world is a fucked up a beautiful place.

The world is a fucked up and beautiful place.

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Amen to this!

Pastor 'Cures' Weak Manhood

Pastor 'cures' man who couldn't get it up 😂

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Warning: GROSS!



Trippy Levi's commercial from the 70s.

Trippy Levi's commercial from the 70s.

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“The Republican Party itself has drifted so far to the right that they’re almost off the spectrum. But the split within the Democratic Party is significant, and it’s showing up in primary after primary. Will the party move in the direction of its popular base, with a, essentially, social democratic, New Deal-style programs, even beyond? Or will it continue to cater to the donor class and be essentially a moderate wing—a more moderate wing of the Republican Party? And unless that issue is resolved, I don’t think they have a very good chance in the forthcoming elections.”

She’s right!

Why New York State Must End Cash Bail

New York state has one legal system for the poor and people of color, and another for wealthy white men who can buy their freedom. In fact, thousands of New Yorkers are languishing in jail awaiting trial behind bars because of a cash bail system that punishes people for being poor. That’s not justice. It’s time to abolish cash bail. It’s time to end discriminatory policing that targets communities of color. And it’s time to invest in schools, not jails, here in New York state. Sign our petition to demand real criminal justice reform: http://bit.ly/EndCashBailNY#IStandWithKalief

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OK fellas!

what did I just watch 😂

what did I just watch 😂follow me Yasin Ünal 👍🏻

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