I put the “man” back into the Mannequin Challenge last night at Art Basel

Daniel Lismore’s Theater Of Self exhibit was a triumph of art, fashion, lighting–and they even had the air conditioning which eludes so many Miami establishments.

DJ Lina (formerly known as Girlina) performing at Wigstock 1999

I love this bitch! The Geri Halliwell song wasn’t well-known and I can’t say I’m a fan–especially not of her version of It’s Raining Men–but this is a genuinely fun and quirky little tune.

An oral history of The Pyramid Club with David Yarritu

A fascinating (to me, anyway) behind-the-scenes remembrance of some of the Pyramid’s cast of characters. David seen here with Sister Dimension, Les Childs, Billy Beyond and Leigh Bowery. What David does not mention is that he had just come from a stint as a member of the group ABC, known for such hits as The Look Of Love and Poison Arrow. So we all thought he was a big deal and was as much celebrated as anyone mentioned here.

Onboard at The Pyramid: 1984–1988



If burping is an art, then my dad is Picasso! A sneak peak at Art Basel Miami!

Thrilled to be a part of this line-up at Miami’s Art Basel. Check the first artist, David Balula. I have got to see this fella! This is opening night’s private event for bigwigs, but my outer space will be free and open to the public from 8-10PM Wednesday night. Please stop by. Then I’ll dj at Pat Field’s pop-up shop Thursday evening. Christeene, DJ Lina, Charlie Le Mindu, Ladyfag and all kinds of kooks are down here. Including a italiansweetheart named Esmerelda who is invited me to stay with her so that I can visit Venice before I drop. Y’all know I can be bitter and crazy, but I am looking forward to this week and plan to get inspired. Hell, maybe my old ass will even inspire someone…to fuck me!

Performance hours | Tuesday, November 29, 4pm to 6pm, by invitation only; Wednesday, November 30, 8pm to 10pm, free public access

A special evening program with live performances, as part of the Public sector, curated by Nicholas Baume, Director and Chief Curator of Public Art Fund, New York.
– Info | Collins Park, between 21st and 22nd Streets, Miami Beach.


Davide Balula | Interrupting Words with Burp Sounds (2014–2016) Cocktails and other food and drink gatherings are known to produce an easy, uid exchange of ideas. Garlic-infused drinks are served to both the audience and a group of brass musicians. Dispersed throughout the park, the musicians use their brass pipes to randomly mimic the bodily sounds produced during digestion. Hiccups and other digestive ‘music’ reveals the triumph of the body over the most meaningful dialog.

Lady Bunny | Lady Bunny’s Intergalactic Disco (2016)
Legendary New York City drag performer, DJ and founder of Wigstock creates a disco inside the Rotunda. As we now enter into the home stretch of 2016, having made it through election season, Lady Bunny feels it’s time to work out our collective anxieties on the dance oor. Conceived in part as tribute to

David Bowie, this space age-themed disco uses theatrical design elements and effects to create an interior from another galaxy, with Bowie-in ected dance music, dancing aliens, drag queens and other strange forms of life.

Rob Pruitt | Stretch, Grill and Chill (2016)
With a vintage white limo, Pruitt continues his ongoing tradition of performative sculptural projects. Retro tted to replace the engine with a barbeque grill and the trunk with a beverage cooler, the interior is a lounging area for guests with an artist selected playlist rotating through the speakers. A grill master works the BBQ while the audience can enjoy food and drinks in and around the limo.

Naama Tsabar | Composition 18 (2016)
For Composition 18, three bands of musicians, each atop their ampli ers, perform a separate musical piece. Due to the similar structure of the three songs, a dense musical eld is composed when they are played simultaneously. For the audience, sound becomes physical as their movement through the eld disassembles and reassembles the songs in a musical mix that is guided by their motion and location.

The Public sector is produced in collaboration with The Bass Museum of Art and supported by MGM Resorts Arts and Culture

A few scenes from the sculpture garden.







I’m down here for Art Basel doing 4 events. I’m not the most knowledgable art critic, that’s for sure. I don’t always have the patience to try and figure out what works of art mean and I haven’t studied it so I can’t put works of art into any sort of historical context. That said, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander on this gorgeous night and ponder neon lights which spell out Eternity Now.

Eternity isn’t something we’ve thought much about lately, is it? We’ve been yanked around on an emotional roller coaster of an election season only to find ourselves with results which few people I know are happy with, and most of my fiends are repulsed by. Our news media has turned into TMZ, chattering over every one of Trump’s possible cabinet picks and even his idiotic tweets. Him, a reality star with zero experience of holding elected office. It’s a truly pathetic situation to be in, since he’s such a wild card that even his own party fears his lunacy. I don’t want to put my head in the sand and ignore the issues of the day. I’ll fight against injustice as I’ve tried to with every other president since I was politically engaged. Maybe the struggle is an eternity, because it’s so tough to wrench power away from our rotten leaders.

Maybe these neon letters remind us that we need to live now, in the moment, and take a break from the fighting to enjoy something of beauty–if only to recharge our batteries for the fights which lie ahead. If we do not reconnect with joy, then we lead lives of bitterness. Or maybe this lengthy Instagram caption is the eternity! But I’m glad to be here, with my friends Adora and Sean Wild Child. Along with a crew of very talented folks who will help me transform a landmark building in the middle of an exquisite sculpture garden into an outer space discotheque with a nod to David Bowie. Then I’ll spin on Thursday for Patricia Field, who has thrown together a crew of talents like Scooter Laforge, Kevin Mchugh, Connie Fleming and Coby Koehl. What can I say? I love my job!

Lady Bunny t-shirts drive men wild! Women, too!

This young man in the video stripped naked and tied to molest me immediately after purchasing one. Do you know how many seniors in caftans get molested? Not many! Fausto Fernos of Feast Of Fun has interviewed every drag queen on earth and claims that my t-shirt is their favorite of them all!



$25 + shipping and handling.

For more info/to order:   http://ladybunny.net/team/t-shirt-by-michael-economy/

While Democrats are regrouping, they need to admit Obama’s many failures.

He’s very handsome, charming and gives a great speech, but he totally failed as the progressive he campaigned as. And spare me the argument that he was obstructed by a GOP Congress. Not for the first two years, when Dems controlled both houses. Why do you think Democrats lost in the mid-terms. Because the neoliberal policies of Bill Clinton, Obama and Hillary Clinton have failed so many working Americans, who used to form the core of blue voters.

Can’t believe I recorded this 1 year ago…

When Trump was still the joke candidate. Now he’s the joke president and nobody’s laughing.

Holiday styling tips from @Desigual @DesigualUSA with Lady Bun-Bun!

Because when you think of me, you think of fashion! Well, plus-sized fashion.

Scariest reporting on Mike Pence yet from @DemocracyNow.org

Unlike some GOP who court the evangelical vote, Pence actually seems to be one of them.  This is one segment with The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill. I recommend all three segments.



Posted by Susan Sarandon: Dems are playing the blame game instead of admitting they picked a loser

“I didn’t know I was so powerful.” Thank you for your bravery and honesty, Susan.



Clowning with Bianca Del Rio is one of my fave things to do…





This is a snippet from my show Trans-Jester! It plays every Wednesday at 7PM at Stonewall Inn through 12/28. (Except 11/30) The show is also coming to Cafe Istanbul in New Orleans Saturday 11/18 and to London’s Soho Theatre, SF’s Oasis and LA’s Casita Del Campo in Feb/March!


For more info/tix:   http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2594512

Wonderful Review Of Trans-Jester! Now every Wednesday at 7PM @The StonewallNYC

Trans-Jester – The Stonewall Inn, New York

Trans-Jester – The Stonewall Inn, New York

Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers

Lady Bunny brings her delightfully crass humor to the upstairs theatre of the historic Stonewall Inn, in the now twice-extended Trans-Jester. A drag icon, Bunny melds show tunes, audience-interactive monologue, video media, pop music, and brilliant one-liners together in a one-person show that balances social commentary with toilet humor to achieve a brilliant aesthetic and emotional balance.

Bunny expertly works with the audience energy, driving the piece while tweaking nuances on the fly to hold the audience in the palm of her brooch-bejeweled hand. Sondheim pings off of Bruno Mars, which collides with video footage before coming back to Bunny’s incisively irreverent monologues. The joy that Bunny brings to the stage is nothing short of infectious, and audiences cannot help but feel a connection, not only to Bunny, but to each other. Between jokes about genitalia and parody songs, there is a truth and a cohesiveness to the piece that creates a community in the cabaret space.
Though Bunny’s show was written and has been in performance since before the election, the message of unity therein rings perhaps even more true that it did before November 8. Bunny encourages the audience to keep their sense of humor and spread joy into the world, and leads by stunning example. Even though Bunny does the talking, the effect is cathartic and therapeutic in the house as well as onstage. There is safety and laughter and joy and hope. And scatological humor. And amazingly huge blonde wigs. Trans-Jester is Lady Bunny at her finest.

Runs until 28 December 2016

MORE INFO/TIX:   http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2594512



<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>I have finally finished the progrum for <a href=”https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump”>@realDonaldTrump</a> naugaration dinner! Loaded with homestyle cookin and celebs even Whitney comin!! <a href=”https://t.co/dn3UUy2WQF”>pic.twitter.com/dn3UUy2WQF</a></p>&mdash; The Real Ts Madison (@TsMadisonatl1) <a href=”https://twitter.com/TsMadisonatl1/status/798214360367824896″>November 14, 2016</a></blockquote> <script async src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

My Dead Boyfriend out today!

Bun-Bun has a little cameo in this new film starring Haether Graham and directed by Perter Gatien’s daughter Jen. I have a few lines, but since it’s set in the 90s East Village, the plot calls for Heather to stroll through Tompkins Square Park while Wigstock is happening. Louie Garay cast a gaggle of gals and I’m glad it’s finally coming out. See you at the Oscars. Or on Rotten Tomatoes. Opens today!


A review from one of my favorite performers is a blessing! Thanks so much, Penny Arcade!

“The show that delivers the unexpected is Lady Bunny’s

solo show Trans-Jester! at Stonewall Inn 30 years of nonstop showmanship have honed the great Bunny into an eclectic force of pure entertainment. Although she and her tribe brought lypsyncing to the masses at Pyramid in the 1980’s, it is Bunny’s real vocal chords belting out those tunes and she is REALLY GREAT! Bunny’s hair is bigger than ever, her heels are higher than ever, the gowns shorter or more even more elaborate then ever and the jokes raunchier than ever but sit back with a cocktail and while you are holding onto your guts laughing you will notice the high wire act of political and social concience that Bunny walks, few people dare to tell the truth like Bunny and fewer are funnier doing it. I, for one would NEVER miss a Lady Bunny show, Get your ass there, bring your friends and bask in their approval! because under that free for all raunchiness is a power packed punch of truth that shows how some people turn being a queer outsider into a blow against the Empire!”


TICKETS:   http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2594512



An odd endorsement from Louis C.K.

Ask the mothers in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Russia and Haiti how nurturing they think Hillary Clinton is. I’d love to see a female president, but not a mass murderer who kills for profit, not even for the safety of the US. A cute bit from the very talented Louis C.K., but like most Hilary supporters, he is willing to look away from her rotten record on foreign policy. Trump the jackass may have a demonic foreign policy, too, if elected. But he won’t be. So putting your head in the sand regarding Hillary’s hawkishness is folly. If we are forced to vote for her because of her insane opponent, that’s one thing. But she likes to talk about her work at the Children’s Defense Fund. She rarely mentions her role in using our tax dollars to spread bloodshed, often for no reason or the wrong reasons.

Do these costumes actually offend asians, as this video suggests?

I caught this video on Buzzfeed recently. Ironically it’s featured on a section of the site called Buzzfeed Yellow. Is that offensive too? And listen, there are all kinds of costumes which offend people. Some of this is justified, even though Hallowe’en is meant to have an element of evil to it. Thats’ why some christians see it as the devil’s work. I don’t think scary ghosts and goblins and slashers and zombies are exactly meant to comfort us, are they?

In this video, these girls don’t make the case of why these sexy geisha costumes are offensive. The merely rant on about how inauthentic these cheap geisha costumes are, and how they don’t make them feel sexy. They mention that these dime store combine chinese and japanese elements and therefore inaccurate, since geishas are japanese. They suggest going to learn more about japanese culture if you want to dress as a geisha, since actual geishas elevated prostitution to an art form and showed very little skin. So the sexy geisha costume makes no sense to these asian girls. The only means by which one suggests that sexy, inauthentic geisha costumes are offensive is the one of them who says this:

“If you want to be sexy on Hallowe’en, you can be sexy without disparaging someone else’s culture.”

Yet they aren’t disparaging anyone’s culture. They are gravitating to it because they like the look. They just happen to be getting it wrong. And can we be honest for just a second? Very few people are going to go to any japanese events, as this video suggests, to research their costumes. They go to a costume shop and pick something they like. (I go to a costume shop and pick whatever fits. Oink!) We’re still slowly emerging from a recession, and while I’d love to see someone in a meticulously researched geisha costume doing an intricate dance while serving tea with one of those immaculate wigs, most people can’t afford to go that far for a costume which is worn once. And again, let’s face it. Many people who don’t regularly dress up just go and grab something easy–it isn’t meant to be a statement other than “I want to participate and have some fun.” I mean, the typical Hallowe’en for people who don’t go all out with a unified look is just to apply some whiskers, witch hat, or ghoul make-up and wear it with their street clothes. Maybe they’ll wear all black street clothes. And yes, Hallowe’en is a holiday of the night, filled with intrigue and madness. It is most popular with younger people. So many do use it as an excuse to bare some skin in a way in which they normally wouldn’t. Just like many do at gay pride day. Can we get off their case and let them enjoy themselves as they see fit? It’s better to have them show some skin while they are still sexy. Don’t ask me how I know.

For example, say you wanted to go dressed as Darienne Lake, but you couldn’t find a fat suit that large. Or you wanted to impersonate Alaska Thunderfuck but they ran out of horse masks. Should someone make a video in protest? My Hallowe’en gig was on Tybee Island this year and the venue literally blew away during Hurricane Matthew. Then I picked up a last minute dj shift in New York but since I thought I was off,  I didn’t have a costume this year. So I threw on something vaguely asian. I had purchased these oversized frogs at the Tokyo airport and brought them home as a gift for Chris March. He ended up making this slightly asian costume for me years ago. It was not meant to be authentic, but it has a somewhat mandarin collar and frogs and I had a fan–which I actually left at home. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to express myself in the way that I choose? I’m not going to walk on eggshells just in case some snarky internet personalities might not approve. We’re not talking about seriously offensive looks like black face, swastikas or KKK hoods. Or entering the too soon category of impersonating someone who had just died, like Pete Burns.

Speaking of Pete Burns, he finally answered his own question: Dead Or Alive.

Despite rumors of  a heart attack, he actually died of shock when he got the bill from his plastic surgeon.

He was having a double lip replacement surgery.

People, have fun on a holiday which celebrates horror and lunacy and don’t let people tell you what to do just because they have a chopstick up their ass.


This Is What Happens When We Let Gay Inc. Think For Us

These advocacy taint their message when they get bribes. As does anyone else who takes money from drug companies to ensure that our drugs remain more expensive here than they cost anywhere else in the world. From Hillary to most lawmakers in both major parties. They are almost all regularly bribed to make sure big pharma can keep ripping us off.

But please, whatever you do, don’t stop discussing Trump as a sexual predator and Hillary’s emails. That might cause us to realize that both parties routinely rip off the unaware who elect them in so many different ways. So keep your focus on the p#ssy grabbing of someone who will never win or the few emails that were intertwined with Anthony Weiner the sexter’s. Those BLAZING OUTRAGES will cease to impact your lives in roughly two weeks. Meanwhile, seniors with Obamacare will still be splitting their pills into pieces because they can’t afford to take the full dosage prescribed. Great job, America! You really hammered the sex scandals and ignored policy completely.

You can thank out TMZ “news” for a lot of that. If gay groups in SF seek to keep drug prices high because they were each bribed–I mean contributed to–just imagine how stories like this never appear in the corporate media. Our TV news runs on ad dollars from big pharma so they seldom question the stranglehold they have on our entire government.


INTERCEPT.COM: Big Pharma Paid LGBT Groups and Others That Opposed California Drug-Price Ballot Measure

SAN FRANCISCO’S TWO competing LGBT Democratic groups — the leftist Harvey Milk Democratic Club and the centrist Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club — rarely agree on contentious economic issues. But both groups announced in September that they would be opposing Proposition 61, the high-profile initiative to lower drug prices.

A letter from the two groups claimed that Proposition 61 “will not lower prescription drug costs” and that the decision to jointly campaign against the initiative was reached after “careful consideration.”

Unknown to many activists in the city, this act of political camaraderie appears to have been rewarded by the pharmaceutical industry, which cut each club a $5,000 check from a fund set up to defeat the drug price initiative.

READ MORE:  https://theintercept.com/2016/10/28/lgbt-drug-price/


I have no f#cking costume for tonight and it’s Hallowe’en. What kind of self-respecting drag queen has no costume? Maybe I should go out of drag and be Mama June? Clown, witch and hag costumes are so abysmally tired and Bianca Del Rio already combines all three of these look all year long. Everyone is so PC that you can’t wear geisha, American indian, or pimp looks any more.

So I thought I’d try and throw together a costume to confuse and offend everyone.

First, I’ll use prosthetics to make my eyes look asian.

Then cover the whole thing with black face and top that off with a KKK hood.

Over that I’ll wear a rainbow burqa and belt it with one of those hasidic string belts.

But I don’t think this is inclusive enough.

So I’ll bring a big bag of props to add drama. Like a cross made from dildos, a cartoon of Mohammed as a boy getting banged by a Catholic priest, a VOTE CLINTON/PENCE sign, the box of Wheaties with Bruce Jenner on it and a tomahawk covered in crude oil that I use to threaten anyone LGBT. I just don’t want to offend latinos by omitting them. Got it! I’ll wear smegma-scented perfume! And I won’t tip my Indian cab driver. Wait–screw the cab driver. (I have.) I’ll ride around town in a wheelchair. And shoot anyone in a lion costume. Now, did I leave anyone out?

Doing Tonight At Madame Tussaud’s!


They say this annual event is a screeeeeam!


Giddy strings are what made disco music so infectious, so I love to see youth introduced to glorious string lines. But I wish the producers would have credited the vocalist…