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Do you know this Legendary dancer ? BBoy Storm!!!

Do you know this Legendary dancer ? BBoy Storm!!!A dope show from that legendary dancer with all a them developped around water. PUT THE SOUND ON !!Check the full video on the link lower.If you don't know about him:Niels Storm Robitzky represents HipHop and Funk styles since 1983 and is one of the leading artists and pioneers in this field. Popping, Locking and Bboying, made him world famous. In the nineties he kind of won every competition there was. He formed the metaphysical infrastructure for a lot of dance events happening today, teaches with a unique didactic concept all over the world and is home in theatres, establishing urban arts. This website will give you the insight.On Wikipedia (only German)https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niels_RobitzkyHis websitehttp://www.stormdance.deThe show took place at Block Party event. More info: Block 1750Block Party is a free annual event dedicated to preserving Hip Hop culture by bringing dancers from all over the world together for a week of Peace, Love, unity and Fun under the sun. Here is a link to the eventhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1350473898432020??ti=iaBlock Party 2018: Aug 28-Sept 2. Boulder Colorado. Come as you are. Original Linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7ReQGtSJPY

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Time to bounce CA’s Dianne Feinstein


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Quando eu acho que já vi de tudo!!

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When your “news” discusses Stormy Daniels ad nauseum….

The news is still spinning wildly over Stormy Daniels–comparing this to John Edwards’ extra-marital scandal, talking about Trump comparing the size of his hands with Marco Rubio, asking when Trump will push back on her allegations, blah, blah, blah. This is the complete TMZ-ification of the news. What fool needed Stormy Daniels’ revelations to learn that Trump is a sleaze?

The left should focus a lot more on the issues–Trump had multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against him and the p#ssy-grabbing tape released during the campaign and yet he still won. His followers dismiss Stormy as a tawdry stripper and go back to their bibles and guns.

If your entire news hour is on Stormy Daniels:

You aren’t talking about banning assault weapons.
You aren’t talking about enhanced background checks.
You aren’t talking about #blacklivesmatter.
You aren’t talking about climate change or green energy.
You aren’t talking about LGBTQ anything.
You aren’t talking about the immigration.
You aren’t talking about abortion rights.
You aren’t talking about a livable wage.
You aren’t talking about the opioid crisis.
You aren’t talking about net neutrality.
You aren’t talking about securing Social Security.
You aren’t talking about giant corporations who pay $0 taxes.
You aren’t talking about the crumbling infrastructure.
You aren’t talking about bolstering unions.
You aren’t talking about sexual harassment in the workplace.
You aren’t talking about the abysmal condition of Puerto Rico.
You aren’t talking about campaign finance reform.
You aren’t talking about raising taxes on the wealthiest.
You aren’t talking about Yemen, Iraq or Afghanistan.
You aren’t talking about an “Affordable” Care Act which isn’t affordable for tens of millions.
You aren’t talking about the only other thing MSNBC and CNN discuss non-stop: Russia.

And you also aren’t even talking about the left might win again. Don’t take that “blue wave” for granted if you think Trump is so awful.

Whether you like him or not, Bernie Sanders held a town hall on health care with Elizabeth Warren on Monday with 3 million viewers. Issues which will improve the average person’s lives drive people to the polls. I truly doubt if yet another–yawn–Trump sex scandal will.

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Chelsea Manning on DemocracyNow.org

AMY GOODMAN: So talk about what that would mean if you became senator for Maryland. Would you pull all U.S. troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, for example?

CHELSEA MANNING: That’s not a power that I would have. But that’s a position—

AMY GOODMAN: Would you vote to call for that?

CHELSEA MANNING: That’s a position—that’s a position that I already hold. You know, I already hold that we should be—we should be—you know, we have the largest and most powerful military in the world. We have the largest prison population per capita, if I’m not mistaken, per capita. But, I mean, we have 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. And it’s always—and we have the largest and most sophisticated intelligence apparatus in the world. And yet, these systems, they always want more, more, more. They’re continually expanding, continually being built. And instead of slowing it down, you know, instead, like it’s tweaks about like how big it should be or how much power we should give them, between one administration or one political agency or political party to the next.

And we can’t—we need to roll these systems back. And, you know, whether it’s U.S. troops or ICE agents, or whether it’s police, we’re in a military—we’re in a domestic military occupation in many, you know, of the most vulnerable communities in America. I’ve seen what an occupation looks like. And I walk down some streets in Brooklyn, in Oakland and in Baltimore, in particular, and we’re living under the thumb of this enormous machine. And we need to stop it.

So silly! I love this!

Singers be like.. 🎤💁🏻‍♂️ (compilation)

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Trixie and Katya!

Plastic attack!

Don't like plastic in the supermarkets? Why not bin the lot! ♻️🗑

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Plastic attack!

Don't like plastic in the supermarkets? Why not bin the lot! ♻️🗑

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How to Properly Catch a Cab 🔥 🚕

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Someone’s is ready for Spring!

Worth a minute out of your life 😅 Enjoy!

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Ecosexuals ‘f**k’ nature to raise awareness of planet’s ‘sexuality’ 🌵

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A few thoughts on these youth marches for gun reform.

It’s fascinating to see the corporate media of the “left” sharing impassioned speeches from youth about the need for gun reform. Very odd. The same liberal media mocked young people the last time they found their voices by supporting Bernie Sanders. Youth were told that “they didn’t know how things worked” and were called “radical” and “pie-in-the sky.” Youth concerns were whisked under the rug as the Dems waved goodbye to younger voter issues tackling student debt, single payer, a living minimum wage and addressing climate change. I guess Dems think that by siding with these kids, they can seem more progressive. And I do mean seem.

The narrative they would like us to follow is this:

Democrats are “good” and support these earnest young people.

The GOP is “bad” and is bought by the NRA.

While I don’t question that the GOP is bought by the NRA, are Democrats truly the savior of who will rescue these kids from senseless gun violence with hard-hitting new laws?

The DCCC, which works to elect Dems to the House, sent out this message to candidates after the Las Vegas shooting. As many friends of mine who are Democrats have been posting, the time for thoughts and prayers is over. The time for action is now. Let’s see what tough actions the DCCC has plans for:

The Hill: “HuffPost on Tuesday had reported that the DCCC, which supports Democrats running in the House, told lawmakers not to “politicize” the mass shooting in Las Vegas in October that left nearly 60 dead and hundreds more injured. According to the report, the DCCC urged lawmakers to offer “THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS” rather than discuss gun policy in the days immediately following the shooting.

The Huffington Post report came on the heels of a report by The Intercept, which claimed the DCCC urged members against supporting single-payer health-care proposals ahead of the 2018 midterm election.”

In other words, the Democratic party machine is planning a weak national message on guns and healthcare. So maybe Dems win in a “blue wave” and take back in Congress. If they aren’t willing to take a stand on issues which have the majority of their supporters’ support, then what will they take a stand on?

Dems message is clear: vote us in, we are not the party of guns or of Trump–although we don’t take strong stands on issues which are galvanizing the nation. And while we’re not progressive at all, at least we’re not Trump.

Justice Democrats: “It’s becoming evident that the DCCC — and the billionaire donors and revolving door consultants that make up the Democratic Party’s establishment — believe Democrats can only take back Congress running on a watered-down message,” the Justice Democrats said in a statement.”

I agree with the students that our political system is broken. But establishment Democrats are half of that broken system. Are Republicans worse on guns? Of course! Then tell me why Democratic party operatives are downplaying gun reform while simultaneously airing touching speeches of kids whose school was just shot up?

After each shooting, are we going to keep sharing those same videos on how Japan and Australia nipped their mass shootings in the bud? Or are we going to find/create a party determined to stop massacres with more effective tools than thoughts and prayers? Expect nothing from a party which won’t take a strong stand.

And now for the truth…


How to Jump Rope Like a Pro

Jumping rope is hard. 🍆

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Millennial Candidate from Hawaii Stuns Crowd With the Truth: "It's Time to End the Cycle"

Kaniela Ing is running for Congress in Hawaii. In a recent speech, he outlined everything he thinks is wrong with our current politicians.

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Betty Bowers does it again!

So glad that she cleared this up decisively!

I'm dying…DYING laughing right now. My mama is debating me on why I CAN eat pork…. This is her reason. Somebody come get her.

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