Free screening of drag doc Dick tonight in NYC–wit a performance by original Cockette Rumi!

Recessionisitas! Free documentary screening by video wiz and drag connoisseur Joe E. Jeffreys tonight! The title is a word I was just banned from FB for using, so if you like these queens, check it out!
Tonight–the world premiere of _________, half of my video binary supercutting drag performers talking, singing and lip-synching about, well…
Dick features footage of Needles Jones, Jackie Beat, Pandora Boxx, Courtney Act, Honey Davenport, Hedda
Lettuce, Eve Jackson, Jinkx Monsoon, Bob The Drag Queen, Lady Bunny and Miz Cracker.
Screening part of The Blue Hour, Judson Memorial Church, after Rumi Missabu’s Trangerella, @ 8:30 PM, FREE.
Rumi is one of the original Cockettes of SF fame, so check it out if you like an eclectic mix of queens!

Brooklyn Manwhores alert!

Roving Gangs of Hardcore Homosexual “Manwhores” Are Tearing Our Cities Apart

The men, clad in tight jeans and black leather, descend on this quiet corner of Brooklyn just as the clock strikes midnight. They shout obscenities and smoke angrily. Most are visibly intoxicated.

One of the young ones opens his shirt and moistens a nipple with a finger of spit. An older “daddy” nods approvingly. A fellow denizen of the darkness passes around a vial of “poppers,” a sex drug rumored to be so powerful that it can lure straight men to sodomy.


Check out this little bundle of dynamite!

Yaaaasss, work that bass! @clifton_melody_music

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Tweet of the day

Here, here!


About that Las Vegas shooting…

Hi! A question from the fact-based community to the faith-based community.
After the Las Vegas shooting, we’ve seen prayer vigils a-plenty. Well, we saw similar vigils after Sandy Hook, Pulse, Fort Bragg and the shooting that hit a Charleston, South Carolina church. Apparently, none of these prayers worked–unless your religions is so grim that you feel these shootings represent your God working in mysterious ways. But whether we believe in the power of prayer or not, clearly, prayer on it’s own isn’t enough and it must be augmented with legislation. And that legislation must keep assault weapons out of people’s hands whether they seem crazy or not. Cuz guess what? Assault weapons are used for…you got it…assaults only.
Even most gun owners and NRA members want assault weapons banned. After one the the last big all-American shoot-outs, I seem to recall that something like 80% of NRA members wanted to ban assault rifles. If a whopping majority of NRA members don’t want them on the streets, and folks who don’t own or even like guns definitely don’t want them, how are assault weapons still on the streets permitting horrific incidents like the one in Vegas to take place? Gee, it must mean that those who we elect to represent us don’t actually represent us at all. But if we had as much in bribes–I mean campaign contributions–to throw at our lawmakers then perhaps they might hear us as well as they hear the NRA.

Bless it’s heart!

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How adorable!

He is a screamer and a scream!

6 Moves For Better Sex

Jake DuPree has the moves to get you in the mood.

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Please make this into a series!

This bullying thing is getting out of hand! 😆Credit: Newsflare

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If ya like porn…..

A giggle from twitter….


A good point!

Glenn Greenwald is seldom wrong…

(But I think he’s referring to Brazil’s election in this tweet.


Fascinating article about Gloria Steinem going undercover as a Playboy Bunny

As forwarded by Bette Midler! An excerpt:

DAZED: “Steinem only spent around two weeks actually working as a Bunny as the penned the piece for Showmagazine, but by the end, her feet had permanently grown half a size. Which was better than several sizes, as one doctor cheerfully told her to expect with this kind of work. “They ache like teeth and are so swollen I can’t get sneakers on,” she said after her first night in the required heels. Immobile, the costumes were merely painful, but after five-hour shifts of serving customers, they revealed themselves as torture devices. Bunnies had to wear heels at least three inches high and corsets at least two inches too small everywhere except the bust, which came only with D-cups.”


Vaginal Davis and Louise Nevelson at Invisible-Exports

I won’t pretend to be classy enough to know who Louise Nevelson is other than a very famous sculptress. But she’s joined forced with my crazy sister and one of the most interesting drag queens on the planet, Vaginal Davis. The exhibit is called Chimera, and it’s on through October 22nd. See it!


More from The Voice:

Girl Squad: Vaginal Davis and Louise Nevelson on the Lower East Side

““Blessed be the Goddess that I was not born a man.” So proclaimeth Vaginal Davis, the iconic gender-queer artist known as the founding mistress of terrorist drag. She of bands like Black Fag and the Afro Sisters; she the writer and publisher of the radical zines Shrimp (“the magazine for licking and sucking bigger and better feet”) and Fertile La Toyah Jackson, which offered readers scandal, gossip, and makeup tips; she who self-describes as a “societal threat,” and once told an audience, “In the words of my immortal mother: ‘I’d rather suck the three horns and hooves of the Grand Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan than deal with a well-meaning white liberal’ ”: She has twenty new paintings on view at the Lower East Side’s Invisible-Exports, alongside a single sculpture by the grande dame of modernist sculpture, Louise Nevelson. If some think these women make an odd couple, this small, smart show proves that in many ways, they’re the perfect imperfect match.”


Sounds like a good idea to me!

In other words, music has been complete garbage pop for at least 10 years.

The only ones I can stand are Umbrella and Bleeding Love. And it’s only gotten worse since then.

I’ll be getting this book for sure!

Love this nut!

Trump’s fake populism exposed in his new tax plan



I’ve actually seen a mainstream US publication with an article about how the 2020 presidential election will be about left-wing populism vs. right wing populism. Dummies! There is no such thing as right wing populism. Long before Trump, the GOP has also sought to cut taxes for the wealthy and cut social services for the poor to pay for them. Sadly, the only reason that a GOP president could paint himself as populist is that the Democrats, to some extent, failed working Americans. So many were forced to look elsewhere because they weren’t doing well under two terms of Obama. So the Dems ran a fake populist who was so unpopular and corrupt that hard-hit workers actually believe in the myth of the right-wing populist. Trump voters actually believed that the reality TV host whose catchphrase wads “You’re fired” would bring back jobs and usher in prosperity. And he will. For the already prosperous top 2% earners who will benefit from his proposed tax cuts. But I wonder if GOP voters still believe, en masse, that trickle down even works. Cutting taxes for the wealthy didn’t create jobs when Reagan did it.

Interesting discussion on Hugh Hefner from @TYTnetwork

While I’m seeing articles about how he built a career on misogyny, one commenter here makes an interesting point. If Playboy objectifies women, why is it ok that Playgirl objectifies men? And what is objectifying anyway? Reducing someone to a being only a sexual object? Because frankly, that’s how a lot of my own sex hook-ups happen. They aren’t romantic candle lit dinners. We’re objectifying each other and breaking it down to animal urges based on body types and even body odors which signal we’re compatible. Is it wrong to want to be turned on by images of sexy females or males? I get it. As in the fashion industry, unrealistic standards of beauty like anorexic 16 year old models may not make average-looking women or men feel better about their average bodies. (I’m not being dishy–my own porky figure is below average.) But all I know is that every gay magazine has a shirtless, ridiculously buff, young and often white model. Yet when Hugh Hefner put out these images, it was misogynistic? Isn’t that a double standard?

Clearly, I’m not attracted to women and didn’t read Playboy. So for all I know, he published sadistic images of abused women in his magazine. But those weren’t the pics I heard most about or saw. I heard about Marilyn Monroe, Elle McPherson, Anna Nicole Smith and Pam Anderson. It was an honor These gals peddled beauty and sex appeal. Were they forced by the male-dominated entertainment industry to strip to further their careers against their will or did they actually seek that out? If you want to get into a debate about how women should be valued for more than their beauty, I’d wholeheartedly agree. But should that stop people from enjoying sexy images of either sex? I’m not really a porn fan, so I don’t know. But I do know that a ton of people get off on porn and it’s definitely objectifying. I’m never sure what the newish buzzword “sex positive” means, but doesn’t it seek to remove the shame from healthy sexual urges? Which includes porn. I mean, can we fault the guys who wanted to jerk off to a nude Marilyn Monroe and the man who provided the pics?

Many have come out in defense of Hef for the great writing, addressing civil rights issues, and trans activist Janet Mock thanked him on twitter for giving her her first editorial job at Playboy. So sure, he promoted the platinum goddesses. His reality show struck me as dreadful, but somehow a “christian” nation is cool with a high end brothel as entertainment. But there was a lot more to the guy than that. Some of it quite commendable.

And then there is this clever tweet from @tommygun07:

“Hugh Hefner lived so long that his first wife’s name was Mildred and his last wife’s name was Crystal.”


In solidarity with Colin….

OMG, I just LOVE these headphones!

The dying Dems who won’t push for single payer

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Remember when music was danceable and not these fucking generic Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson remixes????