Ann Coulter Gets Burned

Remember that time Ann Coulter haunted the Rob Lowe Roast?

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Meet my Mini Me!

I love this idiot!

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Daily giggle!

Why I love the internet 😂😂😂🤣😭

Why I love the internet 😂😂😂🤣😭

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Didn’t know this!

How the Black Panthers Revolutionized U.S. Healthcare

Guns, berets, and leather jackets are what we typically associate with the Black Panther Party. But did you know the Panthers were instrumental in bringing healthcare to the communities they served?

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A thought for today…

You know how you’ve owned something for ages, and it’s just a perfect fit for you. It’s seen better days, stained, missing quite a few fibers, yet you cling to it long after you know you should–partially out of nostalgia. And then that feng shui moment hits you when you feel it’s necessary to throw everything old out and streamline your life and move on. So you throw it out, like I did. But now I really regret it. I had that toothbrush for 20 years!


Just watched Pose on FX for the first time. A trans friend told me to check it out because she hollered when Dominique Tyra A Ross-Jackson told another character that she was so bald-headed that she could roll her hair with rice. (I’ve known Dominique was a superstar since I first laid eyes on her about 15 years ago.) This episode was more of a tear-jerker than comedy, and powerhouse Billy Ellis Porter-Smith had me sobbing about two times BEFORE he duetted with a great trans actress/singer to perform Home from The Wiz, sung to his dying lover in an AIDS ward. Where Sandra Bernhard played the sassy nurse! Jiggly Caliente had a guest spot and lending some old school ballroom authenticity was none other than Grandfather Hector Xtravaganza as a judge. (And yes, he still looks as “moist” as ever, as he puts it.)

Maybe some have thought the show might be corny because it’s a Ryan Murphy production, but with trans stars Janet Mock and Lady J as co-producers, it rang true to me. They didn’t whitewash the AIDS, prostitution, drugs and there was even a touching scene with a john in a 42nd Street peep show where a few friends of mine have worked. In one scene, several trans working girls told their friend about her upcoming new date “Girl, we all f#cked him.” To tell you the truth, I never thought I’d see anything like it on TV. But I will back for more next Sunday!

MSNBC caught lying again. It’s the Fox News of the left

INTERCEPT: “This is because Nance knows that he is free to lie this way with impunity. That’s because he works for an organization – MSNBC – that masquerades as a news outlet but actively encourages its employees to lie this way about anyone who criticizes the Democratic Party.

He will be celebrated inside MSNBC, not sanctioned or even told to rescind his lie, because – just as happened with the lie he told about Jill Stein – the person he chose to falsely accuse of being a paid agent of Russia is someone that the MSNBC audience of Democratic partisans hates, and lying is thus permitted and encouraged, just the way it is in any partisan organization. The network is derided as MSDNC for a reason.”


I missed this one!

No Cuomo

Most on the left are outraged over immigrants. No one is outraged over Yemen.

It’s heartening to see so many people posting about the plight of immigrants and asylum seekers. Just as it’s heartening to see people concerned enough to post about members of a Thai soccer team being rescued from a cave. Remember how kind-hearted Americans donated over $3 billion after the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean? I’d like to think we are good people. But it always puzzles me as to when people decide to care.

One viral image of children in cages was tweeted by Obama’s former speechwriter Jon Favreau. It went viral, but everyone who retweeted it ate a huge helping of crow when it was accurately pointed out that the photo of young immigrants in cages was from 2014–when Obama was president. Yes, Obama kept children in cages, too. While Trump is worse on immigration and made the wall and slamming immigrants a central part of his campaign, Obama was known by immigration activists as the “Deporter-In-Chief” because he deported millions more than his Republican predecessor. But you didn’t know that, because your left-biased media would never say a negative word about Saint Obama. You only care about children in cages now because your news is feeding you those images–just as they fed you so many nightly images of gassed children in Syria that you were ready to back Obama’s proposed wider intervention there.

Now, I understand that you are looking for weapons to discredit Trump–as if anyone needs more evidence to discredit him. But I don’t understand why Obama’s children in cages didn’t even cross your minds. As I sit and listen to the reports from the border about the horrors of parents being separated from their infants for hours, weeks or months, I couldn’t help but wonder: when US bombs drop all over the world, those kids aren’t separated from their parents for a few days, weeks or months. They are killed along with their parents, never to be reunited. I never see any posts about them. A friend mentioned “Well, it doesn’t register because it’s just another bombing somewhere far away.” Oh, so our outrage is limited to what is in front of our face. How foolish. And the carnage of war is kept off the corporate news to such an extent that George W. Bush’s request to keep US soldiers’ coffins off the airwaves to downplay war’s deadly side. Every major news outlet complied with this outrageous request which was a slap in the face to soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Likewise, hardly anyone is mentioning the US role in aiding Saudi Arabia attack Yemen. That began under Obama. As a result of us selling weapons, refueling Saudi war jets and giving them intelligence to bomb their dirt-poor neighbor, Yemen now has the largest cholera outbreak in the world in 50 years and starvation is threatening 8 million Yemenis. We’ve helped the human rights violators of Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen’s water and sanitation facilities to smithereens for years. One child there claimed he only played outside on cloudy days, since the bombs come more often on sunny days. Amnesty International calls Yemen “The Forgotten War” and is accusing the Saudis, who we’re helping, of war crimes. No concern for these kids or adults in the US. Now that Trump is president, there are a few Democratic lawmakers speaking up against US collusion with the Saudis against Yemen. I wonder what caused them to hold their tongue when Obama, a president from their own party, started this horror out of pure greed?

The National Transitional Council estimates the deaths from the US attack on Libya by Obama and then Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton at 30,000. We attacked for “humanitarian” reasons, because nothing is more humanitarian than bombs which plunge a country into chaos, right? You paid for these attacks with your tax dollars. Yet our war propaganda/media barely mentioned this death toll. So some children on the border you cry over, and some you pay to kill. And you even praise Obama still and pushed for Hillary Clinton, who helmed the Libya attack, to run as president. Your selective outrage is dumbfounding. Either you care about the welfare of children or you don’t. And if you do, I’d imagine that you’d care a lot more about massive numbers of children whom your tax dollars are killing for no reason along with their parents than those kids who are just temporarily separated from their parents.

Neither major political party is calling for peace, so neither political party is concerned with the welfare of children or adults. Both major parties want to continue to take half of your tax dollars for often senseless wars while telling you we can’t afford healthcare, college, job creation, switching to green energy, rebuilding the infrastructure and everything else we know good and well we need. This is the failing economic formula which no corporate media is mentioning because their advertisers wouldn’t like the truth. So if you want children to be safe, you need to give your lawmakers hell. And not just when the president you hate is harming them.

I see so many pundits on TV discussing Trump’s deportation tactics and claiming “This isn’t who we are as Americans.” Try telling that to the Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians and Yemenis. They’ll get a real chuckle out of it.

I adore Jenifer Lewis!

Until they do right by the people of Flint Michigan and provide clean water, I am personally asking ALLLLL OF YOU to call (517)373-3400 and email Governor Rick Snyder at rick.snyder@michigan.gov EVERYDAY because “Flint Ain’t Fixed!”

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Well said!


“One of the protesters told LGBT outlet PinkNews: “We want to get the L out of Pride, a man cannot be a lesbian, a person with a penis cannot be a lesbian.”

Another accused trans people of “pressuring lesbians to have sex with them”, and stated she and other had been referred to as Terfs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists).”



Homeless chic?

Maison Margiela Fall/Winter 2018-2019

Maison Margiela Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Set :OMysteriology via Gallemart

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"Have a Nice Day"

I could watch this clip over and over again of Bea Arthur being the waitress of my dreams. "Have a nice day…"

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I don’t recall this from summer camp

Hhahahah sinadya lng

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CEOs are doing great, but…..

The economy’s doing great! Stocks are up! Unemployment’s way down! So why are two heads of household working full time and still qualifying for food stamps? Why do none of these gig economy gigs offer any benefits? Why are seniors skipping their meds on some days because they can’t make ends meet? Why are Walmart employees living in their cars? And why are people with college degrees saddled with a lifetime of debt in order to get better jobs yet working at fast food joints?

This is an interesting article, but one thing it leaves out. Unemployment went down a bit under Obama. It really went down under Trump. But they have sneakily changed the way they tabulate the number of unemployed to make us think that everytihng is just peachy. (It is for the CEOs making record profits and bonuses who buy our government.) They stopped counting those who have unsuccessfully been able to find work for a while. Wasn’t that easy? So yeah, unemployment will obviously go down when you stop counting the unemployed.

FORBES: https://www.forbes.com/sites/eriksherman/2018/05/05/sure-unemployment-went-down-because-the-number-of-people-working-did/#6419aa7f408b

“The announced 3.9% unemployment rate is, as news reports mentioned, a low since 2000. But percentages are expressions of ratios: how much of one thing compares to another. The unemployment rate is the ratio of the number of unemployed people and the total workforce, which is the sum of the employed and unemployed.

Like any ratio, there a number of ways to change the value:

Move people out of the unemployed category into the employed while keeping the total workforce stable.

Increase the total number of employed workers faster than the number of unemployed ones.

Add more people into the employed category without changing anyone’s actual status.

Stop counting some in the unemployed category, making them “disappear.”

A change in definitions or an arbitrary categorization of people can shift the unemployment numbers as easily as putting more people who had been unemployed to work.

As some have pointed out about this round of monthly job numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a big factor for April was a loss of people counted as workers. When they are no longer counted, unemployment drops.

The table called Employment status of the civilian population by sex and age provides relevant data.

The number of jobs increased by 164,000 in April. But the number of unemployed dropped by 239,000 between March and April.

That is why the employment-population ratio — the percentage of all people of working age (16 and up, including people who have stopped looking for work) that are employed — dropped from 60.4% to 60.3%. More people disappeared from the labor rolls.”

NY MAG: New Study Confirms That American Workers Are Getting Ripped Off


Presented without comment

Maison Margiela Fall/Winter 2018-2019

Maison Margiela Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Set :OMysteriology via Gallemart

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Another excellent segment from Jimmy_Dore on Ed Schultz’s death. @NewswithEd

I am very sad to hear of Ed Schultz’s death at 64. He was one of my favorite news anchors on MSNBC. It’s odd that I took a shine to both Ed’s and Cenk Ugyur’s broadcasts on that channel, since were both were alpha males to which I’m not typically drawn–outside of the bedroom! But both were fiery progressives, and both were fired by MSNBC. MSNBC paints itself as “Leaning Forward”, but the direction they lean in is not at all progressive. At the time Cenk was let go because he refused to stop critiquing Obama from the left, his ratings rivaled Anderson Cooper’s. MSNBC also canned Melissa Harris-Perry and Ashley Banfield for not towing their corporate agenda, and Dylan Ratigan for, as the NY Times put it, “Ratigan has attacked political systems, corporations and special interests on his show and promoted movements for job creation, bank reform and campaign finance reform in the past.” All admirable causes which most Democratic politicians crow about during their campaigns and then magically forget about after they’re elected.

Ed relentlessly covered Obama’s TPP trade deal as being bad for America, and the network didn’t like any criticism of establishment democrats. The TPP, if passed, would have killed roughly 1/2 a million jobs as Bill Clinton’s NAFTA trade deal killed 1 million. So it definitely deserved criticism from Ed and Cenk if it would send jobs overseas in a time of a slow economic recovery which never really recovered.

But let’s look at some huge stories MSNBC didn’t want covered. Most famously, they fired their most beloved host Phil Donohue for criticizing the Iraq war. And we all know getting into that war was based on lies. Obama soared to prominence within the Dem party by denouncing the war, while bought and sold establishment Dems like Hillary banged the war drums right along with GOP neocons. MSNBC isn’t the only corporate media outlet acting as war propaganda. Both CNN and the NY Times actually apologized to it’s viewers and readers for not asking harder questions of the Bush administration in the lead-up to the Iraq war. Progressives, including me, know that the constant coverage of Russia seeks not only to discredit Trump, but also to resurrect the Cold War. That’s what war propaganda does–it conjures up threats whose only remedy is expensive wars while claiming we can’t afford Medicare-For-All.

Most telling about this segment are the interview clips with Ed Schultz himself about his plans to cover Bernie Sanders’ announcement of his candidacy. His boss at MSNBC called him and insisted that he not cover it, even though he had traveled with a camera crew to the location of the announcement. Because that’s another facet of MSNBC’s rotten strategy–to shaft Hillary’s only other opponent. Sanders was not yet drawing crowds as long as Trump on the campaign trail, and was not sometimes polling double digits above Trump while Hillary was losing to Trump and even Rubio. But even as Bernie announced his unlikely candidacy, the corporate media, just like to DNC, effectively sought to cheat and squash his candidacy.

By all means, enjoy MSNBC as entertainment. They’re making such a fortune as an outlet for those who curse Trump to hear about his latest outrage, that this channel LOVES having Trump in office. I dare you to watch this video Jimmy Dore’s honest, progressive assessment of MSNBC’s sordid and dishonest tricks. They’re the Fox News of the left. Corporate media has ads. Corporate ads=a corporate agenda. News without ads is much more likely to tell you the truth. And truth is so dangerous to this oligarchy that both Youtube and Facebook have sought to keep Jimmy Dore’s voice quieter. I tried to post two of his links to FB and both times it claimed my computer had a virus, which mysteriously disappeared when I posted his link today. I wonder if that virus had more to do that the other Dore segment mentioned that’s it’s unhealthy for Amazon to own so much and that it was also unhealthy for FB to purchase WhatsApp.

I need to attend THIS church!

Exorcist Bob Larson Breaks Brenda's Curse

Exorcist Bob Larson banishing a demon from this woman will haunt your dreams for weeks.

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So the narrative that we’re fed is that Trump is awful on climate change, withdrew from the Paris Summit, had a EPA head who was just canned and replaced with another climate change denier. Very bad news for the environment.

But you can’t blame the world heating up at an alarming, irreversible rate on a man who has been in office for 2 years. Obama, George W. Bush and every president before them allowed this to happed because they are too bought by the fossil fuel industries to make a firm push to do what everyone says we need to do in order to halt climate change: switch to green energy. Brazil has done this, people! I know Amy Goodman’s shocking statistics were not announce on Fox News, and nor were they mentioned much if at all on liberal media like MSNBC or middle-of-the-road media like CNN.

Why? Because their advertisers wouldn’t like it and because they are too busy asking how Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, is going to be able to pay for his legal counsel. That impacts no one. Climate change affects every one of us. And I agree with what Cynthia Nixon says on her website: (paraphrasing) How are we going to look children in the eyes knowing that we’ve trashed the only planet we can call home?


“The fires come amid a sustained drought in parts of the western United States and as temperature records continued to tumble around the world. In Montreal, Canada, at least 12 people have died during a heat wave that’s seen the city post its highest temperature in recorded history—98 degrees. In Central Asia, Armenia’s capital posted a high of 108 degrees, while Tbilisi, Georgia, reached 105 degrees—breaking records for both cities, while southern Russia baked under record heat. And last week, a city in eastern Oman recorded the hottest low temperature ever observed—with sweltering overnight heat that bottomed out at 109 degrees. The scorching temperatures come as climate scientists say 2018 is on track to become one of the planet’s hottest years on record—possibly surpassing the past three years, which were the hottest ever recorded.”



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The gayest fantasy ever!

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Bun-Bun meets Niurka!

Summer listening vibe

Stevie Wonder covered by First Choice’s Rochelle Fleming and Queen of House’s Barbara Tucker = MAGIC! Get on your camel and ride!