A Father’s Day note to my dad, which he will probably never read.

I haven’t always gotten on with my dad. Mom was my rock. I spent much of my teen and even adult life rebelling against him and his ways. There are parts of him which I still have issues with, but I’ve grown to embrace many of his lessons later in my life. It took me ages to do so, and I never thought I’d say this, but he’s a good man and he taught so much.
He was never afraid to speak his mind, regardless of how unpopular his progressive opinions were in a Southern Baptist neighborhood of Chattanooga, Tennessee. When the redneck neighborhood board tried to block an Indian family from moving in, he fought them tooth and nail and won. He was an anti-draft counselor during the Vietnam War and never permitted us to attend an armed forces day parade because he didn’t want to glamorize weapons or war. He advocated public transportation to help cut down on the use of fossil fuels. He took my family around the world on his modest salary as a professor because he thought trips which helped us see things through other’s eyes was more important than buying us the status symbols that other kids got, and which we thought we needed. (We didn’t need them, though my sister and I bitched mightily every Christmas when neighborhood kids got cars and we still got that book of Lifesavers candy and new socks.) And unlike other gay people I know who can’t even be open about their sexuality with parents in 2017, he never questioned my career choice of dressing in drag and telling tasteless jokes. Whether it reflected his values or not, he always said he wanted me to seek whichever path made me happy.
I don’t invite him to every raunchy show I do, but I was in a fairly PG play in Atlanta about 7 years ago. So dad and my mom drove down from Chattanooga to see me in it. I was nervous, because he’d never seen me perform. In truth, I don’t think he fully comprehends what I do. (Nor do I read the books on Quaker history he’s written.) But a lady during the play’s intermission was asking her friend if my character Charity was a drag queen. My dad piped up with “She sure is, and ‘she’ is my son.” The lady replied, “Well, he sure has nice legs!” To which my dad said, after hiking up his pants leg, “It runs in the family.” I’m not even sure I’ve said this to him in years or that I’ll say it to him today, but I love him. Happy Father’s Day!

Mona Foot, Girlina and me in Space Cunt from Boybar in the 1990s!

We were such fools, but what fun would we had! We recorded our vocals so we didn’t have to memorize them to say live and then got too drunk to get the lip-synch down. But I think the audience appreciated our low budget efforts. Nashom Wooden, Lina Bradford, David Dalrymple, Matthew Kasten and shout-outs to Codie Ravioli and Kevin Joseph. Mona’s drag voice is a scream, and I love that we were already making fun of “Girlingo”, Sound Factory, Lypsinka Von Rasputina‘s moves and my weight. Mona’s drag voice was such a scream! Music by Gant Johnson, I assume. Or maybe DJ Tennessee? Love that opening track. And the closing–this was a time when most club music was fantastic. The ecstasy didn’t hurt, either. And of course, Mona had a costume change upon entrance. Some of the best times of my life! And any excuse for a fart or hemorrhoid joke. (I guess some things never change!)



We’re playing Trump’s game and don’t even know that we’re losing.

If we’re in a constant state of shock, we can be confused enough to accept polices which benefit none of us except the super-rich. Or start unnecessary wars like the one George W. Bush lied us into after the horror 9/11. Trump’s “outrages” will never stop–they’re his specialty. That’s the only thing he does well: command our news media-turned-TMZ which helped create this monster by giving him the lion’s share of airtime. We can wring our hands over the latest “shocking” gaffe, but if we’re wringing our hands then we’re not resisting at all. We’re in panic mode. We’ve played right into his hands and we are right where he wants us. We’re losing at his game and most of us don’t even know we’re playing it.
He’s said while campaigning:
Mexicans are rapists and he’ll make Mexico pay for a wall.
He’ll punish women who get abortions.
He’ll ban muslims from the country.
He could shoot someone and still get elected.
He mocked John McCain’s war record, which no republican could ever get away with because they always want more war.
Did any of these insane statements stop him? No. They keep him in the news and ensure that we are not putting out strong solutions or agenda, just busy bashing him. Remember the brouhaha over Trump saying that Obama bugged him at Trump Tower? Trump had no evidence of this. It’s just another piece of crap he flings out there. The media, hungry for more crap, eats it up. It’s garbage from the mouth of a jackass, folks! There will always be more of it. Our media reported on the bugging accusation for at least 3 weeks. Is it sensational? Not really, compared to his other junk. Is he prosecuting Obama or going after him in any way? Nope, so this “sensational accusation” gets 3 weeks of airtime and a hearing in Congress despite the fact that it will impact no one. Just a crazy accusation with no evidence. Could those 3 weeks be better spent cementing what the opposition does stand for? Hell, yes.
Our media seizes on it as a new “scandal” to get ratings. They gain profit, we gain unimportant knowledge. This makes the left look foolish, and it makes people who don’t trust the system trust it even less because the news is focused on “shocks” when people are looking for leaders right now who will improve their lives. As a meme once said, “People in Flint, Michigan aren’t worried about Russia.”
Nor are the people who can’t afford healthcare even after Obama’s modest reforms.
Nor are people who can’t get jobs or have shitty jobs without benefits.
Nor are the homeless vets or the ones who can’t work due to PTSD, which we don’t like to acknowledge is always a cost of war.
Nor are the youth who can’t afford college education and aren’t guaranteed a job when they graduate saddled with a lifetime of debt.
Nor are the seniors forced to split their pills in half because they’re too broke to afford them.
You hit these people with non-stop scandals which don’t impact their lives and they’ll just shut off the TV. It’s reality TV news which rewards train wrecks.
“Fake news” is Trump’s phrase, so I hesitate to use it. But what would you call it? Slanted news? Meaningless news? Much ado about nothing? Ratings-driven? Click-bait? Our news just rolls with Trump’s sometimes meaningless “shocks” and we end up distracted. Wanna see what happens when we’re distracted? Please watch this video. It ain’t pretty and the video demonstrates how it could get much worse if we don’t wake up to Trump’s tricks right now. You will see one clip from DemocracyNow.org in which a guy from New Orleans claims that the Bush administration used the shock of Katrina to fire all the teachers down there. Yes, our government actually does stuff like this. They kick us when we’re down. And we’re very, very down. But let’s kick them instead.
This video of Naomi Klein’s contains the clearest call to resistance I’ve heard. Sadly, Naomi’s “Follow The Money” point #4 also leads you to corporate democrats, whose hands are far from clean themselves. As the title of her new book No Is Not Enough suggests, we not only have to resist. We have to offer a strong alternative which appeals to enough people to win.

If I see one more post about the black and brown stripes on the pride flag…..

Let’s cancel gay pride! Instead, let’s just fight over the fucking flag this year! Let’s fight over the correct terms for everybody. Let’s dismiss everyone who doesn’t want to transition as a privileged cisgender. Let’s spar over the name of our own damn community–is it gay, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQIA or did we bring back two spirits yet? I also saw a Y in there recently and have no idea what that even is. Let’s admit right now that we hate each other as a community, and that we’re too ungrateful to celebrate the freedoms which we do have once a year. Let’s compartmentalize ourselves into bears, twinks, butches, femmes, trans, tops, bottoms and those who claim they have no gender to further divide an already small community which does not have rights to equal housing and employment. And we’re even barred from using the bathrooms of our choice in some states! That’s a surefire way to make certain we’ll never get equal rights. Let’s boil it down to the tiniest arguments which will mean nothing in six months or even six days. If we took the energy and vitriol we reserved to pounce on one flag variation in one city and turned it on those who seek to destroy our rights, we’d be running the world tomorrow and we’d all have gorgeous new hairstyles to boot.
And in our supreme jadedness of which I am also guilty, let’s try and remember that there are young members of our own tribe who have gotten nothing but soul-destroying messages from their schoolmates, their churches and even from their families. Do they need our help? They need to see large groups of their own tribe in a festive environment so that they don’t feel so alone. They need to see happy and proud gay, lesbian, transsexual and every color of the rainbow folk actually liking and supporting each. Or would youth even want to join this community if they saw the way we’ve been acting lately?

Craziest thing I’ve seen today!

Tag a friend to ruin their day

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New interview in UK’sBoyz mag

New interview in UK’s Boyz mag to promote Trans-Jester! at Soho Theatre Mondays-Saturdays through July 1st.

An excerpt:

And where do you live now?

In NYC, for around 30 years. I’m a confirmed bachelorette – in other words, no one wants me! I travel too much to have pets, but I do have roaches and mice. They’ll cuddle with you in bed if there are enough crumbs. And the roaches eat the mouse poo, so my ‘pets’ pretty much feed and clean up after themselves.


READ THE REST:  http://boyz.co.uk/me-myself-and-i-lady-bunny/


Carol Channing can’t be beat!

Remember scripts? Ya don’t get those on reality TV.

Does the new Wonder Woman have THIS campiness? Or beauty?

The Return of #WonderWoman Season 2 Episode Aired on The 16th of September 1977 Having returned home some time after WW II, Wonder Woman once again must deal with a plane crash landing on Paradise Island. This time, the plane is carrying Steve Trevor's son, and the danger comes from international terrorists. Wonder Woman returns to "man's world", where as Diana Prince – IADC agent, she works with Steve Trevor Jr. to fight more 'modern-day' battles. #LYNDACARTER #BEATRICESTRAIGHT

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My Michael J. Fox impersonation!

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>&#39;If you treat everyone with respect, the labels mean SO MUCH LESS&#39; <a href=”https://twitter.com/LADYBUNNY77″>@LADYBUNNY77</a> is a true legend <a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/BoomWithBunny?src=hash”>#BoomWithBunny</a> <a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/TransJester?src=hash”>#TransJester</a> <a href=”https://twitter.com/butker”>@butker</a> <a href=”https://t.co/k1RkHa8NaK”>pic.twitter.com/k1RkHa8NaK</a></p>&mdash; James Phoon (@JamesPhoon_) <a href=”https://twitter.com/JamesPhoon_/status/874421681862963202″>June 13, 2017</a></blockquote> <script async src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

Does anyone else remember this masterpiece by the group Change?

They were known for several disco hits including Paradise, Lover’s Holiday and The Glow Of Love with vocals by Luther Vandross. (It was sampled for Janet Jackson’s All For You.Jocelyn Brown also sang with them on song’s like It’s A Girl’s Affair, which  featured lyrics like :”Wear your wig, it’s gonna really swing.” This gem of a tune features the vox of Diva Gray. I think Change was a group of Italian studio musicians, who like Black Box wrote better music than lyrics which make sense in English. At one point in the bridge, Diva sings “C’mon babe it’s time to” and then let’s the chords take finish her though. But what glorious chords they are! And the guitar in this rivals Nile Rodgers in Chic. And I say that never.

South Beach’s Adora at Vienna’s Life Ball


This image of Adora (aka Danilo De La Torre) destroying the majestic red carpet at Vienna’s annual Life Ball just thrills me to pieces. I ran into her in NYC right before she departed and she was shopping for a wrap for this very outfit. Looks like she found one!
We’ve been friends for decades, but regardless…I have to say that I have the utmost respect for this queen. She’s always done her own thing to perfection and it’s international now, baby! It actually always was, since she hails from Cuba and arrived in Miami after a stint in Paris. Her svelte figure and haute pose here would make Dovima proud.
I guess it was 4 days ago that bumped into her on 7th Ave. I was barreling out of a juice place kind of late and frantic. My voice needs rest, so I let her do most the talking. Perhaps some people nowadays would say I was stereotyping latinos, but her hands were flying as she darted from subject to subject. I was so bewitched by her aura: petite, dramatic, enchanting and very much alive. And conveying deeper information through her thick accent in 10 minutes than most news hours can manage.
As an added treat, later that day I ran into Downtown legend Agosto Machado, who had captivated me with his magic onstage in productions with Ethyl Eichelberger in the 1980s and beyond. Agosto has stage presence out the wazoo, and I often ignored the star’s antics to try and analyze exactly what Agosto was doing and how. There is not only intelligence and experience, but a knowingness (if that’s a word) to his work which I don’t encounter often. And he’s as humble and supportive of others as he is talented himself.
Pronouns kind of fall by the wayside I have always used both “he” and “she” interchangeably with both. Adora is considered by most be a drag queen, despite some male roles. Agosto sometimes does drag, but is currently sporting a long grey beard. I don’t know which of Facebook’s 58 gender variations they would fall under, but to me, they are genies. There’s a whole lot of tragic, so I try to seek out the magic!

I always like her videos and her more than her music.

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Make-up works wonders!

L' apparenza inganna! :-)——>Metti "MI PIACE" sulla nostra paginahttp://www.facebook.com/iltange.it

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Bunny meets Wonder Woman!

This gave me a giggle–watch to the end!

L' apparenza inganna! :-)——>Metti "MI PIACE" sulla nostra paginahttp://www.facebook.com/iltange.it

Posted by ILTANGE.IT on Thursday, May 21, 2015

Get fuller lips for free!


Bahahaha 😂😂

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Or for a small fee!


Stay young without surgery

This device stops you from ageing

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Trans-Jester! returns to London’s Soho Theatre June 12-July 1st

Mondays-Saturdays. More info: http://www.sohotheatre.com/whats-on/lady-bunny-in-trans-jester/

Just say yes!

😲 (By @jakenodar)😄

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Manhattan’s urban blight keeps spreading

I posted an article about this a week or so ago. It’s sad to see once bustling 8th Avenue stricken with urban blight. Now Bleecker St. Are landlords jacking rents up too high? Sure. But there is another huge factor. People shop for everything online. I’m not blaming anyone–I shop online, too. But I see all of the delivery boxes in my hallway and realize that stores will never stay open if we no longer shop in them. Online shopping will thrive and stores will keep on closing.

Bleecker Street’s Swerve From Luxe Shops to Vacant Stores




THE BUNNY HOP–coming to a city near you!

Off on a bit of a somewhat bizarre travel spree of 6 cities in 6 nights, so catch me if you can! She’s trying to act young & kicky!

Thursday: Spinning at Oil Can Harry’s in Austin with strippers!
Friday: Performing at G-A-Y Lounge in Baltimore.
Saturday: Performing and spinning tunes at Niagara Pride.
Monday: Performing at the Blue Moon in Rehoboth, Delaware.
Tuesday: Back in NYC for my last performance of Trans-Jester! at Stonewall Inn, 7PM.

And Sunday night I’ll be in Miami. I’d been scheduled to dj at the World Out Games but it was all cancelled. My intricate ticket was already purchased so I’ll just have Sunday night off in a hotel. As a service to the many disappointed young athletes who were also looking forward to the festivities, I am prepared to sex them up so their trip isn’t a total waste. Mind you, I’ll take no joy in co-mingling with throngs of frustrated young men from all over the world full of pent-up sexual energy milling about the streets. I do it only as a public service. I do, however, have a few requirements:

1. Please do not force yourselves on me In groups larger than 5 at a time. I’m running low on my Depends.

2. Please do not come on too strong in your skin-tight sportswear while seductively manipulating your bulges as sweat sizzles down your taut bodies in that Miami sun. This is not a turn on for me in any way.

3. Please do not try to tempt me with a smorgasbord of designer drugs to make this burden any easier or enjoyable for me. I’ve given my word and resigned myself to my herculean task of satisfying anyone with an erection.

4. Please do not dangle sacks of fattening foods in my face in an attempt to lure me. How could I possibly eat any fattening foods and retain a figure like mine?

5. Approaching me with a phone to show me photos of your private parts is sheer folly.

6. Finally, please ignore requirements 1-5 and I hope to see you somewhere soon!

So cute, but definitely not for everyone!

[Lash Goal] This Person Has The Coolest Eyelashes

Literally, bling bling✨

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This is something I would do

Convidados, por favor né??.Autor desconhecido

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My thoughts on the Kathy Griffin scandal

Kathy Griffin definitely went too far with the bloodcurdling, distasteful image she put out there yesterday. My stomach is still churning from it and this is not representative of who we are as Americans. No, not the pic of Trump’s severed head. She had the nerve to wear no make-up in her apology video! I’m permanently scarred by that weasel with a bad dye job image. There oughta be a law against this anything this frightening.


Interesting tribute to Josephine Baker

I’ve never been a fan of her music, but she was something else!

Joséphine Baker Olympia 1968

Joséphine Baker – Olympia 1968

Posted by A la mémoire de / Tribute to Joséphine Baker on Monday, May 29, 2017

Finally, some honesty from a Democrat!

<blockquote class=”twitter-video” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>The Democratic Party&#39;s core message: &quot;if we hadn&#39;t been caught lying, we&#39;d be running the country right now.&quot; <a href=”https://t.co/fFvgQiKp0a”>pic.twitter.com/fFvgQiKp0a</a></p>&mdash; Jeanette🌹Corbynista (@JeanetteJing) <a href=”https://twitter.com/JeanetteJing/status/869600673704198144″>May 30, 2017</a></blockquote> <script async src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

On Valentina’s elimination from Drag Race Season 9

I seldom weigh in on Drag Race stuff, because I’m too old to appreciate reality TV and don’t really follow it. I’m not of the generation which understands or appreciates reality TV. But through my work and video snippets online, I kinda keep abreast. I was working in Orlando last Friday when fan favorite Valentina was voted off. The cast I worked with was buzzing after the episode about how she wanted to wear a mask during the lip-synch for your life segment. Ru made her remove it and she sort of refused to lip-synch. That makes a couple queens this season who didn’t know the words to their songs or just did rather poor lip-synchs.

But after Valentina’s elimination, people flipped out and started posting pics of themselves crying. People, you liked Valentina a lot and wanted her to win. I get it. But she knew she would have to learn her song and refused to. All queens are given all the songs in advance–so there’s no excuse. What the hell is she doing on a show on which you have to lip-synch for your life? If you refuse to sing on American Idol, ya don’t win. Are her fans really watching the show rooting for contestants who refuse to even do the challenges except in a half-hearted way?

But what really got my goat was this tweet from a drag queen fan of the show who is Latina: “All of the #Latinx queens have now been sent home off @RuPaul’s #dragrace season 9: Donald Trump’s new America.”

First of all, she’d be griping if there were no “latinx” queens even cast. There were three this season. And for those who aren’t familiar with latinx, it’s a gender neutral replacement for Latina and latino–which both convey gender.

Second, in no way was Valentina chopped because she was Latina. She didn’t deliver in a challenge which might have redeemed her. Most working queens I know would bust out and give a lip-synch their all in a heartbeat. Are the producers having that hard a time finding queens who will/can lip-synch? I know zillions of professional drag queens who would jump at the chance to show what they’ve got on the telly. And I would venture that most of them think what Valentina did was bizarre and self-sabotaging.

Third, the politically correct person making this extreme reach is actually a professor of latinx queer studies at a university–is she filling kids’ heads with nonsense like this? I hope that her powers of analysis are better than the two tweets she sent expressing the same thing linking of Valentina’s exit and Trump.

Fourth, the professor of latinx studies couldn’t even tell that Jaymes Mansfield was Mexican. Protect queer latinx? She can’t even recognize them.

Fifth, even if Valentina was eliminated because RuPaul or the producers of the show have some grudge against latinos, to imply that Drag Race is mimicking Trump’s America is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. A total reach by someone looking for enemies where the fault lays squarely with the contestant. Season 9 was finished shooting by the time Trump was even elected. And does anyone really think RuPaul and co. are consulting with Trump on casting and judging? Absurd. As insane as Trump is, I imagine he has more pressing issues than consulting on Drag Race. Then again, maybe Trump is also infiltrating our good ol’ American drag shows with Russian spies. That’s it! Katya just acts silly to disguise her true position in the KGB. People, get real!

Nina Simone sums ups the music biz:

Nina Simone is not here for your shenanigans 😂She will cut you!

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Trans-Jester!, as reviewed by Bistro Award

A recent review of Trans-Jester, which I really loved!

By Gerry Geddes from Bistro Awards:

The immense, swirling, platinum wig atop her head is but one of the many things about Lady Bunny that are larger than life. She revels in them all in her show Trans-Jester!, currently enjoying a run at the historic Stonewall Inn. She is raunchy, tasteless, hilarious, fearless, political, angry, and knowing, while at the same time managing somehow to be sweet and endearing. Whenever she lashes out (which is often), a balancing bit of self-deprecation is never far behind. She is a proverbial spoonful of sugar getting her audience to swallow a remarkable amount of bitter, stinging medicine. If ever we needed the “cure” she is offering, it’s now.

Rather than concentrate on the immediate political mess and its cast of reprehensible characters (apart from a few barbed asides), for the most part she sets her aim deeper and broader. What bothers her, and what she lets loose on, is political correctness. Her main mode of attack is to pummel any notion of what is acceptable and expected. She pushes so many envelopes she could open her own stationery store.

Words and their use, misuse, acceptance and rejection are her main focus, and she’s brilliant at dissecting the absurdity of the “word police” so prevalent and powerful in today’s society. At one point she produces a physical list of bothersome words and phrases in a throwback to George Carlin’s legendary “Seven Words” monologue. Nothing is sacred or off the table—the acronym LGBTQIA, the term “cis,” “little people” vs “dwarf.” Her scope is broad yet at the same time thrillingly specific. Her thesis of mistakenly focusing on micro-aggressions while macro-aggressions are booming all around us is hard to refute.

The show begins in a somewhat traditional (if a bit more aggressively tasteless than most) “drag show” style to set us up for the trap she will spring on us later. She dives into areas that are usually avoided in polite (and even impolite) society. There are more scatological sex jokes and lyrics in this hour than in any dozen shows by other drag queens. She’s not only after shock, she’s after liberation. As the show progresses, some pretty serious ideas are introduced, but she has won over the audience by that time and we remain riveted to her performance and to her message—even in those few moments when there is no punchline. This is either the most political, socially relevant drag show or the dirtiest, most obscene and sidesplitting political lecture one could imagine.

All the trappings of drag are there as well. Some lip sync, some disco, some strong and affecting live singing, some in-your-face physical shtick, and that wig, which almost plays a role of its own in the proceedings. Her opening medley includes the Diana Ross hit “I’m Coming Out,” during which a rather large dildo begins to slide out from under her mini-skirted dress. Out of the blue she will do a musical tribute to country music icon Lynn Anderson after taking the millennials in the crowd to task for not knowing who she is. This number is done fairly straight, but elsewhere her satiric rewrites of well-known songs are on the money.

She closes with her version of Sondheim’s “I’m Still Here.” While I normally frown on reworking the master’s lyrics, this version is spectacular and her vocals are mightily impressive. I’m sure there are some who, at the end of Trans-Jester, would like to wash Lady Bunny’s mouth out with soap; I, on the other hand, wanted to vote for her for public office.

And I haven’t even mentioned her legs, on full display in that shiny mini-dress. They are, as Bette Midler used to say about other body parts, among “the best in the business.”

The Stonewall Inn – May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, June 6

When you don’t have the $ to fix your car…

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Now THIS hair is laid, hunty!