She’s a scream!

Wait 1 damn minute!! 😂😂 noooooooooo!

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Love this sound!

So stupid that I love it, corny sound effects and all!



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Chaka’s make-up tips!

Now, how about some singing tips! LOVE HER SO MUCH! And she actually looks better now, since she wore so little eye make-up in her youth. Interesting that she hates lashes because she sweats them off. I have seen her in them in recent years but I guess it wasn’t to perform in.

Crafty way to save on breastplates!

Homemade Boobs

Homemade Boobies

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I’ll bet this is just as pretty on it’s way out!

This magical gravy has a glittery touch

Why not add some twinkle to your turkey? 😱Credit: Hungry Horse

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I don’t agree with the GOP, the Dems or even Bernie on restructuring taxes

One of the most illuminating conversations I’ve had on Facebook was with a friend who supports Trump. The convo was long before Trump was running for office, though he may have been pushing the birther mess at the time. I was arguing against tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. She was arguing for them, saying that the “best and the brightest” should be rewarded. This view is not unique to her–it’s how the GOP sells tax cuts for the wealthiest to it’s voters. My argument back at her was that many of the wealthiest aren’t the best or brightest–they often didn’t make their fortunes, they inherited them. I have no desire to tag her and cause a mud-slinging match. She’s a lovely person with whom I share many interests, but we fundamentally disagree on this.

I don’t believe that tax cuts for the wealthy create more jobs. I think they give tax cuts to people who need them the least, and politicians push these cuts because megabucks donors contribute to politicians whose trickle down policies never trickle down to create those jobs as promised. Remember when Elizabeth Warren tweeted that Trump’s business failures and bankruptcies were so extensive that if he’d held on to his inheritance, he’d have more money than all he’d inherited and lost?

They say no president can win without promising tax cuts. Well, I disagree. When Obama was campaigning against Romney, remember that Palm Beach video of Romney at a fundraiser calling everyone on social services from students to welfare recipients to the disabled to veterans and senior citizens “takers”? Obama was horrified, and to prove that he and Democrats were the party of the people, he campaigned on raising taxes on everyone making $250,000 and above. Romney was made to look like a rich cad, and Obama won. Shortly afterwards, Obama went against his word and raised taxes on those making above $400,000 per year. That’s a lot of revenue Obama lost with that move. Somehow, those doing better get the tax cuts. Probably because those making hundreds of thousands per year have a good bit more coins to contribute to campaigns than folks who feel the wolves at their door financially. Just as this current GOP tax bill will screw the poor the most.

Bernie Sanders was on MSNBC last night blasting the GOP tax plan. However, he never mentioned once that any kind of democratic socialist, which he calls himself, would definitely seek to raise everyone’s taxes in order to pay for social services like single-payer healthcare and affordable college. I support Bernie and his progressive ideas. But three things have to happen.

1) We are all going to pay higher taxes if we’re to enjoy state-run healthcare as enjoyed in most industrialized countries from Canada to Cuba and all over Europe. When I speak to people from these countries, they enjoy the healthcare–not the higher taxes. But the idea of paying slightly higher income tax and zero monthly insurance premiums sounds worth a shot to me. The money from the single-payer has to got to come from somewhere. While the ACA was being crafted, 80% of Democrats favored single-payer. To pay for it, we all must be taxed at a higher rate. So do you still want it or not?

But before you peg me as a Bernie bro, I respect the guy. I’m a progressive. But last night he was interviewed on MSNBC and was bashing the GOP tax plan, or tax scam, if you will. He railed against it, and briefly mentioned that he supports single payer. But he never said any of what I’ve written below, which I feel to be the unpopular truth-putting two and two together to enable his own plans to happen. He was soft-pedaling what Americans need to hear and what I think many agree with. Maybe I’m more progressive than Bernie, but here’s what I’d like to hear him say a lot more forcefully on this issue.

2) Stop spending half of our tax dollars on wars against countries which never attacked us. Or government is more concerned with paying for “stupid” wars, as Obama called Iraq, or conflicts in Syria which have no military solution. Do you have issues in Syria or Yemen? Then why should your government take half of your tax dollars to fund them?

3) Force the corporations to pay the tax rates they used to pay decades ago, before both parties were so corrupted by their donors. Some giant companies like GE pay but a fraction of their corporate tax rate. Some giant companies pay $0 in taxes. While we argue over tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%, check this: some pay $0! You can’t cut lower than that.

If Congress were truly representing their constituents instead of their wealthy donors, they would root out tax havens, loopholes and other gifts to the mega-rich as just exposed by the Panama Papers. The Queen of England, a Trump official, a Bono-affiliated venture, an aide to Justin Trudeau, Madonna, Apple and many others were caught hiding their money so that they paid no taxes on it whatsoever. Can our government not root this out? They’ve audited friends of mine and Wesley Snipes. Doesn’t the government have any interest in unearthing these hidden treasures which they could then tax? Think how much revenue these hidden fortunes could put toward healthcare, rebuilding the infrastructure or restoring CHIP, the children’s insurance plan which expires on 1/1. Worry about the influence of Russian oligarchs, but the international elite get whatever influence they desire. And the richest nation in the history of the world is denying children and adults healthcare, education, infrastructure, etc. Things we badly need.

I’ll bet if we cut our insane war budget, forced corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share by getting rid of their loopholes and tax havens, there would be plenty of money for social services. And with all of that cash freed up, perhaps a democratic socialist’s small tax increases in exchange for vital healthcare might be even smaller a raise than Sanders imagines. It’s just that those who need these services can’t afford to bribe politicians. Isn’t your government meant to represent you? Well, they aren’t. They shamelessly do the bidding anyone who pays them, and workers can’t afford to gain their ears.

To see Bernie Sanders soft-pedalling the fact that we need higher taxes to heal this country rather than blow up others, doesn’t give me much hope in a man I admire. Sure, blast the GOP tax giveaway to the rich as a transfer of wealth to the already insanely wealthy. But don’t just blast their plan, counter it with your own solution. I don’t want to bomb other countries and harm their citizens. I’d rather help the citizens of this country with my tax dollars. I believe many of us agree, but no party is offering this plan because they’re forced to lure the voters who jump at any tax cuts, even when we “must” sacrifice insurance coverage so that the 1% can profit.

Do I like paying higher taxes? Hell no! But how much higher would the taxes need to be to fund single-payer? My insurance premiums are currently 1/2 my rent–after Obama’s modest reforms. If healthcare is a human right as Democrats keep claiming, then how do they keep getting the formula for it so very wrong?

S(he) is too much!

How to get men to find you attractive

Tag someone who needs this advice 😂😂Credit: Fairbairn Films

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Holiday t-shirt sale–all tees $20 including shipping through 1/1!

Sizes S-2XL in black 100% cotton. The $20 mark-down price does not include international shipping or PayPal fees!


Is that you Sharon?

What have you done to me!

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Love Pant Bliss, Queen of Ireland!

Pretty outrageous!

I’m not even smart enough to use my smart phone!


This blew my mind away.If you want to get in touch with Mpho or support him in anyway, please contact him at his South African number: +27 (0) 794117949or share this so he gets heard more. He deserves more attention. That thing he built is awesome! Sadly, he makes only $14 a day from tourist donations…and his entire family is unemployed. Thank you Anis and Mohammed from Red Chilli Deals for taking me around all day to explore, you rock! LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram!Music: Waves by Joakim Karud!

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Macy’s secret Black Santa from The Root

Operation Find Black Santa

Word on the street is that there's a Black Santa hidden at Macy's, so we went on a mission to find him.

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This is taking an isolated joke out of context in what I assume was a serious panel. I have an inappropriate sense of humor, but still. To see these titans of industry laughing at income inequality, which I think is the burning issue of our time, is much.

Very sad news from Puerto Rico!

Through Our Eyes: Puerto Rico

Here's a glimpse at what life is like in post-hurricane Puerto Rico, where American citizens are still without clean water, food, or electricity

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I love other size queens!

story of my life. 😂[via ViralHog]

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I guess I’m a bigger slut than anyone in this video, cuz if I saw someone that gorgeous then I could care less if he had an extra stick!

Pegadinha – Cego paquerador

Vai, malandra 😂 como será que a mulherada se saiu no teste do cego paquerador? 😜 confira mais uma pegadinha!

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I’m back at Stonewall Inn–6 shows only of Lady Bunny’s Christmas Leftovers!

Bunny returns to The Stonewall Inn for six shows in December from 12/22-12/30. Expect a giddy mix of warped seasonal favorites, lots of dish on everything from pop culture to Drag Race and plenty of new song parodies. Attempts at dancing will even be made.

Bianca Del Rio joins the fun in an audio cameo playing the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future in an utterly demented Scrooge-inspired skit which puts the Bunny back in Ebenezer. Bunion will mainly spread holiday cheer and glad tidings, trying to avoid the current toxic political scene. (She will try, but she may very well fail.) Leftovers refers to the fact that most of the performances are actually after Christmas Day—and to the fact that this is not a show like last year’s Trans-Jester! with any sort of point to be made. This is a wild mix of new material, raunchy carols and a few classics. Bunny has been very naughty this year, indeed! If you are prudish, religious or enjoy mainly polite humor, this probably isn’t your cup of tea. But if you love to laugh, this is the holiday show for you! Co-written by Beryl Mendelbaum.

All performances are at 7PM, with doors at 6:30. Ages 21 and up with ID. Cash sales at the door when available. Seating is first come, first serve. Stonewall’s upstairs cabaret is an intimate venue, so grab your tickets now!

For more info/tix, please visit:


Talk about talent! This blew my mind and made me howl!

Table Cloth Tricks With Naked Man

This guy's got skills… 😂🍆TAG a mate so they can enjoy them too 😂

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Not a Zsa Zsa cameo on Fresh Prince Of Belair!

Not a Zsa Zsa cameo on Fresh Prince of Belair! She’s such a sport that she lets them work in a weight joke with the cake! The “slapping” she refers to is when she hit that cop who stopped her for a traffic violation–he turned out to be an actor. I have no idea what that whole mess was about, but it catapulted Miss Gabor into the spotlight once more. And I think she and her sisters must’ve used the slap-schtick at least once before. The Gabors attended the nightclub act of Carol Channing, which was recorded live. One of Miss Channing’s jokes was that the audience had better applause for her or the sisters would slap them all. What a bizarre schtick to have! Ve are Hungarian vomen and ve vill hit you! Carol’s album, which of course I own, was recorded in either the late 60s or very early 70s. Cuckoo! And that’s your does of fresh-off-the-press, 50 year old gossip for the day.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa appearing in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air season 2 episode 10.Kaliforniába jöttem 1991 Zsa Zsával 2.évad 10.rész.

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This film crew was filming an advertisement of washing machines in the snow, when all of a sudden, they're getting a surprise visit!.

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Love her!

Wait 1 damn minute!! 😂😂 noooooooooo!

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True love!

Is that you Sharon?

What have you done to me!

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Absolutely right!


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This made me so homesick!

So this what 50 years of marriage look like?!? 󾌺󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴 IM CRYIN OVER HERE! 󾌴

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This has been me for days now!


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Tonight at Sands Casino in PA!


Love this nut!

Here we go again. Leaving New York this morning on my way back to Nashville and the Tarmac Dancer is back at it. #TheTarmacDancerStrikesAgain #DejaVu #EmployeeOfTheYear #Southwest

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Rodney Dangerfield in fine form

The Tonight Show (August 12, 1983)

“With cigarettes, my wife and I, we made a deal. We only smoke after sex. I've got the same pack now since 1975. What bothers me is my wife. She's up to three packs a day.”

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We can thank Obama for Ajit Pai’s appointment to chair the FCC

Wiki on the FCC’s Ajit Pai: “He has served in various positions at the FCC since being appointed to the commission by President Barack Obama
in May 2012, at the recommendation of Mitch McConnell.” Maybe Obama should’ve ignored O’Connell’s recommendation? No, Obama was continually reaching across the aisle until he was so far in the middle that he was almost on the right. That’s centrist Democrats for you–they Wouk for corporations–not you.