May 2018 bring more WTF moments like this!

Jesus Christ smh

Jesus Christ smh

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One of my favorite places–well. it was.

Jack Black: Saving Miami

Miami may not look like a city on the verge of disaster, but rising seas and political roadblocks are turning this glistening coastal paradise into the next Atlantis. Jack Black investigates. #YEARSproject

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I don’t recall this chat between me and Ru, but ya never know!


Such a thoughtful gift!

Such a nut job who always gives me a giggle

Maybe if I were straight, this would turn me on! But since I’m not, I appreciate a fellow psycho!

Merry Christmas folks

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I always loved Thelma on Good Times.

I still do! She’s still lovely and just as fun as she always was.

Bernadette Stanislaus, aka Thelma from Good Times, at age 62 shaking her groove thang at a jazz festival, this is black refusing to crack.

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Forgot about this one!

They remind me a little bit of the Ting Tings.

Dreaming of a white Christmas?



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I approve this message.

2017 puti 👯 olympics 🏅 #puppetwave

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Her stockings were hung….

FCC Commissioner on what the death of net neutrality will look like

“We would not know anything about Ferguson if the provider was able to block or throttle…Becasue the media outlets, they weren’t covering Ferguson, they weren’t covering that movement until that # started trending. That’s the power of the internet.” –FCC Comissioner Mignon Clyburn

Too much!



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Gift idea?

Liquor Spanx | Drunk Inventions | Awestruck

STAY LIT with #DearJamie's Liquor Spanx

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Last Christmas, last night at Stonewall Inn

A snippet from Lady Bunny’s Christmas Leftovers at Stonewall Inn, in which I butcher almost every known holiday tune. Four more shows this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7PM. For more info/tickets:

LAst Christmas Insta Out

I’ve just found a fitness regime that will help me keep my 2018 resolutions!

And I already have all of the equipment!

TAG a friend who trains like this 😂credit: ארז בירנבוים – Erez Birenboim

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Cultural appropriation can be cultural appreciation!


I have said my piece, and this is not a positive video! :O Enough with the online bullying culture. I'm noticing it in too many places online and it's detrimental to everyone. This video expresses my opinion on this subject, and I'm sure the opinion of many others. LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram!Music: Strange Mix by Gavin Luke

Posted by Nas Daily on Thursday, December 21, 2017

Hairy holidays from Bunion!

Lady Bunny tees holiday sale through 1/1!

We’ve got sizes S-2XL in these gorgeous all cotton shirts in sizes S-2XL for only $20 through 1/1.The price is a steal as it includes shipping except not international shipping. And PayPal does add a small fee to the $20. Get ’em while they’re cheap through 1/1!!

Christmas Eve!

Spinning disco/funk classics with a little 80s thrown in this Sunday at The Monster’s Disco Sundays, 6-10PM. It’s Christmas Eve, so I’ll definitely thrown in some cheesy Xmas classics like Charo’s Mamacita, Donde Esta Santa Claus? and The Weather Girls’ Bring Me A Man (This Christmas). And while I’m not religious, I still enjoy the gospel music of The Clark Sisters, Tramaine and the genius NYCC who sing Express Yourself and the beautiful I’ll Keep A Light In My Window. I am in a super festive holiday spirits now that my cold/flu is gone and hope you’ill join this wonderfully mixed party crowd for a holiday boogie. It’s so unpretentious and the vibe is old school and celebratory. Free, with reasonable drink prices. So do join us if you fancy a holiday jig!

What a little s one-stealer. She’s got it!

This is my Daughter at her school Christmas concert. She brought the house down. See if you can guess which one she is

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I wish the Olympics were this good, too!

Wtf Did I Just Watch 😂😂😂

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Love this nut!

He Is A Genius


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No ma’am!

I am open to all kinds of holiday celebrations including the war on Christmas. But this was seen on a neighbor’s doorstep. Is this hinting at some tradition I’m not aware of or did they literally spray paint some old Halloween pumpkins, throw some broken Mardi Gras beads on it and add rats? Or maybe these are gerbils. Then that would make perfect sense.

Bringing back the Xmas spirit!

Et lille tip hvis julestemningen mangler 😂

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Completely braindead!

Not the shortest video, or the easiest to watch. But Robert Reich sums it up well.

Right on!

My shopping list for my fave Drag Race queens!

1. Shangela

“I’d get her a box she can’t pop back out of — a coffin!”

2. Pandora Boxx

“That box needs a lid on it, and I’d nail it shut.”

3. Latrice Royale

“I’d just give her the number of Jiggly Caliente’s dentist.”

4. Jinkx Monsoon

“Singing lessons. Her voice is like Katya in a nightclub — always looking for a key.”

5. Pearl

“A lifetime supply of meth — bitch needs the energy!”

6. Katya

“I’d buy the meth from Katya, so she would just get cash this year. Then maybe she could afford to ditch that awful clown, Trixie!”

7. Trixie Mattel

“I got her a necklace that really suits her. Well, I call it a necklace. Everyone I showed it to called it a noose.”

Read the rest:

Very interesting to hear from the subject of recent attacks…

Welcome to the Fireside Chat! Tonight we’re talking about the Russia investigation and how we can defend our democracy from the bipartisan crackdown on our Constitutional rights. The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has requested documents from our campaign relevant to their investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election. At least that’s what they told us. But when they talked to the press, the charge had escalated to investigating our campaign for “collusion with the Russians”.We are cooperating with the committee, but we weren’t born yesterday. While interference in our elections is something we take seriously, sensationalism, politicizing and ulterior motives tarnish the process and pose a serious threat. The investigation must not be allowed to become a tool for intimidating and silencing political opposition to the two corporate political parties.This investigation – which Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald likened to the dark days of McCarthyism – is happening in the context of a bipartisan campaign to control information, criminalize dissent, and silence principled opposition to the political establishment. Join the conversation!

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‘Tis the season!

Abigail Disney, who will benefit from the GOP tax plan, effectively slams it.

Heiress Abigail Disney Opposes GOP Tax Bill

This Disney heiress will seriously benefit from the GOP tax bill — here's why she's against it (via NowThis Politics)

Posted by NowThis on Tuesday, December 19, 2017