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Was this custom or are they commercially available. They’re perfect for church!

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So there’s been another horrific shooting. This one in Oregon, at a school not far outside Portland. MSNBC reported that many in the community pulled together to volunteer to help out in the aftermath of the tragedy. One gal drove 45 minutes just to pray for the victims an the community. Personally, I don’t believe that there is an old man up in the sky who her prayers will ever reach, but it’s still a nice gesture. I’m always touched by Americans pulling together in the wake of tragedy. My uncle went to volunteer for weeks in New Orleans after Katrina. A friend of mine goes to Haiti with his doctor dad every year since the earthquake in 2010. Americans donated a $350,000,00 to Thailand after their tsunami. While we differ in many ways across the political spectrum, tragedy does unite us.

Why don’t we unite BEFORE the next tragedy and do something about gun laws in the US now? Don’t think gun fatalities are an epidemic? More than 87,000 have been shot and killed since that other school shooting at Sandy Hook–which politicians swore was the last straw. The under 3,000 deaths from 9/11 are a tiny fraction of that. While you’re “never forgetting” 9/11 once a year, can you please wake up to this other national disaster with far more fatalities and which keeps on happening at our schools, our Bible study classes, our movie theaters and our military bases? Mass shootings don’t occur in most other advanced nations because they’ve banned assault weapons which no one needs for personal use. And background checks can help keep guns away from crazies.

Sadly, many of our politicians are crooks bought by weapons manufacturers. Same reason we went to war in Iraq–our politicians are bought by the defense industry who literally make a killing whenever we go to war. What a disgrace to see Congress members who could actually change gun laws tweeting prayers to the victims of the latest carnage. Many are Republican, but even Arizona Representative (D) Gabby Giffords who was shot in the head in an assassination attempt was pro-gun rights. My preferred presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, is said to be to the right of Hillary Clinton on gun laws since he hails from a rural state where many hunt for food. I eagerly await his statement on the Umpqua shooting to see if his policy has changed in his bid to lead the entire country rather than just Vermont.

We’re so politically disengaged in this country that we usually just shake our heads and roll our eyes at corrupt politicians–while we’re forgetting that they work for us in an allegedly representative government. And at least during elections like the big one coming up, they have to pretend that they stand for policies we agree with. It’s very easy for politicians to accept money from the NRA and well-organized gun rights groups and do nothing to curtail who can obtain guns. But it’s very hard for anyone seeking election or reelection to not provide a solution to the epidemic of gun violence if we all demand it using our votes. But do you even know the names of your representatives? Have you ever contacted them about anything? You’ll never get anything you don’t ask for. If you do nothing, by the time you finish praying for these victims, there’ll be a new batch somewhere else. I agree with President Obama’s remarks after the latest tragedy: “Our prayers and thoughts are not enough.”

But of course, Obama is a hypocrite like most of our elected officials. Not only does he rain down death with drones in other countries committing possible war crimes, here are his own words on gun control: “Like the majority of Americans, I believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms. And, in fact, my administration has not curtailed the rights of gun owners – it has expanded them.” His first month in office, Obama made it legal to carry loaded guns in national parks and wildlife refuges–overturning a 20-year ban on having weapons in these places. Ten months later, he reversed a decade-long ban on guns aboard trains.

So caring Americans, go ahead and shake your heads at this latest carnage. Or go to Umpqua and volunteer. Or pray. Or wake the fuck up and demand that no politician without a plan to stop this madness will ever get your vote. Should this country ever wake up, you’ll find that our government won’t address anything you care about until you get involved. Legislators will deny climate change and screw up the only planet we have to live on to save corporations who’ve contributed to their campaigns. They’ll try and outlaw abortions not because of their personal moral objection to it, but because their anti-abortion stance will guarantee votes from fundamentalists. They’ll enable drug companies to charge a fortune to where seniors are forced to skip days taking their medications while many other industrialized nations have state-run health care that’s free. I guess those other countries, with free healthcare and higher education, have a more involved citizenry than we do.


How To Make Fairy Bread

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Kenneth Copeland, Rabbi Kirk Schneider and Pastor Paula White praying for Donald Trump...#trump-Darrell Scott Robert Scott

Posted by James Davis on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Look at these turds. “Christians” praying for Trump to become president. And was that a glimpse of mauve-wigged Jan Crouch on the side? Let’s hear it for the “christians” too ignorant to remember the words of the book of Matthew that it’s harder for a rich man to get to heaven than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.Trump regularly brags about his wealth but those people see what they want to see. Instead of gaining supporters with policies which make sense, Trump is rallying support among religious leaders who can’t even comprehend their own religion. And if you really want a laugh, check out the comments like “There is a reason he’s called Trump.” Right–because that’s his family name.


Why Big Pharma Is The Worst

“Pharma bro” Martin Shkreli isn't the only one hiking up prescription drug prices to make a profit.

Posted by AJ+ on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Martin Shkreli was widely slammed for price gouging for his role in raising the price of the drug Daraprim from $13.50 a pill to $750 per pill. What’s the problem, America? You suddenly don’t like capitalism? Because all this guy did was hunt for a drug with no generic counterpart and milk the opportunity. Capitalism is about greed and profits–the more the merrier. So capitalists should applaud him–he’s a capitalist superstar. Raising drug prices and outsourcing jobs to other countries with dirt cheap labor is what capitalism is all about. Hmmm, maybe you’d consider a socialist candidate like Bernie Sanders if what Shkreli did was so hateful? As we sit without jobs and with our seniors skipping the medicines they can’t afford to take daily, you must realize that something has to change.

And maybe you’d like to ask why Obamacare did nothing to curb drug companies’ abilities to gouge us in a way that we find so distasteful? Could it have something to do with the fact that Obama met with Big Pharma in a closed to the press pow wow at the White House before crafting the ACA? He was guaranteeing drug manufacturers that they could still gouge consumers and that Amercians could not go to Canada to fill prescriptions because drugs are cheaper there. Drugs, surgery and syringes are all cheaper in almost all other countries. We’re being robbed here. Shkreli is only one tiny example of one drug for one ailment.

Very interesting clip. And she’s right–73% of us think drug prices are too high. Yet we cling to politicians who the drug industry’s bought and reject the candidate who would stop gouging because he’s a “dirty” socialist. When capitalism ain’t working for anyone but the 1% and the politicians they buy off. Could that be the time to consider a new system? Nah–let’s stick with paying crooks to get into office an rip us off.

“Liberal” MSNBC loves to trumpet how many people have signed up for Obamacare. Rarely do they discuss that it went nowhere near far enough.


As luck would have it, I’m based in LA for 10 days doing gigs in Pomona and San Diego. As luck would have it, I called my old friend from the Atlanta days (circa ’82) poetess Kennon B. Raines to hang out. As luck would have it, she has a friend who works at the Hollywood Bowl. As luck would have it, Grace Jones is playing there tonight. As bad luck would have it, I missed Grace at Afropunk in NYC a couple weeks ago. But I’m seeing her tonight! Woo hoo!


Bernie Sanders recorded a reggae tune? Hear it here, on a fab Stephen Colbert segment. I hadn’t seen Colbert on the Late Show but it’s outrageous to hear people screaming like this for Bernie.


Interesting interview including this:

JOY-ANN REID: “Yeah, it’s interesting, because Hillary Clinton has had this remarkable arc over the course of her life, from being a sort of conservative, “Goldwater Girl” teenager to being this really fierce, feminist young lawyer in Arkansas and this, you know, advocate or this acolyte of Marian Wright Edelman, to then having to shift back into a traditional first lady role after really being rebuked for trying to have a policy portfolio of her own with healthcare. And so she sort of occupied this strange space that has mirrored the Democratic Party, that’s gone left, she’s gone right, she’s been hawkish, she’s been sort of the neocon in the party. And now she’s trying to find her own individual voice and balance whether she is, in a sense, looked at as a Clinton restoration candidate or an Obama continuation candidate, because she has a role, really, in both of those administrations, in both of those wings of the party. So she has this sort of odd space, and she hasn’t really decided which camp to really come down on. And she really needs to, because she needs that ascendant Obama coalition in order to become president.”

I’m not saying that one can’t evolve over time. But may I suggest that a true leader would not be struggling to find her voice at this late state in the campaign? This is why I feel that Hillary is not a leader and never will be. She’s the furthest thing from a bold vision, grabbing cash and wetting her finger to see which policies resonate at the moment and borrowing the ones that do from Bernie/Warren. Policies she’d ditch after getting elected. She’s either more of the same as Obama or to the right of Obama.



Shangela, Alyssa Edwards and Laganja Estranja will perform, I’ll spin, my delightful mom will be popping down form Chattanooga–a terror on the dance floor at 79!–all presented by Barefoot Wines and Spincycle. This is not to be missed!See you on 10/8!



Episode 3 We sent the Legendary (or really old) and fabulous LADY BUNNY on the streets to ask about gun control. And you'll also see the fabulous Miss Coco Peru Tosh Yanez and Richie Lillard...written & produced by Michael Airington and Frank J Hagan for Matzoball Entertainment LLCGraphics by DIEGO COLLADOAll matzoball music License and MAKEUP provided by TIGI/BEDHEAD http://tigihaircare.usDesigner Vintage Jewelry courtesy of Richard ReamsSPECIAL THANKS to AUGUST AESTHETICS http://augustdenton.comfor making me look FLAWLESSTWITTER

Posted by Politics is a Drag on Monday, September 21, 2015

Here I am as a “man” on the street in LA talking about gun control in an excerpt from Politics Is A Drag. The concept is by Ester Goldberg and we’re still actively pitching the show to producers to either get us online or get us on TV. The one thing that matters most is the likes and shares. The more we get, the more the gatekeepers take notice. So if ya dig this and would like to see more politics and punchlines from drag queens like Ester, Coco Peru and myself, please share widely. There’s an election coming up so the time is right!


"Man Fan" from MOMIX Botanica

Monday is almost finished! Relax after a long day with some natural beauty brought to you by MOMIX:) Dancer Jon Eden performs "Man Fan" from Botanica in the garden in Washington, CT...

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Honest Political Ads - Gil Fulbright for President

What if every politician were this honest?Gil Fulbright: Honest Politician is crashing the 2016 race to make sure every candidate is as honest as he is — Help make it happen at #HonestPolitician #Gil2016 #Election

Posted by Represent.Us on Monday, September 21, 2015

Do you know why it’s important for politicians to raise a fortune to even be in the running for president? Because the candidate with the most money is always the frontrunner. Some of the money raised goes to their staff and some of it goes to their wardrobe. But the vast majority goes into buying campaign ads which are carefully crafted by marketing experts to give voters a sense of what strategists have determined is their strongest suit to win. Not their actual policies, just vague buzz words, comforting music and often meaningless slogans which sound good but which translate into little in terms of bread and butter issues. This is why we saw Hillary announce her candidacy with a vague ad featuring tomato farmers and a gay couple to give the idea that she supports average people and maybe even gay people. The GOP ads are just as bad because they have the momentous task of convincing working Americans that trickle down economics will somehow benefit workers, despite the fact that it never has.

I think everyone on both sides of the aisle would agree that the country is in a mess. So please dig a little deeper and hold your candidates’ feet to the fire on the issues and how their proposed polices will shake down into you being able to afford school, medicine, healthcare, get a job, fix crumbling infrastructure, halt climate change, assure veterans’ benefits–or whatever is important to you. The sad thing is that these policies do come out at debates, but most don’t watch. We watch campaign ads between our favorite shows. And the more money a candidate has, the more ads he/she can buy. the more money he/she has gotten from businesses, the less likely that campaign will serve you once elected. They’ll be too busy paying back corporate donors with an agenda which benefits them, not you. This video is an excellent spoof of the typical campaign ad. The odd thing is that now even Trump and Hillary are talking about getting money out of politics–because they’ve already got their bankrolls in place.


Esta buenisimo eso mirenlo jjjjj

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Raccoon Wants Food

Raccoon uses a rock on the glass door to alert a human the cat food bowl is empty.

Posted by Viral Videos on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I can’t believe this woman thinks a beggar with a rock banging on her window until it’s scratched it so adorable. I know what I’d fill that cat food bowl with. Time for a Last Supper!


Clearly, Obamacare made insurance more affordable to many. Just pray that you don’t need any of these prohibitively expensive pills or you may not be able to afford what your doctor prescribes. You do know that seniors actually skip days of taking their meds because they can’t afford them.
I wonder if these shocking increases have anything to do with the fact that Obama met Big Pharma at the White House before crafting the ACA in a closed-to-the-press meeting. I wonder what he was assuring them of? That Americans couldn’t go to Canada for cheaper meds? That pharmaceutical companies can continue to gouge consumers? Just as Obama’s TPP makes monopolies of life-saving drugs like HIV meds more likely. Combine that with the fact that from syringes to surgery, Americans pay way more for the exact same medical services than people in other countries are charged for them. Why? Because our government is full of crooks. Until you realize how crooked even the ones you like are, you’re doomed to elect more of the same. Just because they’re not as bad as Republicans. Yet they are pretty damn awful.

NT TIMES: “Doxycycline, an antibiotic, went from $20 a bottle in October 2013 to $1,849 by April 2014, according to the two lawmakers.”

MORE:  Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight


Close Enough !

Posted by Gerardo Gabriel on Friday, November 21, 2014


All the Demcratic candidates want more debates–except Hillary, who has doesn’t want to discuss her non-positions. Yet our “left-leaning” news channel MSNBC would rather focus on the GOP train wreck debates. Maddow was all over CNN criticizing their GOP debate style. Have yo heard her critiquing the DNC’s debates?
From the TYT clip below: “The problem with this candidacy of Hillary Clinton is that it used to be the Republicans were the party of Wall Street and big business and the military-industrila complex. Now the Democrats go to Wall Street with their hand out, too, and now that’s why we have this crony capitalism and this economy that works for only the 1%.”
You folks don’t like it when I say that Hillary is GOP lite, but she is, except on social issues. She’s been bought by monied interests and now she can buy the election, including rigged debates which prevent less middle-of-the-road messages from getting out there thanks to the DNC. I honestly wish Bernie would run as an Independent so that he isn’t beholden to the taint of the Democrats. Obama took the Democrats away from their core principles, Hillary would cement the death of the Democrats as much different from the GOP.




Patti Labelle snapping on a dude stripping on her stage!!! Wow I guess the young kids forgetting about classic R&B smh

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Sexy striptease.

Sexy striptease. zeker blijven kijken, het wordt nog beter!

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I hope that thing jumps up and bites her face!


"You perform every day as a woman. When I'm in drag I am trying to exercise having an entitlement to the space that I'm in." A fascinating look at female drag queens from Broadly:

Posted by Bustle on Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Even loonier than the main event, was coverage of how the Republican candidates spent their day before their debate.

Rand Paul went to a shooting range earlier in the day. His target? Copies of our tax code. I’d also like to change the tax code too, but shooting at it is a sad “Hey NRA, throw some campaign cash my way” message. I think we can change the tax code without guns.

Jeb Bush spoke somewhere and displayed a little machismo as me made a punching motion to try and debunk Trump’s barbs that he’s a low energy wimp. He also went hiking and took a photo op with his half-hispanic son. I wonder what message that was meant to send–I’m less racist towards immigrants than the rest of these clowns I’ll share a stage with later tonight? I fucked a hispanic, so let that hopefully trick undocumented hispanics and those who support them into thinking that I’m more partial to their rights so that I can get their votes and THEN fuck them?

Ben Carson had perhaps the most bizarre day of all by simply being black. Yes, hardly any blacks vote Republican and not many Republicans would seem eager to vote for any person of color. Yet African-American candidate Carson is somehow polling second to Trump. Has the GOP completely lost they minds? I’d be thrilled if either of them won as their party’s nominee. Since neither have any political experience, any nominee the Democrats run would have more of a chance. Even a progressive one like Bernie Sanders who some claim cannot win. Against Trump or Carson he sure could.

That was only the opening act. Here are some insane snippets of the actual debate I’m catching now.

Rubio listed “a gangster in Moscow” and several other world leaders who he perceives as threats. How he thinks of this as a winning strategy when most Americans are supposed to be weary of war, I’ll never know. Do we want to invent threats from all over the world or focus on how poorly US citizens are doing financially and take care of business like crumbling infrastructure and overpriced higher education and healthcare here at home?

Rand Paul surprised me by taking a less hawkish stance and said that the US doesn’t need military bases all over the world to keep us safe. A surprisingly enlightened take on foreign policy than anyone else on that stage. However, Paul wants fewer military operations because he wants the government to be smaller in every way, including ending social services from Social Security to veteran’s benefits. Not exactly a tea partier, but he’s one of those who essentially ran for office to shrink the government’s scope.

Jeb Bush told a flat out lie in saying that his brother George kept us safe. Perhaps there were no major attacks after 9/11, but 9/11 happened during Bush’s presidency. He and Condo-loser Rice ignored multiple warnings that terrorists would use planes to attack us months before 9/11.

Carly Fiorino spoke passionately against abortion, referring to that recent video of an infant with it’s heart still beating while Planned Parenthood employees discussed how they had to keep this fully formed aborted child’s heart beating so they could use the remnants of it’s dying body to save others. I realize that abortion is a polarizing issue. But today I renewed my NY State ID and was asked to check a box saying I’d be an organ donor as I lay dying. Is this immoral? It’s widely accepted. What’s so wrong with wanting to use expiring bodies to help others live or for research so that perhaps many others can live? The mom didn’t want the kid and that’s her right. It isn’t like Planned Parenthood is ambushing pregnant women and stealing their babies.

Carly scored points by saying that she’d buried her child lost to drug addiction. And went on to denounce marijuana. Except for one thing: you don’t die from marijuana addictions any more than you do cigarette addictions. Aren’t cigarettes legal? And unless I’m mistaken, it was disproved years ago that marijuana is a “gateway drug” to harder substances which can kill you.

One of CNN’s questions was if Obama should cancel a state dinner with China. I don’t see the connection between canceling state dinners and what concerns most Americans–getting back on track economically. I realize that our president is in charge of foreign policy and there may be differences in GOP’s approach to China and Obama’s approach, just as there are differences between the most Republicans and Obama on his diplomatic approach to Iran. But if canceling dinners seems like a point worth discussing to CNN, thanks for the great question. John Kasich, at least, seemed to speak out on behalf of diplomacy. A signal that Kasich is perhaps less of a hawk. But less of a hawk towards Iran than the average GOP candidate isn’t anything to get excited over–it’s Hillary Clinton.

Mike Huckleberry was asked in the Spin Room is he planned to make Kentucky clerk Kim Davis a key part of his platform. He spouted something about the “separation of powers” in attempt to court dumb evangelicals who would rather go unemployed and broke from healthcare costs than permit gays to marry. Excuse me, dunce. I think separation of church and state is as much of a core principle of our founding fathers.

Republicans hate to discuss climate change. With California burning up during a years-long drought, that might be an important domestic issue to bring up. It wasn’t. So the GOP are deny science in order to keep from acknowledging man-made climate change. If they acknowledged it, they’d have to try and find solutions. And that would mean slapping restrictions on industries which emit greenhouse gases and make less campaign dollars.

Scott Walker actually had the nerve to suggest that he would be the candidate to fight special interests. He’s the candidate that the Koch brothers bankrolled, fer chrissakes! Here’s a phone call by a prankster posing as a Koch brothers where Walker’s ass-kissing to even a comedian posing as a Koch is proven. What a Koch-sucker!

And Trump is still resonating with his claims that he won’t take donations which will make him beholden to corporate donors who represent the 1%. Um, that’s because he is the 1% and his own corporate donor. So is he going to represent the 99% of working Americans? No way, never!




DO NOT MISS the hilarious and twisted Nadya Ginsburg in her MADONNALOGUES. Tonight’s the ast night of this side-splitting LA comic extraordinaire and her demented impersonations of a totally clueless Madonna and an insane Cher. Check out her reviews from Joan Rivers and Roseanne below.


September 17 & 18: Laurie Beechman Theatre, 407 West 42nd Street.

Joan Rivers raved that she was “absolute perfection” and Roseanne Bar has called her “brilliant.” Now, acclaimed comedian and YouTube sensation Nadya Ginsburg returns to NYC with the latest edition of her riotous, long-running celebrity-driven comedy. Don’t miss her skewed takes on Madonna, Cher and Lady Gaga, as well as her hysterical original characters. 7PM. Tix are $22 (+ $20 food/drink minimum — full dinner menu & bar available) at 212-352-3101 or click HERE:


I often say that Hillary is Republican lite and people get angry. Here’s proof. She’s better on social issues than any GOP candidate, but not a progressive. She’s stealing progressive ideas from Sanders and Warren when they resonate with voters, as if she’s ever going to reform Wall Street when banks are her top donors.

Here she is on video admitting that she’s in the middle. We need a drastically different direction which is progressive. Especially after the radical Tea Party “forced” Obama towards the middle in order to get anything through Congress. No centrist will provide much change, much less the fundamental changes we desperately need. Just as Obama didn’t deliver on hope and change. All the money still flowed to the 1% under two terms of Bush and two terms of Obama. A vote for Clinton will assure more of the same. And here she is admitting it! She’s only borrowing liberal ideas to trick us into electing her so that she can then revert to doing the bidding of who has paid for her campaign. Obama’s doing it right now granting Shell drilling rights in the Arctic while pretending to be Mr. Climate Change Fixer and pushing the TPP trade deal which was written by corporate lobbyists to outsource jobs as Clinton’s husband’s NAFTA trade deal destroyed 1 million manufacturing jobs. Clinton has called the TPP “the gold standard” of trade deals.

Clinton is no candidate of working people. Centrist means closer to a Republican than a proud Democrat should be and Biden is just Hillary with a penis and without an email scandal. If you dislike Republicans, beware of centrist Democrats like Clinton and Biden.



As I was getting ready to go out tonight, I remembered a funny read by Boybar impresario Matthew Kasten. I’m a notorious slob and never had the grooming of most Boybar queens. I showed up somewhere and Matthew  said that I could have at least cleaned my shoes. “But they’re lucite so they’re see-through,” I explained. He told me that the lucite may be see-through but that dirt isn’t. Giggles.


Orange Is The New Black! (via @Bonn1eGreer)




Donald Trump's Phone Call with Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton to interview her before her "Tonight Show" appearance.

Posted by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Some funny lines in here. And I like that Jimmy included Trump’s weird under eye highlights for his impersonation. But I’m sorry, the real joke is that Hillary is saying that she’s going to get her message across by going on a listening tour. Hogwash! She’s been pushing that crap because it worked when she won as NY Senator and because she wants to claim that she’s still formulating her platform with input from voters. She’s been running for decades and she should have a fully fleshed out platform. She’s admitting that she’s wetting her finger and seeing which way the wind blows. Not a leader.


Dildo Races !! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Posted by The Dildo Depot Recharged on Tuesday, September 15, 2015


While MSNBC discusses Trump and even the GOP candidates who aren’t polling above 5%, here’s what your current Democratic president is up to. MSNBC doesn’t like to talk about this too much, even though addressing climate change is one of Obama’s own stated goals for his second terms. Achieve his goals? He can’t even pretend that his goals make sense with this one.

Bianca Jagger: “President Obama must know that it is impossible to protect the Arctic while allowing Shell to drill for oil 70 miles off the coast of Alaska. He cannot have it both ways. His policies and proclamations are irreconcilable.”




Cher - Ain't Nobody's Business

Cher - Ain't Nobody's Business

Posted by Cher México on Tuesday, September 15, 2015