Illuminating interview with Manfred aka Thierry Mugler in Numero

Most of all, this rare interview makes it seem like Thierry is a scream to hang out with. And he is!

The confessions of Manfred Thierry Mugler: George Michael, Beyoncé, his physical transformation and his new career

In the 1990s, Thierry Mugler made fashion history with high octane runway way shows and his gourmet fragrances, which remain top of best-selling perfume lists today. Having been discreet for a few years, the artistic director is back with a new name, Manfred Thierry Mugler, a new goliath-esque body and a new job as music-hall director. Here he shares his thoughts with Numéro Homme in an exclusive interview.


Dying for this accent!

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Best laugh I’ve had in ages!

Cocodrilo ladrador

Generalmente no me gusta publicar bromas, pero este cocodrilo ladrador lo tenían que mirar

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Fascinating glimpse back in time!

I wonder if there is any footage of Harvey doing his nightclub act?

I am trying to process this…

La Mécanique du l’Histoire. Panthéon.

PARIS. Le chorégraphe et danseur Yoann Bourgeois met les monuments en mouvement au Panthéon :>

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I guess I’m hateful, but this made me howl!

The most awkward strechers in history

I am dying LOL Lmao Mommy

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The brilliance of Grace Jones!

Fab interview in The Guardian.

What annoys you about modern life?
How it is round the wrong way. Like, I wait with my son for an Uber. He says: “We have to walk to the car, he’s not gonna wait for us”. And I say: “I’m not walking to the cab! The cab comes to us!” But he wants us to go because the customer is rated. The customer is rated? Excuse me! The world is inside out and upside down! And my son is like: “Mom, mom, mom, please just walk to the cab.” And I say: “No.” I feel like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard.

Grace Jones: ‘Size zero is like the walking dead. Not sexy at all’

The model, singer – and subject of a new film – on Trump, not being allowed to hit people and why she misses Concorde


The latest PUH-LEASE PC outrage: those dastardly cisgendered bio queens!

So women who dress like drag queens are now accused of culturally appropriating drag queens when they wear drag? And those drag queens are wearing make-up, clothing, heels and wigs which are manufactured primarily for women’s use? Who’s appropriating who? And how many drag queens have built careers out of impersonating female stars? What about Dame Edna impersonators? Barry Humphries is straight–so should he even be allowed to do drag? I would love to see his response to the suggestion that he shouldn’t.
I guess I see things differently, since I come from the club world in which anyone–male or female–who dolls themselves up is encouraged or even paid to host/perform. If you’re good, then bring it. World Famous Bob, Barbara Tucker, Ultra Nate, La India, Frieda the Living Doll, the ladies of French Twist, Penny Arcade, Dancenoise, Lady Clare, Debbie Harry, Kristine W and so many other biological females–did I get that term right?–were welcomed to perform at Wigstock. And the “cisgendered” Wendy Wild helped found the festival. She had many drag incarnations from Joey Heatherock to Das Furlines to the Mad Violets to the Love Delegation to just Wendy Wild. She was never happier than with a drink in her hand a wig on her head and I felt the same damn way. Trans performers were represented most years if not every single festival. 
Come to think of it, this article may be a joke site. One article is called 11 Halloween Costumes You Don’t Need Cleavage To Feel Sexy In. Wow. Maybe some women want to and do feel sexy showing some skin? And this list of costumes includes the instantly recognizable, super sexy and guaranteed to turn the party Susan B. Anthony and Amelia Earhart. So topical and fresh! The article then cluelessly includes two low-cut costumes which do show cleavage: Wonder Woman and Madonna in her famous Gaulthier bullet bra look. One approved costume is Birth Control. But hey, mightn’t that offend children out trick or treating and make them feel unwanted? Wait, I think I’m onto something here:  Childbirth may be appropriating birth control!
Or maybe I should be more sensitive to PC whirlwinds and spend the rest of this week snatching Hallowe’en candy out of kids’ hands, since sugary snacks might be appropriating Nutrasweet and Stevia.

Why Cis Female Drag Queens Are A Form Of Cultural Appropriation

Cis women are dressing up in something called “extreme femininity” and calling themselves drag queens. Why is this such a bad thing?

Greasy bangs on a bowl cut deserve an award all their own.

For Yur Height Only part 4

Weng Weng est le meilleur, point final! Le chapeau!

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This dancing turned me out!

Actual reporting by The Young Turks!

Did you know that the Democratic Party is voting in December to reduce the number of super delegates, which can throw an election toward one nominee as in this past election? So behind all the Trump headlines, are Democrats actually admitting that something is wrong? When you lose to a fool like Trump, something is definitely wrong, in my view. I’m glad there are signs of introspection in the party at the DNC Unity Committee.
I think both pro and con are presented reasonably here. It’s interesting to me that Democrats are seeking to make their nomination process more fair. The proposal is to reduce the influence of super delegates by 65%. Some would suggest getting rid of all of them–the Republicans don’t have super delegates, and as the interviewer notes, Democrats are supposed to be the fairer party.
The lady who’s In favor of keeping them claims that super delegates help prevent someone with charisma from getting into office. Someone like Trump, although I am loathe to call what he has charisma. She makes this analogy: “You would not go to a neuro surgeon who was not valiadated by other neurosurgeons, right? You would not get an electrician who wasn’t accepted by other electricians.”
My problem with this is that we all know most politicians work for whoever pays them in terms of campaign contributions–whether it’s oil, the NRA, big Pharma, etc. And the super delegates are made up of corporate lobbyists and former politicians who have benefited from this pay-to-play system and therefore seek to maintain it. So if you flip her neurosurgeon/electrician analogy it might say: If you want someone who is corrupt enough to do the bidding of corporations which pay for them to keep getting elected and perpetrating an oligarchy which benefits only the mega-rich, you wouldn’t go to someone who shuns corporate cash and actually represents the will of the people over corporate interests. What do you think?

Octavia St. Laurent

So gorgeous. I used to literally see jaws drop as she walked down the street.

In no way do I understand this…

Puppet Show.

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I hadn’t thought of this!



Discover the Most Pleasurable Way to Poop

Discover the Most Pleasurable Way to Poop.Visit

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I adore Jenifer Lewis!


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Hallowe’en accessory?


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Wait until the end!

At the family reunion….watch til the end… Wild n out

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DNC’s latest fail



After her bizarre lie in this tweet prompted such ridicule that Donna Brazile was forced to delete this tweet, she was just selected to be on the DNC’s Rule & By-Laws committee. This is after the disgraced Brazile was fired from CNN for leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance of the CNN debate. Way to go, Dems! So glad to know that a liar who defends Harvey Weinstein and a cheat who was fired from CNN is still a big-wig in a party which lacks credibility, and which refuses to change directions after a whopping defeat to a dunce. Gee, why not just run Debbie Wasserman Schultz for president.

And can we look at the depth of the lie in this tweet alone? This isn’t a an exaggeration, a white lie or even a fib. This is the exact opposite of the truth. If the many allegations against Weinstein are proven true, then of he did not “take the lead” against sexual harassment. He personally caused it. And paid for it to be covered up again and again. Don’t liberal female voters form one of the major bases of the Democratic Party? Weren’t these women those most repulsed by Trump’s p#ssy-grabbing escapades? So what is Donna really trying to say in this tweet: I’ll gladly defend a disturbing serial predator against the wishes of my core voters because he’s given my party so much money?

Love that Moi Renee’s “Miss Honey” is still inspiring dance routines…in the subway!

Voguing for dollars. #MissHoney #moirenee #misshunnay #nycsubway #ilovenyc #yaasqueen

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What Drag Queens Want You To Know

What Drag Queens Want You To Know

What drag queens want you to know!

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Not the air pump move!

I think explains it very well.

What is privilege?

How do you explain privilege simply to those who don't see it? This video demonstrates.

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Ancient history!

Did she make herself clear?

I think Melissa McCarthy needs to build a film around this quick clip!

No one has hated anything more than this woman hates pomegranates

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I love a Hallowe’en-themed fashion show!

The make-up and enormous earrings are sensational!

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R.I.P. Bunny Sigler, architect of Philly Sound

The intro of this song alone. You need to have some serious talent to go through all those mood swings and flourishes.

Wait for it…

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Nina Turner on Bernie Sanders speaking at the Women’s March

She makes she excellent points. However, I disagree with her on one point. I don’t agree that Maxine Waters didn’t get press coverage as the keynote speaker for the Women’s March because she is black–that’s Nina’s point.  Corporate Dems howled over Bernie speaking at a women’s event because he’s a man and as one neoliberal tweeted, he consistently vilified a woman many women admire. Actually, he did no such thing. Had he vilified Hillary, he wouldn’t have only asked for her transcripts of speeches to Goldmann Sachs. He would have speculated why she didn’t release them. If he’d vilified Hillary, he wouldn’t merely have said that Kissinger was no friend of his after Hillary named Kissinger as an inspiration.