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Peace is not an extremist positon–everything else is.


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Have you guys met my dad?


But aren’t their smiles pretty?

Hi! We bomb the world into smithereens and then tell you that the country we lead can’t afford the same healthcare as many less wealthy nations have. We belong in both parties & come in a variety of races, ages and sexes. Our bombs are inclusive, too!

Guess who’s not coming to dinner–EVAH?

Cook Using Mouth


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Don’t you dare grab these pussies!

Wake up, people!

I’m not in the country so I haven’t seen too much news. I am seeing lotsa posts and articles on social media about who attends or doesn’t attend Barbara Bush’s funeral. The people of Flint & Puerto Rico, DACA, victims of gun violence, police brutality, sexual assault and many wars would to thank you for your focus on “vital” issues like funeral guest lists.

Oh, and Happy Earth Day! That’s the other, actually the biggest issue, that our “news” doesn’t focus on even though it impacts us all in a horrific manner while out heads are in the sand. Sorry to disturb you. Now let’s get back to two defunct political parties trying to score brownie points off of how much they liked or didn’t like a dead bitch. In fact, our news only shows the casualties of war when they want to start more of them.


Attack Of The 50 Foot Drag Queen!

Which may be one more like 500 feet. This is advertising a group exhibit I’m in in Los Angeles at the Hammer Museum if UCLA. I appear as part of video artist Charles Atlas’ The Waning Of Justice. Open through May 13th if you’re in the area.

Unspeakable: Atlas, Kruger, Walker: Hammer Contemporary Collection
JAN 20-MAY 13, 2018

This selection of video installations from the Hammer Contemporary Collection features major works by American artists Charles Atlas, Barbara Kruger, and Kara Walker created in the last decade.

Using very different strategies of montage, direct address, and narrative imagery, respectively, each of these artists is among our most eloquent social critics. Atlas’s work is comprised of a five-channel video installation titled The Tyranny of Consciousness, which was featured in the 2017 Venice Biennale. The central montage consists of saturated images of 44 sunsets with an overlay featuring the voice of legendary drag queen Lady Bunny. In what seems to be a stream of consciousness rant about life, peace, avarice, greed, and the future of our planet, she fills the screen and the space with the urgency of her ruminations on our complex and disturbing times. Known for her enormous blonde wig and larger than life personality, Lady Bunny appears at the end of the video cycle when she sings a disco song filled with longing and love. A huge digital clock appears on an opposing screen counting down from 18 minutes to zero, the approximate time it takes the suns to set.

File under “Tucking as an art form”

The naked exhibitionist

What's your first instinct when you see the Mona Lisa for the first time? For this guy, it's to strip.

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“Happy” Earth Day!


I never got to meet her, but she is still spoken of in terms of hushed reverence in the drag/pageant community. And she’s still sparkling from the other side. I never got to see the Texas legend that was Naomi Simms perform live, but I ogled gay mags in which I was mesmerized (and jealous) of the size of her enormous eyes. She’s doing Liza here, so she doesn’t paint much eyeliner/shadow underneath her eyes as she did when playing her shadow-heacy more disco/80s-era self. I encourage you to check out her other videos just to see that beauty, cuz in this video I was begging for more close-ups just to clock that mug!

Naomi Simms may have been impersonating an A-list legend with a trademark song. But in case you never really liked/understood lip-synch like some of my rock friends, here’s the genius of it: the impersonators who may be overcompensating for not singing make up for it with costuming and sets, as well as choreography which the stars themselves could probably never do if they tried. The fancy footwork “jig” she does at the beginning is so imaginative that it feels like it must have emanated from Naomi herself–because who could even teach that? (OK, maybe Bob Fosse could.)

I wonder if this number would fly in today’s PC world….

Naomi is black impersonating a white star and she appears to have no boobs and isn’t even trying to contour her chest. Would a panel of “experts” deduct points for her flat chest? And yes, I use the pronoun “her” even though she was a “boy queen” without digging her up to ask which of Facebook’s 58 genders she’d prefer to be called. I was too busy being wowed by Naomi Simms’ energy, precision and unabashed star quality filtered through Liza to care.

Here’s to the legends! Several of them are friends of mine still working who remember this greatness are right up in that pantheon of classic superstars themselves. You know who you are!

PS:This is not Naomi Simms, the black supermodel.)


Watch until the end. You’re welcome 😂😂

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Ya gotta love that Trixie Mattel!

With an intro from Leslie Jordan, who used to be a waiter in a restaurant in Chattanooga where I was the busboy! Her new album is on itunes now!

Trump’s tax cuts paying off…for some.

Robert Reich: “Wall Street has already made a killing off Trump’s corporate tax cuts. In just four months, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, BoA, and Citigroup have already hauled in more than $2.5 billion.”

There is nothing wrong with banks and other businesses making large profits. But to me, there IS something wrong with cutting the tax rates of very lucrative businesses while many working Americans are struggling financially. Some large corporations pay hardly any taxes and many pay a fraction of what they used to pay decades ago. I have nothing against successful businesses or individuals, but working Americans have just paid their share of income tax. Why would any government seek to lessen the share paid by successful corporations or individuals? Unless the wealthiest have bought them all…

Trump blasted Hillary for being in bed with Wall Street, yet his tax cuts benefit them too. Hitting him as a hypocrite on clearcut policy seems to me like a much more forceful argument against him than what Mueller’s investigation may find or strippers who are suing him. The fool won as a p#ssy-grabber, so another extra-marital affair won’t surprise GOP voters or even the evangelicals who still cling to him. But they may lose faith in someone not practicing what they preached while campaigning.

This is a disgrace.

The good news is that the city of Chicago provides free water-testing kits.
The bad news is that people need them to avoid brain damage.

Chicago Tribune: “Amid renewed national attention to the dangers of lead poisoning, hundreds of Chicagoans have taken the city up on its offer of free testing kits to determine if they are drinking tap water contaminated with the brain-damaging metal.

A Tribune analysis of the results shows lead was found in water drawn from nearly 70 percent of the 2,797 homes tested during the past two years. Tap water in 3 of every 10 homes sampled had lead concentrations above 5 parts per billion, the maximum allowed in bottled water by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

Gee, did we hear more about ramping up war in Syria for the last two weeks or bad water found in almost 70% of homes tested in one of our largest cities? We just paid taxes–what you rather your tax dollars go to: clean water nationwide and other infrastructure fixes or bombs? I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that members of both parties would prefer the water.


America, land of the….what was it again?

Freedom of speech doesn’t apply to those protesting murder in Israel? 37 jewish Americans arrested for protesting Israelis shooting journalists with press badges, other peaceful Palestinian protesters and the ongoing assault on Gaza. Offices of lawmakers Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein and Ben Cardin were among those targeted. Sadly, those are all Democrats. Thankfully, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren spoke out againt the violence.

972 Mag: “Thirty-seven American Jews were arrested across the United States last week in a series of actions outside the offices of major Jewish institutions and elected officials to protest the ongoing violence against Palestinians at the Israel-Gaza border.

The actions, organized by the Jewish-American group IfNotNow, took place in Boston, New York, Twin Cities, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and Washington DC, where young Jews demanded statements condemning Israeli violence against the unarmed protesters taking part in the “Great Return March.” Since the march began three weeks ago, Israeli snipers have killed over 30 Palestinians and wounded 1,200 more.”


The Divine bath bomb!

Sobering statistics

AMY GOODMAN: In 2016 alone, there were nearly four evictions filed every minute—more than 6,300 Americans who are evicted every day. Studies show being thrown out of one’s home can lead to a host of other problems, including poor health, depression, job loss, shattered childhoods.

MATTHEW DESMOND: Right. So we’re in the middle of a housing crisis. Incomes have flatlined. Housing costs have soared. And most people that need housing assistance don’t get it. So the majority of poor working families today are spending at least 50 percent of their income on housing costs. One in four are spending over 70 percent of their income just on rent and utilities. So we’ve pushed millions of families to the brink of eviction.

Just arrived in India and I’ve already met someone at @kittysuIndia


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I’ll be DJing at Kitty Su in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi April 19, 20 and 21st!

Truly terrifying!

Pastor Jim Bakker Feels Fear for the First Time

Pastor Jim Bakker is scared for America.

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US, your slip is showing….

On November 17th, the UK’s Independent reported that 50,000 Yemeni children will die of starvation as a result of the US-backed Saudi war on their neighbor Yemen.

Can you explain why Obama and Trump have provided weapons and intelligence to Saudi Arabia for years to destroy Yemen to the point where 50,000 children will starve, but suddenly 40 children ALLEGDLY gassed in Syria is a red line which forces Trump to attack? I’m not a math whiz, but we not only permit but back 50,000 children starving in Yemen yet somehow we spring into action to defend 40 Syrian victims? Put 50,000 people and 40 people in two sides of a scale and that severe lack of balance sums up the lunacy of US foreign policy as espoused by Obama and Trump.


It’s Raining Men