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Blatant hypocrisy in the media.

When a reporter named Khashoggi is killed, mainstream media covers it for one week and counting. When Obama started backing the Saudis’ war against Yemen in 2014 and Trump continued it, you seldom heard a word about what is now (and has been for years) the world’s worst humanitarian crisis with many millions facing starvation, and the worst cholera outbreak in 50 years. And members of both parties have been praising MBS’s brutal regime though they have just recently allowed women to drive, boast public executions but no elections, and reporters/dissidents are jailed or killed. Sound barbaric to you? Khasshoggi wasn’t even that much of a dissident, boosting MBS with claims of hope that he might modernize the country more. But nope! They sawed him right up with his girlfriend outsude waiting on their marriage license! Maybe these awful Saudis need to be ditched by us? Except that we’re still hooked on oil.

The left is outraged over Trump’s affinity for dictators in Russia, North Korea, Turkey and now Saudi Arabia–as if palling around with Saudis is anything new for red or blue. Where’s the outrage over the dictators or strong men which both US parties smile on? Both parties love Israel, too. As our government delivers whatever Saudi Arabia and Israel need, Yemeni and Palestinian cries go unheard by US media. I’m wondering if most knew it, would our churches prioritize some national action on what the Guardian is calling “the world’s worst famine in 100 years”? We’re supposed to be a Christian country, right? Well, a master of insults called a stripper “horseface” and a presidential hopeful took a DNA test, so we didn’t have enough time to cover a lasting, huge humanitarian crises which America helped create.

GUARDIAN: Yemen on brink of ‘world’s worst famine in 100 years’ if war continues
UN warns that famine could overwhelm country in next three months, with 13 million people at risk of starvation

Go, Shangela!

Amir gets it.

Let’s end two-party rule, too!


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The compilation y'all been waiting for. Enjoy!

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15 years ago!


This Saturday at 8:15 Eastern!

I was the DJ for this event, so I doubt I’ll be on camera much. I did get in a few good cackles, so maybe I’ll pop up and surprise ye!


You’re invited to the Halloween event of the year! Watch the #HocusPocus25thAnniversary Halloween Bash this Saturday, October 20, at 8:15pm/7:15c on Freeform. ✨

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Is impeachment the right strategy?

This is exactly why I don’t understand putting all your eggs in the Russia/impeachment basket. If you impeach Trump, you don’t get Hillary. You get Pence, who is far worse for on LGBTQ rights, abortion rights, and anything else backwards fundamentalists advocate.

People say “But Bunny, they are going to bring down Pence with Russia, too.” If you say so, but I don’t hear him getting called for questioning by Mueller. And they haven’t even brought down Trump for 2 1/2 years with Russia, Russia, Russia. Meanwhile, voters wonder what Dems represent other than Russia.

Karen Pence To Campaign With GOP Candidate Who Seeks The Jailing Of Gay People


The 30: Human ashes baked into cookies

The 30: Human ashes baked into cookies

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YALL w. Tht 3’s a party type shiii… LMK!!!

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A Cape Greenaway bow?

Barbra Streisand (Fanny) in the film FUNNY GIRL in 1968. A featurette focusing on the costuming in the film called “The Look Of Funny Girl”.

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Craziest Workouts

Craziest Workouts

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My new single features me out of drag!

No need to watch the whole thing–it lasts 1 hour!


Wow. So the crucial midterms are upon us, in which the “left” could win majorities in one or two houses of Congress. This could de-fang much of Trump’s nonsense. It could definitely prevent him from appointing Supreme Court judges as easily. And what does our tabloid media focus on? The vital issues which most Americans agree on in both parties, from protecting Social Security to cheaper drugs, healthcare and college? Nope!

Today’s headlines are:

Trump called Stormy Daniels a horseface.

What should the US do after a Saudi reporter was killed in Istanbul?

Is Elizabeth Warren a native American or a hypocrite?

Does Hillary Clinton now have to change her stance on her husband’s infidelities post #MeToo on her upcoming tour with Bill?

None of these issues put a dime in or out of my pocket or yours. Maybe that’s why even elections in which high voter turn-outs are essential fail to interest people. The statistics in this pic are from the last crucial election of 2016 and prove Americans’ underwhelming response to even see a crisis. (Pic courtesy of Fahrenheit 11/9.) The largest “political party” by far is those who don’t vote at all. Maybe they’re sick of waiting in line to vote when little ever changes. And head-scratching “issues” like those listed above aren’t likely to re-engage them. Sad to see the media peddling such garbage when the bread and butter issues which affect us all are ignored, rather than stressed, in advance of an election.

This fool is genius!

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The compilation y'all been waiting for. Enjoy!

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Jimmy Dore does it again!


Campaigning on a platform of “I’m not Trump” didn’t win for Hillary. So why are Dems still using that failed strategy?

NY Daily News: “Yet scant weeks before the mid-term elections, which we’ve been told will finally deny the Republican Party its Congressional majority, I, a former newspaper reporter, columnist and editor, have no idea what the Democratic Party’s 2018 agenda is.

Though I have met some of you and know more of you by reputation, I have no clue who runs the group, who are its thought leaders, what are the issues for which the party will ride and die.

And if I, a baby boomer who still feels it is my civic obligation to start my day watching and listening to the local news and BBC America before reading the Daily News, New York Times, CNN and BuzzFeed briefs on my cellphone, have no clue where you stand on the above, it’s a safe bet that most of the voters you’ll need to win in November don’t know either.

That this can be happening now, when President Trump and his coterie of far-right wing ideologues threaten our national identity, is not simply troubling. It’s negligent. It’s incompetent.

This is how the Democratic leadership has behaved for decades, offering policies with little bite, and expecting the populace to rally to their banner simply because they were not Republican.

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HOPE YOU'RE HUNGRY!! Here is another PREVIEW CLIP from the forthcoming "The Mrs. Mouth Treasury"… A compendium of memories from "The Mrs. Mouth Show", which aired on NYC Public Access TV from 1987-1995. More info Soon!

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Homeless chic returns!

La moda que viene.

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My National Coming Out Day tale:

I was in my bedroom at age 16 having an orgy with a well-hung top and a leather man with moustache and cap who would not remove his clothes. Then my sister burst in and turned the lights on. When the poppers fumes cleared, I realized that I’d been getting down with my dad and that leather man was my mom was in drag. Scarred for life, I only date gerbils now.