Does he hold bunnies? WOOF!

OK, I no longer want a relationship!

So this is what couples do when they’re alone?

So there!

I hope these women accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault completely halt his confirmation. One gal complained that Kavanaugh placed his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming. I’ve had that happen to me during consensual sex…when the bag wouldn’t fit over my head.


Incha lá😉

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Right on, Bill!

Enough internet for the day!

Wtf is going on here ??? 😂😂😂

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Why are Democrants chanting and holding signs which say “Healthcare is a human right” when Dem leaders have expressly said they don’t support single payer/Medicare For All? If it’s a human right, then why are we paying for it? Only a state-run health care system treats health care as a free (or very affordable) human right. If you are a Dem voter who supports Medicare For All, please contact your reps and ask them to fight for it. With top democrats like Schumer, Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein publicly opposing it, this will take quite a fight.

An article in The Hill, an establishment Dem site, claims that Nancy actually, has supported a public option for awhile–except not in public. In public, she waffles between statements like “I oppose it”and “Everything is on the table”when discussing it. And of course, even though a majority of Dem voters supported single payer when Obama was crafting the ACA–he ignored them and never mentioned it,much less pushed for it. Despite having a supermajority in both houses.

What I deduce from this is that Democrats aren’t nearly as progressive as their voters. They poll us and most say they support single payer. Then top Dems speakout against it. Why?

One reason is that out-of-touch Dems like Schumer/Pelosi/Feinstein are beloved party fundraisers. And they raise money from insurance companies and big Pharma. Corey Booker, the allegedly progressive presidential candidate, voted only months ago against Sanders’ plan for cheaper drugs.


Corey Booker, for one. They manufacture a lot of pills in New Jersey and Booker would rather keep getting donations from drug companies than do what all of us want. Some representative. Maybe we should worry less about uncovering Russian oligarchs and target well-established American ones like big Pharma.

Another reason many Dems oppose single payer/MedicareFor All is sicker than can be believed. After calling GOP deplorables, racists, white supremacists, etc., the Democratic party is now courting Republican voters. That’s right. Dems would rather go further to the middle than give their own base what they want: affordable healthcare. This is why democratic leaders have claimed that supporting abortion rights should not be a litmus test for Dem candidates. HUNGH? All Dems are denouncing Kavanaugh for his probable vote against Roe v. Wade, while unprincipled Dem leaders can’t even offer a full-throated endorsement of one of their core principles which is a big issue for perhaps their biggest voting block: women?

ABORTION RIGHTS? What will Dems chop next from the list of core issues which they used to represent? LGBTQ rights? Action on climate change? Undoing Trump’s tax cuts? With Dems actually courting GOP voters, they prove they aren’t progressive in the slightest. And out of touch with their own base. Remember how they crowed that after the primary, Hillary adopted many of Bernie’s policies to create the most progressive agenda the Democratic party has even pitched? I guess they only brag about being progressive when they seek to attract Bernie’s supporters–after cheating him. Now that Dems are crafting an agenda for a new round of elections, giving up on your core values is an odd way to unite a deeply divided party.

Get it, gramps!


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Bob Mackie auction!

I know I can’t afford or even fit into any of these dresses, but lordy does it still make me drool to read about ’em!

Highlights of the collection include:

• Carol Burnett’s colorful costumes worn on her TV show The Carol Burnett Show including a pair of costumes worn by Carol Burnett and Joel Grey in a “Commedia Dell’Arte” skit with Grey and Burnett as Punch and Judy dolls (estimate: $2000–$4000), a coral jersey gown and embellished bolero worn on the show by Burnett (estimate: $1,000–$2,000) and a colorful custom made matte jersey gown worn by Burnett to the People’s Choice Awards in 1977 (estimate: $2000–$4000)

• Several of Cher’s most iconic, headline making ensembles worn in the 1970s including her 1974 Academy Awards custom made hand painted silk ensemble comprising of a cape, a bandeau top with scarf and a low waisted layered skirt (estimate: $4,000–$6,000); her spaghetti strapped jersey gown worn on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour (estimate: $3,000–$5,000); her marigold jersey jumpsuit worn while performing “Everyday People” with Sonny on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour and Cher (estimate: $3,000–$5,000); a large Mabel the Fable Lady costume worn by Cher in a skit with Bette Midler on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour and more

• Raquel Welch’s figure hugging nude jersey gown embellished with topaz and white faceted glass and rows of gold bugle beads worn on the TV show Cher (estimate: $3,000–$5,000)

• A black custom made gown worn by Lauren Bacall in 1970 in the Broadway show Applause and to the 24th Annual Tony Awards where she won for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical for that role (estimate: $3,000–$5,000)


James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party

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Tan Mom Performs ‘Free 2 Be Me’ Live ft. Adam Barta

Tan Mom performs two takes of her new single “Free 2 Be Me” ft. Adam Barta live in the Stern Show studio!

Posted by The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tan Mom is back with a new single!

Tan Mom Performs ‘Free 2 Be Me’ Live ft. Adam Barta

Tan Mom performs two takes of her new single “Free 2 Be Me” ft. Adam Barta live in the Stern Show studio!

Posted by The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Xmas is around the corner….

Woman Lifts Weights With Her Vagina

This woman's unique skill is lifting weights with her vagina 👀

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Speaking in tongues!

Pastor John Kilpatrick is Saving Trump from Witchcraft

Pastor John Kilpatrick is saving Donald J. Trump from witchcraft.

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The best!


The Carol Burnett Show Lost Episodes – "Undercover Couple"

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Nice new tune from Mary J. Blige.

You may notice that the backing track is disco smash Dr. Love.

Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black st Wigstock.

And my favorite category – Punk Realness!!!! Mommy, I know where eggs come from, but where do they go? The Voluptuous Horro Of Karen Black answered that age old question at WIGSTOCK 2018! #voluptuoushorrorofkarenblack #wigstock2018 #wigstock #dirtyboys88s #rockedbottomradio #rockedbottom #eggs #eggsinahole #karenblack #punkrock #punk #punkrealness Kembra Pfahler Wigstock Rocked Bottom / DirtyBOY's 88's BIG GUNS Lady Bunny

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Well, they left nothing out!


This week on #Pinksixty #Entertainment, we look at the man behind Lady Bunny.@LadyBunny77 @RuPaul @wigstocknyc @actuallyNPH @rupaulsdragcon #Wigstock #LadyBunny Jon Ingle – LADY BUNNY FOREVER! – Wigstock – Wigstock, The Movie – Leigh Bowery – Dragtime – RuPaul's Drag Race – RuPaul – Charles Pierce – Sex and the City – Manhattan, New York – Neil Patrick Harris – New York, New York – CLUB KIDS – East Village, Manhattan – Starbooty – Neil Patriotic Harris – Neil Patrick Harris (ActuallyNPH) – RuPaul's DragCon

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Been there!

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah non ci posso credere!

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah non ci posso credere!

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He’s right! Same crap happening in the US.

A twisted take on justice

All Black People Have To Do Is Comply Right? Wrong.

Calm Black Man Tries To Comply With Mixed Instructions, Still Gets Brutally Tasered. Francis Maxwell asks, I thought all black people had to do was comply and it would be fine?

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A hoot!

Wigstock in Art Forum!

By Linda Simpson:

FIRST CAME WOODSTOCK, the legendary 1969 hippie festival. Then came Wigstock, the world’s foremost drag queen festival, which reigned annually in New York City from 1984 to 2003. A few small-scale revivals have followed, but it wasn’t until September 1 that the event got the spectacular comeback it deserved. The seven-hour extravaganza, dubbed Wigstock H.20, was held on the sprawling rooftop of Pier 17, a five-story complex jutting out on the East River and featuring stunning cityscape views.


Is the news ignoring the biggest problem the world is facing?

They certainly were last year during Hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Jose. Something to think about as we watch the toll from Hurricane Florence. Since these events are so awful, isn’t an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure? But establishment media tows the establishment line, which is to keep using fossil fuels which the burning of causes global warming. So is that fake news if they ignore the peril every inhabitant of this planet faces? It’s definitely slanted and misinformed news.

Our corporate news media loves to focus on the warnings that storms are coming and go heavy on the footage of the carnage after the storms. Last year, we had 3 hurricanes and a study by the watchdog group Public Citizen determined that all TV news channels loved the ratings from storm watches. However, out of all that coverage, only a tiny fraction made the connection between the increased number of extreme weather events and man-made climate change.


AMY GOODMAN: David Arkush, what’s going on here? I mean, we’re not just talking about Fox. There are occasional mentions of climate change—extremely occasional—on MSNBC, on CNN. But given the wall-to-wall coverage, there is almost no mention of climate change.

DAVID ARKUSH: That’s right, and it actually reflects a broader problem. And this is why we’re sort of policing this and watching what the media is doing, and we’re going to be pushing them to do better. There’s a general problem in this country of people not talking about climate change enough. It’s sort of the biggest looming threat, and it’s shocking—it’s really really shocking how few people are talking about it.

There’s research that suggests that only 43 percent of Americans report hearing about climate change in the media at least once a month. Fifty-seven percent will say that they hear about climate change in the media less than once a month or not at all. Only 19 percent of people report hearing people they know talk about climate change at least once a month. Twenty-eight percent of Americans report never hearing anyone they know talk about climate change.

And this is something that—this is a terrible threat facing this country, really an existential threat, that is much nearer and much more urgent than most people think. Most people think it’s an issue that’s going to affect people in faraway places, it’s going to affect people 100 years from now or 200 years from now. That’s all mistaken. It is going to hurt—it is already hurting people in the United States. It is going to hurt worse and worse. And it is going to pose potentially catastrophic, existential threats to the United States as late—as early as the second half of this century. It is very soon. We have very little time left to fight it.

And meanwhile, we can. We have great solutions. People just don’t know about these things. And I think a lot of that starts with getting the media to report on it more.

I’ll bet her neighbors love her to pieces!

Kulning Cow Singing

This woman summons cows with her voice! 😲🐮 Sound ON!! 🔊

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Chris D’Elia – What Drunk Girls Are Really Like

Chris D’Elia shares his impression of drunk girls and explains why he’s baffled by their use of the word “random.”

Posted by Comedy Central Stand-Up on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Try not to cry?

It was actually very easy, especially since this smells like a publicity stunt for Amazon, a highly unethical company. While I admire this compassionate young man’s desire to help homeless people, he is using Amazon, a company which treats it’s own employees so poorly that some keep pee bottles on hand so that they don’t delay those deliveries for long enough to use an actual bathroom. In England, at least one Amazon fulfillment center kept ambulances parked outside since it was cheaper to cart employees to the hospital when they passed out from the heat than to air condition their workplace. This is how one of the word’s richest men treats his employees.

And how are the richest rewarded by the turds who make up our government? Amazon’s Jeff Bezos paid $0 in taxes. As one commenter on this video put it: “Not slagging off this guys efforts here at all. It’s commendable, but have to say, if companies like amazon paid their f#cking taxes we’d have a whole lot more money to help homeless people more sustainably.” Very true.

What really puzzles me the most is how the guy who cooked up the scheme to help the homeless via Amazon never thought of giving the guy cash to get whatever he needs, from socks to food to a cellphone bill. I’m not an apps person, but the idea that one needs an app and a credit card are even needed at all blows my mind. He can’t walk into one of the chain drug stores on every corner–most sell socks–buy them and hand the guy a pair on his way out? Oh no, let’s train ourselves to use apps for everything which we need credit cards and expensive smartphones to use. But I guess I’m so old school that I actually carry cash. (I was really goofed when I ate at an LA chain called Tender Greens which brags with a sign on it’s door–“We are cashless!”, as if that’s a selling point. As if businesses can afford to turn down any sale.

Helping homeless people is wonderful. And I’m sure that the beneficiaries are thrilled to be treated to Amazon Prime delieveries–as if most would know the difference. My other question about this is how do you make a delivery to someone who isn’t stationary–who has left his spot to head a soup kitchen for lunch, found a shelter, or was just shooed away by police? Jeff Bezos, if he cared as much as this young man, could make a whopping donation to the homeless and do a world more good than this band-aid cure of a pair of socks here and there. Or Jeff could just pay his taxes, which could put a fortune towards funding homeless shelters.

The world needs more people like this man ❤️

The world needs more people like this man ❤️

Posted by Daily Mail Australia on Friday, August 17, 2018



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Always cheesy but often dynamite!

A great thing that happened on 9/11… In 1942 the FABULOUS Lola Falana waz born!!! Can not WRAP my brain around the fact that this dynamo iz 76!!! 😱

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