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Love this nut!

Here we go again. Leaving New York this morning on my way back to Nashville and the Tarmac Dancer is back at it. #TheTarmacDancerStrikesAgain #DejaVu #EmployeeOfTheYear #Southwest

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Rodney Dangerfield in fine form

The Tonight Show (August 12, 1983)

“With cigarettes, my wife and I, we made a deal. We only smoke after sex. I've got the same pack now since 1975. What bothers me is my wife. She's up to three packs a day.”

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We can thank Obama for Ajit Pai’s appointment to chair the FCC

Wiki on the FCC’s Ajit Pai: “He has served in various positions at the FCC since being appointed to the commission by President Barack Obama
in May 2012, at the recommendation of Mitch McConnell.” Maybe Obama should’ve ignored O’Connell’s recommendation? No, Obama was continually reaching across the aisle until he was so far in the middle that he was almost on the right. That’s centrist Democrats for you–they Wouk for corporations–not you.

Melania’s Christmas babble!


If 83% of voters wanted to keep net neutrality, could the 17% who wanted to add fees and restrict access to certain sites please explain why they feel this way? I’m struggling to understand.

Do you own or work for companies which this will enrich?

Do you let the GOP shaft you on internet access as long as there’s no fewer abortions and LGBT rights?

Or do you simply like unregulated capitalism?

The GOP is desperate for a legislative victory and their tax plan is hitting snags. In order to look like an effective party, Republicans need a legislative victory before the year ends. Yet with so many voters disliking the higher prices and web restrictions of the FCC vote today, how will Fox even sugarcoat this as a victory on tonight’s broadcast? Or will they simply ignore it? The FCC net neutrality death appeals to few.

You’ll never miss net neutrality ’til it’s gone! What you can do–They vote in two days!

Via John Oliver::

CONGRATULATIONS everybody! Net Neutrality is not dead yet…this is a super easy thing to do (takes less than a minute) – and I feel super official for having submitting a comment to the FCC. give it a whirl…

We only have 7 days to fight the FCC & the repeal of #NetNeutrality!

Thanks to John Oliver there’s a SUPER easy way to do this. Do you enjoy Netflix? Do you find yourself spending too much time on FB? If net neutrality goes away, our Internet bills go up and we give power to companies like Comcast and Spectrum to control what information we can access.
Here’s what you can do – takes less than a minute.

1. Go to
(the shortcut John Oliver made to the hard-to-find FCC comment page

2. Click on “+Express” (to the right of 17-108 Restoring Internet Freedom)

3. Be sure to hit “ENTER” after you put in your name (your name will then feature a Yellow box. Then put the rest of your info.

4. In the comment section write, “I strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.”

5. Click on Review, then Submit, done. – Make sure you hit submit at the end!

C&P this!

SO creepy–no wonder my generation is a mess!

Chatty Cathy

Do you remember?

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I love Kalen’s dismissive cooking videos!

Spaghetti-O NO!

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#MVเต็มของพวกเธอ มาแล้ว ตามคำเรียกร้อง มิวสิควิดีโอฉบับเต็ม ของ #ชมรมเต้นโรงเรียนมัธยมปลายTomioka มีแขกรับเชิญพิเศษ เป็นผู้ชายมาเต้นด้วยนะหนึ่งท่าน เฉลยท้ายคลิป เชิญชมได้เลย

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My sappy side–a few tears watching this one!

Talk about a holy roller!

These wheeeeeeeeeels 😂

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Bun-Bun in Belgium!

I know that most of you view me as an innocent ingenue, but an artist named Jack Early somehow imagined me as an old witch in his new exhibit, which debuts in Belgium in a few days. If you can’t make it to Belgium, here is a taste of the truly demented but beautifully produced audio.



Jack: I feel like I put a cherry on top when Lady Bunny agreed to perform for the role of the witch. Belgium just seemed like the place for a fairytale show.”

Trey Speegle: Yes, Lady Bunny is the witch! (Type-casting?) Well, I can claim a teeny tiny bit of credit for that. I introduced them, but the idea to use her was Jack’s, of course, and the performance is pure Bunion. And the rest is HERstory.

Here, for the first time ever is the World Premiere of Lady Bunny as the witch singing Hey, Ho in Jack Early’s Rainbow: A Fairytale Musical.


Ain’t that the truth!

Disco Sundays tonight at The Monster!

Tonight at The Monster! Spinning disco classics from 6-10PM. Free! And I am very much in a holiday spirit today which

If you support the troops, then listen to them!

Show me a party which doesn’t support unnecessary war and I’ll vote for it. These wars are against countries which never attacked us and these operations aren’t even ever declared as wars. When those 4 soldiers died in Africa recently, what were we doing over there in the first place? Had the American public even been informed about a military mission in Africa? No, but we get entire news hours for one year on the possibility of Russian collusion with Trump and co. No matter how much you salivate of the Mueller investigation and the hopes that it gets impeached, you must admit only totally slanted coverage like MSNBC’s ignores central issues like the cost of war. Who better to set us straight than a vet whose seen both the destruction and the folly of wars which don’t keep America safe–they only enrich the wagers of war.

This ex-soldier gets it totally right. We have two parties and neither is angling for peace. Voters turn a blind eye to it, despite everyone claiming “We support the troops.” This is the core problem of our government–don’t let them distract you with Roy Moore, Al Franken or the tweets of an idiot president. These minor issues make it look as if the parties are more different than they are and allow us to take sides on the easily judged topics like diddling with teen girls and a bungled phone call to the mother of a deceased soldier from a president who we already knew was a complete fool. While the central issue–the wars we don’t mention–eat up 1/2 of our tax dollars. If you truly support the troops, please give this earnest young man a listen.

Ex-solider: “The occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq are costing us $700 a day…..we could spend $700 a day giving every single person healthcare, a college education, a job and a livelihood and a home. That’s what we need to be spending our money on. But this government is not going to do that. They’re not going to use that money in this way. They’re not going to end the wars, and they’re not going to do it because they’re not our government. It’s a government of the rich, it’s the government of Wall Street. the oil giants, the defense contractors.

A rebuke of Al Franken and Sarah Silverman

I like her comedy, but telling Sanders supporters to grow up after their candidate had been cheated is an especially bitter pill when you consider that Al was/is a superdelegate. Who voted for Hillary despite 61% of his state’s primary voting for Sanders.Why did he misrepresent disrepresent the wishes of the voters in his own state?

A little Christmas cheer from Saks 5th Ave and me!

I’m so lucky yo enjoy my work!

Disco Sundays at The Monster from 6-10PM Sunday night!

I’e been away for a couple weeks, so excited to be in town for my fave NYC gig for the next 3 Sundays in December!



Holiday party Dec 13th in NYC!

Meet Grace Jones’ cousin, Marcia Hines!

I only knew the Rita Coolidge version of this song, which is less soulful but still fantastic! Spinning classic disco Sunday night at The Monster from 6-10PM. C’mon by for some holiday cheer!

Happy holidays from Grace Jones!

Grace Jones – Little Drummer Boy

From Pee Wee's 1988 Christmas Special, the amazing Grace Jones shows the children how it's done!

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I just signed this and hope you will, too. I don’t know why we have to remind Democrats to save the Era, but I guess we do.
Today, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is testifying in front of Congress. The subject of the hearing is the mission of the EPA. But we already know what Pruitt thinks his agency’s mission is — dismantling bedrock protections for our air, water and climate.
There has never been a more important time to defend our environmental protections from Pruitt and Trump. Our climate is at a tipping point. Big Polluters are poisoning our communities.
Congress could stop Trump and Pruitt’s dangerous anti-environmental agenda. But instead, it’s poised to further cut critical environmental programs. We need your help to stop it!
Help us reach 150,000 signatures to save our environmental protections from Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt!
Our government runs out of money on Friday. Congress must pass a bill funding our critical social and environmental programs by then — or the government will be shut down.
Donald Trump is urging Congress to slash EPA protections to the bone. At the same time, he’s aiming to cut its hardworking staff to impossibly low levels.
If Trump gets his way, Big Polluters will be free to pollute our environment unchecked. They could spew more smog into our skies, further poison our water, and worsen climate chaos.
If they stand together, Senate Democrats could stop this from happening. They could filibuster any bill that cuts our environmental protections. But they’ll only act if you speak up!
Sign the petition: Tell Senate Democrats to defend our environmental protections!

Chatting with Tina Dupuy on SiriusXM’s Progress Channel 127 today from 2-3:30PM EST today!

Today at from 2 to 3:30PM, I’m a guest on Tina Dupuy’s SiriusXM show on the Progress channel (#127). And since this article came out yesterday, I’m in the middle of the small twitter storm. Tina tweeted a pic of me at her Trans-Jester! urging people to tune in today and listen after the article I linked below was published. Since my arm is around her in the photo, some tweets have asked why my touching her wasn’t cause for alarm. (Did they just call me a man?) Tina is Democratic Senator Alan Grayson’s former communication director and a liberal syndicated columnist and comedian who claims her groping incident took place at an Obama victory celebration.
But many aren’t applauding Tina for her bravery in coming forward. They’re belittling her claims that Al Franken only groped her waist. I’ve read the article, and Tina does not imply that her experience with Al was so depraved that it should be the nail in his coffin. But her experience with Al made her believe his accusers since the main one is being discredited due to her work with right-wing media. Look at the title of Tina’s article: “I Believe Franken’s Accusers Because He Groped Me, Too.” Tina, as a Democrat, does give credence to other accusers. I had my own doubts about the severity of Franken’s actions since the photo proof shows Franken reaching towards a woman’s breasts while making a silly face to the camera. Um, do sexual predators typically mug for the camera?
Here’s what I’m sick of: pretending to care about sexual harassment while using the victims as political footballs to score points for your political team. Rachel Maddow reported on Franken and asked at the end of her segment “Gee, I don’t remember a Congressman ever volunteering to go before the Ethics committee before.” (Quoting from memory.) The idea was to suggest that a Democratic predator is more honorable than those on the right. But a predator is a predator. Now, does grabbing someone’s waist or breasts horrify most people as much as a senatorial wannabe who allegedly fooled around with so many underage teen girls that he was banned from an Alabama shopping mall? No. But nor should the severity of one excuse lessen other legitimate offenses. Since the initial reports on Al, more and more Dems are coming forward to say Franken should step down.
A conservative columnist in the Daily News is claiming that “the #MeToo moment has turned into sexual McCarthyism” while the lefty Washpo has an article out today titled “Why are Senate Democrats just now calling on Al Franken to resign?” since he now has 7-8 accusers spanning a decade and and he hasn’t denied any of the allegations. Except to explain that he is a “sloppy hugger.” Lots to chat about today with Tina. And on top of all of this swirling controversy, I will have to try and mask my own bitterness that she has a waist to grab. SiriusXM from 2-3:30PM today!

This is camp!

Glamorous Nightwear

Oozing glamour.. The prettiest sleepwear

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In the holiday spirit? Not for long!



Jackie Beat said that the most shocking thing about this video was that I dared to wear so little make-up!

Have you ever been turned on by a plant?

We could see the Don Burke scandal from a mile away…

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The problem with these tax cuts….

The problem with trickle down economics is that it never trickles down. As it didn’t under Reagan. School lunches? Who wants to cut school lunches? Didn’t Reagan try to pinch pennies by classifying pickle relish as a vegetable? And he was one of the revered Republicans. Tax cuts for the wealthiest only help the wealthiest. And they need no help!

People’s Action: “Say no to the GOP tax scam! Call your senators today at 888-516-5820. and tell them to VOTE NO. The GOP plan gives huge tax breaks to corporations, the 1 percent, and the GOP’s big-money donors. The rest of us will pay with big cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, education, and other necessities. We beat them before. Let’s beat them back again.”

Bunny note: Your call is especially helpful if you live in a red state or have GOP reps. It’s sad that we have to call our government, who we pay to represent us, to tell them to stop screwing us and representing only those who can afford to buy their services. But that’s the good ol’ USA for ya!

Please call today!

People’s Action: “Say no to the GOP tax scam! Call your senators today at 888-516-5820. and tell them to VOTE NO. The GOP plan gives huge tax breaks to corporations, the 1 percent, and the GOP’s big-money donors. The rest of us will pay with big cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, education, and other necessities. We beat them before. Let’s beat them back again.”

Amusing and clever video!

What if marijuana companies were allowed to have TV ads like B…

What if we treated marijuana ads like big pharma ads?

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