April Showers Bring May Winters? A vote on climate change.

I haven’t been home in NYC that much, but when I’m here I’ve woken up with a chill all spring Clutching at covers, wearing long sleeved t-shirts to bed, etc. Very unusual for me, since I’m typically always the one putting on the fan or the a/c first who can’t stand to be hot for one second. In NYC, there is a certain date by which landlords can legally cut off your heat, and I suppose it’s always warmed up by May. Not this year.

Of course, my hypochondriac’s interpretation of it was: “You’re getting so old that your circulation is so poor–now you’ll be grabbing that granny shawl from now on. Get used to it.” Then I spoke to a friend who’d experienced the same chills all spring, so I know it isn’t only me. Maybe you own your homes and control your own heat, but have other NYC renters noticed this?

While I may not be old enough to have the circulation blues yet, I am old enough to notice changes in weather patterns. Of course there are exceptions to trends, but never in decades of living here have I noticed a chilly May. I don’t think I’ll need to convince friends in California, a state which has recently bounced back from years of drought. North Carolina and Tennessee have experience drought conditions as well, but not so seriously that they can’t even put out fires like the ones in CA. Intense flooding in southern states, freaky storms in Asia and every year we set a new record for the highest temperatures. Climate change isn’t 100 years down the road for someone else to worry about. It’s happening to us now.

It’s sad that we have a president who refutes the vast majority of scientists whose assessment is that climate change is man made. Republicans were known for that position long before Trump. If they admit that climate change is caused by us, they’d would have to address it. I’d love to ask them: Who else could it be caused by? Who else is living here? What would the motive be for scientists to lie at their job? What other planet can we move to after we wreck this one?

In truth, Corporate democrats pass the buck on climate change as well, and our “news” reinforces it by keeping the focus solely on scandals of the moment which won’t amount to much when it’s too hot for kids to go outside and play. Scientists suggest that by 2075, it will be too hot to hold the Summer Olympics. As seismic as email scandals and p#ssy grabbing and Trump’s ties to Russia may seem to you now, I urge you to look at the bigger picture. And to take any “news” with a pinch of salt if it focuses only on the immediate–regardless of how good/riveted/alarmed that news makes you feel. Saying what makes the audience feel good is what entertainers do. It has never been the province of news.