Another excellent segment from Jimmy_Dore on Ed Schultz’s death. @NewswithEd

I am very sad to hear of Ed Schultz’s death at 64. He was one of my favorite news anchors on MSNBC. It’s odd that I took a shine to both Ed’s and Cenk Ugyur’s broadcasts on that channel, since were both were alpha males to which I’m not typically drawn–outside of the bedroom! But both were fiery progressives, and both were fired by MSNBC. MSNBC paints itself as “Leaning Forward”, but the direction they lean in is not at all progressive. At the time Cenk was let go because he refused to stop critiquing Obama from the left, his ratings rivaled Anderson Cooper’s. MSNBC also canned Melissa Harris-Perry and Ashley Banfield for not towing their corporate agenda, and Dylan Ratigan for, as the NY Times put it, “Ratigan has attacked political systems, corporations and special interests on his show and promoted movements for job creation, bank reform and campaign finance reform in the past.” All admirable causes which most Democratic politicians crow about during their campaigns and then magically forget about after they’re elected.

Ed relentlessly covered Obama’s TPP trade deal as being bad for America, and the network didn’t like any criticism of establishment democrats. The TPP, if passed, would have killed roughly 1/2 a million jobs as Bill Clinton’s NAFTA trade deal killed 1 million. So it definitely deserved criticism from Ed and Cenk if it would send jobs overseas in a time of a slow economic recovery which never really recovered.

But let’s look at some huge stories MSNBC didn’t want covered. Most famously, they fired their most beloved host Phil Donohue for criticizing the Iraq war. And we all know getting into that war was based on lies. Obama soared to prominence within the Dem party by denouncing the war, while bought and sold establishment Dems like Hillary banged the war drums right along with GOP neocons. MSNBC isn’t the only corporate media outlet acting as war propaganda. Both CNN and the NY Times actually apologized to it’s viewers and readers for not asking harder questions of the Bush administration in the lead-up to the Iraq war. Progressives, including me, know that the constant coverage of Russia seeks not only to discredit Trump, but also to resurrect the Cold War. That’s what war propaganda does–it conjures up threats whose only remedy is expensive wars while claiming we can’t afford Medicare-For-All.

Most telling about this segment are the interview clips with Ed Schultz himself about his plans to cover Bernie Sanders’ announcement of his candidacy. His boss at MSNBC called him and insisted that he not cover it, even though he had traveled with a camera crew to the location of the announcement. Because that’s another facet of MSNBC’s rotten strategy–to shaft Hillary’s only other opponent. Sanders was not yet drawing crowds as long as Trump on the campaign trail, and was not sometimes polling double digits above Trump while Hillary was losing to Trump and even Rubio. But even as Bernie announced his unlikely candidacy, the corporate media, just like to DNC, effectively sought to cheat and squash his candidacy.

By all means, enjoy MSNBC as entertainment. They’re making such a fortune as an outlet for those who curse Trump to hear about his latest outrage, that this channel LOVES having Trump in office. I dare you to watch this video Jimmy Dore’s honest, progressive assessment of MSNBC’s sordid and dishonest tricks. They’re the Fox News of the left. Corporate media has ads. Corporate ads=a corporate agenda. News without ads is much more likely to tell you the truth. And truth is so dangerous to this oligarchy that both Youtube and Facebook have sought to keep Jimmy Dore’s voice quieter. I tried to post two of his links to FB and both times it claimed my computer had a virus, which mysteriously disappeared when I posted his link today. I wonder if that virus had more to do that the other Dore segment mentioned that’s it’s unhealthy for Amazon to own so much and that it was also unhealthy for FB to purchase WhatsApp.