An open letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren

Dear Elizabeth Warren. Thanks for confirming Donna Brazile’s assertions that the DNC was run by the Clinton campaign and it shafted Bernie Sanders’ chances at the nomination. Democrats look to you as a progressive beacon within the establishment so you gave Brazile’s bombshell accusations credence for all democrats. (Even though Brazile has been working for the Clintons since Bill was in office–few Clinton loyalists are more loyal than Donna–so Clinonists should believe her if anyone.) Bernie supporters feel vindicated, but we aren’t rejoicing. We didn’t want Trump in the White House, either, and feel that unlike Clinton, Bernie could’ve beaten him.

But Liz, if you’re so progressive, why’d you wait so long? Are you not a principled leader who has the decency to call out corruption in your party apparatus while it’s happening? When it could impact the choice of nominee and give us one who might not lose to Trump? You just wait for Donna Brazile, already disgraced and fired from CNN by feeding Clinton email questions, to spill the beans? If that’s leadership, I’m Marilyn Monroe.

And why didn’t you endorse Bernie Sanders in your state of Massachusetts if you’re so damned progressive? No one could call Clinton progressive. Even after Bernie beat her in 22 states, sent her limping to the convention and she was forced to adopt many of his policies which she’d just spent the primaries denouncing as radical or pie-in-the-sky. With Bill Clinton posing for selfies in Massachusetts polling places, Sanders needed your help, Elizabeth, and you now claim you saw him being kneecapped by the DNC. Maybe you’re just a career politician who would didn’t want to make waves within the party. (In other words, a dud who we can never count on, whose loyalty is to a party which cheats.) Or maybe you wanted a failure like Hillary to run so that you could be the first female president instead when she lost?

Whatever your reason, it’s too little too late. And your recent vote for the Trump’s $700 billion defense budget proves that not only are you not a progressive, you aren’t even a part of the resistance. Now tell me your campaign stump speech sob story again about how your dad went broke due to shaky credit card practices, and that’s why you’re such a champion for consumers. Yeah, while you endorsed Hillary, who didn’t want to regulate banks because she was funded by big finance. And sat back watched the DNC screw Sanders, who DID want to stop predatory lenders who crashed our economy and housing market. With consumer advocates like you, who needs enemies? Next!