After ignoring @SenSanders throughout the primary, @MSNBC now gives him a 1 hour special–way too little, way too late.

Tonight, MSNBC held a town hall meeting with Bernie Sanders in a severely economically depressed area of West Virginia. It’s coal country and also a region with the nation’s highest percentage of opioid addictions. In one particularly sad moment, it was revealed that a jail was built there to provide local jobs, but so few in the area could pass drug tests that the jail was forced to bus in “clean” workers from out of town. Others spoke of how most young West Virginians wanted to their leave their small towns because there are so few opportunities there. Even though most of these folks desperately need Obamacare, many voted for Trump because they literally needed some kind of change, and Hillary was only promising more of Obama’s America. Clearly, that America wasn’t working for far too many residents in the coal and manufacturing states which elected Trump. A vote for Bernie was a vote for change. Remove him from the race as the cheating DNC did, and Trump was the only candidate offering change. Hillary wasn’t even promising change–that might indicate that Obama’s policies had failed.

It was remarkable to see these Trump voters cheer Sanders when he said he thought healthcare was a universal right. West Virginians actually warming up to socialism? And they cheered when Bernie explained how the money the country will lose as a result of Trump’s (and all Republican pols’) tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans could be spent on ensuring healthcare for all, shoring up Social Security and Medicaid, free higher education, drug treatment centers and creating new jobs rebuilding the infrastructure as coal jobs wane. One life-long coal miner stood up and said that it was remarkable that Sanders, a senator from the Northeast, was pinpointing what West Virginia needs more accurately than their own GOP senators are able to.

There’s a reason that Sanders, from the progressive, granola-ish, “yankee” state of Vermont would have solutions for the problems of coal miners in West VA. Or for the manufacturing states like Wisconsin and Michigan which actually flipped from voting blue for Obama to red for Trump. 98% of Americans are workers, or they’d like to be. This whopping majority cuts across lines of color, age, race, gender and sexual orientation. When we put the wedge issues and email scandals and the p#ssy-grabbing on the sidelines where they should be, the policies which improve conditions for working Americans bind us together.

What a pity that MSNBC is only using Sanders and his beneficial ideas to slam Trump. When Bernie was running against Clinton, MSNBC gave him only a fraction of any other candidates’ coverage–even cutting one of his speeches along with CNN and Fox to broadcast footage of Trump’s podium BEFORE TRUMP EVEN ARRIVED TO SPEAK AT IT. They even did the same to Hillary. But now the “left-leaning” MSNBC will curiously broadcast an entire hour of Sanders. After these networks created Trump out of their greed for ratings which had them exhausting every sensational bit of nonsense which flew out of Trump’s mouth, NOW they give Sanders a full hour to demonstrate his winning positions? Perhaps if Sanders’ “radical” positions were heard prior to the election of Trump, he wouldn’t be our embarrassing, dangerous president right now. So you can call it fake news, slanted news or greedy, sensationalist, ratings-driven news, but Sanders makes sense now even to West Virginians who voted for Trump. If only Sanders had been able to get the airtime to make his case…