A recap of my Thanksgiving weekend for anyone bored enough to care!

Went to the Philly burbs to visit my sister and her family. My sis, The Lady Jaan, told me that her son Martin changed his FB status to “I had the best Thanksgiving ever thanks to Lady Bunny.” The little sweetheart was trying to hook me up with venues to perform at in Philly.
His little sister Clara was not as impressed. She no longer “approves” of me because I’m gay/drag/trans fats-whatever I am-could care-less-about-pronouns because she has recently converted to Catholicism. (No one in our family has ever been catholic on either side.) This from the nut who was considering herself trans two years ago. Now her religion makes her frown on gays. You frown on ME? Bitch, please! I frowned on the pedophile ring you worship decades before you were born! Next!
Clara is in a difficult phase and at one point, her mom asked to to take something to the trash to help out. When she griped, my by now fairly mellow dad snapped at how inconsiderate she was being and then I joined in to berate her. I was thinking “I’m joining forces with my dad (never happens) to defend my sister (never happens). I felt a bit nervous that my father and I had ganged up on a 22 year young lady, but my sister just laughed it off and said “I’m glad I’m not the one yelling (at her) tonight.”
On Saturday, Duke Todd celebrated his 50th birthday at Billy Erb‘s apartment. Gwen Guthrie 12 inch mixes were most of the soundtrack, but Sister Dimension made an impromptu appearance in makeshift headdress with MC Praise, the delightful daughter of Tobie Giddio. I don’t know if we are still allowed to use this expression, but with glitter eye make-up and a hand which never left the microphone, Praise is definitely a hambone and probably a future (rhymes with) drag hag. Seen: Paul E Alexander, Pia Guccione and Cynthia Powell.
Sunday, I got to visit Lauren Pine in the hospital and met her delightful mom and sister. Lauren was in good spirits despite her awful injury and her sister told a funny tale about when Lauren was on so many meds that she was weaving in and out of consciousness and saying some crazy things. Like “What is my next line?” and “What is the next scene?” (Lauren has no acting aspirations that I know of.) The sister told her “I think we’re still in the hospital scene.” Mom and sis return to CA today so if you wanted to visit our dear Lauren, this would be a great week. As will next week and the week after. It will be a lengthy recovery.
I met my lesbian comic friend Marilyn Pittman later that night, who’s visiting from SF and I treated her to the delish polish restaurant Vesleka. Inexpensive and delicious, I’ve never taken anyone there who hasn’t loved it. That minced beet salad with the horseradish! They don’t have their Christmas borscht on the menu yet, but that shit has cinnamon in it and cannot be believed!
Then we saw John Roberts Jr. hysterical show at Joe’s Pub. Marilyn and I got the last two seats and busted our very full guts to John’s zany antics. I’m glad John moved back to New Jersey from LA–this show was only $15 and had a very funny guest comic, a band and three back-up singers which included Xavier Smith. One of the lady singers had such a sumptuous and beautifully displayed décolletage that I couldn’t keep my eye off of her. John, please put her in a high-necked blouse next time so I can focus. Cuz I’m straight now.
Seen: John’s former Optigrab bandmate and platinum style icon Tracy Murphy, Todd Thomas and I was seated next to John’s sister, who was a hoot and a half. Next to them was a gay couple. Fresh meat from Jersey! One was a tall Puerto Rican stud so gorgeous that I was literally drooling. Drooling while laughing is not a very good look. But I was so taken with this hunk that when John did a lesbian poetess character whose poem referenced boiling her dildo, I was literally laughing, drooling, batting my eyelashes and rehearsing how I might tell that fine thing after the show “I know you’ve never had no need to buy, use or boil a dildo, did you?” Instead I walked home with a Candace Bergen lookalike in a leather jacket who does Shania Twain’s hair. She said that when Shani judged Drag Race, the queens all screamed over her. I didn’t think they would even remember her at their young age, but she’s making a comeback.
I know this is long and not that interesting, but at least it isn’t about politics! Hope you had a great weekend! Here’s Sister Dimension clowning with Praise and her big mouth. MG_4356 2