A little O’Patti Labelle for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t something I personally celebrate, but for those of you who do here’s a fun video. It O’Patti Labelle singing “Look To The Rainbow” from Finian’s Rainbow. Patti was probably at her height of her career chart-wise in the 80s, and her wigs were at their most outrageous. She may have chosen this rainbow-themed song to remind of us her incredible covered “Over The Rainbow” released a few years earlier. The arrangement here seems to take a few cues from that earlier hit.

I prefer the less bombastic album version, but seeing one of the greatest performers ever live is a thrilling–if you enjoy vocal the vocal acrobatics Pattis’ known for. And the blend of irish show tune and Patti’s soulful take on a story song in a waltz tempo is something else! For me, It does work better on the album version where she sticks to the melody more and they don’t edit the story. But how much do I worship it that in the first chorus she changes the lyrics to “Look, girl, look”? Only Patti. Her voice is an instrument which has brought me so much joy for so long. If you’re a fan, this is treat.