A big headline from the midterms’ exit polls

The Rachel Maddows, Lawrence O’Donnells and Joy Reids who’ve made Mueller’s probe their main story since Trump was elected are out of touch with Democrats who won last night on healthcare. Russiagate is a losing issue for voters which has not born significant fruit in almost 3 years. People care about bread and butter issues and Dem politicians who ran got this. Last night water was a bigger issue than Mueller. But will our news media of the left get it before voters tune them out? How about this approach: report on Mueller when there is something conclusive to report? Not full hours of Russia coverage in which Rachel and her ilk could barely tear herself away from her intricate legal fantasies to cover a damn hurricane. Otherwise, they’re wasting our time on their elite agenda while ignoring issues which do actually matter to Dems and Independents.

MSNBC: Exit polls show that people aren’t interested in Mueller investigation, they want to live better lives.

ABC: 54 percent thought the Russia investigation was politically motivated.

CNN: Slightly over half of voters in the 2018 election said that the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is politically motivated, according to preliminary results from CNN’s national exit poll.

NBC: According to NBC News Exit Poll results, 42 percent of voters nationwide approve Mueller’s handling of the investigation, while 45 percent disapprove.

The Hill: Poll: Two-thirds want Mueller to end Russia probe before midterms.

Politico: Mueller is everywhere, except the midterms
Campaign ads and debates are mostly avoiding the Russia investigation in favor of other issues important to voters.

Special counsel Robert Mueller can’t escape the headlines, or President Donald Trump’s obsessive Twitter feed. But there’s one place the lead Russia investigator has been noticeably absent: the 2018 campaign trail.

Mueller and his inquiry are missing from the campaign advertising airwaves in the final sprint to November. Debates have all but ignored the story, focusing instead on kitchen-table topics like the economy, health care and taxes.

That’s on purpose, candidates and operatives from both parties told POLITICO. Most Americans are barely following the Mueller investigation’s intricate legal movements, which have already ensnared a few top former Trump aides, alleged Kremlin-backed hackers and a cast of characters scattered across both sides of the Atlantic.

Most important, voters don’t want to talk about it either.