The problem with these tax cuts….

The problem with trickle down economics is that it never trickles down. As it didn’t under Reagan. School lunches? Who wants to cut school lunches? Didn’t Reagan try to pinch pennies by classifying pickle relish as a vegetable? And he was one of the revered Republicans. Tax cuts for the wealthiest only help the wealthiest. And they need no help!

People’s Action: “Say no to the GOP tax scam! Call your senators today at 888-516-5820. and tell them to VOTE NO. The GOP plan gives huge tax breaks to corporations, the 1 percent, and the GOP’s big-money donors. The rest of us will pay with big cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, education, and other necessities. We beat them before. Let’s beat them back again.”

Bunny note: Your call is especially helpful if you live in a red state or have GOP reps. It’s sad that we have to call our government, who we pay to represent us, to tell them to stop screwing us and representing only those who can afford to buy their services. But that’s the good ol’ USA for ya!