Diana Ross: Live!

I did throughly enjoy Diana Ross in concert. We had front row seats, and her radiance is still beaming. You just can’t help but give in to her star power. And beauty. I don’t care about the stories of her being a bitch to her staff or being drunk: what I saw was magic. And she sounded incredible at 70.

I think she always opens with I’m Coming Out, but her second song was a surprise: More Today Than Yesterday. She’s had so many hits over so many decades that she can just pick and choose on different tours. A few other surprises were Ease On Down The Road and she merged Love Hangover with Take Me Higher, a lesser known 90s hit. Since I worship her music, I would love to have heard The Happening, Reflections, Living In Shame, It’s My House, No One Gets The Prize, Missing You and Telephone. But she has so many smashes that she couldn’t possibly fit them all in.

I seldom went to concerts as a child because my parents were thrifty. Although I did get to see Dionne Warwick on UTC’s basketball court and Three Dog Night when the insane Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog was their current smash. Over the years, I’ve gone to see some of my favorites, but I still am not really a concert person. I get the idea that a lot of people go to concerts who don’t go out much, and they want to make it their party. So imagine my dismay when I realized that we were sitting next to two bombed lesbians who were out of control–even reaching up to Diana on the stage until security pulled them away repeatedly. At one point, one dyke checked the other’s pupils, so maybe drugs were involved. But they were blithering. Maybe it’s because I revere her, but you don’t turn your back to a superstar like her and act like Diana F#cking Ross is the house band playing at your backyard BBQ. I could see the hate towards them building up in Diana’s eyes, but her phony smile never left.