Bun-Bun appearing in the Venice Bienniale in Charles Atlas’s The Waning Of Justice: a review


Congrats to video artist Charles Atlas for getting his work The Waning Of Justice featuring me in the Venice Bienniale. One reviewer had this to say:

“I don’t understand where the greed that is causing the war, I don’t understand where the greed that is killing the planet (the only planet that we have to live on) is coming from (…) I don’t understand where the desire to oppress comes from, but it happens in every layer of our society,” Lady Bunny states.

“There really is an agenda to prevent us from being peaceful and prosperous. Because peace does not make as much money for the people in power (…) Unless we mobilize (…) unless we stand up and say ‘No, you are not going to oppress us — No, you are not going to take our money to go and fight a war with it — No, you are not going to racially profile us — No, you are not going to rape us — No, you are not going to dictate what goes on in our vagina. Until we actually stand up to them, they’re just going to keep away with murder. (…) It has really become insane and no one is talking about peace. I don’t want to live in a world without peace.”

A final work, “Chai” features a huge digital clock counting down from 18 minutes to zero (the number of minutes it takes the suns to set). Ominous music accompanies this section of the video, but then Lady Bunny appears on the screen, her massive blonde hairdo filling it.

In her fake eyelashes and glamorously kitsch outfits, Lady Bunny uncannily becomes more credible and reliable than today’s politicians, as she erupts in an infectious disco anthem, almost apocalyptically announcing the joyful end of our sad world.


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